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Real Nature Resource Pack 1.11

21 Feb

Real Nature Resource Pack is a brand new set of textures for minecraft. As you know, most minecraft packs try to make the look of the game as good as possible by simply designing every texture in various different ways. They create and it looks awesome but there are also minecraft users who want as much default features as possible but at the same time want something that would bring more reality to the game.

Real Nature is not a big resource pack but it adds many useful things which will make your minecraft world look more realistic. You should definitely consider trying out this pack if you want beautiful sky, breathtaking sun, moon and amazing weather textures. Make sure to use optifine for cloud textures. It is required. Recently designers of Real Nature Resource Pack started adding custom block textures too. The pack is W.I.P. and regularly updated.


Real Nature Resource Pack for minecraft textures (4) Real Nature Resource Pack for minecraft textures (1) Real Nature Resource Pack for minecraft textures (2) Real Nature Resource Pack

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Marvelouscraft Resource Pack 1.11

20 Feb

Marvelouscraft is a very nice resource pack with beautifully traced mobs. This pack also makes good changes in terms of graphics, and good detailing to day cycle and mobs. In my opinion Marvelouscraft resource pack is what you need, and there is also a beautiful paintings and the textures itself having vivid colors and they are pretty light.


Marvelouscraft Resource Pack for minecraf (4) Marvelouscraft Resource Pack for minecraf (3) Marvelouscraft Resource Pack for minecraf (2) Marvelouscraft Resource Pack for minecraf (1)

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Default 32×32 Resource Pack 1.11

17 Feb

If you are fed up of the mediocre texture packs that you have been using until now, then try this highly impressive however still default minecraft resource pack called Default 32×32. This pack has emerged out to be one of the most popular textures for Minecraft. For anyone who search for a higher resolution default minecraft, Default 32×32 Resource Pack is just what you need! Most of the texture packs that we come across are upbeat and shiny and they follow weird themes. But Default 32×32 is extremely different from them and provides a default theme where nothing is over-the-top. When most of your outmoded resource packs aren’t doing anything significant, you can trust this spectacular pack for its distinctive and likable look.

Of course, Default 32×32 is based on the original minecraft textures but textures in this set look much better just because they are remade at a higher resolution. Default 32×32 is not a feature-filled pack, and this is its main highlight because it is DEFAULT. As such, expect to come across the same default minecraft world you had before but in a higher resolution! The resolution of the pack is 32 by 32, which more than a few people do not consider to be high. However, this is actually a good thing for owners of slower PC. As already said, Default 32×32 Resource Pack is a unique resource pack, and arguably one of the best. It is hands down one of the best options to consider.


default-32x32-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-1 default-32x32-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-1 default-32x32-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-2 default-32x32-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-3 default-32x32-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-4 default-32x32-resource-pack

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DokuCraft Dwarven Resource Pack 1.11

11 Feb

You will not probably see the default DokuCraft resource pack anymore. But you will be able to find many new completely remade and emended versions of it. The textures itself in this resource pack features some unique colors and patterns that you can expect to see in some unusual places where, let’s say, dwarves live! The best thing is that everything in your Minecraft world will now be different with the changes made by DokuCraft Dwarven resource pack.

You will find this pack very different from original but at the same it is very unique and interesting pack. Many textures was changed and remade to make building castles and various other buildings more enjoyable. They have a completely new look! If you are looking it for the first time, then try it. It will certainly enhance your experience and will make you enjoy the game in an absolutely new way. DokuCraft Dwarven comes in a resolution of 32x.


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Steamed Up Resource Pack 1.11

5 Feb

As a resource pack, Steamed Up was developed nearly 4 years ago. When it was initially launched, it was arguably one of the best and most impressively crafted and high-end resource packs. This is because it has an excellent set of textures coupled with a glossy design. However, after some time, the developer stopped to update textures and time by time it became incompatible with Minecraft’s latest versions. But, recently, the developer of Steamed Up Resource Pack has opted to rejuvenate it, by updating it so as to make it compatible with most of minecraft client versions. Due to this major improvement, we highly recommend that you should try it since its previous compatibility problems don’t exist anymore.

