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Pokemon Go’s big update is rolling out now, so you can get your hands on over 80 new Gen 2 ‘mon

17 Feb

Pokemon Go developer Niantic produces a heck of a lasso and ropes you right back in.


A Pokemon Go update is rolling out now on Android (0.57.2) and iOS (1.27.2), so check Google Play and the App Store to see if your region is ready to rock the new content, which includes more than 80 new Pokemon.

This is the big Pokemon Go update Niantic revealed earlier this week, and represents the first major expansion of catchable Pokemon since the app launched in July 2016.

The new Pokemon are Generation 2 beasties, first found in the Johto region. Some of them come in gender variations, so be sure to grab them all.

There are some other cool changes to Pokemon Go in this update, including increased rewards when catching evolved Pokemon and new night mode map and music.

Here are the full patch notes for the Pokemon Go Gen 2 update:

  • Over 80 additional Pokémon originally discovered in the Johto region can be caught.
  • Gender-specific variations of select Pokémon can be caught.
  • Added new encounter mechanics.
  • Added Poké Ball and Berry selection carousels to the encounter screen.
  • Added two new Berries.
  • Added new avatar outfit and accessory options.
  • Added new night-mode map and encounter music.
  • Added bonus Candies for catching Evolved Pokémon.
  • Implemented Apple Watch connection stability improvement.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Minor text fixes.

FIFA 18 featured prominently in Japanese Switch ad, but it may look different when released

15 Feb

Another Nintendo Switch video out of Japan has provided the first look at FIFA 18 running on the console.

It’s worth noting that EA said what’s shown in the Switch video isn’t representative of the final FIFA 18 release.

Still worth a watch, though (thanks, Nintendo Everything).

Back in February, the firm’s Peter Moore said the Switch version will be custom built for the system, and similar to the PC, PS4, and Xbox One versions.

An exact release date hasn’t been provided for FIFA 18, but it’s out at some point in September.

Meanwhile, you can grab a Nintendo Switch on March 3.

Pokemon Sun and Moon missing Mega Stones distribution starts later this month with Mawilite and Beedrillite

15 Feb

Nintendo has revealed how it will distribute the missing Mega Stones which Pokemon can hold in Pokemon Sun and Moon.


According to information posted on Serebii (thanks, Nintendo Everything), these missing Mega Stones for Pokemon Sun and Moon will be handed out as presents to those participating in Online Competitions.

These include the 2017 International Challenge February competition, which will distribute Mega Stones for Mawilite and Beedrillite. Serebii notes a “limited amount of players” will receive the code ahead of a one to two months wait period before other Sun and Moon players are handed the Mega Stones code.

Another way players will receive codes for the stones is through various events and online postings. These will not have a wait period attached. The distribution of these codes will vary depending on the Mega Stone, and players can expect the same method of distribution for the codes through summer.

Mega Stones able to be used by a specific number of Pokemon during battle, and when held, it turns them into mega powered-up versions. Once the stone is removed, they revert back to normal.

The mechanic was first introduced in Pokemon X and Y and was also made available in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Pokemon Sun and Moon’s fourth Global Mission will take place at the Battle Tree

14 Feb

The fourth Global Mission for Pokemon Sun and Moon will kick off in a couple of weeks, and some preliminary information on it has popped up online.


According to Serebii (thanks, Siliconera), Pokemon Sun and Moon players will be tasked with earning as many Battle Points as possible at the Battle Tree.

The next Global Mission will start on February 28 and end March 17. Currently, the target score is unknown as Nintendo hasn’t updated the Global Link page as of press time.

Sun and Moon players failed the first and second missions but the third time was a charm

Players were tasked with trading as many Pokemon at the GTS as possible with the goal set at 1 million. Players traded a total of 4,107,702 within the time allotted.

Hopefully, the fourth mission will end in success as well.

