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Dive into the Water Festival Event in Pokemon GO

22 Mar
Pokemon GO

Because you can never have too many Magikarp. Okay, that’s actually not true, as it’s quite possible in many Pokemon games to have too many Magikarp and not be able to do much with them. Luckily, they aren’t the only Pokemon who are appearing in greater numbers in the week-long Water Festival in Pokemon GO.

Beginning at 4 p.m. Eastern time on March 22 and running through the same time on March 29, the Water Festival will make Water-type Pokemon more available to catch in the wild. According to Niantic’s blog post, the list of Pokemon you can expect to see away from their usual habitats includes Magikarp (of course!), Squirtle, Totodile and their evolutions.

Plus there’s this:

So to sum up, more Water-types where they don’t usually spawn, and even more Water-types where you would run into them anyway. Got it.

Plus there’s a Magikarp Hat on the way as a new avatar item just to keep the theme of the flopping fish Pokemon going for this entire article. You’ve got a week with the Water Festival, so make the most of it.

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Latest Pokémon GO Update will Guarantee an Evolution Stone

22 Mar

Pokémon GO developer Niantic has released an update today that will guarantee players a chance to acquire evolution stones, fans have been requesting this for a long time and this move is sure to please the community. This update is a small one and its key element is that it will award a random evolution […]

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Pokemon GO Water Festival increases encounter rate for Magikarp, Squirtle, Totodile

22 Mar

The latest Pokemon GO in-game event, the Water Festival, has kicked off.


During the event, Pokemon GO players are more likely to encounter Water-type Pokemon like Magikarp, Squirtle, Totodile and their evolutions.

Trainers will also have a greater chance of encountering Water-type Pokrmon originally discovered in the Johto region, which recently began appearing in the game. This occurs when exploring areas where Water-types more commonly appear.

To coincide with the festivities, beginning today Trainers will also have access to a new avatar wardrobe item, the Magikarp Hat.

The Pokemon GO Water Festival will end next week on March 29 at 1pm PT/4pm Et/9pm UK.

Yesterday, the game was also updated to version 0.59.1 for Android and 1.29.1 for iOS. The notes state the seven-day First PokeStop of the Day streak will now award a random Evolution item.

There were also minor text fixes applied.

Game Freak job ad hints at Pokémon on Switch, wants devs for “globally popular RPG” on console

20 Mar

A new Pokémon game may be in development for the Switch if this job listing is anything to go by.


Pokémon developer Game Freak has posted listings for two jobs that seem to indicate that they’re cooking up a new pokémon title for the Switch.

Spotted by Silicon Era, the first listing calls for 3D CG designers for a console project, and opens with “Here’s a chance to work on the development of a globally popular RPG!”

Apparently the successful applicant will be tasked with creating “cartoon-like super deformed characters, monsters, and item models” as well as debugging and whatnot.

“We’ll have you work on the production an RPG game that is popular on a global scale,” says the ad. “It’s a title that just about anyone knows, a proposal that could be your future career,” it continues, as well as mentioning that the platform is going to be a console.

The second listing is for a new title, and while the description is essentially the same as the previous ad, the applicants need to have had experience working on models at the level of Wii U and PS Vita.

The contracts will run up until May 2018 at the latest, so if it is indeed a new Pokémon on the Switch, we might hear something at this E3 if Nintendo is feeling generous with information.

Japanese Pokémon Sun and Moon players get Ash’s iconic hat for Pikachu to wear in-game

14 Mar

Pikachu’s sense for fashion extends to wearing his trainer’s hats.

pikachu in ash hat

Japanese Pokémon Sun and Moon players are in for a treat with an upcoming promotion; more hats for Pikachu to wear.

The little critter will get to don one of the six iconic Ash Ketchum hats, as well as learning new Z-Move, 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt.

The promotion is to celebrate the premiere of the series’ I Choose You film, which hits theaters on July 15 in Japan. Beginning in April, each ticket purchased will come with a code to redeem for a hat-wearing Pikachu and the Pikashumium Z-Crystal, that unlocks the Z-Move.

According to Polygon, the codes are single use and the hat Pickachu ends up wearing depends on when players redeem them.

There’s no word on a Western release date for the film, which is a re-telling of the series’ first episodes, or whether the same promotion will take place alongside it.

Although I imagine that demand for a Sun and Moon Pikachu in a hat would be overwhelming, so fingers crossed.

