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Destiny: Age of Triumph – everything that’s changed in Crota’s End, and how to complete the Challenge Modes

29 Mar

Destiny’s Age of Triumph event brings back the Crota’s End raid this week. Here’s what you need to know.

Destiny: Rise of Iron players can check in with Age of Triumph, a new event kicking off this week, to check out a stack of new stuff to do.

Most excitingly, Age of Triumph brings back old raids with little tweaks and a big difficulty boost, putting them on par with Destiny: Rise of Iron content. The first raid to get this treatment is Crota’s End.

If you’ve never played Crota’s End before, you’re in for a treat (and we have a Destiny: The Dark Below Crota’s End raid guide for you) but in the video above, Arekkz talks us through what’s changed in Crota’s End with Destiny: Age of Triumph and details both challenge modes. This information is reproduced in text below.

Destiny: Age of Triumph Crota’s End raid changes

    Stage 1: Abyss

  • More adds, including Wizards, at the bridge construction in the abyss section.

    Stage 2: Bridge

  • After the fourth Guardian crosses the bridge in the second section, the bridge will become solid (“the path is whole”) and Guardians can leave plates freely.
  • Six swords will spawn once all Guardians cross the bridge in the second section, and remain until the encounter is complete.
  • Multiple Gatekeepers will spawn once all Guardians cross the bridge. Ten Gatekeepers must be killed to open the gate out of the second section.

    Crota encounter

  • Healing Chalice available even in Hard Mode
  • Oversoul spawns after every damage phase rather than on Guardian death
  • Ledge outside glass wall blocked off

Destiny: Age of Triumph – Crota’s End Challenge Mode details

Deathsinger Challenge Mode: kill Ir Yut with a Swordbearer’s sword

After killing the Wizards and Shriekers, take down all adds and the Knights in the Deathsinger’s chamber, then leave. This will cause Ir Yut to “shriek in fear”, and spawn new adds in the external area. Take down all these enemies, including three Ogres and the Knights in the towers, to spawn a Swordbearer. Kill them and take the sword to the Deathsinger’s Chmaber; Ir Yu will go down in one swing.

The Deathsinger challenge mode awards an emblem, an ornament for raid gear, and a guaranteed Adept raid weapon.

Crota Challenge Mode: rotate Guardian swordbearers

As it says on the tin, use a new Guardian as swordbearer during each damage phase of the Crota encounter. Sorry! You’re going to have to learn to use the sword. Luckily if your swordbearers can land six hits with each damage phase you’ll only need three swordbearers total, as Crota takes 16 hits to kill.

The Crota challenge mode also awards an ornament for raid gear, a guaranteed Adept raid weapon, and the emblem if you didn’t already get it from Ir Yut.

Destiny: Age of Triumph – how to get the new and improved Necrochasm

29 Mar

Destiny: Rise of Iron players can dive into Age of Triumph and revisit an old favourite, the Necrochasm.

Destiny brings back Ncrochasm, a beloved weapon of yesteryear, with the Age of Triumph event available to Rise of Iron players right now.

Necrochasm is an Exotic auto rifle originally found in The Dark Below, Destiny’s first DLC. As well as being the first delightfully creepy Hive weapon and a pretty decent boomstick, it obtained near mythological status because of how difficult it could be to get.

To obtain Necrochasm in the old days, Destiny players had to pray to RNGesus for the rubbish weapon Husk of the Pit to drop from Blades of Crota, a rare enemy found in events or one mission. They then had to upgrade it fully to Eidolon Ally, then pray to RNGesus again for a Crux of Crota – an item that could only drop in the Crota’s End raid.

“Surely the Age of Triumph version of Necrochasm is easier than that,” you may interject. Luckily: yes, but you still need to obtain a Husk of the Pit drop to kick things off. Following the Age of Triumph update, Husk of the Pit may drop as a Nightfall reward, as a random drop in high level story missions, or as a drop from Ogre enemies anywhere. Farm high level strikes and story playlists against Hive for a good chance to obtain Husk of the Pit.

To upgrade Husk of the Pit to Eidolon Ally, you need to murder Thralls. In the video above. Arekkz suggests using the missions The Dark Below on the Moon, at the infamous “We’ve woken the Hive” scene, but my own preference is Siege of the Warmind, an Earth mission, which has a similar Thrall rush. Both missions allow you to go to orbit and return to repeat your Thrall murder spree once the enemies run out, as long as you don’t advance far enough to trigger the checkpoint. When you have killed enough Thrall, you can activate the Cannibalism node on Husk of the Pit.

With this done, visit the Speaker to upgrade Husk of the Pit to Eidolon Ally and receive some Motes of Light – hold on to them. Visit Eris for the next quest step: cleansing Eidolon Ally so it can be turned into necrochasm. To do this you’ll need to defeat the first stage of the Crota’s End raid, and then the final boss of Crota’s End, which is of course Crota himself. Finally, you need to take down Omnigul in the Will of Crota strike.

With that done, upgrade your Eidolon Ally to full XP (those Motes of Light come in handy here) and return to Eris for the Essence of the Oversoul, the item you need to upgrade Eidolon Ally to Necrochasm.

Finally, these rare beast is yours – and RNGesus was only marginally involved. That’s as much as we can hope for from Destiny, isn’t it?

Here’s that info again, in bullet point form:

  • Farm high level strikes and story missions for Husk of the Pit drop
  • Fully upgrade Husk of the Pit by killing Thrall
  • Vistt the Speaker
  • Visit Eris
  • Cleanse Eidolon Ally:
    • Complete the first stage of Crota’s End
    • Kill Crota in Crota’s End
    • Kill Ominigul in The Will of Crota
  • Fully upgrade Eidolon Ally to final node
  • Visit Eris for Essence of the Oversoul
  • Use Essence of the Oversoul to upgrade final Eidolon Ally node

For Honor’s Peacekeeper gets a temp ban in MLG online tournaments due to being overpowered

28 Mar

The For Honor tournament community is tired of the Peacekeeper being overpowered, and Major League Gaming has heard the complaints loud and clear.

According to many who play the game, the Peacekeeper’s light attack in For Honor is being spammed by players, making it a tough character to beat – if not impossible sometimes.

All you have to do is look through For Honor subreddit and you will find many a post dedicated to the class. You can also look at the video above from YourFriendlyKebab, which was posted on the MLG forums.

One MLG forum user, Clint44mag, started a thread a few days ago stating the Peacekeeper should be “banned until a re-balancing patch comes out,” for a variety of reasons.