The Nintendo Switch may not have any pack-in games, but at least you’ll get to play a free Splatoon 2 demo

13 Feb

The Nintendo Switch early adopters will have one more thing to look forward to that’s completely free.

splatoon_2 (2)

Unlike both of Nintendo’s previous consoles, there’s no SKU of the Switch that comes with a free game, otherwise known as a pack-in.

Which means, you’ll have to either buy one of the few launch games, or enjoy this free treat from Nintendo instead.

Nintendo announced today that come March, Splatoon 2 will host a global testfire event spanning three days. Six sessions have been announced for the three-day period, available worldwide.

Four different weapons will be accessible to those in the test, including the new Splat Dualies and remixed versions of the Splat Roller and Splat Charger. The first event kicks off Friday, March 24. Find the full schedule below:

Friday, March 24

  • 8pm – 9pm CET

Saturday, March 25

  • 4am – 5am CET
  • 12pm – 1pm CET
  • 8pm – 9pm CET

Sunday, March 26

  • 5am – 6am CEST
  • 1pm – 2pm CEST

Recently, new Splatoon 2 features such as a private spectator mode, LAN support, and more were revealed.

Nintendo Switch is out starting March 3, but Splatoon 2 doesn’t not currently have a release date beyond “summer.”

Splatoon 2 features Private Battle Spectator View and LAN Play, new map detailed

11 Feb

Here’s quite a bit of Splatoon 2 news for you, along with a new video released by Nintendo.

The video is in Japanese (thanks, Nintendo Everything), but it still gives you an idea of what to expect from the new Private Battle Spectator View announced for Splatoon 2.

This new feature allows up to two non-players to spectate a Private Battle and act as camera operators in order capture all the action. This is in addition to the eight players who fight in the Private Battle.

Speaking of eight player battles, as previously reported, Splatoon 2 will allow up to eight Nintendo Switch systems to connect via local wireless to play Private Battles. But, there is a new feature included with the game called LAN Play.

It will enable players to connect eight docked systems using a wired LAN setup to create local Private Battle tournaments without an Internet connection. Plus, with the Private Battle Spectator View feature, two additional Switch systems can also be hooked up to take advantage of the feature.

splatoon_3 (1) splatoon_2 (1)

Along with the aforementioned features, the development team also provided information on Splatoon 2’s new stage: Musselforge Fitness. It’s a workout facility located in a large warehouse, containing a bouldering gym, swimming pool, treadmills and more.

Finally, the studio also provided a look at the Slosher, which has had some cosmetic adjustments made to bring the class in-line with other legacy weapons.

Hit up the links to the Splatoon tumblr for more information.

Splatoon 2 is slated for a summer release on Nintendo Switch.

Minecraft: New snapshot gives us a glimpse of incoming changes in update 1.12

9 Feb

Minecraft snapshot 17W06A updates the colour palette, adds new blocks and Creative Mode features.

minecraft 1.12 snapshot

Minecraft‘s update 1.12 now has its first snapshot.

If you want to try out snapshots, it’s always wise to backup your worlds, or better yet, make a new one to try out the new features in.

Once you’ve done that, create a new profile called snapshots, tick the “enable experimental development snapshots” box, and save. To switch back to the regular version, choose it from the dropdown at the bottom left corner of the launcher.

Snapshot 17W06A introduces new blocks and some new Creative Mode features. It’ll also update the base colour palette of Minecraft.

There are more snapshots to come over the next few months, but for now, here are the changes in 17W06A:

  • Save toolbars in Creative Mode with Ctrl+Slotkey and load them with Shift+Slotkey
  • Added colored Concrete blocks
  • Added colored Concrete Powder blocks
  • Added colored Glazed Terracotta blocks
  • Updated the base color palette of Minecraft (affects things such as Banners and Sheep)
  • Updated textures for Wool blocks

Syberia 3 gets an April release date

8 Feb

Syberia 3 has a confirmed release date. Again.

Syberia 3 has been in the making since 2012, after originally being announced in 2009 and shelved shortly afterwards.

After confirming a December 1, 2016 release date the Vice President of Microïds, Elliot Grassiano, broke the news that the title would be delayed until Q1 2017.