Pokemon Sun and Moon players can grab a pair of Mega Stones for Mewtwo from today

3 Mar

Pokemon Sun and Moon players are being handed a distribution code for two Mega Stones to evolve their Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo. Also, Nintendo has provided a date on when to expect Mega Stones for Mawilite and Beedrillite to drop.


The code allows Pokemon Sun and Moon players to evolve Mewtwo into either a Mewtwonite X or Mewtwonite Y when the creature is handed one of the Mega Stones. This will allow Mewtwo to Mega Evolve two different ways during battle.

Here’s the Mewtwo Mega Stones code: M2DESCENT

This is a global code so it should work in any region. An end date for the distribution event is not known, so it would be best to go ahead and claim it.

Since Mewtwo cannot be found out in the wild in Sun and Moon, players will need to bring it into Pokemon Bank via Poke Transporter from earlier games. These Pokemon will lose their items in the process, but this is the only way to get Mega Mewtwo X or Mega Mewtwo Y into the game at present.

If you have never entered a code before, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Select Mystery Gift on the main menu.
  • Select Receive Gift.
  • Select Get with Code/Password, then Yes, and then Yes again to connect to the Internet.
  • Enter your code.
  • Watch as you receive Mega Stones.
  • Speak to the deliveryman in any Pokemon Center to pick up your Mega Stones.
  • Be sure to save your game.

As far as the missing Mega Stones for Mawilite and Beedrillite are concerned, the code is being handed out to a limited amount of players beginning March 7, per serebii.net. A shared serial code for both of these stones will be made available to all in April.

Per a previous report, the other missing Mega Stones for Sun and Moon will be handed out through various events and online postings through summer, without a wait period attached.

Player trading in Pokemon Go won’t happen online

3 Mar

Pokemon Go won’t allow you to trade Pokemon online because it’s not that kind of game.


When Pokemon Go finally allows players to trade Pokemon with one another, it won’t happen online. Instead, much like the main game, the two players will need to be physically close.

The game’s senior product manager Tatsuo Nomura told Polygon at GDC 2017 that the process will have to take place in the real-world.

“We don’t want to just have that be an online game that you can just exchange virtually,” he told the site. “You shouldn’t be able to exchange your Pokemon with someone who is 100 miles away from you … The person needs to be in your proximity.”

Nomura was asked if he’s aware this doesn’t solve the problem of lacking Pokedex for players who live in underpopulated areas. Some hoped, through trading, they’d be able to collect the remaining Pokemon which don’t spawn in their areas.

“I wasn’t really thinking of trading as a way to solve the local area spawn issue,” admitted Nomura. “That was more, we have a couple Pokemon that only spawn in a couple regions, and that was the hope, that some Pokemon you have to know someone or find someone who lives in certain regions and meet and exchange.”

Pokemon Go trading is coming later this year.

Pokemon Go has three more “major” updates planned for this year

1 Mar

The enduring Pokemon Go will see three new major updates this year, making for four in total after the recent Johto update.


During the Mobile World Conference, Niantic CEO John Hanke dropped some information about future Pokemon Go updates, which Reddit page The Silph Road picked up on and reported.

While referring to the recent release of generation 2 Pokemon in Pokemon Go as the game’s “first major update”, Hanke stated that there were three other major updates planned for the game this year. His wording, as the Reddit thread points out, implies that updates before this latest one were “minor” updates, and the three he’s alluding to are likely to include major additions or changes to the game.

Speculation seems to indicate that PVP may be one of the features added. With Pokemon Go spiking in popularity again, this seems like a distinct possibility.

If you want to build up your collection just in case this happens, be sure to check out our exhaustive Pokemon Go guide.

Whether or not we’ll see more Pokemon added this year remains to be seen.

Pokemon Go: how to evolve Sunkern into SunFlora, Gloom into Bellossom using the Sun Stone

28 Feb

Put those new Special Items to great use and evolve more of you Pokedex favourites.


It’s quite easy to evolve Sunkern into SunFlora and Gloom into Bellossom in Pokemon Go, once you know how. In fact, it’s a similar method to evolving Poliwhirl into Politoed or Onix into Steelix. Key to this evolution, however, is the Sun Stone.

How to get the Sun Stone in Pokemon Go

Right then. You’re going to need a Sun Stone before you can evolve anything. You get them from PokeStops. You have a better chance of being rewarded with a Sun Stone every seventh day, or at least, being gifted one of five Special Items at this time, one of which could be a Sun Stone.

How to evolve Sunkern into SunFlora

Get yourself a Sun Stone and add 50 Sunkern Candy. Mix them all up in a blender – or use the evolution menu in the game as normal – and out pops your SunFlora. Et voila!