The Steamed Up textures boasts of an innovative realism and an appealing art design which is quite amazing to examine. The textures in this resource pack are fulfilled with great detail and do not produce any additional noise things, and perhaps this the reason why they seem extremely glossy, clean and smooth. It is imperative to note that the color palette with which this particular pack is designed is one of the darkest available. The dark colors are fused seamlessly with the pack’s attractive and realistic texture design.

What’s even more unique and surprising about this pack is perhaps its sixteen resolution. However, even at this resolution, the textures have incredible detail in them. Its low-resolution set of textures which allows you to enjoy the pack without experiencing any frame-rate problems, even on low-end PCs. Most importantly, it is critical to note that Steamed Up resource pack has only been updated recently after being dormant for an extended period. This implies that a few of its textures are still being worked on, and will be changed as the process continues.


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ItemBound Resource Pack 1.11

2 Feb

The new ItemBound resource pack is an additional resource pack which enables players to make changes only to the in-game items in Minecraft. This resource pack is great for someone whose only goal is to change the available in-game items by making them look more satisfying. Unfortunately, this pack might not be suitable for someone who is looking to make significant changes over Minecraft’s visuals as a whole. Currently, resource packs which only target item customization in Minecraft are very rare and this new resource pack has definitely established itself as one of the top in-game item texture modifiers available today and because of this, it is a highly recommended pack that will be completely suitable for players who want to make more appealing changes to the in-game items but play with default block textures.

This resource pack has been specifically designed in a manner which enables players to completely customize the game’s in-game items as desired. Currently, it comes with a decent variety of skins for all the items and each of the textures have been well modified to ensure that they provide maximum satisfaction to any item changes being made. Currently, there are approximately 491 types of item skins available but the pack’s creator insists that this is only the beginning and that the available number of skins in this resource pack is going to gradually increase when more updates are available in the future. When looking at the design specifics of each individual item, they have all been designed quite sharply and also feature lively textures which are completely smooth ensuring that each item that comes with the pack presents itself well when in use. However, a closer look at some of the designs reveals that a few of them seem to have some small errors in them which can only be noticed in a few of the textures in select items, hence it is most likely something that should not be of concern.

Players are allowed to utilize this resource pack in whatever manner they want with no restrictions meaning that the design items have no limitations on how they can be used. The in-game vanilla items also have the option of being replaced with a few of the pack’s items or the pack items can be added as additional drops. The pack runs on a resolution of x16 thus making it capable of running flawlessly even on PCs that are completely outdated.


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Wolfhound Heavenly Resource Pack 1.11

1 Feb

What would you expect from something that describes itself as heavenly, whether you were a religious person or not? Naturally, you would expect to see some angel-like wings, maybe sun-like, star-like or other empyreal features here and there. If you happen to encounter the Wolfhound Heavenly resource pack, then you’ll have a better understanding of its “heavenliness”. Indeed, it does perform excellently! Most of default minecraft textures have been replaced with newer versions that are actually brighter and lighter. Everything in Wolfhound Heavenly Resource Pack brings some kind of angelic feeling which makes the gameplay much more enjoyable and pleasant. Considering the Wolfhound Heavenly’s scope, this seems like exactly how it should be!

Doesn’t matter where you look, should it be trees, dirt, grass, flowers or just various blocks, everything in this set of textures look beautiful and eye-catching. Enhanced level of detail is without doubt magnificent, something only made possible by the 64x resolution. But perhaps the most majestic feature about this resource pack is the desert and sand. This pack bleaches the desert sand such that its endless tan-like seas have the appearance of pristine beaches on virgin islands. With the appearance of the sand alone, it won’t be surprising to find players designing a desert map or island using Wolfhound Heavenly. It’s that fantastic. Really! Finally, just like we said before, this resource pack is pretty unique as it brings many new amazingly looking textures and changes default Minecraft world to something very beautiful and bright.


