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New Prey video features quite a bit of gameplay, shows how only Morgan can save the world

23 Mar

A new video for Prey has been released, and it features plenty of gameplay along with information on Morgan, the character you’ll play.

In Prey, Morgan Yu is not only trying to fight off the Typhons aboard Talos I, but is also trying to figure out who they are, exactly.

Along the way, Morgan will learn which powers, abilities and weapons can be used, and make some hard choices as well.

The video also features some tidbits on the end game and the other inhabitants of Talos I and there are sequences featuring developer commentary.

Prey will be released worldwide on May 5 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

No Man’s Sky patch 1.23 improves frame-rate on PS4 Pro, adds option to lock or unlock the frame-rate

22 Mar

No Man’s Sky continues to get improvements, and this time the additions benefit the PS4 version.

The recent No Man’s Sky patch, dubbed the Path Finder update, brought PS4 Pro and 4K support, but it wasn’t without its issues.

Which is why the new patch, version 1.23, is good news to players on Sony’s console. First of all, the patch improved the frame-rate on PS4 Pro when running in 4K mode. Players of the PS4 version, even on the base console, can now also lock or unlock the frame-rate.

Digital Foundry spent some time with the new patch and concluded that up to 5fps have been added to the 4K mode on PS4 Pro, making the frame-rate much more consistent at 30fps when locked. For HDTV owners, the 1080p mode produces “flawless” 60fps.

As far as unlocking the frame-rate on the base model, the site found that some sections of the game actually ran at 60fps. On planet surface, performance drops to 30fps at the lowest point, but generally manages 30-50fps. In this case, the report recommends capping the frame-rate rather than suffering the drops.

Patch 1.23 also came out on PC, bringing some general fixes for many of the bugs introduced recently.

Ark: Survival Evolved update v255 for PS4 adds new creatures, more TEK tech

18 Mar

PlayStation 4 users who play Ark: Survival Evolved can now download update v255, which adds additional TEK Tier Technology and dinosaurs.

This is the same update which was released on PC earlier this month, and it will be available for Xbox One owners “very, very soon.”

The free content pack comes with a complete set of TEK building structures, a TEK Forcefield, customizable TEK Autodoors and four new creatures.

It also includes new hairstyle and beard options.

The video above was released back in February, but we’ve posted it again anyway. It gives you a look at what is included in the PS4 update.

Watch Liam Costa’s loyalty mission from Mass Effect: Andromeda

13 Mar

Another chunk of Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay, this time from Liam Costa’s loyalty mission.

BioWare brought Mass Effect: Andromeda to PAX East over the weekend. During the show, the developer had a playable demo of the game’s multiplayer mode, and hosted a panel showing off more of the single-player.

BioWare’s hour-long panel showcased new footage of the loyalty mission for one of your squad members, Liam Costa. We’ve already seen Peebee’s loyalty mission, and much like that one, we don’t get to witness the full mission.

Instead, the livestream shows the start of the mission and some of the early encounters. It’s still a pretty sizeable chunk, so you may want to look away if you fear spoilers.

The full panel is available above via IGN. You can skip to minute 6:00 for the start of the mission.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is out March 21 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. EA and Origin Access members can start playing a ten-hour trial on March 16.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild – how to get the iconic Green Tunic without amiibo

10 Mar

Quick note: this isn’t the “classic” green tunic from a previous The Legend of Zelda title, but it’s close.

In the video above Arekkz show you how to acquire the green tunic made specifically for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

If you don’t have an amiibo, this outfit will be as close as you can get to the classic tunic worn by Link in previous titles. The pieces are: Cap of the Wild, Tunic of the Wild and Trousers of the Wild.

This costume, again, was created for the game and in order to obtain it you need to complete all 120 Shrines and you then get one final quest.

If you want to know which The Legend of Zelda amiibo drop which outfits, here is a quick guide on that. To find out which amiibo work with the game, and the goodies they offer, here’s a guide for that as well.

Hope this helps you out.

Quake Champions trailer shows off Blood Covenant arena, new champion Nyx

10 Mar

Quake Champions is back in the limelight with a look at one of its reimagined maps, and new hero Nyx.