How to evolve Gloom into Bellossom in Pokemon Go

Can you see the pattern here? Basically you’ll need a Sun Stone and 100 Oddish Candy to evolve your Gloom into a Bellossom. It’s that simple.

Want some more crucial Pokemon Go tips and advice? You’re in luck, we’ve got it all here.

So there you go: two more rad little pokemon to add to your pokedex.

Pokemon Go: how to evolve Scyther into Scizor, Onix into Steelix using Metal Coat

28 Feb

Use the same method to get these Gen 2 pokemon in Pokemon Go.

To get Steelix and Scizor in Pokemon Go you just need to follow this simple process. It’s pretty much the same for both Pokemon so just wat ch the video above for a visual guide, while we break it down for you below

First up, you’re going to need Metal Coat. Let’s start with that…

How to get Metal Coat in Pokemon Go

You can find Metal Coat in Pokemon Go at any PokeStop, as you would find eggs. Urban areas are your best bet for Metal Coat. Also remember that every seventh day your PokeStop Daily Bonus streak coughs up one of five Special Items: either a King’s Rock, Metal Coat, Upgrade, Dragon Scale or Sunstone.


How to evolve Scyther into Scizor

Once you have your Metal Coat and 50 Candy you’ll be able to evolve Scyther into Scizor. Just evolve using the in-game menu as you would any other Pokemon.

Remember that once you’ve used the Metal Coat you won’t get it back, so make sure you’re certain of this evolution.


How to evolve Onix into Steelix

Evolving Onix into Steelix is just as easy as evolving Scyther into Scizor. Use one Metal Coat and 50 Candy and evolve using the normal method.

If you’re interest in more Pokemon Go help, we have a huge guide for you right here.

So there you have: Scizor and Steelix are now safe and snug in your pokedex.

Celebrate Pokemon Day By Catching Party Hat Pikachu in Pokemon GO

27 Feb

Pokemon GO

Happy Pokemon Day! What’s that? You didn’t see that on either your Google Calendar or your old school paper calendar on the fridge?

And yet it’s a real thing we didn’t make up. February 27 is Pokemon Day, declared as such in celebration of the very first Pokemon games released more than 20 years ago. The Pokemon Company has all kinds of things going on today as a result, but we’re most interested in how it affects Pokemon GO.

Beginning today at 1 p.m. Pacific/4 p.m. Eastern time, Pokemon GO players will encounter a special friend out in the wild. You know him as Pikachu, and he’ll be sporting a party hat from now through the same time on March 6 (so for a full week).

Not such a huge deal, you say? That’s fair, and you may recall that Pokemon GO did more or less the same thing at Christmas, putting Pikachu in a Santa hat instead. But people do love their limited time only characters, and since this is supposed to be the only time you’ll be able to catch party hat Pikachu — and he’ll likely be easier to find out and about than he is the rest of the year — it’s still going to motivate some players to get out there and hunt for him.

Besides, it’s Pokemon Day, and you’ve got to do something to honor the occasion. Whipping out your phone is probably the easiest way to accomplish that. Have fun, and tell Pikachu we said hi.

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A Look At Best Pokemon GO Gen 2 Evolutions, Eggs, Spawns and Rare Evolutions

23 Feb

Niantic recently released a new update that added gen 2 evolutions to the mix. Pokemon Go Gen 2 Evolutions are available for a handful of Pokemon including Crobat, Marill, and more. With the new of gen 2, many Pokemon got their first evolutions while others got an extra one or split evolution as many call […]

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Pokemon Go is back on top of the App Store thanks to the latest update

21 Feb

Thanks to last week’s Generation 2 update, Pokemon Go is once again the highest grossing game on iTunes in the United States.


While number one on the App Store, Pokemon Go came in third on Google Play behind Mobile Strike and Game of War – Fire Age, respectively.

Pokemon Go hasn’t been number one on the App Store since its New Years event on January 4.

If you head over to mobile tracking site App Annie, using the drop down menu, you’ll find the game is still faring well in other regions of the world.

Last week’s update did more than just add over 80 new Pokemon, the update also increased rewards when catching evolved Pokemon, a new night mode map, gender-specific variations of select Pokemon, two new berries and Evolution items. We cover all of this and more in our updated Pokemon Go guide.

If you click the links above, you will also find the general notes for the update.

Pokemon Go Gen 2 Pokemon Evolution Guide – How to Evolve, Evolution Items

21 Feb

Pokemon Go Gen 2 Pokemon Evolution Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about evolving along with evolution items.

