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Nioh update 1.06 adds new sub-missions, ability to pause the game

24 Mar

An update for Nioh is now available, and along with fixes, it contains new missions, new titles, and you can now pause the game.


Update 1.06 for Nioh also adds new Smithing texts, fixed a bug where some missions would be considered completed even if you fell to your death before finishing them, and plenty more.

The patch notes are a bit long, bit horribly long, but there’s enough in there to warrant a thorough read (thanks, Gematsu.)

As of the end of February, the PS4 title has sold over one million copies worldwide, and Team Ninja celebrated the milestone by handing out a set of armor.

Nioh 1.06 Update

New Sub-Missions

  • To play the new missions, you need to have reached the final part of the game.
  • These new missions do not affect the trophy requirements for “Samurai of Legend.”
  • Added new Titles. (Obtainable in additional missions.)
  • Added new Smithing Texts. (Obtainable in additional missions.)

Adjustments and Improvements

  • Pressing the Options button in the status menu will now pause the game. (Unable to use during multiplayer mode and summoning visitors.)
  • Raise the limit for the number of smithing materials that can be carried to 9,999.
  • Can now skip through items using the left and right keys in the equipment screen.
  • Changed the rate at which the living weapon gauge recovers while a living weapon is triggered.
  • The amount the gauge recovers now gradually reduces according to how much of the gauge has been depleted.
  • In accordance with the above, the living weapon recovery rate for the “Extraction Talisman” has been increased.
  • The abilities of the guardian spirit “Suzaku” have also been adjusted.
  • Buffs and debuffs are reset when the living weapon of guardian spirit “Suzaku” is automatically triggered at zero health.
  • Buffs and debuffs are reset when using a quick-change scroll.
  • Adjusted the increased attack rate and duration for Talismans.
  • Adjusted the increased attack rate and duration for Power Pills.
  • Adjusted the increased damage rate for axe mystic art “Intesity.”
  • Adjusted the increased damage rate for katana mystic art “Sword of Execution.”
  • Adjusted the amount of ki used for the kusarigama skill “Blade Spin.”
  • Adjusted the damage caused by each type of shuriken, kyaku-dama, horoku-dama has been adjusted, and the parameters of their effects.
  • Adjusted the damage caused by “Fire Shot,” “Water Shot,” “Lightning Shot,” “Wind Shot,” and “Earth Shot,” and the parameters of their effects.
  • Adjusted the damage range of the axe skill “Earth Carver.”
  • Adjusted the camera in the London stage.
  • Adjusted the values for special effects activated when in a critical condition.

Added the following settings to “Basic Game Settings” in the system menu:

  • Enabled on/off function for “Reset Camera When Pressing Lock-On without a Target.”
  • Enabled on/off function for “Display Item Level (Not Multiplayer) in Equipment List.”
  • “Rarity Color Patterns” allows you to change the text color for each rarity.

Adjusted clan battle rewards:

  • Individual rank (clank) rewards have been greatly increased.
  • Camp rewards for victories / losses have been decreased.

Adjusted the Crest Protections for the following clans:

  • Toyotomi
  • Ukita
  • Murakami
  • Mohri
  • Saika
  • Mori

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where some missions would be considered completed even if you fell to your death before finishing them.
  • Fixed a bug where the Glory you obtained while playing online was not reflected in The Glory Contributed Counter.
  • Fixed a bug where players would be given rewards different from their rank when receiving rewards for individual ranks in clan battles.
  • Enemies sent flying into the air by a groundfire trap will no longer fly into the air again after being hit by a follow-up attack.
  • Fixed a bug where Mujina would remain the same strength regardless of the mission level.
  • Fixed a bug where “Titles Earned” in the gameplay records would not reach 100 percent.
  • Fixed a bug where other players could still see your headgear when playing online. Even when it was set not to display.
  • Fixed a bug with Sakata Kintoki’s movements.
  • Fixed a bug where the player would be launched too high into the air when they were hit by a certain characters’ attacks while falling.
  • Fixed a bug where depleting Nobunaga’s ki with backwave would cause him to move in strange ways.
  • Fixed a bug where boss characters in certain missions would not appear in the player had their bow drawn.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.