Bethesda have revealed a bunch of new Quake Champions details, ahead of the game’s showing at PAX East this weekend, and the planned closed beta.

Quake Champions, in case you don’t remember, was pitched at E3 2016 as a fast-paced, PC shooter with a modern take on the classic Quake formula that features unique heroes.

Bethesda promised to reveal a few of the game’s heroes from now until the closed beta. Starting with Nyx, which you can see in the trailer above. Nyx is an agile champion that relies on her Ghost Walk ability to move between dimensions. This makes her invisible and immune to damage, and the ability can be used both defensively and offensively.

Nyx’s passive ability is Wall Jump, which is self explanatory. Nyx starts with 100HP, 75 armour, and a speed value of 270.

We also get our first look at Blood Covenant, one of the game’s arenas. Blood Covenant is based on The Camping Grounds (Q3DM6) from Quake 3 Arena. Some of Camping Grounds’ classic sections are intact, including the long jump pad that leads to the rocket launcher, the Quad Damage spawn, and the Railgun ledge.

You can see more of Blood Covenant in the video below. We’ve also included screenshots of Nyx and Blood Covenant for your viewing pleasure.

quake_champions_blood_covenant_map_reveal_screen_1 quake_champions_blood_covenant_map_reveal_screen_2 quake_champions_blood_covenant_map_reveal_screen_3 quake_champions_blood_covenant_map_reveal_screen_4 quake_champions_blood_covenant_map_reveal_screen_5 quake_champions_nyx_reveal_screen_1 quake_champions_nyx_reveal_screen_2 quake_champions_nyx_reveal_screen_3

Quake Champions is due for release this year, but a release date has not yet been announced. In case you missed it, closed beta registration is still open on the official site, where you’ll also find a breakdown of the new champions and maps as they’re revealed.

Mass Effect: Andromeda video shows off the game’s seven main planets

6 Mar

Your main job in Mass Effect: Andromeda, outside of shooting everyone, is to identify potential future homes. One of these seven planets is the most likely.

BioWare has released another Mass Effect: Andromeda video, part of the game’s Andromeda Initiative induction programme. Today’s video focuses on explaining what the game calls “Golden Worlds.”

These worlds are what the Pathfinders will be sent to scout. A planet would classify as a Golden World if it can sustain life, and has a generous supply of minerals to supply the colonies.

The cluster the game takes place in, the Helius cluster, is where you’ll be spending your time looking investigating these planets. Seven promising ones have already been identified, and your job is to visit each of them and determine how viable they are are at being future homes.

The video also gives a short description of each of the game’s seven major planets, Habitat-1 through 7.

Much like the weapons briefing, Tempest and Nomad briefing, Pathfinder team briefing and others, this one is also narrated by an in-game character.

In this case, it’s Dr. Suvi Anwar, a member of the Nexus’ science team. She’s also the science officer of your ship, the Tempest.

Mass Effect: Andromeda will be released starting March 21 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice has entered Alpha stage, latest developer video shows off brand new footage

3 Mar

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice has reached Alpha stage, and to give you an idea of how the long-awaited title is coming along, here’s a new dev video.

The development video above from Ninja Theory, Episode 26: Myths and Madness, explores how our heroine’s journey in Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is “intertwined with both her experiences of psychosis and Viking mythology.”

Being in Alpha stage means the game is now playable from beginning to end, but there is still quite a bit of work to do, according to the the developers. All gameplay mechanics are in the game, in the process of being refined, and the combat system is complete as well.

“Some parts of the game are starting to look and feel just as we envisaged, whereas others are still only built to a basic level,” said the studio’s Dominic Matthews. “The important thing at this stage is that all of the areas are laid out and the design clearly defined.”

All of performance capture scenes have been shot, and each scene is in the process of being added to the game. All voice over has been recorded as well and captured “binaurally” so that when heard through headphones, players will be able to “place the voices in the 3D space” around them.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice was originally slated for a 2016 release before seeing a delay.

It will instead arrive sometime this year on PC and PlayStation 4.

Square Enix: not that Final Fantasy 15 is coming to PC, but here’s some footage of it, wink

2 Mar

Final Fantasy 15: officially not yet confirmed for PC. Also Final Fantasy 15: shown here running on PC.