wolfhound-heavenly-resource-pack-for-minecraft-11 wolfhound-heavenly-resource-pack-for-minecraft-10 wolfhound-heavenly-resource-pack-for-minecraft-9 wolfhound-heavenly-resource-pack-for-minecraft-8 wolfhound-heavenly-resource-pack-for-minecraft-7 wolfhound-heavenly-resource-pack-for-minecraft-6 wolfhound-heavenly-resource-pack-for-minecraft-5 wolfhound-heavenly-resource-pack-for-minecraft-4 wolfhound-heavenly-resource-pack-for-minecraft-3 wolfhound-heavenly-resource-pack-for-minecraft-2 wolfhound-heavenly-resource-pack-for-minecraft-1 wolfhound-heavenly-resource-pack-for-minecraft-12

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Majestica Resource Pack 1.11

14 Jan

The Majestica resource pack cannot be termed as the most or the best resource pack when it comes to art style. This is mainly because there are many other set of textures which serve the same purpose as this particular pack. However, the design of this resource pack makes it stand out when compared with the rest which are in the same category. Textures contained in this pack are some kind of combination of medieval and fantasy type. This combination is not that unique either since there are other packs with the same style, but textures in Majestica resource pack is way more polished than many other packs. This makes Majestica textures worth trying out and in case you are in search of a good resource pack that can provide your Minecraft an absolutely new feel you should try out this pack.

This particular resource pack is expected to be updated as time progresses with some of its textures and visuals being changed. It is because the pack is still in progress and updated regularly to ensure it meets the needs of the minecraft users. Talking about textures itself we can say they are well designed and pretty much detailed with a good contrast of bright and dark colors. Even though some of the textures in Majestica pack contain a number of noise related issues, these issues will most likely not spoil your gameplay that much. There are a nice amount of animated textures too. The textures of this resource pack have a resolution of x32. This means that most probably you will not have any problems getting it to run even on slowest PC. If your computer can handle default minecraft without any problems then you wont have any problems with this pack too.


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ZeCraft Resource Pack 1.10

9 Jan

ZeCraft Resource Pack is here and this is some great news for all Minecraft enthusiasts. Created by DelTaz, ZeCraft is a resource pack that is a great boost to Minecraft’s look and feel. Even though it has a very low resolution, it’s effect can barely go unnoticeable. The 16x resolution gives the game a whole new true and authentic visual effect. With this resource pack, the colors of Minecraft’s blocks and items are rich and the glossy effect reflects all light. The simple and pale sand color looks very appealing and rejuvenated. The light green in grass blocks now has that deep authentic green color of neatly nurtured, trimmed and watered grass. Other notables characters that benefit greatly from this resource pack are trees. They have totally been redrawn using the new style giving them a more realistic visualization.

The rich deep green color of vegetation dominates the tree leaves further complementing the brown color scheme on the stems and branches. Unlike the previous less appealing blocks of mahogany and pale leaves, ZeCraft gives the game a more realistic and pleasing look. There are also more features coming and will be updated once they each one is complete. From the fact that it is still under development, it is quite hard to give a genuine and justified review of this resource pack but so far so good, it looks like a great leap for the developer. Even though the 16x resolution looks very low and wanting, the enhancement and thrill it adds to Minecraft can only be told by the game’s enthusiasts.


zecraft-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-8 zecraft-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-1 zecraft-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-1 zecraft-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-2 zecraft-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-2 zecraft-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-3 zecraft-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-3 zecraft-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-4 zecraft-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-4 zecraft-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-5 zecraft-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-6 zecraft-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-7

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REX’ PACK Resource Pack 1.9.4

5 Jan

REX’ PACK is without a doubt one of the most popular minecraft resource packs with resolution of 32x. REX’ PACK Resource Pack contains a futuristically themed textures with some of them look really amazing!

Anyone who loves space or futuristic things REX’ PACK pack will be something what they will enjoy! If you’re not satisfied with the way the default textures in-game look, then this is the just perfect pack for you to enjoy a futuristic world of minecraft! REX’ PACK is almost completed but it still have some unfinished things. Be patient, it is updated regularly!


