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Video: Petit Computer

2 Jul
Okay, now this is seriously old school right here! SmileBoom has developed Petit Computer, which is now available for the DSi and 3DS and basically turns your Nintendo handheld into a portable little Vic 20. Or maybe a Commodore 64. Actually, more like an Amiga, I suppose. Some of the graphics in the trailer look a little better than I remember from my C64! Essentially, Petit Computer lets you program in the classic programming language of BASIC. Remember that? If you do, you're as old as me! Or older! You use the touch screen to enter in your lines of code, then run your app, game, etc, and turn it into a QR Code to share with your friends. The whole thing is pretty amazing, honestly. Programs are included that feature samples of games, graphics tools and more, and they're all written in BASIC, too, so you can tweak them as you see fit. For more information about Petit Computer, you can visit their website here. It's available now through the eShop for $7.99, which is a little steep for me, seeing as how there's no way in heck that I would ever be able to do anything impressive with it. I would just wait for the QR Codes to show up on the internet and then check out what all the actually talented people were able to program. Although I suppose I could probably find some of those old magazines I used to get as a kid that had all the programs printed in them. Ah, the good old days of spending an hour typing in BASIC code line by line out of a magazine, typing "RUN" and then it doesn't work so you have to spend another hour trying to see where you made a typo! Now you can do it on a touch screen in the palm of your hand. Look what technology has become!