Final Fantasy 15 has never been confirmed for PC but we’re all kind of expecting it to happen eventually – especially after director Hajime Tabata showed Final Fantasy 15 during Nvidia’s GDC 2017 event this week.

The video above is a sizzle reel for Luminous Studio, Square Enix’s in-house engine, which it won’t license out but flouts on the regs in order to attract talent to its core development teams. The first half shows off work done on Final Fantasy 15 in 2016, but when the video transitions to 2017 at about the 1:50 mark, we start seeing new stuff.

This new footage is flagged to show it was captured running on the new Geforce GTX 1080 Ti. These are the “technical tests” Tabata showed off at GDC 2017, which definitely in no way confirm Final Fantasy 15 is coming to PC. Nope. Uh-uh.

For those of you hanging out hoping for a port announcement, Square Enix confirmed Nier Automata’s PC release date today. This is good news as Platinum Games recently said the PC port of Nier Automata might be delayed due to concerns over the lack of secure DRM options; presumably Square Enix has now sorted that out to its satisfaction, so that’s one less barrier to Final Fantasy 15’s eventual PC release.

Final Fantasy 15 is already a hugely impressive game on consoles, and it’d be inetresting to see what Tabata’s team could do with the extra power of modern PCs. Let’s all keep hoping.

The Horizon: Zero Dawn launch trailer is totally worth three minutes of your time

24 Feb

You should really take a few minutes out of your day and watch the launch trailer for Horizon: Zero Dawn. It’s totally worth it, in our opinion.

In the video above, you’re given a look at the gorgeous landscapes in Horizon: Zero Dawn, combat situations, and a really cool tribal ritual involving cave art.

It’s a rather cool video, and that’s saying a lot considering there have been so very many released. All you have to do is look at our hub page for the game and see for yourself.

Considering the game has garnered positive reviews from critics, we enjoyed it as well, SuperData might be on to something with its sales prediction: it estimates the action-RPG will sell 4-6 million units by the end of 2017.

A couple of reports from Digital Foundry make note of how phenomenal the game looks on PS4, going so far as saying it’s the best 4K title yet for PS4 Pro. That said, an updated analysis of the game posted today called out a few issues with the quality of water rendering, instances of bad lip sync, and human enemies being rather dense at times. However, Digital Foundry said what works “far outweighs the more localized gripes” of what is wrong with it. Future updates could resolve some of the issues, according to the report.

That’s just something to keep in mind should you decide to pick it up. The game has a seamless world without loading screens, and it’s massive, so if you come across a few hiccups, hopefully it won’t break your immersion.

Those with either a PS4 or PS4 Pro should prepare themselves for a small day-one patch which adds a Performance Mode for smoother framerates, and higher visual fidelity for both 4K and 1080p displays.

Horizon: Zero Dawn releases next week on February 28 in North America and March 1 in Europe.

Watch a Nintendo Switch unboxing worthy of the console

23 Feb

Not many are fans of official unboxing videos for products, and the Nintendo Switch is no exception.

Although Nintendo released an official Switch unboxing video recently, it was more buttoned-up and serious than these tend to be.

Fear not, our man Alex is here to the rescue with his own unboxing. Here you’ll find a look at the box, all the items that come with it, as well as the console itself. The video offers a great way to appreciate everything up close, away from the noise of the hands-on event.

The Joy-Con controllers also get their own segment, as does the dock. We also get a few size comparisons showing the Joy-Con Grip next to a Wii U Pro Controller, Xbox One, and PS4 controller.

It all looks very well-built and elegant, unlike the Wii U GamePad.

The Nintendo Switch is out starting March 3.

The Division patch 1.6: Tenebrae exotic marksman rifle review

21 Feb

The Tenebrae is a solid marksman rifle for skill-focused builds.

The Division‘s patch 1.6 is currently being tested by players in the PTS. The list of changes 1.6 has made to the game is massive, and you can bet weapon balancing is included in the notes.

Tenebrae, an exotic marksman rifle, has received a balance pass, and in the video above, Arekkz reviews the current version and how much has changed since the weapon first launched.