REX' PACK Resource Pack for minecraft download (7) REX' PACK Resource Pack for minecraft download (6) REX' PACK Resource Pack for minecraft download (5) REX' PACK Resource Pack for minecraft download (4) REX' PACK Resource Pack for minecraft download (1) REX' PACK Resource Pack for minecraft download (3) REX' PACK Resource Pack for minecraft download (2) REX' PACK Resource Pack for minecraft download (1)

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White Architecture Resource Pack 1.11

5 Jan

Today we would want to present you an absolutely new minecraft resource pack called White Architecture. Here is a brief description of this resource pack. The White Architecture Resource Pack provides a unique and highly fascinating design style that you are likely to fall in love with at the very first glance. This resource pack brings about an appealing illustration to the Minecraft game by providing a shade of white color in almost all of its textures. The visuals are simple and provided in a style that fits the needs of the current crop of Minecraft game players.

White Architecture Resource Pack contains textures which use cel-shading technology to bring about architectural drawings that are complex but perfect for the visuals. As you might notice from this resource pack’s title it uses white color as primary but also with other colors being used to supplement textures. This therefore makes the other colors not to look as vibrant as they could be if used as primary colors. Although the pack is still in development stages, users should not expect a lot of changes to its visual content at this moment but the pack is regularly updated. There is no doubt that the White Architecture Resource Pack will be among the most appealing and perhaps the widely used resource packs.


white-architecture-resource-pack-for-minecraft-3 white-architecture-resource-pack-for-minecraft-2 white-architecture-resource-pack-for-minecraft-1 white-architecture-resource-pack-for-minecraft-7 white-architecture-resource-pack-for-minecraft-6 white-architecture-resource-pack-for-minecraft-5 white-architecture-resource-pack-for-minecraft-4

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Battered Old Stuff Resource Pack 1.11

2 Jan

Battered Old Stuff is based on battered old stuff? Isn’t the title clear enough? The title says all! It is not a default-style texture pack or modern one, it is based on memories of old stuff of your grandpa. Using this texture pack you will feel like you’re visiting your grandpa’s farm which has a lot of hidden from your eyes, old stuff!


Battered Old Stuff Resource Pack (1) Battered Old Stuff Resource Pack (1) Battered Old Stuff Resource Pack (2) Battered Old Stuff Resource Pack (2) Battered Old Stuff Resource Pack (3) Battered Old Stuff Resource Pack (4) Battered Old Stuff Resource Pack (5) Battered Old Stuff Resource Pack (6)

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Über-X Resource Pack 1.11

1 Jan

Getting a right resource pack is not just an usual thing anymore, it is one of the essential aspects of minecraft gameplay for any minecrafter because a good resource pack brings more enjoyment and fun to the game. Uber-X Resource Pack is a set of textures that you should look into if you got bored of default minecraft look and just want something more realistic, animated and custom.

Über-X is made by a small but talented Czech team and if you visit their official website you will notice that website is mostly in Czech language. With this resource pack you will have a whole lot more beautiful and stunning world. Whenever you decide to find a realistic pack, make sure to try out the Über-X Resource Pack.

Pack comes in resolution of 64x which means it does not require a very strong computer and most of you will be able to try and test it out. Über-X Textures are well optimized for owners of slower computers. Optifine is required “thing” for these textures, so make sure to install it.


uber-x-resource-pack-for-minecraft-7 uber-x-resource-pack-for-minecraft-8 uber-x-resource-pack-for-minecraft-1 uber-x-resource-pack-for-minecraft-2 uber-x-resource-pack-for-minecraft-3 uber-x-resource-pack-for-minecraft-4 uber-x-resource-pack-for-minecraft-5 uber-x-resource-pack-for-minecraft-6

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Retro NES Resource Pack 1.11

30 Dec

For all those who want an engaging reminder of the good old times, the resource pack called the Retro NES is the thing they have been looking for. Retro NES is resource pack which you should immediately download just because of one thing – it is a really impressing resource pack and for anyone who remembers NES or has played games on it will surely be overwashed with nostalgia when they get their hands on this content. Retro NES Resource Pack was developed by Knightworm, the pack is pretty much complete. Textures comes in 16×16 resolution to make our “old times” more enjoyable! Low resolution will also allow many players to run the pack on sub-average PC’s configurations and still be free of any type of frame-rate issue.

