Xbox One Updated to Support Trial Functionality

May 3, 2018 - News

The Xbox One has been updated to support trial functionality, which is yet another most requested feature by the Xbox One community.

Previously available on the Xbox 360, the feature was not there for Microsoft’s new console upon its launch. It has taken them almost a year but users can now download an Xbox Live Arcade title on the Xbox One as a free demo and then pay to unlock the full version without the need of downloading the game again.

In light of this update, users have complained that the current Xbox One store UI makes it hard for new titles to make it to the front. They usually are only visible at launch in the New Releases section on the right.

In reply to the complains Microsoft’s ID@Xbox boss Chris Charla promised that the team is currently working on “adding some functionality so that people can do a search for just the ID@Xbox games.”

Microsoft’s indie program is slowly but surely making waves. Last month four titles were published in just one week, including Sixty Second Shooter Prime and Outlast. Charla promised that there are plenty more on the way.

“You can expect lots more games coming,” he said. “There are literally hundreds of ID@Xbox games in development right now.” Many will be out this year, but still more have been locked in for release further in the future. “There a lot in development for 2015, and some for 2016, too.”