Being a SCAR-H variant means this weapon has some of the highest damage potential in PvE, to compensate for its relatively small magazine size (20 by default). The Tenebrae has 149% headshot damage, and an RPM of 275.

Lights Out is the main new addition here. This Talent resets skill cooldowns for you and nearby group members every time you destroy an enemy weak point. This can happen once every ten seconds, and is a great asset for skill-focused builds.

Though this works great in Incursions and similar team-oriented activities, this particular skill cooldown effect is situational, given that you need to always be on the lookout for those weak points.

Even not including the Talent in the assessment, Tenebrae is still a decent options for high-accuracy players who want to get rewarded for landing headshots.

Final Fantasy 15 PS4 Pro patch makes for “wildly unstable” frame-rates that don’t hit 60fps

20 Feb

Wondering how the Final Fantasy 15 PS4 Pro patch is going down? Not brilliantly.

Final Fantasy 15‘s latest update has gone live and includes the PS4 Pro patch that introduces a Lite Mode that bumps up the frame-rate to 60fps.

Digital Foundry is on the case to test out how the PS4 Pro console Lite Mode performs, and ‘not well’ is the short answer.

The frame-rate is unlocked and “wildly unstable,” running between 30-50 fps, while the frame pacing issue present on the PS4 and the Pro is still an issue, exacerbated even more on the PS4 Pro with today’s update.

Digital Foundry’s verdict is that the PS4 Pro is now the least preferred platform to play the game on, followed by the PS4, with the Xbox One being the platform of choice.

What are your thoughts? Are you disappointed? Chime in below.

Dawn of War 3 gets suitably epic story trailer, confirms Spear of Khaine is involved

17 Feb

The conflict wrapped up in the story of Dawn of War 3 becomes clear.

Relic has released a new trailer for Dawn of War 3, the first in a long while. It’s called Prophecy of War and is very much story-focused.

The prophecy in question is cited at the start of trailer, as Farseer Taldeer outlines the main story setup that will bring all three races to war. The Spear of Khaine is the impetus behind the events this time around, though not much else is known.

Farseer Taldeer’s prophecy is ominous though, as these usually tend to be. Gabriel Angelos, Farseer Macha, and Gorgutz are all here, and they all seem to be fighting enemies within their ranks, as well as each other.

Alongside the new trailer, Relic also put out a call to action themed around each of the three factions. These videos show a bit more gameplay, and highlight what the Space Marines, Eldar, and Orks are each fighting for.

Dawn of War 3 comes out this year on PC.

Feast your eyes on this Switch unboxing video, courtesy of the same early shipping mistake as before

17 Feb

Switch is in the wild. One can only imagine the conversation between Nintendo and its retail partners tomorrow.

Switch hopefuls can torment themselves with a further tantalising glimpse of the hardware as it will appear in their very own homes when Switch launches in a few weeks.

This video comes courtesy of the same source as the Switch start up UI and OS overview video from earlier today, which was provided exclusively to FloKo. Unfortunately the site is being hammered, and we weren’t able to get the page to load – hence the YouTube mirror above.

The unboxing itself is pretty standard fare – all the bits are in there, enfolded in that mysteriously labyrinthine packaging digital devices favour – but stay right to the end for an additional look at the Switch menus, for those of you wanting to pore over the hardware settings immediately.

This Switch was reportedly shipped to the lucky new owner by a retailer, which has not been named, rather than leaked or otherwise acquired from the distribution chain. If that’s true, someone’s going to have answer some pointed questions tomorrow. I’d hate to be the poor schmoe who put this in the post, even if the order came down from on high.

Ultra Street Fighter 2’s Nintendo Switch first-person mode looks worse than you think

16 Feb

Different people have different ideas of fun, of course, but this will hardly sell anyone on the Switch.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Ultra Street Fighter 2, the Nintendo Switch exclusive, is going to include a first-person mode that uses the console’s Joy-Cons.

It’s called the Way of the Hado, and it was shown off by Capcom Japan in a livestream earlier. Around the 2h 56m mark, a Capcom developer attaches two Joy-Cons to his hands, and begins to do motions that result in throwing fireballs, Hadoukens, and Dragon Punches.