“The Peacekeeper causes a lack of diversity, is abnormally strong compared to the other characters, and reduces the competitive spirit of For Honor,” wrote Clint44mag.

You can read his entire post through here.

In response, an MLG Online supervisor has decided for online tournaments, the firm will “try running a tournament with Peacekeeper banned,” and send a poll out for feedback. If the community is “largely in favor of banning the hero,” it will do so.

Hopefully, Ubisoft is paying attention, and the Peacekeeper will finally get some much needed balancing.

Battlefield 1 expansion They Shall Not Pass is now available to all players

28 Mar

The Battlefield 1 expansion They Shall Not Pass is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One for all players.


They Shall Not Pass was released to Battlefield 1 players with a Premium Pass members first on March 14.

The early access period ran for two-weeks, and was to be made available on March 28. That’s today.

It contains the French Army, four new maps on the Western Front: Verdun Heights, Fort Vaux, Soissons and Rupture.

It also comes with two new operations, new weapons, a new steel Behemoth and new Elite Class. The new Frontlines game mode is also included, and it’s a mixture of Conquest and Rush modes.

If you want to look over the patch notes for They Shall Not Pass from March 14, give that link a click.

After They Shall Not Pass, Battlefield 1 players can look forward to three more expansions: In the Name of the Tsar, Turning Tides and Apocalypse.

Destiny 2 reveal trailer coming later this week on March 30 – here’s a teaser

28 Mar

As if the Destiny 2 hype wasn’t slowing building enough already, a fun little teaser video has been released by Bungie.

Bungie said to expect the reveal trailer to land this Thursday, March 30 at 10AM PT / 6PM BST.

Until then, watch the teaser. Cayde-6 (Nathan Fillion) should probably get out of Last City while he still can, we reckon.

With Destiny 2 said to arrive sometime in September, it’s only fitting more bite-sized morsels would be fed to the masses. It’s only five months away or so, after all. But a reveal trailer is really something.

The news follows a teaser image from Bungie which was announced in an official capacity earlier this week. The tease from Bungie followed platform leaks suggesting the MMO shooter would also arrive on PC, if German retailers are to be believed.

Rumors of a PC release aside, the latest leak corroborated those from last week, stating folks will be able to participate in a Destiny 2 beta as a pre-order bonus. Yesterday’s leak was for Xbox One, whereas the previous was for PS4.

It’s likely owners of Sony’s console will be handed early access to the beta before other platform owners get their chance.

Until Destiny 2 is completely revealed by Bungie and Activision, mark everything you see or hear as a rumor. For now, just enjoy Age of Triumph in Destiny 1.

It’s the last live update to the game, and will hopefully be a fitting tribute to everything your Guardian has accomplished.

A non-exhaustive list of Mass Effect Andromeda improvements, if BioWare’s taking requests again this time

28 Mar

Mass Effect 3 got a new ending, so why can’t Mass Effect Andromeda also change to meet our expectations?


“There are almost no meaningful choices in Mass Effect Andromeda. As long as you tick off major side content, every decision seems to boil down to a slightly different sequence of events in the final mission – if that.”

Mass Effect Andromeda is a huge game, and pretty absorbing once you get through the rough start, forgive the many bugs, and consign the fetch quests to the devil.

Clearly Mass Effect Andromeda needs further patching, and that’s something BioWare has promised to deliver – but we’re wondering if the developer is at home to some helpful suggestions and constructive criticism. You know, since it listened to the internet once before.

As such, here’s a very serious list of all the things we’d like changed in Mass Effect Andromeda. This list, by its nature, will be pretty grumpy; an equivalent list of all the things we love in Mass Effect Andromeda would, unfortunately, pretty much spoil the whole game.


Make interplanetary travel more convenient

Okay, sure, yes, the little animations that play when you land or leave a planet are probably there to mask a loading sequence. I can live with that. I can even cope with the animations that play as you move between clusters and destinations on the map, although they make me so impatient I want to scream. But why can’t we pick a previously-visited destination from a list instead of chugging through the cluster map every time? Why do we need the little scene that plays whenever you actually get off the Tempest on a planet, where Ryder walks a couple of steps and then disappears, and then reappears in a helmet? Why can’t we choose where we want to deploy since the Nomad could be dropped anywhere? Why can’t we deploy in the Nomad rather than having to run over to it?

Add all this stuff up and going from one location to another, as for example when completing one of the dozens of multi-planet fetch quests required for character loyalty and secondary ops, just becomes a dragging chore. Perhaps it feels better when you’re on drugs and get excited about the groovy space transitions?


Send the citizens of Kadara some working doors

There’s something really wrong with the doors in Kadara Port. Instead of opening at a touch of your Omni-tool like every other non-secure door in the game, they apparently need to be laboriously hacked every time you want to move between the docks and the market, or just go to the pub.

I understand it’s a rough and ready frontier town, and maybe maintenance is more slapdash than other settlements, but I cannot believe the people of Kadara are willing to put up with this nonsense.

Get rid of the invisible rocks outside the lift in the Kadara Slums

Whenever Ryder gets out of the lift at Kadara Slums, they get stuck on some invisible rocks. I have to remember to jump or run around this ghostly barrier. Why would anyone leave cloaked obstacles outside a lift? It’s a hazard.

Add another LZ for Kadara

Whenever Ryder needs to do something in Kadara’s open world – which towards the end of the game seems to be about every other minute, despite the way side content bounces around the cluster map – Ryder has to disembark at Kadara Port, take the lift to the slums, circumnavigate the invisible rocks, and then leap over a fence and run a short distance. This is a laborious process and does not make up for the fact that at least you don’t get the whole walk-a-few-steps-vanish-and-reappear-with-helmet thing. Let us land directly on the surface after our first visit, geeze.


Blow Kadara up

You know what, just get rid of Kadara altogether. Only one delightful thing happens on the whole planet, and that could be easily moved to a location I don’t dread seeing pop up in my quest log. First story DLC: Kadara gets blown up.

Bring back grabs

Okay, I get it, the cover system is more analogue and dynamic than the old snap-on, snap-off system, but there are still times when I run right up to a rock or a wafer-thin barrier and there’s an unshielded, unarmoured grunt enemy huddled right up against the other side … and my only option is to go around.

What I really want to do is press the melee button and have my character reach over, grab that trash enemy by the neck, and haul them over to stomp them flat. That’s what we used to do in Mass Effect 3, and the absence of this move from Mass Effect Andromeda is a deep disappointment to me.