Well here we are in Q1 2017 and the release date has finally been announced. Syberia 3 will release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on April 25 in North America and April 20 in Europe.

Microïds gave us a brand new trailer to have a gander at as well, and it all looks very exciting.

Have you been eagerly awaiting the next installment for the last decade, or will Syberia 3 be your first foray into the world of Kate Walker?

Hearthstone: Lost Secrets of Un’Goro could be the next expansion coming later this year

6 Feb

Voice actress’ resume leaks Lost Secrets of Un’Goro as Hearthstone’s next DLC.


The name of Hearthstone‘s next expansion may well have leaked if a source on Reddit is to be believed.

Lost Secrets of Un’Goro was spotted on the resume of voice actress Lani Minella whose work also lists credits for Hearthstone and the Whispers of the Old Gods expansion.

The Un’Goro Crater is an isolated area home to exotic plants and creatures, which are a few of the tidbits I picked up after rooting around the World of Warcraft wikia.

The character voices cited on Minella’s CV include Golakka Crawler, Pteradactyl, Anklesaur, Hydra, and Brontosaurus.

hearthstone lost secrets of un goro leak

The dinosaur and mythical creature names are in keeping with a Journey to the Centre of the Earth-type land that is still populated with prehistoric beasts, although they’re a little bland for WoW. Perhaps they’ll be tweaked a little before release.

We’re due an Adventure and an expansion this year, so Lost Secrets of Un’Goro could be the name of either. We’ll have to wait and see if Blizzard comments on the leak.

What are your thoughts? Chime in below.

Why are new Overwatch heroes so slow to arrive?

6 Feb

With heroes arriving near quarterly, why is Overwatch slow to deliver when its competitors aren’t?


Overwatch is a unique team based shooter. Unlike others in the genre it’s largely pure, in the sense that it doesn’t rely on itemisation, customised loadouts or active items to add depth to the gameplay. Nor does it provide in-game progression that improves the strength of your particular character or hero as you play a match. The vintage Team Fortress 2 uses both a class system and itemisation in the form of unique, gameplay altering weaponry. Overwatch does away with all this. Instead, it utilises a hero selection system to undertake the heavy lifting of tactical variables. The expectation being that players should and are regularly encouraged to rotate heroes – on the fly – to outsmart their opponents. It’s a live version of rock, paper, scissors where some heroes intentionally hard counter others.

“Ana’s impact was undeniable and these moments of balance disruption are healthy for the game. Unfortunately for Overwatch, they’re also few and far between; the arrival of Sombra came four months after.”

With 23 heroes in total and two of those having arrived post-launch, all perform fairly unique roles. Understanding each heroes purpose, their strengths and limitations is often key to success. Stubbornly remaining on Widowmaker, despite playing on a small map with no clear sightlines, would, as one example, be doing the game and your team a great disservice. Interpreting the ebb and flow of combat, which heroes shine where, a maps stages and its game modes are what determine its meta.

It’s through the introduction of a new hero or balance tweaks on Blizzard’s part that then disrupts the status quo. The arrival of Ana shook up the meta enormously as her kit brought an incredibly strong ultimate ability in Nano Boost, which bolstered damage, movement speed and reduced the damage her team received. Its impact was undeniable and instantly spawned a meme; in the right hands she was unquestionably first pick, first ban material. While subsequent patches have addressed her strength, these moments of balance disruption are healthy for the game. Unfortunately for Overwatch, they’re also few and far between; the arrival of Sombra came four months after Ana.


My question then, despite the nuances existing in Overwatch’s core gameplay, is whether or not the game and its meta is stagnating as a result of such lengthy gaps between hero delivery and importantly, why does such delivery take so long?

If I can turn my attention to MOBAs for just a second, they typically release a new hero every 4 weeks. The Morrigan was just released in SMITE, hot on the heels of Nike. Heroes of the Storm released 16 new heroes across 12 months last year, while Paragon continues to deliver on a 3 week schedule; Aurora having arrived last week.

