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The Division patch 1.6: Tenebrae exotic marksman rifle review

21 Feb

The Tenebrae is a solid marksman rifle for skill-focused builds.

The Division‘s patch 1.6 is currently being tested by players in the PTS. The list of changes 1.6 has made to the game is massive, and you can bet weapon balancing is included in the notes.

Tenebrae, an exotic marksman rifle, has received a balance pass, and in the video above, Arekkz reviews the current version and how much has changed since the weapon first launched.

Being a SCAR-H variant means this weapon has some of the highest damage potential in PvE, to compensate for its relatively small magazine size (20 by default). The Tenebrae has 149% headshot damage, and an RPM of 275.

Lights Out is the main new addition here. This Talent resets skill cooldowns for you and nearby group members every time you destroy an enemy weak point. This can happen once every ten seconds, and is a great asset for skill-focused builds.

Though this works great in Incursions and similar team-oriented activities, this particular skill cooldown effect is situational, given that you need to always be on the lookout for those weak points.

Even not including the Talent in the assessment, Tenebrae is still a decent options for high-accuracy players who want to get rewarded for landing headshots.

Final Fantasy 15 PS4 Pro patch makes for “wildly unstable” frame-rates that don’t hit 60fps

20 Feb

Wondering how the Final Fantasy 15 PS4 Pro patch is going down? Not brilliantly.

Final Fantasy 15‘s latest update has gone live and includes the PS4 Pro patch that introduces a Lite Mode that bumps up the frame-rate to 60fps.

Digital Foundry is on the case to test out how the PS4 Pro console Lite Mode performs, and ‘not well’ is the short answer.

The frame-rate is unlocked and “wildly unstable,” running between 30-50 fps, while the frame pacing issue present on the PS4 and the Pro is still an issue, exacerbated even more on the PS4 Pro with today’s update.

Digital Foundry’s verdict is that the PS4 Pro is now the least preferred platform to play the game on, followed by the PS4, with the Xbox One being the platform of choice.

What are your thoughts? Are you disappointed? Chime in below.

Dawn of War 3 gets suitably epic story trailer, confirms Spear of Khaine is involved

17 Feb

The conflict wrapped up in the story of Dawn of War 3 becomes clear.

Relic has released a new trailer for Dawn of War 3, the first in a long while. It’s called Prophecy of War and is very much story-focused.

The prophecy in question is cited at the start of trailer, as Farseer Taldeer outlines the main story setup that will bring all three races to war. The Spear of Khaine is the impetus behind the events this time around, though not much else is known.

Farseer Taldeer’s prophecy is ominous though, as these usually tend to be. Gabriel Angelos, Farseer Macha, and Gorgutz are all here, and they all seem to be fighting enemies within their ranks, as well as each other.

Alongside the new trailer, Relic also put out a call to action themed around each of the three factions. These videos show a bit more gameplay, and highlight what the Space Marines, Eldar, and Orks are each fighting for.

Dawn of War 3 comes out this year on PC.

Feast your eyes on this Switch unboxing video, courtesy of the same early shipping mistake as before

17 Feb

Switch is in the wild. One can only imagine the conversation between Nintendo and its retail partners tomorrow.

Switch hopefuls can torment themselves with a further tantalising glimpse of the hardware as it will appear in their very own homes when Switch launches in a few weeks.

This video comes courtesy of the same source as the Switch start up UI and OS overview video from earlier today, which was provided exclusively to FloKo. Unfortunately the site is being hammered, and we weren’t able to get the page to load – hence the YouTube mirror above.

The unboxing itself is pretty standard fare – all the bits are in there, enfolded in that mysteriously labyrinthine packaging digital devices favour – but stay right to the end for an additional look at the Switch menus, for those of you wanting to pore over the hardware settings immediately.

This Switch was reportedly shipped to the lucky new owner by a retailer, which has not been named, rather than leaked or otherwise acquired from the distribution chain. If that’s true, someone’s going to have answer some pointed questions tomorrow. I’d hate to be the poor schmoe who put this in the post, even if the order came down from on high.

Ultra Street Fighter 2’s Nintendo Switch first-person mode looks worse than you think

16 Feb

Different people have different ideas of fun, of course, but this will hardly sell anyone on the Switch.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Ultra Street Fighter 2, the Nintendo Switch exclusive, is going to include a first-person mode that uses the console’s Joy-Cons.