Niantic Labs has finally release generation 2 Pokemon for Pokemon Go. Players have access to generation 2 Pokemon but they need special items that would allow generation 1 Pokemon to generation 2.

However, players are having a hard time understanding how this works and what items they need to evolve certain times to generation 1 Pokemon to generation 2.

For more help on Pokemon Go, read out our Pokemon Types Farming Guide, How to Throw PokeBalls Properly, and How to Track Nearby Pokemon.

Pokemon Go gen 2 Pokemon evolution guide will help you understand what items to use and how the system works.

Pokemon Go Gen 2 Pokemon Evolution Guide

Developers have added Metal Coat, Sun Stone, Dragon Scale, Up-Grade and King’s Rock evolution items to Pokemon Go. You can get all of the above-mentioned items at the Pokeshop.  You can also get Nanab and Pinap, the two new berries. Keep in mind that getting these items at Pokeshop early on may not happen. Evolution items are rare so you need to be patient.

  • Metal Coat – Scyther – Scizor
  • Sun Stone – Gloom – Bellossom
  • Sun Stone – Sunkern – Sunflora
  • Up-Grade – Porygon – Porygon 2
  • King’s Rock – Slowbrow – Slowking
  • Metal Coat – Onix – Steelix
  • Dragon Scale – Seadra – Kingdra
  • King’s Rock – Poliwhirl – Politoed

Berries are much easier to find compared to evolution items. You can visit different Pokestops collecting berries. That is not the only way to get your hands on berries, you can do also earn them via level up rewards. Hopefully, Niantic Labs will adjust the drop rate for evolution items as they are extremely rare.

Pokemon Go is now available on iOS and Android devices.

If you have any questions regarding Pokemon Go Gen 2 Pokemon Evolution Guide, take to the comments below.

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Pokemon Go Guide: How to Unlock Umbreon and Espeon

21 Feb

Pokemon Go guide will help you get your hands on Umbreon and Espeon. For those who don’t know, Pokemon Go players now have access to gen 2 Pokemon. There are two Pokemon available right now, Umbreon and Espeon.

For more help on Pokemon Go, read out our Potions Guide, Combat Tips and Strategy Guide, and Lucky Eggs and Incubator Guide.

Pokemon Go guide will discuss how you can get your hands on Umbreon and Espeon. Keep mind that both will Evolve from Eevee so you need to find this Pokemon first.

Pokemon Go Guide

Eevee will evolve into Umbreon but first you need to name Eevee Tamao.  Meanwhile, those trying to make Eevee evolve into Espeon, name it Sakura. Keep in mind that this process will work only one time so make sure that Eevee you have is worth evolving.

Evolving the first Eevee you come across may not be the first idea as using Umbreon and Espeon in battle won’t be as effective. Being careful about which Eevee and when to evolve is very important as it will increase their efficiency in battle.

There are other ways to get these gen 2 Pokemon but this is the most convenient and quick process. Niantic Labs will keep adding more Pokemon to the mix so we will have more for you in the future.

Pokemon Go is now available on iOS and Android.

If you have any questions regarding Pokemon Go guide, take to the comments below!

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Pokemon Go: these new Evolution items are obtained at PokeStops – but the drop rate’s all over the place

18 Feb

The large Pokemon GO update this week not only brought with it 80 new monsters and customization options, but new Evolution Items as well. Apparently, they are also rather rare.


According to Nintendo Life, the new Evolution Items in Pokemon Go can be obtained at PokeStops, and currently there are five stone types:

  • Dragon Scale: Evolves Seadra into Kingdra
  • King’s Rock: Evolves Poliwhirl into Politoed / Slowpoke into Slowking
  • Metal Coat: Onix into Steelix / Scyther into Scizor
  • Sun Stone: Gloom into Bellossom / Sunkern into Sunflora
  • Upgrade: Porygon into Porygon2

These Evolution items are used to evolve the aforementioned Gen 1 Pokemon into Gen 2 creatures. However, the drop rate for the Evolution times seems to vary, hugely.

Over on reddit, some users report going to multiple PokeStops without obtaining a single Evolution item. One user said they spun over 250 times and went home empty handed, while another obtained one on their first PokeStop spin.

Along with Evolution items, there are two new berries at PokeStops which help players entice Pokemon: Nanab and Pinap.

The former slows the Pokemon down to make it easier to catch, while the latter doubles the candy handed over upon being caught. The drop rate on these berries is said to be much higher than the Evolution items.