Although these games are played from a top-down or third person perspective, the quality in their heroes (or gods) is undeniable and for the most part, they mirror the design principles of Overwatch with limited action sets comprising of a handful of skills and an Ultimate ability. Even Paladins, the controversial competitor to Overwatch, continues to deliver apace having recently released the brilliantly designed Torvald, not long after Tyra the Untamed.

All of these companies aren’t just releasing heroes timely but they’re also consistently delivering balance patches that have lasting impacts on the playability of their titles. If we look at Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm studio, the recent arrival of Ragnaros saw near immediate remedies to his kit on the strength of it being “overtuned”, while Samuro – albeit delicately handled due to the quiet Christmas period – was still brought into line within seven days. In contrast, Ana’s Nano Boost (and Biotic Grenade to some extent) were only addressed four months after her release; even now she remains first pick material.


Upon Sombra’s release she was the polar opposite, arriving with a relatively weak kit and alongside a variety of other heroes is resigned to spend her days outside of the competitive environment. Recent tournaments saw her drafted less than 2% of the time, while Ana was sat at draft rate greater than 85%. Unsurprisingly the staple of Lucio, Reinhardt, Winston, Roadhog, D.Va, Zarya and Tracer still make up the majority of placements: little has changed since launch in that regard.

Why, then, are the heroes and the balance of Overwatch handled with kid gloves and what is preventing Blizzard delivering heroes to time frames all their competitors – and their own studios – seem to be capable of? I think the answer is two fold and partially linked to its fanbase and its financial model.

The limited roster of Overwatch combined with the exceptional marketing Blizzard has undertaken of its heroes has personalised them more than any other multiplayer title I’ve ever played. Where a hero in a MOBA is typically a set of abilities and little else, Overwatch has personality: it is its heroes. Many players across PC and console will have few cares for the wider balance of the game and play X, Y or Z hero simply for that personality, play style or both. Any tinkering around the edges that Blizzard undertakes will leave them largely indifferent unless the impact is extensive. At the same time, there will be those – like me – who are fiercely protective of their favorites and keep a close eye on how they’re adjusted.

This leaves Blizzard in a difficult position as the game is both commercially casual (for want of a better term) and competitive, and while it has yet to reach the lofty heights of League of Legends or DOTA2, there is a varied player base here that Blizzard will want to appease. Balancing purely towards the highest level play, which most MOBAs aim for, is likely to ruffle many a feather. I know how annoyed I was when Zenyatta saw some adjustments to his kit early on in his life and for a time, they lost my activity.

overwatch_year_of_the_rooster (25)

“To release a new hero sporadically, many months apart, likely results in a clambering from new and old players, especially if it coincides with a viral marketing campaign. It’s a level of anticipation and press coverage a predictable release schedule simply cannot buy.”

My second thought on the matter is the financial model Blizzard has chosen for Overwatch. As a Buy to Play title with microtransactions linked solely to loot boxes, they’re squarely at odds (see what I did there?) with the MOBA genre. Where a Free to Play title offering purchasable skins and monthly heroes proves eye-wateringly lucrative (League of Legends earned $1.6 billion in revenue for 2015). Overwatch isn’t necessarily capable of recreating this. I must stress there’s no doubt Blizzard has earned a frightening amount of revenue since the launch of Overwatch, having amassed 25 million players across all platforms. However, such growth is unsustainable in the long term to the point where reliance on loot boxes alone risks an eventual loss of player retention. The seasonal supply of skins cannot possibly meet the inevitable player demand (or consumption).

This is where, I believe, the protracted release schedule of heroes comes in. Should Blizzard release a new Hero every month I’m not entirely convinced this would yield tangible results; those already playing would simply lap up the content, grateful of the “free stuff”. To release a new hero sporadically though, many months apart, likely results in a clambering from new and old players, especially if it coincides with a viral marketing campaign. The Sombra ARG, which was at times exhausting and equally frustrating, had the internet abuzz for months. It’s a level of anticipation and press coverage a predictable release schedule simply cannot buy.