Also to note, Knightworm is not the only one who initially conceptualized the same pack. But, because of he true creator has become mostly inactive, instead of him Knightworm has been allowed to continue his work and so far, he has been doing a very decent job. The main advantage of Retro NES is that it will completely transform the default look of the game. Additionally, it will also provide the music and sound effect with a huge overhaul. After installing this set of textures you will notice that every single default sound in the game has been changed to the one which all the NES players will easily recognize. Colors in Retro NES will use a limited color pallete which should also invoke the true feeling of the original games that were played on the NES console.


retro-nes-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-2 retro-nes-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-1 retro-nes-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-3 retro-nes-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-4 retro-nes-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-5 retro-nes-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-2 retro-nes-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-1

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Smooth Operator Resource Pack 1.11

27 Dec

The Smooth Operator Resource Pack has been made to give us the feel of Sphax and Faithful resource packs in one set of textures. What it does is that it basically sort of mix between two popular resource packs. Smooth Operator is probably one of the best packs that you will ever come across while playing Minecraft. It exists to make the game more enjoyable and it does a pretty great job of it. As always dont forget to check out the screenshots and let us know your opinion about Smooth Operator in the comments below!


Smooth Operator Resource Pack for minecraft download free (12) Smooth Operator Resource Pack for minecraft download free (2) Smooth Operator Resource Pack for minecraft download free (3) Smooth Operator Resource Pack for minecraft download free (4) Smooth Operator Resource Pack for minecraft download free (5) Smooth Operator Resource Pack for minecraft download free (6) Smooth Operator Resource Pack for minecraft download free (7) Smooth Operator Resource Pack for minecraft download free (8) Smooth Operator Resource Pack for minecraft download free (9) Smooth Operator Resource Pack for minecraft download free (11) Smooth Operator Resource Pack for minecraft download free (1) Smooth Operator Resource Pack for minecraft download free (10)

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SenseCraft Resource Pack 1.11

27 Dec

We all know what resource packs are not new to Minecraft fans. There are so many resource packs available nowadays, however, most people will probably appreciate SenseCraft Resource Pack because it doesn’t have nearly as much interest in drastically transforming the look of Minecraft. The pack was originally created by SCtester with resolution of 16x which will be ideal resource pack for anyone who love default aesthetics. This pack is overall an awesome texture pack that was designed to make sure that every single visual element of Minecraft looks as good as possible. In that regard, you cannot help but commend it for being one of the more polished resource packs to hit the internet in recent times because it endeavors, first and foremost, to refine the look of the game. And when all is said and done, it will give the game’s visual elements a boost. The pack primarily working to deliver all manner of improvements to the default appearance of Minecraft. There is little to complain about, especially for fans of vanilla Minecraft.

Sure, you have probably heard similar boasts made before; however, there is some truth to the claims that have been made about SenseCraft. You will notice right away that the water textures are much more smoother than default. Color palette chosen for designing this set of textures was just perfect. Everything is very vibrant and greeny, item, weapon and armor textures have been reworked too. The user interface or just UI wasn’t forgotten either. Minecraft has so many notable visual aspects that it would be impossible to point out ever single transformation that SenseCraft makes; however, you can expect all these major and minor changes to deliver a breathtaking result that justifies the hype surrounding SenseCraft.


sensecraft-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-4 sensecraft-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-5 sensecraft-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-1 sensecraft-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-2

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A Digital Story Resource Pack 1.11

23 Dec

A digital story is one resource pack that is head and shoulders of the most astounding resource pack releases to hit the market in recent memory. While the pack cannot fit into any specific category, it may be argued that it is a representation of the medieval resource pack with fantasy theme. It has a very good design in general and nobody could argue against the fact that Minecraft looks much better with this pack. With an impressive resolution of 32 pixels, A Digital Story is one of the most remarkable resource packs you can find. You should note that A Digital Story resource pack does not come with the full functionality that you would get from traditional resource packs.