“NPCs in Mass Effect Andromeda never seem to be caught up on where you are in the game’s timeline. It’s really hard to feel you’re making impactful, consequential decisions and affecting the world state when literally nothing changes.”

Do something about the multiplayer bugs and servers

Mass Effect Andromeda was built on a brand new engine, right? So it shouldn’t have the same problems as Mass Effect 3, right? Somehow, though, they’re all there. The constantly dropping server connections. The bugs that strike mid-match and leave you unable to move your character properly. The stingy loot box algorithm. The people who use push to talk and push just to sigh heavily into the mic even though it is they who are the problem. Okay, that last one isn’t really BioWare’s fault, but otherwise it’s kind of amazing how closely they’ve replicated the whole experience on new tech.

Make NPCs even slightly aware of the world state

I don’t know if BioWare just assumed everyone would sprint through the main quest and then come back to explore side content later, or if there’s some sort of scripting error, but NPCs in Mass Effect Andromeda never seem to be caught up on where you are in the game’s timeline.

For example, Gil can email you about Jaal well before you meet him. There’s an NPC in the first settlement who will apologise to you for something that you cannot encounter until the third-to-last critical path mission. NPCs whose quests you’ve resolved will loudly complain about their problems whenever you walk past. It’s really hard to feel you’re making impactful, consequential decisions and affecting the world state when literally nothing changes.

Oh, and if you’re going to make a thing where if you don’t change your name then NPCs will use that name, then at least make sure NPCs don’t use the default name if I do change it. The love of my space life keeps calling me Sara and it’s very distressing.


Add more smoke and mirrors to the choice system

Speaking of changes to the world state, wow, there are almost no meaningful choices in Mass Effect Andromeda. As long as you tick off major side content, every decision seems to boil down to a slightly different sequence of events in the final mission – if that. Huge choices, which narratively seem impactful, will result in a squadmate potentially being angry with you for the space of one conversation, or one NPC you met five minutes ago being replaced by another one you also met five minutes ago.

This is no difference to a lot of games, but it is different from past games in the series. In Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 squad mates could die, permanently, and in Mass Effect 3 it was very, very easy to wipe out an entire race. I understand some people didn’t enjoy feeling like they’d screwed things up, and that’s probably why BioWare changed things, but the developer hasn’t done a very good job of disguising the fact that Mass Effect Andromeda’s story barely branches at all and you can make your decisions pretty much at random.


Add the Geth, Cerberus and the Reapers back as multiplayer factions and call it VR training or something

Yeah okay, so the Andromeda Initiative left the galaxy before the Reapers arrived. But it’s not my job to dig BioWare out of its lore problems. It’s my job to say: I see what you were going for, but Nullifiers are no substitute for Ravagers.

None of Andromeda’s enemy factions have much personality in either single-player or multiplayer. The generic outlaw group includes a stack of non-human units with special names that you never learn about in the lore and feel mostly like DLC multiplayer characters waiting to happen. The Kett seemed promising initially, and I was expecting a Reaper-like reveal of the origins of their units, but it turns out they’re just, like, the heavy one and the sneaky one and the tank. The Remnant are probably the most varied and textured enemy faction, and they’re faceless automatons.

So throw them all in the bin and bring back the ones we like. Not the Collectors – those guys are massive jerks – but all our other our dear friends. Those Cerberus snipers that shouted “wanna biscuit” all the time. The Marauders with their adorable little faces looking like the :3 emoticon. The terrifying disruption of the Nemesis. The genuinely frightening Banshee. The enormous tank Geth platforms, and in fact the Geth in general, with their terrific flashlight head weak points. Yeah. That’s the stuff. I’ll buy that DLC.

mass_effect_andromeda_apex_mission_1_Drac’s Missing Scouts (4)

Do something about excess AVP and skill points

The Nexus caps out at level 20, but you can keep earning AVP long after that. You don’t keep unlocking Cry Pods, though, and the AVP system switches to a minus number, suggesting you have -475 AVP until your next level, or whatever.

This seems to me to be further evidence BioWare neither expects nor wants you to do Mass Effect Andromeda’s side content, which explains a great deal, but plenty of us are going to do it anyway and the fact that the game can’t handle it is pretty embarrassing. Give us something to do with that excess AVP. Trade it in for multiplayer credits, maybe. That would suit me.

Similarly, you run out of things to spend your squad mates skill points on long before you run out of content or levels. Why do they keep accumulating? It only reminds me that I have spent 20 hours of my life opening doors in Kadara Port for no good reason.

Shut SAM up

“Do we really need to be told that THE NOMAD CANNOT BE CALLED IN HERE when the Nomad is sitting right there next to us, or even worse, when we are sitting in the Nomad? Do I need to be told how to take cover and reload my weapon in every encounter in a 100 hour game? Do I need to be told these things when I’m in the Nomad?”

It’s not easy to design a system that will alert players to important information when a significant proportion of us cannot be trusted even to glance at the UI, let alone work out what simple symbols mean, but having a flat-toned AI tell us every time we move over invisible hazard and mining borders is the most irritating solution conceivable.

Is it not possible to decrease the frequency of SAM’s pattering? Like, if a player has moved in and out of a hazard zone three times in two minutes, perhaps just shut him up for a while. Perhaps, once a player has spent an hour in a hazardous environment and presumably understands it, he could only speak when life support gets low? It seems like there are plenty of sensible adjustments BioWare might make.

Also, gosh, do we really need to be told that THE NOMAD CANNOT BE CALLED IN HERE when the Nomad is sitting right there next to us, or even worse, when we are sitting in the Nomad? Do I need to be told how to take cover and reload my weapon in every encounter in a 100 hour game? Do I need to be told these things when I’m in the Nomad?


Have Nexus politics mean anything at all

Arriving on the Nexus and meeting the directors was so exciting. “Look at how these four characters are pulling in opposing directions with their vision of how the station should develop,” I thought. “It may be difficult to balance their various needs and desires. I bet there’s some sort of faction approval system or something, and consequences to who I side with.”

Nope! Nope! None of that! They’re all just questgivers, and only Addison ever does anything especially compelling or spends enough time onscreen. Tann’s entire function is to be Your Unsupportive Slimy Boss, Kesh seems super interesting but is sidelined, and poor old Kranston is both sidelined and very boring.

This is a game with tremendously more recorded voice acting than any other Mass Effect before it, but none of it is for anything. We could have half the number of NPCs – maybe a quarter – and just as much meaningful content.


Bring back Shepard

I mean, while I’m making requests I may as well go all in.

Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City walkthrough – The Dreg Heap to Earthen Peak Ruins

28 Mar

Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City starts in The Dreg Heap, which – not to ruin it for you or anything – is not a very nice place.

dark souls 3 the ringed city dlc

This Dark Souls 3 walkthrough begins at the first bonfire of The Ringed City DLC, The Dreg Heap, and continues through to the second available bonfire, Earthen Peak Ruins.

Along the way it introduces a bunch of stuff The Ringed City introduces to Dark Souls 3 – notably enemies and weapons – and gathers every loot item we could see. It is part of our ever-growing Dark Souls 3 guide and walkthrough series, which also includes a complete guide to the Ashes of Ariandel DLC.

If you’re just tuning in and don’t even know how to access the DLC, check out our guide to starting Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City.

Right, let’s do this. One last time, cats; one last time to pay for all. I strongly considered chucking a sickie and leaving you to it, but how could I abandon my cheeseburger assassins like that?


The Dreg Heap: meet the murkmen

After travelling to the new area, activate The Dreg Heap bonfire. This area is made up of bits and pieces of other environments, stuck together with no regard for physics – especially gravity. The first bonfire run is littered with one-way drops, and you will not take fall damage.

To begin, walk outside and hug the right wall, ignoring the instruction to jump, to circle the dome and grab an ember. Then take the indicated plunge. On the ledge, keep facing the same way and drop down on the right again – you won’t take damage in the soft snow.

Pause here and watch the slopes below as several enemies rise up. These are murkmen, I think. They move slowly, but there’re a lot of them and their attacks are very painful; they’ll also sometimes disappear in the snow, because they’re so low to the ground. Watch out for their combos, which can be a nasty surprise if you’ve baited them into what you expected to be a single swing. Bear in mind that if you walk over a spawn point for a murkman it will grab you, which does a lot of damage.

One of the figures is a murkman sorcerer – the upright one with a staff. It fires slow-moving but nasty projectiles, but it generally won’t use that in this first rush unless you hit it with a projectile of your own. Its staff attacks are bad enough – the vertical slash is deceptively quick, and the horizontal combo has huge reach. Try to get behind it or kill it before it can attack, as rolling and dodging on this high ledge is dangerous.

For later encounters with these guys, be aware that the projectiles track closely, and do magic damage (so will still hurt through your shield). What you want to do is dodge at the last moment – so you have to be very aware of your surroundings. All their attacks can be staggered, though, so if you have your bow out you can just lock on and ping away, or snipe them, to put them out of action.

There’s one other thing you need to know about murkman sorcerers. Sometimes, especially if you’re shooting them with arrows or magic and they’re on the same platform as you, they transform into something that looks a bit like a Haunter from Pokemon and come rushing towards you, flailing claws wildly. The good news is: after a short distance they just vanish into thin air and go away forever. The bad news is: if this happens up close you may shit yourself, die, or shit yourself and die. Be prepared, and watch for the wind up; they kneel as if in prayer.

Advanced tactics: the murkmen in this area actually rise up when the murkman sorcerer calls them in, which is the sound you hear as you approach the bridge. If you’re quick enough you can snipe him to prevent this happening – an arrow will stagger him and prevent the attack, so just keep firing away. That said, you’ll probably end up just sprinting through this area once you’ve cleared out the items, so this trick doesn’t have much mileage in it.

Once all the baddies are dead, slowly cross the bridge and listen for the audio cue of more spawning. Run back up the bridge to avoid being flanked by the murkman sorcerer who appears on your left, as you face across the bridge to the unexplored area. You can snipe him with arrows (he often falls off an edge for you), but don’t forget the few extra murkmen crawling across the bridge towards you as you deal with him.

With that done, do not rush towards the item glow on your right just yet. Peer in the opposite direction. With your back to the tempting item you’ll see a fallen dragon and some short stairs to the right of them. There’s another murkman sorcerer next to these. I suggest sniping him from near the bridge, using the small tower as cover from his projectiles.

Head slowly up the stairs and a great big – look, his armour is slightly Roman-ish so I’m gonna call him a murkman centurion for now – will attack. Run away as far as you can, right back to the snow ledge, and ping him with arrows. He’s too smart to forget you between shots, but has a lot of trouble returning to his start position, so he will eventually come for you. When this happens, dodge his attack and sprint past him, running up to where he came from, and hit him with arrows again. Keep doing this, running back and forth, if you don’t want to duel. Usually he’ll manage to fall off a ledge within three laps, though. Nice to keep up our cheesy traditions.

Grab the Titanite Chunk from the round arena where the centurion was. Climb the second flight of stairs to grab the Aquamarine Dagger. Its special skill turns it into a sword briefly, making it very versatile, and it does magic damage.

dark_souls_3_the_ringed_city (1)

The drop and the angel

We’re going to that item glow above the drop now. As you approach it the ledge will crumble and you’ll fall down a long way – no damage, don’t worry. Gravity is messed up here turn around to face behind you and dash forward and right to kill a murkman sorcerer as he rises to attack. Immediately dodge a projectile which will be honing in on you – listen for the sound – then turn to face the other corner of the room at this end to spot the second murkman sorcerer. If you can’t dodge the attacks, try lighter gear – or go for something that will help you survive the blast. If you can’t kill the first murkman sorcerer in three to four weapon swings, about the time it takes for the second murkman sorcerer to fire off at you, you’ll need better weapons and stats for this DLC, I think.

When the two baddies are down you can collect anything they’ve dropped, plus a Titanite Scale from the corner near the first one. Remember this corner so you can retreat to it in a minute.

Advance slowly and hug the left wall to avoid triggering unnecessary extra spawns, aiming to climb the short stairs. At the top, turn and walk back along the top of the shelves, then drop down. A murkman will fall on you from above. When it’s gone, grab the Murky Hand Scythe.

Getting out of here is a tiny bit tricky. As you climb over the ramp at the other end of this narrow area, a murkman sorcerer and a murkman spawn in front of you, and another murkman spawns on your left, dropping from the ceiling. A second murkman sorcerer also spawns on your left, and immediately does the Haunter attack.

Here’s how I survived it: I legged it back to the other end of the room and hid behind the shelves, where the sorcerer projectiles couldn’t hit me in that nice corner I mentioned. One more murkman spawned as I ran back, so when he and one of the other ones arrived, I murdered them in safety. Then I sniped the sorcerer from my nice safe corner. Finally, I advanced a little further and lured in the third murkman, who’d apparently forgotten I existed.