Upcoming Nioh Update Brings New Missions, Challenges And Gameplay Improvements

24 Mar

Nioh is one of the best PlayStation 4 exclusives to launch this year and Koei Tecmo has announced that Nioh will be getting free content. This free content will include new challenges and mission for the PlayStation exclusive game. The update has already been released in Japan and we believe it will be available for […]

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Toukiden 2 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

21 Mar

Video Game Walkthroughs, News and Guides

The Toukiden 2 walkthrough will guide you through all the different missions in the game Our Toukiden 2 walkthrough will provide you with great strategy from the beginning of the game until the end and give you tips to completing the entire game. We will also provide you with a complete video walkthrough of the […]

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Nioh sells over a million copies worldwide, celebrates by giving everyone free armour

24 Feb

Nioh is very popular.

nioh okatsu (1)

After just over two weeks from release, Team Ninja’s Nioh managed to sell more than one million copies worldwide.

The figure was announced by Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja, as reported by Gamer.ne.jp (via Gematsu), and includes digital as well as retail shipments.

To celebrate, Team Ninja will be gifting all players the Golden Nioh Armour in-game.


The armour, seen above, is the golden version of the Nioh Armour already available in the game. It will be released today alongside patch 1.04, which comes with some fixes.

Someone finished Nioh in 96 mins, hats off to this new world record holder

21 Feb

Nioh is tough, but some people are just tougher.

A new Nioh speedrun record has been established.

Twitch streamer Distortion2 made an all main missions Nioh run in 1:36:51, a feat he describes as “a decent run”.

He died about six times during the attempt, so he believes he can shave the time down to below 90 mins. Nioh has pretty quick respawn times, thankfully. You can watch the full run via the YouTube embed above.

It’s kind of funny how for some of us Nioh is much tougher than Souls games, but for others it seems to be a walk in the park. Team Ninja’s action legacy means there’s less opportunity to over-level or cheese your way through encounters, but some people really thrive on that nerve-edge of precise action gaming – like this person who just walks all over one of Dark Souls 3’s toughest bosses.

Those of us who can’t do that and prefer to leverage RPG systems will find Nioh tougher than Souls. Nioh is slightly less forgiving in that you can’t co-op your way through it, too. Alas!

How are you finding Nioh’s difficulty? Do you think you could knock it over in an hour and a half once you knew your way around and how to defeat each major boss?

Thanks, Joab!

Nioh is getting even harder next month, PvP and first DLC coming in April

20 Feb

Nioh has plenty more content to offer, free and paid alike.


Nioh developer Team Ninja has outlined its immediate post-release support plans.

Drawing on a Japanese livestream, Gematsu reports Nioh players can expect two free updates across the next two months, followed by three DLC packs. Here’s the schedule:

  • In late March, Team Ninja will release a free Nioh update with 10 high difficulty missions, including boss rush-style missions.
  • In late April, another free update will add a PvP update to Nioh.
  • The first Nioh DLC, Dragon of Tohoku, also arrives in late April. It includes new weapons, scenarios, characters, guardian spirits, yokai and stages.
  • The second Nioh DLC is called Japan’s Best Warrior and has not been dated.
  • The third Nioh DLC is called Peaceful and Tranquil and has not been dated.

Nioh seems to be pretty popular at the moment; it definitely owes a lot to the Souls series but get past that first hour and hit the second boss to see just how much it differs; Team Ninja’s fabled action skills take the game in a pretty different direction.

Anyway, the fervent, growing Nioh fanbase ought to be pretty pleased with these updates; let’s hope there’ll be more free missions later on, too.

It’s Nioh time again: come watch us apply lessons learned as we dive back into battle with the yokai

20 Feb

Nioh is tough, and it never stops demanding more of the player. Will we conquer?

Watch live video from vg247 on www.twitch.tv

Nioh players have a lot of gameplay choices. Even before we get into gear and abilities, there’s the whole stance thing – and perhaps even more fundamentally, the moment to moment decision to block or dodge incoming attacks.