That, as far as Blizzard are concerned, is worthwhile. For the rest of us however, the anticipation surrounding a new hero release is an agonising wait and one that at times, sees the game and its balance stagnate. I’d settle for a new Hero every two months as the middle ground, wouldn’t you?

Someone’s made a whole new Pokemon game inside Minecraft – without any third-party mods

6 Feb

Pokemon fans and Minecraft modders pull off an incredible feat.

There are loads of good Minecraft mods out there, and plenty of them are Pokemon-themed, but few are as ambitious as this one.

Pokemon Cobalt & Amethyst is a single-player Minecraft map build over 2.5 years by a modding team called Phoenix Projects. It presents a fully playable Pokemon adventure in the style of the core series – except you can freely explore the 3D world.

Recreating Pokemon in Minecraft is impressive enough, but this one was done from scratch – no external mods were used in pulling it together. It’s vanilla Minecraft, tweaked and repurposed for Poke-ventures.

Cobalt & Amethyst is set in an all-new region with 136 unique Pokemon rendered in beautifully blocky forms. The story concerns the machinations of an antagonist bent on releasing “a Legendary darkness”, and the player will have to contend with Team Tempest as they seek to prevent this calamity. Series mainstays like the rival character and a helpful professor also play an important role.

Visit Phoenix Projects to download the map and access a walkthrough, in case the change to Minecraft controls interferes with your well-honed Pokemon instincts. The video above has some important information on getting it running, too. Just as a disclaimer, we haven’t tried this for ourselves and cannot verify the contents of the package, so think well before downloading.

I’m not sure what the legalities are on Minecraft mods, but it’s probable Nintendo will have something to say about Pokemon Cobalt & Amethyst – so if you are interested in trying this, do it before the takedowns strike.

Madden 17 predicts another Super Bowl win for the New England Patriots

1 Feb

Madden NFL has predicted the New England Patriots will win Super Bowl 51, beating the Atlanta Falcons by three points.

Every year, EA Sports runs a simulation to predict who will win the Super Bowl with the latest iteration of Madden NFL.

Using Madden 17, the LI Game Simulation predicted the New England Patriots would defeat the Atlanta Falcons 27-24 in Super Bowl 51.

In 2015, the simulation not only accurately predicted the winner, but the the final score as well, which was a first.

If Madden 17 is correct and the Patriots win on Sunday, the franchise will be 11/12.

That’s better than most animals such as chickens and mules, and getting rather close to Paul the Octopus’ record.

We’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out if Madden NFL 17 was spot on or not.

Super Bowl 51 kicks off February 5, at 6:30 pm on FOX and is being held at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas.

Personally, we’ll be watching Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet instead, occasionally checking in, hoping Madden 17 is wrong and the Falcons win.

Pokemon Go becomes the fastest app to reach $1B in global revenue, up $500M in a single month

1 Feb

Pokemon Go cannot be stopped. Apparently it cannot even be slowed.


Pokemon Go has crossed off another major milestone by totting up $1 billion in gross global revenue.

That’s according to SensorTower, which also reports that Pokemon Go has set a record for being the app the reach $1 billion in the shortest amount of time – just short of seven months since its July 2016 release. To give you some context, Clash Royale is yet to reach $1 billion, although after ten months on the market it’s pretty close to it.

Image: GeneralGibby on DeviantArt

The last time we got an update, Pokemon Go topped $950 million in revenue. That data was for launch to the end of December 2016, so Pokemon Go has generated about $50 million in one month – and a month without a major seasonal event.

The report notes that Pokemon Go revenue topped out at $18 million in launch month, but income may be as high as $2.5 million a day, especially during events and around updates. We can probably expect some pretty sharp spikes in revenue if Pokemon Go introduces Generation 2 Pokemon, something we’ve all been expecting for a while now.

Dang, Pokemon Go: leave some money for the rest of us. You can only Scrooge McDuck around in it for so long before you get bored, right?