It’s called the Way of the Hado, and it was shown off by Capcom Japan in a livestream earlier. Around the 2h 56m mark, a Capcom developer attaches two Joy-Cons to his hands, and begins to do motions that result in throwing fireballs, Hadoukens, and Dragon Punches.

The only problem is, it never looked smooth, and outside of the relatively simple input requirements you have for each move, the mode looks like an afterthought. There’s considerable lag, too, though this could be improved by release.

Overall, it looks very similar to the bonus modes you’d find in Wii ports of games, and in other Wii shovelware in general.

Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers is out sometime this year for the Nintendo Switch.

Horizon: Zero Dawn – this is the commercial you’ll be seeing in theaters and on TV

15 Feb

Horizon: Zero Dawn is out in just a couple of weeks, and a trailer you’ll be seeing in theaters, on TV and through online channels has been released by Sony.

The commercial, which will be aired in the UK and Europe, opens with a time-lapse view of the world before it was “plunged into darkness,” and the reign of machines in Horizon: Zero Dawn began.

Horizon: Zero Dawn has definitely been on our radar since it was first revealed and if you want to catch up on everything we know about it, be sure to give our page hub a click.

The PS4 exclusive will be released on February 28 in North America and on March 1 in Europe for both the standard console and PS4 Pro.

While the Pro version will be upscaled and you’ll need a compatible TV, the standard PS4 version will display at 1080p on HDTVs, and still look lovely with HDR support.

Anyway, enjoy the video, and we’ll have more on Horizon: Zero Dawn in the coming weeks.

Horizon: Zero Dawn – new direct-feed footage shows human settlements, exploration, plenty of combat

13 Feb

A mostly unedited chunk of gameplay from Horizon: Zero Dawn.

We’re about two weeks away from the release of Horizon: Zero Dawn, and gameplay footage has been coming out left and right. From introducing the game’s various robo-monsters, to detailing what went into the creation of its world and lead character Aloy.

The latest video is not official, but was captured by Game Clips And Tips at a recent press event. It’s relatively long, at around seven minutes, and it’s full of new footage.

In particular, the video shows a glimpse of the human outposts and settlements scattered around the game’s world, and how Aloy will be getting from one to the other. There’s also a decent chunk of combat in there, and the player actually flubs the encounter early on before regaining the upper hand.

Overall, it’s a more raw look at the game than we’re used to from officially sanctioned footage.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is out February 28 on PS4.

Resident Evil: Vendetta trailer provides a first look at the film’s antagonist Glenn Arias

11 Feb

Those planning to watch Resident Evil: Vendetta in theaters will have to wait until summer.

When in summer isn’t known, but the feature-length, CG movie was originally slated for a spring 2017 release.

Hopefully the new trailer will help tide you over until its theatrical debut.

Developed by Capcom and Marza Animation Planet and distributed by Sony Pictures, the film takes place between Resident Evil 6 and Resident Evil 7. In it, Chris, Leon and Rebecca will need to stop a fella named Glenn Arias from spreading the Trigger Virus in New York City.

The trio also explore a rather familiar, isolated mansion. Whether its the Spencer mansion or not isn’t known, but the film contains various other locations as well – as you see above.

One scene in the trailer about 38 seconds in, is reminiscent of another film handled by executive producer Takashi Shimizu: The Grudge. Kill her with fire and with extreme prejudice, please.

If you missed the first Resident Evil: Vendetta trailer, give it a watch by clicking the first link in the post.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Link’s surname is also Link, you know, same as Mario

10 Feb

Shigeru Miyamoto answers a very critical question about The Legend of Zelda’s hero.

Link, sometimes referred to as The Hero of Time, has been the protagonist of The Legend of Zelda games since the start. Zelda: Breath of the Wild brings back our ferocious hero, of course, and it’s the perfect time to find out one more detail about him.

The latest rapid-fire questions episode from Game Informer sees Shigeru Miyamoto and Breath of the Wild producer Eiji Aonuma sitting down to answer 51 questions, as part of the magazine’s latest cover story.

Among the many amusing questions and interesting answers said on the show, one in particular about Link’s surname stood out. According to Miyamoto, Link’s surname is Link. So, he’s called Link Link.