Wth all that done, you can you safely collect the original item, which turns out to be the soul of a weary warrior. Gosh, I can’t imagine why he felt a bit tired in this place.

Hug the right wall as you advance this time and approach the item glow in the back corner. One murkman will spawn in front of you as you arrive, and another murkman will fall from the roof. Kill them both before grabbing the Twinkling Titanite.

Approach the hole in the wall. As you move forward you’ll hear a terrifying sound and you’ll notice another message waiting for you, but don’t just walk up and read it casually. If you linger in the open here you’ll be attacked by the horrible great big bastard on the other side of the area.

Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, here comes a red hot Brenna Hillier special, oozing cheese in all directions. Absolutely not. This horrible great big bastard – let’s call it an angel – takes minimal arrow damage and fires very fast projectiles in barrages. It is slow to turn and spot you, yes, but its detection is flawless and long range, so you need to be really far away to take advantage of that and be within reasonable reach of cover, which means even feather arrows do rubbish damage. Also, it’s a tricky target, it seems to take decreasing damage from your arrows as you keep attacking it, and worst of all: it respawns. Just take the damn plunge!

Don’t hang about after you drop; rush forward to shelter behind some masonry; if you go the whole way part of the angel’s barrage will almost certainly hit you. There’s an item behind you, but it’s only a Divine Blessing. Grab it if you dare, but push on in the other direction to shelter behind the building. Grab the lightning urns here.

Beware the murkman who spawns as you approach the corner of the building in the angel’s direction. It’s tempting, but don’t cheese the angel here, either; we can get rid of it in a minute and nab the loot (a ring) it is guarding in total safety.

Instead, head through the arch into the chapel, moving very slowly, and look left. There are two knights waiting here. They look like Lothric Knights but on closer examination, such as when the YOU DIED screen is fading in, you can see they’re covered in thorns or something. This section of the Dreg Heap is definitely made of Lothric Castle though, as you’ll see from the assets throughout.

With the angel outside and the one-way drop it’s impossible to cheese these guys with ping-and-retreat; you just can’t get out of their detection zone. You may want to just sneak (use spook!), chameleon or even sprint (sprinting not recommended) through the door on the right and skip them altogether. The item they’re guarding is only a Soul of a Crestfallen Knight.

Buuuuuuuut if you so want to kill them, you can use arrows to lure them to you one at a time, fighting them outside the little chapel. (Make sure you clear that murkman in the corner near the angel first, to make sure it doesn’t join the fight, and don’t get into the angel’s range.) The knights seem to be scripted to only leave the chapel one at a time, the sword guy first and the cross guy second. They use familiar move sets and don’t have much damage protection (my good old simple uchigatana +10 did for them both in about eight hits each), so I think you can take them if you’re nice and calm. They’re both vulnerable to backstabs, and you can circle out of their combos easily, dropping your shield to restore stamina while they flail in the other direction.

On the other side of the chapel from the angel, all the knight figures are just props – ping ‘em with arrows to make yourself feel better. Facing out the door, turn right and advance slowly, retreating when you hear the two murkmen sorcerers spawn in. One immediately goes Haunter, so you’ll only have to deal with one if you keep your distance and let them get on with it. You can grab some rusted coins from the far side of the fountain once they’re gone, then head up the slope to examine the doorway to the building.

This bit is horrible, and totally optional. Every few seconds you are in this room, a random combination of two murkmen units will spawn. Even if you put them down fast, they’ll beat you down with numbers eventually, and nothing seems to stop them. Your best bet is just to run. The item on the raised area near the doorway is a Titanite Chunk, and if you push through to the back room you’ll get the Murky Longstaff. Be careful when you exit; I found a murkman sorcerer had got outside somehow, and he went Haunter on me, which caused me to scream and frighten my long suffering cat.

Our actual goal is in the other direction from the horrible building. As you head down the slope, a structure overhead collapses, which is very frightening. Pause under it and you can peek out at the angel hovering to your left. You don’t want to be exposed to that, do you? But what’s that thing ahead of you, to the left of the arched doorway? The thing that looks like a wingless angel? Shoot it until it is dead – and the angel vanishes. Hooray! Sneak back past the knights if they’re still alive and go around the platform to grab that Ring of Steel Protection +3 you might otherwise have wasted 45,000 souls retrieving like some jerk whose job it is to gift you with this amazing hindsight.

Whoops: I meant to check if there was some way to get on that fallen tower and get the item on the balcony on the other side before taking the next one-way drop, but I forgot. I’ll update if I figure that out.


The final push for the bonfire

We get another message to take the plunge when we approach the door, so do so. A murkman sorcerer immediately spawns below, but the good news is if you back up against the drop you just made and edge to the right (as you face the enemy), his projectiles hit the rocks at your feet harmlessly, but you can snipe away merrily.

When it’s safe, drop down again and advance very slowly, so a bunch of murkmen spawn. Back right up and fight them close to the drop to avoid triggering the next hazard.

Advance very slowly and hug the left wall to grab a titanite chunk, then immediately retreat as far as you can to avoid detection by the murkman centurion who climbs out of that oily pit.

You can certainly fight this guy if you like, since there’s no good way to cheese him here, but I chamelon’ed on past him (you could also sprint), grabbed the Homeward Bones and took the next plunge – it’s clearly marked with another glowing message, but use your binoculars from the safety of the other end if you’re uncertain of its location. It’s a long drop, but you won’t die, as the message says.

You land in a circle of protection (don’t worry, nothing happens when you step out) and if you move forward slightly, you’ll be able to see the next bonfire. Drop down and activate the Earthen Peak Ruins bonfire.

Phew! One bonfire down, who knows how many to go. Expect a new chunk of Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City walkthrough tomorrow.

Now that Destiny 2 has been announced this weekend’s PC build, pre-order bonus and Xbox One beta rumours are more interesting

28 Mar

Destiny 2 is all we care about today, apparently. What a shocking twist for VG247 dot com.

Many Destiny 2 rumours dropped this weekend, suspiciously close to Destiny 2’s official announcement, and Arekkz has rounded them all up.

First up, Italian website Lega Network posted a now-retracted article supposedly showing an image from an Italian Facebook page dedicated to Destiny 2. We don’t know if the Facebook page itself was official and posted early, or if i’s a fan page that got hold of something from a retail employee – or if perhaps the whole thing was complete bollocks from start to finish, so this one comes with a recommendation to add salt.

According to this source, pre-orders will net access to a Destiny 2 beta, and GameStop customers will also get a Cayde-6 action figure. Let’s hope that means the fan-favourite Hunter Vanguard will survive the destruction of the Last City in Destiny 2 – if any of this is legit.