The only problem is, it never looked smooth, and outside of the relatively simple input requirements you have for each move, the mode looks like an afterthought. There’s considerable lag, too, though this could be improved by release.

Overall, it looks very similar to the bonus modes you’d find in Wii ports of games, and in other Wii shovelware in general.

Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers is out sometime this year for the Nintendo Switch.

Horizon: Zero Dawn – this is the commercial you’ll be seeing in theaters and on TV

15 Feb

Horizon: Zero Dawn is out in just a couple of weeks, and a trailer you’ll be seeing in theaters, on TV and through online channels has been released by Sony.

The commercial, which will be aired in the UK and Europe, opens with a time-lapse view of the world before it was “plunged into darkness,” and the reign of machines in Horizon: Zero Dawn began.

Horizon: Zero Dawn has definitely been on our radar since it was first revealed and if you want to catch up on everything we know about it, be sure to give our page hub a click.

The PS4 exclusive will be released on February 28 in North America and on March 1 in Europe for both the standard console and PS4 Pro.

While the Pro version will be upscaled and you’ll need a compatible TV, the standard PS4 version will display at 1080p on HDTVs, and still look lovely with HDR support.

Anyway, enjoy the video, and we’ll have more on Horizon: Zero Dawn in the coming weeks.

Horizon: Zero Dawn – new direct-feed footage shows human settlements, exploration, plenty of combat

13 Feb

A mostly unedited chunk of gameplay from Horizon: Zero Dawn.

We’re about two weeks away from the release of Horizon: Zero Dawn, and gameplay footage has been coming out left and right. From introducing the game’s various robo-monsters, to detailing what went into the creation of its world and lead character Aloy.

The latest video is not official, but was captured by Game Clips And Tips at a recent press event. It’s relatively long, at around seven minutes, and it’s full of new footage.

In particular, the video shows a glimpse of the human outposts and settlements scattered around the game’s world, and how Aloy will be getting from one to the other. There’s also a decent chunk of combat in there, and the player actually flubs the encounter early on before regaining the upper hand.

Overall, it’s a more raw look at the game than we’re used to from officially sanctioned footage.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is out February 28 on PS4.

Resident Evil: Vendetta trailer provides a first look at the film’s antagonist Glenn Arias

11 Feb

Those planning to watch Resident Evil: Vendetta in theaters will have to wait until summer.

When in summer isn’t known, but the feature-length, CG movie was originally slated for a spring 2017 release.

Hopefully the new trailer will help tide you over until its theatrical debut.

Developed by Capcom and Marza Animation Planet and distributed by Sony Pictures, the film takes place between Resident Evil 6 and Resident Evil 7. In it, Chris, Leon and Rebecca will need to stop a fella named Glenn Arias from spreading the Trigger Virus in New York City.

The trio also explore a rather familiar, isolated mansion. Whether its the Spencer mansion or not isn’t known, but the film contains various other locations as well – as you see above.

One scene in the trailer about 38 seconds in, is reminiscent of another film handled by executive producer Takashi Shimizu: The Grudge. Kill her with fire and with extreme prejudice, please.

If you missed the first Resident Evil: Vendetta trailer, give it a watch by clicking the first link in the post.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Link’s surname is also Link, you know, same as Mario

10 Feb

Shigeru Miyamoto answers a very critical question about The Legend of Zelda’s hero.

Link, sometimes referred to as The Hero of Time, has been the protagonist of The Legend of Zelda games since the start. Zelda: Breath of the Wild brings back our ferocious hero, of course, and it’s the perfect time to find out one more detail about him.

The latest rapid-fire questions episode from Game Informer sees Shigeru Miyamoto and Breath of the Wild producer Eiji Aonuma sitting down to answer 51 questions, as part of the magazine’s latest cover story.

Among the many amusing questions and interesting answers said on the show, one in particular about Link’s surname stood out. According to Miyamoto, Link’s surname is Link. So, he’s called Link Link.

Miyamoto even joked that it’s the same with Mario (remember that Super Mario Bros. scene?). Things are this way, though, because Link is actually not human, so maybe he doesn’t need to follow the same naming conventions humans do.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild is out March 3 worldwide on Switch and Wii U.