Miyamoto even joked that it’s the same with Mario (remember that Super Mario Bros. scene?). Things are this way, though, because Link is actually not human, so maybe he doesn’t need to follow the same naming conventions humans do.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild is out March 3 worldwide on Switch and Wii U.

Destiny rapper returns with a tongue-twisting rundown of every single Exotic armour piece

10 Feb

Destiny is all about dress-ups – don’t kid yourself – so let’s celebrate the best costumes in Bungie’s closet.

Destiny rapper Duba has put together a loving tribute to the shared-worlds shooter’s enormous array of Exotic armour – helmets, gauntlets, boots and all.

From Titan gauntlets ACD/0 Feedback Fence to the Warlock helmet Astrocyte Verse, the rap runs through the entire collection, showing off each piece in turn. A huge stack of Destiny players make appearances in this video; our good pal Arekkz is in there somewhere, almost certainly as one of the Hunters.

This is a sequel to the Destiny Exotic weapons rap from June 2016 – before Rise of Iron arrived to add a few new boomsticks to the arsenal.

Everyone’s feeling the Destiny love today, what with glorious rumours floating around and Activision reiterating its 2017 Destiny 2 release plans.

There’s a lot to criticise in Destiny (although it has improved a great deal as time went on, and I always loved it anyway) but the breadth and variety of its weird and wonderful weapon and armour names is something I sure hope Bungie retains for the sequel. I don’t think I’ll care if Bungie throws the whole lot out the window for Destiny 2; it just means there’ll be a new stack of Exotics to collect.

This is the Nioh version of that hilarious Bloodborne sneak attack video

9 Feb

Remember that amazing Bloodborne sneak-attack-gone-wrong video? No? Well, you’re going to when you watch this.

nioh tokugawa ieyasu (1)

It’s no secret Nioh shares more than a few things with the Soulsborne series, though more with Bloodborne than Dark Souls.

Because of this, the games can often put you in very similar situations that could have similar outcomes, provided you act the same way in both of them. Nioh, like Bloodborne, allows you to perform a sneak attack/backstab on enemies who have their backs turned to you.

You’ll need to unlock it first, and it doesn’t do a canned animation, but it has a similar effect. As a result, you’ll find yourself slowly approaching enemies who are distracted or looking away, in order to land the attack and get that free damage.

Sometimes, though, you’ll focus too much on the act of slightly pushing the left stick forward that you stop paying attention to your surroundings – a death sentence in these games.

Remember that Bloodborne video in which the player was trying to perform a sneak attack on an enemy, only to get sneaked up on themselves? We’ve embedded it here (via GametimeUKyo) for reference.

This Nioh video below from Bobby Clement shows a similar situation, only this time, the enemy who caused this planned sneak attack to fail is a lot meagre and harder to anticipate than our burly friend from Bloodborne.

The lesson here being: don’t get too fixated on your target that you ignore other threats. Otherwise, you’ll end up like our friends here.

If you know you’re not a Ninja, maybe give our simple guide a look. It may not make you into one, but it’ll sure help you pretend.

Nintendo Switch video shows the many things the console can do, somehow avoids mentioning any specs

8 Feb

Nintendo seems to be having better luck with explaining what the Switch can do than it ever did during the reveal of the poor old Wii U.

The Nintendo Switch is out pretty soon, and Nintendo is ramping up its marketing efforts to make sure the public clearly understands what the Switch is capable of.

The latest video is very comprehensive, and outside of showing what the console allows for in its different configuration, it also gives a brief look at the connectors, the dock, the JoyCon controllers, and even shows how everything fits together.

Interestingly, there’s a clear emphasis here on the Switch being a home console, which lines up with the way Nintendo has been pitching it so far. Typically, these sort of videos for other consoles usually at least touch on hardware specs, even in a more generalised way, but this one surprisingly doesn’t do that at all.

Overall, you definitely get a good idea of what you’re going to get out of the console, in an easy to understand and concise manner.

Nintendo Switch launches March 3 worldwide.

Nintendo Switch video shows the many things the console can do, somehow avoids mentioning any specs

8 Feb

Nintendo seems to be having better luck with explaining what the Switch can do than it ever did during the reveal of the poor old Wii U.

The Nintendo Switch is out pretty soon, and Nintendo is ramping up its marketing efforts to make sure the public clearly understands what the Switch is capable of.