Second, an image of a supposed Xbox One Destiny 2 poster did the rounds on social networks; here it is on Imgur, unfortunately without credit. It looks very much like the Destiny 2 posters that leaked last week, which of course may mean it’s a PhotoShop job or that both leaks are genuine. Similarly, the dodgy quality could be covering up a fake, or a result of a retail employee having to be very sneaky. Isn’t this fun? (Eurogamer‘s sources say the original poster leak was legit, if that helps you make up your mind.)

Anyway, according to this second, potentially also completely rubbish source, there will be a Destiny 2 beta for Xbox One players, too. We’d still expect to see PS4 players get early access like the first Destiny beta (Sony would have to woo Activision pretty hard to break up that little love-in) but with any luck, this one turns out to be true and the green team won’t miss out completely.

The third one comes from Sensnowy on Twitter; the German streamer was able to pre-order Destiny 2 on PC in a GameStop, and had the receipt to prove it. Of course, you could fake that, and it’s not like retailers don’t ever make mistakes (or just willingly offer pre-orders on speculative titles), but coming from a reasonably well-known name it’s pretty compelling and offers extra weight to the rumours Destiny 2 will come to PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The receipt also suggests there’ll be a limited edition of Destiny 2, which is not at all surprising. Since we’ve seen Destiny console bundles in the past, you might look for a specially branded Destiny 2 PS4 Pro.

Finally, German retailer Instant Games is openly taking PC pre-orders, too, and again, while retailers often offer pre-orders on imaginary items, European retailers do have a tendency to just go ahead and reveal stuff American and UK chains stay tight-lipped about. (You can sometimes just wander into shops and buy games before release date, too; it’s very relaxing.) The description on the site mentions that details are unconfirmed, though, so we can probably write this one off.

None of any of this is super solid, but surely a full Destiny 2 reveal – complete with retailer pre-order push – is right around the corner. Destiny 2 is expected in September this year, after all.

Dark Souls 3: how to access The Ringed City DLC

27 Mar

Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City is waiting for you. Don’t let it get impatient.

dark souls 3 the ringed city dlc

Dark Souls 3 has a new DLC pack today, and if you’re ready to explore The Ringed City, go to it.

First things first, let’s make sure you actually have Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City DLC installed.

  • Update Dark Souls 3 to the latest version.
  • Visit Steam or your console storefront and check that the DLC or Season Pass is marked as purchased.
  • Download and install the pack from the storefront if necessary; it may have auto-downloaded at release, or kicked off after purchase confirmation.
  • Open Dark Souls 3 and check the version information in the top left of the title screen – if yours just says “Dark Souls 3” rather than a DLC name, check the previous steps.

Got all that? Good. To begin The Ringed City DLC you need a Dark Souls 3 save with access to the Kiln of the First Flame bonfire (the bonfire after the Flameless Shrine, and right before the final boss), or one in which you’ve beaten Sister Friede in Ashes of Ariandel and spoken to the painter in the attic.

If you’ve met both of these requirements in Dark Souls 3, you can use either method detailed below to access The Ringed City:

  • Travel to the Kiln of the First Flame bonfire and turn away from the final boss arena to spot a new bonfire. Activate it.
  • or
  • Travel to the Sister Friede bonfire and search the arena for a new bonfire. Activate it.

That’s it; no more speaking to mysterious, hard-to-see NPCs or whatever. Just walk right into The Ringed City, and complete Dark Souls 3.

We’ll have a full Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City walkthrough for you very soon; we had technical difficulties getting early access code to work because someone – not naming any names – purchased a special edition with a Season Pass even though they ought to know better, and the PSN threw a fit and locked them out.

The Ringed City is the last Dark Souls 3 DLC and probably the last Dark Souls game, ever. We are alreayd in mourning for what was.

Here’s what you missed in the Destiny 2 reveal – and yes, that single image has a lot to tell us

27 Mar

Destiny 2. The destruction of the Last City. The invasion of the Tower by the Cabal. Great big firey wings and a subclass that lets you hurl lightning spears. It’s all there, sort of.

Destiny 2 was officially “announced” earlier today. Of course we all knew a Destiny sequel was coming, but this is the first time Bungie or Activision have referred to the project with a title, and it suggests that the developer and publisher will soon begin actually talking about it.

Again, that’s not surprising, what with Destiny: Rise of Iron’s final event, Age of Triumph dropping this week, it will be very soon be time to look to the future. But just because this news is obvious doesn’t mean it’s not worth closer examination.

Arekkz has turned his eagle eye on the reveal and spotted something very interesting; the official Destiny 2 reveal art, showing the Traveller and what appears to be the Last City in flames, lines up with images seen last year in the portfolio of one of the concept artists who worked on The Taken King. They were written off as unused concepts, but also taken down suspiciously quickly.

The fire theme of those old images may well relate to the destruction of the Last City; there have been persistent rumours that Destiny 2 is throwing away the old setting to forge something entirely new. This scenario now looks even more likely, especially when you consider references in the Destiny Mega-bloks set suggesting the Cabal would assault the tower in Destiny 2.

So now you want to look back at that old concept art and wonder what it might tell us about Destiny 2. That’s a dangerous act of speculation as so much could have changed in the months since – but I’d like to think the rad-looking Guardian figures (we caught sight of a shield, a spear, a sword and some wings) represented new classes or subclasses. Exciting times!

There’s no official word yet but we’re expecting Destiny 2 in September 2017, possibly on PC as well as PS4 and Xbox One.

Bungie announces Destiny 2 with a new teaser image

27 Mar

It’s official. Destiny 2 is coming.


Hot on the heels of the leaked retail poster last week, Bungie has officially confirmed Destiny 2 with a simple tweet featuring key artwork from the game that matches up with the previous leak.

The image confirms the artwork from that leak and now makes one of gaming’s most obvious secrets properly official.

Just recently it was confirmed that Destiny characters wouldn’t carry over to the sequel, while some cryptic comments on an Activision Blizzard earnings call seemed to suggest that a PC release was likely for the sequel. It’s also worth noting the now-confirmed retail leak made mention of a PS4 beta for the game, too.

We’re now clearly not far from hearing more about all of this. It’s official – now we await more news. We’ll post it as it breaks, as always. All signs from previous leaks point to Destiny 2 being a 2017 game.

