LucasArts veteran’s Perils of Man hits iPad this year, first trailer out now

15 Aug

Perils of Man, a new adventure from former LucasArts designer Bill Tiller, has produced its first trailer ahead of an expected October launch.

Perils of Man is a time-travelling episodic adventure, the first instalment of which is set for release on iPad in October. It was jointly-developed by Tiller, who worked on a number of well-received LucasArts games, and a new studio called IF Games, formed by award-winning Swiss team boutiq Animation.

Each episode is expected to last two to three hours, and features an original storyline partially penned by Birdseye writer and director Stephen Beckner. It stars 16 year-old Ana Eberling, who receives a gift out of the blue from her missing father and learns that her ancestors were inventors of an incredible technology that gave them the power to eliminate uncertainty. Ana must decide if predictability is a boon or a curse.

One of the key gameplay features is the ability to travel through time, altering destiny and unravelling an century-old mystery. The player will visit 24 environments on this journey.

The debut game from IF, Perils of Man is supposed to bring to mind classic adventures like those the team grew up playing. A second episode is due before the end of the year.

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