Codemasters Hints at F1 2014 Reveal Soon, Stay Tuned!

May 3, 2018 - News

Codemasters has hinted on possible news regarding F1 2014, suggesting that an announcement could be due next week.

It’s subtle, but evident enough that the studio is cooking up something, as they selected the “Tweet of the Week” which inquired about the unannounced title on their official Codies Blog.

The Tweet in this weekly update read, “F1 2014 Info Please? Pretty Please?” and Codemasters answered with a subtle yet encouraging “Pop back soon” statement. They also asked you to make sure you’re following Formula 1 on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest updates.

Last year the game was announced around July 15, and if Codemasters plans to follow the same schedule this year, we might be treated with the revelation of the game by Tuesday next week.

We’ll just be guessing here, but F1 2014 may be coming as a PlayStation 4 exclusive (talking about consoles). Last year’s racing title was made for the PS3, and following the revelation and standardization of the next-gen (which has become current-gen now) consoles, it’s expected that Codemasters would take their franchise to Sony’s latest flagship platform.