Crash of Cars Review: Bumper Blasting Mayhem

27 Mar

Crash of Cars might be the first in-house mobile game effort from beloved Aussie games portal Not Doppler, but it certainly doesn’t feel like a rookie effort. In terms of depth, when compared with other multiplayer games, Crash of Cars falls somewhere right in the middle of Clash of Clans (surely the name is no coincidence) and Slither.io.  However, if you’re looking for comparisons, Crash of Cars might be best described as a cross between Slither.io and a stripped back Mario Kart.

The central objective in Crash of Cars is to zoom around one of four maps collecting as many crowns as possible until your vehicle is utterly destroyed. The more crowns you collect, the better your hourly leaderboard ranking and the more coins you’re rewarded with in the end. Unless you’re a Crash of Cars superstar, you’re likely going to get more coins (used to grab additional vehicles from the vending machine) from free gifts and watching videos, so it’s really your ranking that matters most in terms of a reward.

This reward structure is something that’s likely to put off less competitive players who like the idea of winning something more than bragging rights. However, if you’re way off your quarterly sales targets and looking to assert dominance within your office, this is likely the perfect game for you. While Crash of Cars isn’t an amazing, out of this world game, it is one many in your social circles are at least giving a try, like Slither.io last summer.

Crash of Cars Gameplay 1

What makes Crash of Cars fun and a worthwhile gaming experience is not the crown capturing goal, but the method for capturing crowns. In this department, it’s quite a lot like Slither.io. There are a few single crowns that’ll be randomly generated within the map, but because they can seem few and far between, the better (and more exciting) plan of action is to knick them off the other players in your map world. How? By destroying their vehicles.

While your vehicle doesn’t grow with the number of crowns you’re holding on to, the number is prominently displayed overhead along with your health. The same is true of all those in the game. This information is useful in helping you plan who to target and who to avoid. A car with buckets of crowns and full health is probably not someone you want to mess with (like a massive snake when you’re middle of the road in Slither.io), however someone with 8-10 crowns and less health than you is a perfect target. Take them out and scoop those crowns up.

Crash of Cars Gameplay 2

You don’t have to go into battle empty handed and, in fact, doing so is probably a very bad idea. Approach Crash of Cars like a free-for-all and your opponents like bumper cars at a fair ground and your adventure will end as quickly as it began. Instead look out for the Mario Kart style surprise boxes dotted around the map. They’re way more common than crowns and they’ll help you attack, protect yourself or eve restore some health. We’ve got a complete item guide that’ll go into even more detail for you, but spikes, homing missiles and shields will likely become your new best friends. These items add a layer of in-game complexity to Crash of Cars and a ton of fun.

Crash of Cars Gameplay 3

However, whether you quickly fall in or out of love with Crash of Cars will depend as much on your mastery of its driving mechanics as your appreciation for its rewards system. Though it looks good on a larger tablet, unless you’re hankering for a hand cramp, it’s a game better played on smaller devices. The controls are theoretically simple enough – press the left side of the screen to turn left, press the right side of the screen to turn right, tap the item button to activate a displayed item. However, they are extremely sensitive. Unless you’re a frequent top-view car game player, a real natural or willing to spend a bit of time getting used to the sensitivity, this might be a major issue. Part of the mass appear of Slither.io and other casual games is the theoretical and practical simplicity of the controls and Crash of Cars misses the mark a bit here.

Crash of Cars Car Selection

Crash of Cars is an impressively smooth running game. Given that there’s a lot of people playing, that it doesn’t suffer from any noticeable lag is rather noteworthy. The game’s 3D graphics are strong and definitely lean more towards Clash of Clans than Slither. The choice of vehicles is pretty impressive – who doesn’t want to dash around in a rather hardy limo shooting cannons all over the place? The music isn’t remarkable, but it isn’t bad. You won’t have to play Crash of Cars on mute, but the music itself isn’t a huge attraction.

Overall, Crash of Cars isn’t quite a candidate for game of the year, but it’s something most players will likely have at least a week or two of solid fun before it moves off the home screen into the games folder. For a lot of folks, the biggest attraction to Crash of Cars will likely be the social aspect of the game — competing against strangers and friends. The more popular Crash of Cars gets and can stay, the more likely these players will be to stick around, but it’ll depend on whether new vehicles and features are introduced often enough to sustain interest.

The post Crash of Cars Review: Bumper Blasting Mayhem appeared first on Gamezebo.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds tops $11M in 3 days on Steam Early Access

27 Mar

It turns out that people really like killing one other.


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been in closed beta for the past couple of weeks and rocketed into Twitch’s top five most viewed games. This no doubt helped to generate buzz about the title, and as it hit Steam Early Access a few days ago, we saw the results of what getting over 150,000 views at any given time, and featuring on over 3,600 streams can do.

The game went live on Early Access on March 24, and ha since earned more than $11 million, with more than 67,000 active players.

64 players are dropped onto an 8 x 8 km island and have to scavenge for weapons and resources in a last-man-standing free-for-all.

Brendan Greene, aka PlayerUnknown, created the Battle Royale mod for Arma 2 which eventually became H1Z1, so if you’ve given that a whirl, you’ll know what you’re in for. Greene teamed up with Bluehole for the project, and if you think it might be your cup of tea, you can find it on Steam for £26.99, where it has mostly positive reviews.

Have you given this a try yet? Let us know what you thought of the game or if you’ll be picking it up now that it’s in Early Access.

New Minecraft mini game lets you soar through the skies in tomorrow’s update

27 Mar

Minecraft’s new Glide mini game takes inspiration from Pilotwings.

At the end of last year, the Minecraft Christmas update for consoles introduced the Elytra glider and if you’ve been having a blast flying about with it, the next update is going to be right up your street.

A new mini game called Glide is being introduced tomorrow and it looks like all sorts of fun. There’s just the one map at launch that you can tackle in Time Attack or Score Attack modes. If you’d prefer to dabble in the multiplayer, you can challenge other players online.

For those of you on PS4 and Xbox One, Glide and Battle can now accommodate up to 16 players in a new lobby, and you can take a crack at making it onto the Glide leaderboards.

There’s a livestream of the mini game going on now that you can watch on Twitch to get an idea of what’s in store.

The update tomorrow will be free, with more maps – both paid and free – coming at a later date.

Halo World Championship getting flak for shoddy venue and poor turnout

27 Mar

This weekend’s Halo World Championship is front and centre for all the wrong reasons.


In case you didn’t get the memo, the Halo World Championship took place over the weekend. You wouldn’t be the only one. Apparently a lot of people didn’t get it, because this is what it looked like:

The Championship’s winning team took home $1 million, but the prize pool clearly wasn’t enough of an incentive to draw a crowd.