In other words, keep trying and use those berries. It’s unknown if this intended programming on Niantic’s part, or if there is a balancing issue.

But at this point, it’s basically like rolling for loot in D&D: some have better luck than others.

Paramon Clash: Evolution for Mobile Is Like Classic Pokemon (but Totally Free)

17 Feb

We love mobile games, and we love Pokemon. Paramon Clash: Evolution, from Fancun Interactive, gives you the best of both worlds, with classic collect-’em-all RPG gameplay, mobile voice chat, and a free price tag. The game is a multiplayer RPG that lets you explore and manage a fantasy world. You spend your time hunting, collecting, […]

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Pokemon Go’s big update is rolling out now, so you can get your hands on over 80 new Gen 2 ‘mon

17 Feb

Pokemon Go developer Niantic produces a heck of a lasso and ropes you right back in.


A Pokemon Go update is rolling out now on Android (0.57.2) and iOS (1.27.2), so check Google Play and the App Store to see if your region is ready to rock the new content, which includes more than 80 new Pokemon.

This is the big Pokemon Go update Niantic revealed earlier this week, and represents the first major expansion of catchable Pokemon since the app launched in July 2016.

The new Pokemon are Generation 2 beasties, first found in the Johto region. Some of them come in gender variations, so be sure to grab them all.

There are some other cool changes to Pokemon Go in this update, including increased rewards when catching evolved Pokemon and new night mode map and music.

Here are the full patch notes for the Pokemon Go Gen 2 update:

  • Over 80 additional Pokémon originally discovered in the Johto region can be caught.
  • Gender-specific variations of select Pokémon can be caught.
  • Added new encounter mechanics.
  • Added Poké Ball and Berry selection carousels to the encounter screen.
  • Added two new Berries.
  • Added new avatar outfit and accessory options.
  • Added new night-mode map and encounter music.
  • Added bonus Candies for catching Evolved Pokémon.
  • Implemented Apple Watch connection stability improvement.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Minor text fixes.

The Magikarp Mobile Game You’ve Always Wanted Is on the Way

16 Feb
Splash! Magikarp

If you were told to play a guessing game about which Pokemon was receiving its very own mobile game, your first guess would probably be Pikachu. Charizard and Blastoise would likely be close behind, possibly followed by some of the Legendary Pokemon. And somewhere in the hundreds would be Magikarp, though you’d have given up long before you ever got to him.

Yet the joke, apparently, is on all of us. Because there’s a game called Splash! Magikarp that is in the works from a developer called SELECT BUTTON and aiming for a release relatively soon this year on both iOS and Android (and a shout out goes to Touch Arcade for doing the translation work so we could understand that). The gist of it is that holes shaped like everyone’s favorite/least favorite water type Pokemon have appeared around a quiet fishing town.

So is it a puzzle game? Or maybe a fishing simulator, as TA theorizes? We don’t know yet, but even the idea that it’s a thing is fascinating.

Nintendo resisted putting Pokemon on mobile for a long time, content to keep the franchise’s games on its own Nintendo 3DS for the most part. Pokemon GO cracked the door open ever so slightly, and the more recent release of Pokemon Duel suggested they were gearing up to unleash even more.

But let’s be real: if there’s a game featuring Magikarp, that means the flood gates are truly open, no water pun intended. It’s safe to say any Pokemon could end up in a starring role before long. Splash! Magikarp will probably surface in Japan before it heads to North America, so it might be wise to keep an eye over there for other Pokemon mobile games that are in the pipeline.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon missing Mega Stones distribution starts later this month with Mawilite and Beedrillite

15 Feb

Nintendo has revealed how it will distribute the missing Mega Stones which Pokemon can hold in Pokemon Sun and Moon.


According to information posted on Serebii (thanks, Nintendo Everything), these missing Mega Stones for Pokemon Sun and Moon will be handed out as presents to those participating in Online Competitions.

These include the 2017 International Challenge February competition, which will distribute Mega Stones for Mawilite and Beedrillite. Serebii notes a “limited amount of players” will receive the code ahead of a one to two months wait period before other Sun and Moon players are handed the Mega Stones code.

Another way players will receive codes for the stones is through various events and online postings. These will not have a wait period attached. The distribution of these codes will vary depending on the Mega Stone, and players can expect the same method of distribution for the codes through summer.

Mega Stones able to be used by a specific number of Pokemon during battle, and when held, it turns them into mega powered-up versions. Once the stone is removed, they revert back to normal.

The mechanic was first introduced in Pokemon X and Y and was also made available in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.