If you come at Nioh from a Souls background you may favour dodging over rolling, but for all the similarities Nioh is not a Souls game, and there comes a point where the game just says “look, you have to learn to block, or you’re going to be stuck here forever”.

Of course, it isn’t so kind as to say this explicitly; it just throws enemies you can’t dodge at you and expects you to figure it out. In a recent Nioh stream, Shabana went through this learning process – and now she’s ready to kick butt, or limb, or head, or whatever surface is presented to her – be it flesh or carapace or what.

Tune in above to see what challenges are in store in our continuing Nioh adventures. We don’t know what’s out there, but we do know we’re going to beat it the heck up.

Nioh PvP Release Date Announced, DLCs Detailed Too

20 Feb

During a recent livestream Koei Tecmo has shared details on Nioh PvP and some other content. They have said that the High-difficulty missions will be added to the game within the end of March, while Nioh PvP is coming in late April. The first downloadable content of the game will be called ‘Dragon of Tohoku’ and […]

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Nioh Helped “Reach Out To A Brand New Audience”, Says Koei Tecmo’s President

18 Feb

Koei Tecmo published the critically acclaimed action RPG, Nioh. While the company is yet to reveal about the game’s financial status, but Koei Tecmo has revealed that the game has helped them expand their audience. For more help on Nioh, read out our Beginner’s Guide, Ki Management Guide, and Skill Points Guide. Speaking with MCV, […]

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Starting a new character in Nioh could overwrite your old save

16 Feb

There’s a major bug in Nioh that could result in the loss of your main character if you decide to create a new one.


When starting Nioh for the first time, you are not prompted to create a character. Instead, you start it the same way you would any single-player game: play using the standard protagonist.

The game doesn’t tell you one way or another that this is the only save you could have, which led some into creating new save files to start over after learning the ropes, or simply as a way of experimenting with a fresh build.

For some players, however, this did not go too well, as the game sometimes decides to delete your original save. More than one Reddit user have faced the same problem, and they all appear to have lost access either to their entire first save, or a decent chunk of the most recent progress made there.

The issue is that the game isn’t upfront about this, so you never know until you’ve actually run into the issue. Other players are juggling multiple saves without issue, so clearly it’s possible. But, because there are no dedicated slots in the traditional sense, you’re kind of making a gamble if you decide to start a new save.

One NeoGAF user also found this out the hard way, even using a single PSN account.

For now, if you have to start a new character for any reason, make sure to back up your original save file to a USB before doing so. Until the issue is fixed, or Team Ninja explains what’s causing this, it’s not worth losing hours of progress.

Nioh Guardian Spirits Locations Guide

16 Feb

Video Game Walkthroughs, News and Guides

The guide will help you find the Nioh Guardian Spirits Locations in the game The Nioh Guardian Spirits are a kind of invocation that we can use throughout the game, because it can get enormous power and pace with unique abilities to complete more easily the toughest challenges of the game. The simple fact of bringing […]

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Nioh – use this strategy for an always-charged Living Weapon

15 Feb

The Nioh community has come up with another way of making boss fights trivial.


Nioh offers you a wide range of skills in each of the weapon trees, not to mention the many ninja and Onmyo options at your disposal.

Because of this, the number of possible combinations, and the effect each of them has on the game’s various enemies, can be harder to predict. We’ve already seen what using the Sloth Talisman does to bosses and other fast enemies, and another new tactic has now emerged.

The strategy, as demonstrated in the video by YouTuber PowerPyx, relies on Soulstones to charge up the Living Weapon instantly. Living Weapon amps up your damage considerably, and prevents you from losing health when taking damage.

Consuming Soulstones, and other Spirit Stones will charge up your Living Weapon, and obviously grant you some Amrita. But the trick here is to have a number of them ready so you can use Living Weapons back to back, for maximum potency.

Beware of very late-game sub-mission boss spoiler.

With that said, this particular tactic is more risky than using the Sloth Talisman, since the damage output also takes into account how many points you put into Spirit. In addition, having a decent supply of Soulstones is not easy, since they’re random drops and you’ve most probably used up many of them trying to level up.