Kotaku has collected a number of tweets about the event, including this one from Greenskull, who defended the event, saying that the other photos were of the overflow tent and were taken before or after matches.

I mean, they’re slightly better, but another user drew the comparison between the Call of Duty World Championship venue and crowd size, and Halo’s, and it all looks a bit on the depressing side.

It seems that the venue may have been a last minute fall-back after ESL Studios – who organised the event – couldn’t secure their first choice.

Regardless of the circumstances, the final show looked rather abysmal.

The winning team was OpTic Gaming, who only lost two games over the duration of the weekend, so congratulations to Bradley “Frosty” Bergstrom, Mathew “Royal 2” Fiorante, Paul “SnakeBite” Duarte, Tony “Lethul” Campbell Jr, and Chris “Royal 1” Fiorante.

First party games “critical” for Scorpio launch, says Xbox boss

27 Mar

Phil Spencer assures fans that Microsoft is on the ball with Scorpio’s launch line-up.


Over on Twitter, head of Xbox, Phil Spencer has been answering fans’ questions about the new console, and the Scorpio is going to be all about fist party games.

When asked if the console would have any games at launch, Spencer tweeted that having first party games for Scorpio at launch is “critical.”

He echoed the statement in an earlier tweet, where he said that they were “very focused on [first party] games. I’ll be careful about when we announce things but I know strong [first party games are] critical.”

How intriguing. We’ll no doubt find out more when he spills the beans at E3 later this year.

Microsoft’s press conference will take place at the Galen Center in Los Angeles on Sunday, June 11. It’ll kick off at 2pm PDT/5pm EDT/11pm UK.

There’s also going to be a Fan Fest to look out for when they announce more details, so keep your ear to the ground.

Mass Effect Andromeda debuts at UK No.1 but can’t top sales of Mass Effect 2 or 3

27 Mar

Mass Effect Andromeda has the third best week one for the franchise, which isn’t great when the franchise only has four games.


Mass Effect Andromeda launched last week and reviews have been mixed, to say the least.

Despite that, the game made its debut as the UK’s No.1, keeping up the tradition of the series, with the exception of Mass Effect which only got as far as No.12 in its launch week on Xbox 360 in 2007.

Andromeda is the third biggest launch of the year, after Ghost Recon: Wildlands and Horizon Zero Dawn, but sales have fallen short of Mass Effect 2 and 3.
Console sales made up the largest portion of sales, with 55% on PS4 and 41% on XBox One.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands, LEGO Worlds, and Horizon Zero Dawn have all been bumped down a notch while The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild stays static at No.6.

GTA 5 is still hanging out in the top five, three years post-release. You can check out the top 10 games in this week’s chart below.

  1. Mass Effect Andromeda
  2. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands
  3. LEGO Worlds
  4. Horizon Zero Dawn
  5. GTA 5
  6. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  7. FIFA 17
  8. Rocket League
  9. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
  10. Forza Horizon 3

Metal Gear Solid recreated in LEGO Worlds is the game you didn’t know you needed

27 Mar

LEGO Worlds is letting the creative juices overflow.

LEGO Worlds is a multiplayer sandbox that lets you build and do pretty much anything. Like creating a LEGO Metal Gear Solid for example.

Bearly Regal is creating Metal Gear Solid in LEGO Worlds on PS4 and you can take a look at the process of making it on imgur.

It looks ace.

LEGO Worlds was released at the beginning of March and it’ll be fun to see what else players come up with now that they have total freedom to create whatever they want.

Have you spotted any weird or wonderful things taking shape in the game? Let us know in the comments.

Nintendo is going to have a “big E3 this year,” says Reggie, with new content for Switch and 3DS

27 Mar

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime talks E3 2017, and the launch of the Switch.


In a recent interview with Fox News, Reggie Fils-Aime teased fans with talk of Nintendo’s big plans for E3 2017.

“E3 is always a big time for Nintendo. We look at each E3 as a unique opportunity to tell our story. And we’re gonna have a big E3 this year.

“We’re going to be showcasing a variety of games. We will have experiences for… consumers will be able to attend the show for the very first time. So I’m not gonna tell you all of the various games and all of our little secrets for E3, but I can tell you that E3 is going to be a major opportunity for us to showcase not only Nintendo Switch, but also content coming to Nintendo 3DS.”

Talking about the Switch, Reggie said that the reaction to the console has been “remarkable.”

“Every day we’re setting new records – from a US perspective – meaning today I can look back and see how I compare to the launch of the Wii, or the Nintendo DS, or the Nintendo 3DS, and I’m setting sales records every day with the Nintendo Switch.

“The reaction has been fantastic. Consumers want it.”

He’s not wrong there. Nintendo has had to double production of the console to keep up with demand, and they’re on target to shift their anticipated 2 million units by the end of March.

Nintendo’s E3 Treehouse format has taken the place of on-stage presentations, and now that the show is open to the public, it sounds like they’ll be making the most of that to get people some hands-on time with their new titles.

What are your E3 predictions for Nintendo this year? Let us know in the comments.

StarCraft Remastered plays exactly the same as the original, but at a resolution that won’t make your eyes bleed

27 Mar

StarCraft, now in shiny HD to match your rose-tinted memories.


StarCraft Remastered has been announced after months of speculation and years of noisy fan demand.

Due sometime in the second quarter, StarCraft Remastered includes the Brood War expansion and boasts updated visuals on units, buildings, and environments, as well as better audio and broader resolution support to suit modern screens. Blizzard boasts that the new HD version of StarCraft allows you to rapidly zoom in and out between a view of the entire battlefield and “the veins on a mutalisk’s wings”.

Speaking to Team Liquid, Blizzard said it had two goals with the new visuals: to maintain the distinctive unit silhouettes and animations, so old school players won’t have trouble recognising what’s going on, and to fill int the detail only hinted at by the limited pixel count of the original sprites.

You can compare the old and new graphics – in motion! – with a slider viewer on the StarCraft Remastered site.

Apart from the visual upgrade, there are a few other changes. New comic book style briefings link the missions, and all dialogue has been re-recorded, but Blizzard says it’s the same StarCraft story, just with a “fresh coat of paint”.

But that’s pretty much it; Blizzard’s clearly trying to avoid affecting gameplay. StarCraft Remastered uses the same engine as the original, everything’s still 2D, and the screen ratio is the same as it was as of Brood Wars. No changes have been made to balance, controls or features – at all.