Pokemon Sun & Moon’s third global mission has kicked off so let’s all try not to fail this time

31 Jan

Pokemon Sun & Moon offers a third global challenge even though you have let it down twice already. It’s not mad, it’s just disappointed.


Pokemon Sun & Moon players are invited to participate in another global mission.

Since the first and second Pokemon Sun & Moon global missions both ended in failure, the pressure’s on to perform this time.

The current challenge for Pokemon Sun & Moon players is to make 1 million trades at the Global Trade Station by 4:00pm PT February 13. You’ll need to use Game Sync to register your tally of trades for the event.

If the challenge is met, all Pokemon Sun & Moon players will receive 2,000 Festival coins, but Pokemon Global Link players will receive 4,000 Festival Coins. If the total trade tally reaches 2 million, PGL members will get a Friend Ball, too.

Since Pokemon Sun & Moon loves you, it will give everyone who participates a prize even if the challenge is failed again – 200 coins, or 400 for PGL members. PGL members who register five or more trades will also receive five Rare Candies, win or lose.

Here’s the Pokemon Company’s description of how to participate:

  1. Talk with the global mission receptionist in the Festival Plaza castle and enter the global mission.
  2. Back at the Festival Plaza, select Trade and then GTS.
  3. Trade as many Pokémon as possible at the GTS before February 14, 2017, at 00:00 UTC.
  4. Check in with the global mission receptionist in Festival Plaza before February 14, 2017, at 00:00 UTC to record your progress.

Pokémon Sun and Moon sold over 14 million copies last year and is hot on the heels of Black and White

31 Jan

Pokemon Sun and Moon sold 14.69 million units in 2016, while X and Y have outsold Black and White.


Nintendo has just had its investor briefing after publishing their financial results and it seems that Pokémon Sun and Moon did very well for them in 2016.

Pokémon Sun and Moon released in November last year and has sold 14.69 million units in just over a month, making it one of the best-selling titles in the series to date.

It’s catching up to Black and White’s 15.62 million, while X and Y have sold a total of 16.06 million units.

Considering Sun and Moon are so new, they’re likely to shift even more copies over the coming months, but I doubt we’ll see anything like Green, Red, and Blue’s 31.38 million units.

Has the popularity of Sun and Moon come as a surprise? Or are you on board the Alola train?

Yooka-Laylee has gone gold, so prepare to get your hands on the closest thing to a new Rare platformer we may ever see

30 Jan

Yooka-Laylee is really happening, so apart from that whole Wii U thing this crowdfunding attempt is going great guns.


Yooka-Laylee has gone gold, Playtonic has announced.

Releasing in April, Yooka-Laylee is a sort of spiritual successor to Rare’s much loved Banjo-Kazooie series; developed by a group of former Rare staffers, it has the double-barrelled name, the double protagonists, the general sense of beauty and wonder, et cetera.

Fans have been waiting a very long time for something like this, so it’s wonderful to see everything’s set for release. Unfortunately the Wii U build of Yooka-Laylee has been cancelled; if you need to change your platform choice for this or any other reason, you can find out more about your options via a recent Kickstarter update.

Releasing two years after the studio’s formation, Yooka-Laylee has had a pretty quick turnaround – which is more than can be said for many crowdfunded projects.

“We couldn’t have reached this moment without the incredible support of our backers, fans, family and friends across the games industry,” Playtonic said.

“Thanks again for your unwavering enthusiasm for our studio. We hope you enjoy Yooka-Laylee.”

In other Playtonic news, the studio recently welcomed Viva Pinata Justin Cook to the team. It’s probably too much to hope that Playtonic’s followup project will resurrect this likewise neglected genre, isn’t it?

Pokemon Company hands out close to 6,000 bans for altered Sun & Moon save data, promises more to come

26 Jan

Pokemon Sun & Moon is not at home to cheaters.


Pokemon Sun & Moon has been washed clean with a huge wave of bans.