In any case, it’s something to consider if you’re running into unbeatable bosses.

We journey further into the world of Nioh, now that ball-and-chain guy is down

13 Feb

We’re still hooked on Nioh. Let’s explore more of the game’s world together.

Watch live video from vg247 on www.twitch.tv

Since Nioh‘s first boss, Onryoki, has been taken of, we’re now free to explore the second mission of the game.

Nioh really starts to open up once you get past Onryoki, and Shabana is playing the next mission live for the enjoyment of you all. Let’s see how many times she’ll get “freed from this mortal coil.”

If you’re new to Nioh, or have been playing for a while, it’s not a bad idea to give our big guide a look. It’s got beginner’s tips, boss tactics, and some hidden mechanics you may not know about. Whatever it is you’re after, you’ll no doubt find it there.

Nioh guide: strategy and tips for combat, bosses, elements, co-op and more

13 Feb

Become a master yokai-slaying samurai.

nioh_beta_demo (19)

Nioh has been a long time coming, and its development was no simple matter. At first it was a traditional Japanese RPG, then a Musou-like hack-and-slash style game. Its final release takes a very different form indeed – a thrilling and difficult action RPG that seems to take a number of cues from Dark Souls while also featuring pretty damn cool action-based combat that Nioh’s developer Team Ninja are known for in their Ninja Gaiden series.

It’s good stuff. The reviews agree. Much as with Dark Souls, however, elements of the game can sometimes be a little obtuse or frustrating, so if you’re preparing to go in or if you’re already knee-deep in William’s adventure but struggling, we’ve got some top guide pages and top tips and tricks for you based on our many hours with the game pre-launch.

From understanding the level up stats to fiddling with weapon stances, weapon familiarity and stamina management, we go over some of Nioh’s systems, preparing you to make the most of them to avoid too many deaths… though be warned, you will still die. A lot. So, let’s get to it…


Nioh Strategy Guide & Tips: Major things you need to know

Nioh is a bit of a weird game at times – sometimes it’ll obviously hold your hand and direct you while other times it seems to take a sadistic pleasure in letting you flounder a bit. Allow us to fill in the gaps some – our guide pages will help you not to get so lost in Nioh’s myriad systems.

Tips for Combat: Stance, Stamina, Ki Pulse, Ninjitsu and more

Nioh’s combat is hard. It aims to recreate the precise, perfect movements of a samurai in a sense – and as a result some might even argue it’s a little bit harder than Souls, with more core combat mechanics to worry about at any given moment. To help ensure you don’t get lost, read this – our top beginners’ tips for samurai combat in the game.

16 things you didn’t know you could do in Nioh

First off, let us guide you through some aspects of Nioh that the game itself isn’t all that good at exposing you to. Some of its mechanics and systems are surprisingly hidden – so here’s sixteen points we think you should know.

What the elemental effects do, and how to use them

Like most RPGs, Nioh features the classic elements such as Fire, Water, Lightning and Earth. Each element has its own unique effects, though not all of those effects are as as obvious or as clear-cut as you might think. Here, we explain what each does, and offer up some strategies for their use.

How to get Ochoko Cups to summon visitors for co-op play

Ochoko cups are the all-important item that allows you to summon other players into your Nioh world to help you out in co-op. The catch? They’re pretty rare. We explain how to farm a bunch of them with ease.

How to respec your character and reset your skill points

If you make a mistake and take William down a path you come to regret, all isn’t lost – you can fairly easily reset him for a relatively reasonable price – we explain how to do just that in this guide page.

The Sloth Talisman in Nioh is so broken, it makes boss fights a joke

This little strategy is very likely to be patched because it’s so damn broken, but if a boss in Nioh is giving you a lot of trouble you might want to consider deploying the Sloth Talisman – a powerful little item that really makes mincemeat of bosses. Some might call it cheating, though…

How to beat every boss – strategies, weaknesses and tips

One of the things Nioh kindly borrows from the Souls series is its super-hard boss encounters, each with their own unique weaknesses that, when tackled right, can make an impossible encounter far more reasonable. On this page, we break every boss down in detail.