The latest video is very comprehensive, and outside of showing what the console allows for in its different configuration, it also gives a brief look at the connectors, the dock, the JoyCon controllers, and even shows how everything fits together.

Interestingly, there’s a clear emphasis here on the Switch being a home console, which lines up with the way Nintendo has been pitching it so far. Typically, these sort of videos for other consoles usually at least touch on hardware specs, even in a more generalised way, but this one surprisingly doesn’t do that at all.

Overall, you definitely get a good idea of what you’re going to get out of the console, in an easy to understand and concise manner.

Nintendo Switch launches March 3 worldwide.

The Dark Souls 3 video scene is alive and thriving as Friendship Chest creator continues Ungrateful Jack series

6 Feb

Dark Souls 3 remains ripe with potential for player-created narratives.

Dark Souls 3 has a story, and it’s a pretty good one, once you spend a year watching YouTube explanations and puzzling out the whole franchise to your satisfaction.

But there are new Dark Souls 3 stories being written every day as the multiplayer community continues helping, hindering, protecting, duelling, invading, murdering and harvesting each other.

Close to Dark Souls 3’s release we saw dozens of examples every day as people put together weird and wonderful builds for the express purpose of engaging in themed invasions for their own or others’ amusement, a series tradition that gave us the Mr Meeseeks Gank Squad, NPC disguises, and many more – and some possibly apocryphal anecdotes like the Fashion Police.

One that really stuck in my mind is Friendship Chest. Rather than just string together a series of backstabs and emotes and throw some dubstep over it, or release unedited stream footage, creator Sean Txty, AKA Cursed Object, wove a narrative and used cinematic techniques to tell a beautiful tale of Dark Souls 3 adventures.

Since then, his invasions seem to have taken a more traditional bent, focusing on bring pain and ruin to his Dark Souls 3 hosts. Some months ago he debuted Vile Catherine, a dagger-only invader, and after enjoying success with this one he produced a follow-up, Ungrateful Jack: The Bastard in Black – Vile Catherine’s trainee.

As you’ll see in the video above, Ungrateful Jack is an up and coming assassin whose story is framed by gorgeous JRPG portrait dialogue boxes. He uses a raw mailbreaker +5, and thanks to the obscuring ring he’s able to stay invisible while outside lock-on range – a favourite Dark Souls 3 invasion tactic.

Despite this, Jack may not be the stealthiest Dark Souls 3 invader you’ve ever seen, and his handler seems to despair of him on occasion. But the lad gets the job done, and keeps us entertained along the way, and that’s the main thing.

Nioh – watch some new gameplay with impressions of the retail version

2 Feb

See new areas of Nioh while you listen to impressions of the final build.

Now that the review embargo for Nioh has been lifted, more and more reviews and impressions are starting to appear.

Ours, too, will be out in due time, but until then, let’s enjoy some gameplay from a previously unseen part of the game. In the video, Arekkz talks about his early impressions of the title while showing the footage in the background.

Although the comparisons to Dark Souls are unavoidable, he manages to lay out a couple of ways Nioh differentiates itself from thee Soulsborne games. The video also touches on the types of collectables you’ll come across in the game, as well as the loot system.

Finally, Arekkz delves a bit into the game’s various PS4 Pro modes and how it runs on the more beefed up console. The footage was captured on a PS4 Pro.

Nioh is out February 7 on PS4.

Sniper Elite 4 trailer explains all the things you can do that don’t involve shooting people in the nuts

1 Feb

Sniper Elite 4 evolves the series in many ways, here are some of them.

Sniper Elite 4 is out very soon, and developer Rebellion wanted to remind everyone of the many features the game offers, beyond X-ray nut shots.

The trailer is split into segments showcasing the co-op campaign, the combat, enemies, weapons, and the multiplayer and co-op modes on offer. It really is a comprehensive look at what the game has to offer, showcasing how much more advanced it is than previous entries.

More recently, the studio invited the press and YouTubers to play the PC and console versions. You can hit the link if you’re looking for less scripted footage.

Sniper Elite 4 is out February 14 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Here’s a more serious Hitman on disc launch trailer in case yesterday’s was too lighthearted for you

1 Feb

Hitman is very serious business, I take it all back.

Hitman has arrived in shops in a very handsome physical edition, and since Square Enix wants to make sure you absolutely have not missed this information, here’s another trailer.