In a Japanese announcement on the Pokemon Global Link website, spotted by Serebii, the Pokemon Company said it had banned 5,954 players over altered save data.

These players can no longer use Game Sync or participate in Pokemon Sun & Moon’s Rating Battles, Battle Competitions or Global Missions.

You ought to know whether you’ve been cheating or not, but just in case you didn’t realise that using third-party software to alter your Pokemon Sun & Moon data was against the rules, the error code 090-0212 will let you know you’ve been naughty. No more Pokemon Global Link for you.

The Pokemon Company said that it will take “similar measures on a regular basis” to help wipe out future Pokemon Sun & Moon cheaters. Furthermore, it is considering “further restrictions” for those who persist in using altered save data despite the ban.

The notice suggest players consult the Pokemon Sun & Moon instruction manual for advice on how to play the game fairly; the terms of service are probably the key bit.

Don’t bring MissingNo into Pokemon Sun and Moon if you want to avoid this irreversible glitch

26 Jan

The legacy of the MissingNo glitch carries on in a different way.

The Pokmeon Bank, the app that allows you to bring forward your favourite Pokemon from past games into Pokemon Sun and Moon, went live earlier this week.

However, the old MissingNo glitch appears to still be causing trouble. Reddit users are reporting that the names of their Pokemon are getting switched around upon making a transfer with MissingNo in the box.

The MissingNo glitch first showed up in Red and Blue on the Game Boy (via Polygon), and it basically creates a non-Pokemon that acts like one in fights, not to mention take up a space in the storage box.

Although you can’t bring MissingNo into Sun and Moon, as players who had it found out, it does switch the names of the Pokemon in your transfer box around. The video above from Clyde BlueSnake shows what happens when you trigger the glitch.

Unfortunately, the new names cannot be changed – so don’t do it.

Pokémon Bank works with Sun and Moon at last thanks to latest update

25 Jan

Transfer your favourite pokémon to Sun and Moon with the new Pokémon Bank update.


Pokémon Bank has just had an update that allows for Pokémon Sun and Moon compatibility.

The app lets you store and transfer up to 3,000 pokémon from multiple games that you can now bring over to Pokémon Sun and Moon. The latest update will let you transfer pokémon from the following titles into Sun and Moon:

  • Pokémon Omega Ruby
  • Pokémon Alpha Sapphire
  • Pokémon X
  • Pokémon Y
  • Pokémon Black Version
  • Pokémon White Version
  • Pokémon Black Version 2
  • Pokémon White Version 2
  • Pokémon Red (Virtual Console)
  • Pokémon Blue (Virtual Console)
  • Pokémon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition (Virtual Console)

The service charges $4.99 for a year’s subscription, and if you use it between now and October 2, you’ll receive the Z-Crystal Mewnium Z that can be used by Mew in battle. This only applies for Sun and Moon players.

For the next two weeks, Nintendo’s knocking 30% off The Legend of Zelda titles on the EU eShop

24 Jan

A sale specifically for The Legend of Zelda titles will kick off on the European eShop later this week.

Whether the same sale will be offered in North America remains to be seen.

Various 3DS and Wii U games will be on sale for 30% off for My Nintendo users as part of The Legend of Zelda Weeks 2017 Sale.

Gold Points will be handed out for all purchases made in Nintendo eShop as usual. Those who aren’t My Nintendo users can still get a discount on the 3DS HOME Menu themes on sale as well as add-on content.

The sale kicks off January 26 and ends on February 9. Hopefully, one or more of the titles below will scratch your Zelda itch until The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild releases on March 3.



  • Hyrule Warriors Legends
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
  • The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX
  • The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
  • The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages
  • The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons
  • The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes
  • Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link

Wii U

  • Hyrule Warriors
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
  • The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  • The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
  • The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
  • The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
  • The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD
  • The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD
  • Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link

Themes for 3DS HOME Menu:

  • Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds: Two Worlds
  • Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword: The Impending Battle
  • NES Halloween Link
  • NES Sword-swinging Link
  • The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask: Dire Moon