The resource pack is for the most part about enhancing the game environment by re-designing default textures thus reducing confusion when there are significant changes in animations, mob designs, and in game models. The pack provides an amazing visual experience through its extraordinary combination of medieval themed textures and a effervescent color palette. Moreover, with the unbelievably clean textures, almost all noise is eliminated, allowing you to enjoy the gaming world in peace. The pack is still in development being only about 40% done as it currently stands. It is expected that once complete, there will be many more new features added in. You also need to note that many of the textures will be modified as the pack is updated regularly.


a-digital-story-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-11 a-digital-story-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-10 a-digital-story-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-9 a-digital-story-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-8 a-digital-story-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-7 a-digital-story-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-6 a-digital-story-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-5 a-digital-story-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-4 a-digital-story-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-3 a-digital-story-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-2 a-digital-story-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-1 a-digital-story-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-12

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Unnatural State Resource Pack 1.11

15 Dec

The latest resource pack created for Minecraft is called Unnatural State. Since it has been released, most minecrafters consider it the best resource pack they’ve ever used. It is the ideal choice for players who are looking to veer away from the standard gameplay. It offers a completely new experience to the world of Minecraft which makes it very special. Most of previous resource packs released for the game doesn’t include the features found in Unnatural State. Just by looking at its name, you can imagine how the Unnatural State resource pack transforms textures into something very unique. It provides a very unnatural appearance to the game.

Even though the resource pack is significantly different from other resource packs releases, it creates the most perfect textures on Minecraft’s gameplay. The Unnatural State Resource Pack don’t lack synergy at all since Unnatural State coherently makes the textures work well together. As a result, it creates a more dynamic, engaging and visually appealing gaming experience for the players. One of the biggest differences of this resource pack to other texture releases is its darker color palette. It is very common for Minecraft packs to make use of vibrant, bold and vivid colors to help the textures stand out. However, Unnatural State chose to take the opposite direction. Overall, it creates a very distinctive style of art.

The most interesting part about this latest resource pack is that it provides a futuristic look to the game. Since it creates unique textures, it looks a lot different from any of the previously released resource packs. Unnatural State has already received plenty of positive feedback from Minecraft players since its recent release. The textures it provides are very detailed and precise with impressive sharpness.


unnatural-state-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-4 unnatural-state-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-1 unnatural-state-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-2 unnatural-state-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-3

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Defaulted Christmas Resource Pack 1.11

12 Dec

Futureazoo’s Defaulted Christmas Pack is a pack which is based on default minecraft textures but all the blocks and all the items are edited and designed for a Christmas spirit! As the developer of this pack says, this pack is for minecraft players who like the default textures in minecraft but also want a little bit of Christmas vibe in it. Very good pack! Enjoy!

Defaulted Christmas Pack Resource Pack for minecraft (1) Defaulted Christmas Pack Resource Pack for minecraft (3) Defaulted Christmas Pack Resource Pack for minecraft (4) Defaulted Christmas Pack Resource Pack for minecraft (5)

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Smoothcraft Resource Pack 1.11

6 Oct

Do you like simplistic packs? Smoothcraft is simplistic and small resolution minecraft resource pack. From developer’s words Smoothcraft Resource Pack is more saturated then default textures. Personally, I think this is very appealing resource pack and one of the best of the lower resolution options available. Additionally this pack also has 3D models. Feel free to check out the screenshots below.


smoothcraft-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-12 smoothcraft-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-1 smoothcraft-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-2 smoothcraft-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-3 smoothcraft-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-4 smoothcraft-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-5 smoothcraft-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-6 smoothcraft-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-7 smoothcraft-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-8 smoothcraft-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-9 smoothcraft-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-10 smoothcraft-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-11

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