This one plays up Hitman’s gravitas, with slow pan atmospheric scenes showing off the variety of locations and targets, moody music, slow motion action and a stack of accolades.

That’s all very well and good; Hitman certainly provides the stylish action power fantasy this trailer sells. I just think it’s less interesting than when you play Hitman for laughs, as yesterday’s what’s-in-the-Hitman-box trailer did.

But you do you, my cherubim; there’s a lot to be said for looking good in a sharp suit, while hiding any number of sharp objects about your person. Hitman’s very good at that.

Hitman is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One and has won rave reviews all over the place. A return to form after the slight detour of Absolution, it manages to be both newb-friendly and offer the depth series veterans loved in earlier games.

It’s hard to believe there are any sandbox action or stealth fans out there who haven’t already pressed Hitman lovingly to their bosom, but on the off-chance, well, now you know all about it.

You can beat Resident Evil 7 in 93 minutes – or at least this guy can, but he’s pretty good at it

1 Feb

Resident Evil 7 isn’t overly long but it must be said this isn’t the normal way to experience it.

Resident Evil 7 speedrunner uhTrance has bested his previous world records to establish an amazing new benchmark for the horror hit.

Clocking in at 1:33:16, the playthrough above is officially the fastest new game plus, any percentage Resident Evil 7 run uploaded to date. The record probably won’t hold for very long, as uhTrance himself has set and broken multiple records over the past week.

If you yourself, would like to get through the game in the shortest possible time, consider consulting our Resident Evil 7 guide and walkthrough to speed you through the puzzles and battles.

Resident Evil 7 has only been out for about a week and already players have devoured it and are hungry for new content. The first DLC pack dropped yesterday, with another coming in February.

If appetite for the clever blend of old and new school horror continues a pace, Capcom may have to revise its original, fairly modest DLC plans and get some more chapters out there to satisfy hungry Resident Evil 7 fans. That said, we don’t know how big the third drop will be yet, or even when it’s due. Fingers crossed for something meaty to bulk out the season pass.

Psychonauts VR adventure In the Rhombus of Ruin gets February release date, new “3D screenshot” trailer

31 Jan

Psychonauts: In the Rhombus of Ruin ia a VR bridge between the two main games, and can be yours pretty soon.

Psychonauts: In the Rhombus of Ruin is a new, standalone adventure for virtual reality set between Psychonauts and its upcoming sequel.

Built specifically for VR, it allows players to view the world directly through Raz’s eyes, and will release for PlayStationVR on February 21.

If you’re not familiar with Psychonauts, don’t worry too much – the bridging chapter is designed to be newcomer friendly as well as finally continuing the story longterm fans have been waiting for: Raz, Lili, Sasha, Milla and Coach Oleander embark on a rescue mission to save Truman Zannotto, the Grand Head of the Psychonauts, in the titular Rhombus of Ruin.

The party is captured and held prisoner, and Raz has to use his psychic powers to free them – which is a pretty clever way of leveraging VR’s design strengths while minimising weaknesses. You’ll be able to use pyrokinesis and telekinesis, which should look pretty spectacular in VR.

The video above is a “3D screenshot” of Psychonauts: In the Rhombus of Ruin, since traditional screens and trailers aren’t ideal for VR games.

Final Dark Souls 3 DLC The Ringed City gets a trailer and release date

23 Jan

Dark Souls 3’s final DLC has been revealed.

The trailer for the last DLC for Dark Souls 3 dropped today and you can get an eyeful in the video above.

The DLC will have you travel to the world’s end in search of The Ringed City. Expect new items, enemies, armour, magic, and bosses.

“At the close of the Age of Fire, as the world ends and all lands converge upon themselves, a lone adventurer descends into the madness of the earth and uncovers the secrets of the past. As players make their way to the fabled Ringed City they will encounter ancient beasts, a new cast of characters teetering on the edge of insanity, new armor, weapons, magic, and at the bottom of it all, a long lost city filled with new horrors for players to overcome.”

You can pick up The Ringed City for $14.99 or shell out $24.99 for the season pass to get both expansions, which saves $5 if you haven’t got either of them yet.

The DLC will release worldwide on March 28 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Dark Souls 3 The Fire Fades Game of the Year Edition was revealed at the end of the trailer. This appears to only be confirmed for Asia and Europe for now. You can pick that up on April 21.