Nioh guide: 16 things you didn’t know you could do

13 Feb

At first glance, Nioh may appear to follow certain design mantras set forth by the Soulsborne series. Look closer, however, and you’ll find there’s quite a bit more to this game than a mere Souls clone with Samurai.

There’s a number of mechanics in Nioh that you won’t find in any other game. Unfortunately, the game either doesn’t explain them well enough, or at all.

Nioh is a very dense and layered game, from the way its missions and regions are split, to how it treats levelling up, skill points, and even down to how very active the combat is compared to other RPGs.

In here, we’re going to cover some of the lesser-known tips we’ve been discovering over the past few days, and a few more advanced techniques to help you survive the latter levels.

If you’re just starting Nioh and you’re after some advice for the early game, be sure to give our beginners tips list a look. If you think you’re beyond these, though, read on!


You can find out at a glance if you have enough Amrita to level up

Nioh’s smart UI design comes in handy in many situations, but there’s one subtle hint the UI gives you that you should be aware of.

The Amrita counter on the bottom right side of the screen will actually tell you if you have enough to level up. When the icon turns yellow, instead of the typical white, that means you can gain at least one level with the Amrita you have on you.

The game doesn’t tell you this, but it’s very helpful if you can’t decide between exploring further into the level or returning to a shrine to bank your Amrita.


Offer unneeded weapons and items at shrines for a chance to get Elixirs

Every shrine in Nioh allows you to offer up items in exchange for gifts. These can be anything you have, including weapons, armour, or any ol’ item you don’t have a use for.

The process is simple: once at a shrine, click Make Offering and highlight the item you want to offer. You’ll be getting back gifts for your trouble, but they vary depending on the quality of the item offered, level, etc. Often, especially early on, many of what you offer will get you Elixirs – which you can never have enough of.

You can only carry a certain amount of Elixirs, of course, so any surplus goes back to your storage. Anytime you die and spawn at a shrine, your inventory will automatically fill up from your storage stock.

To make the offering process go quicker (instead of having to click through two confirmation messages for every item), you can highlight multiple items by pressing Triangle on each one, and X when you’re done to sell all highlighted items in one go.

Be careful though, unlike selling stuff at the blacksmith, there’s no buy-back here.


Find as many Kodama as possible, but learn how they work

Kodamas are the little green fellas that you see dancing at shrines. All main missions and some sub-missions have a number of them scattered around the level that you can find and send back to the shrine.

Before you head into a mission, you can find out how many are lost in the level that you need to bring back. You can also check how many you’ve got at any given point by selecting the Kodama Blessing menu at the shrine.

With each five Kodamas you find, your starting Elixir count is increased by one. There’s an upper limit, though. More importantly, the counter is region-specific, and will reset once you head into a new region.

Some gear items have a bonus that highlights Kodamas on your minimap. It can be useful to equip said gear when you’re hunting for that one last sucker.


Certain passive skills in the skill trees of other weapons also apply to your own

There are certain passive skills that you can benefit from, even if you don’t use the weapon they’re attached to.

For instance, if you main swords, you can still take advantage of the Tachi Arts skill in the dual swords skill tree. The list of skills that work universally is too big to mention here, but you should definitely have a look at passive skills for each of the weapons’ trees to see if there’s anything you can use.

The Ninja and Onmyo trees are a fair game, too, so pick of these as many as you can afford – regardless of your main weapon of choice.


Unlock the Sneak Attack skill to be able to backstab enemies

Here’s an example of a very, very useful skill you can use with any class that happens to fall under the Ninja skill tree. If you played a Soulsborne game before, you’ll know that sneaking up on enemies and backstabbing them is a great way to do free damage.

In Nioh, you’ll need to first unlock the skill under the Ninja skill tree. Although it’s not as powerful as it is in Souls, it’s still a good way to get some decent damage done before the fight starts.

Same Souls rules apply here, too, so approach your target slowly from the back. Then, you’ll want to lock on and wait for the icon to turn red, only then can you press Triangle to do the move.


Always make note of the colour of the lock-on icon

Many players have been struggling to land the Grapple move, ground stab and other context sensitive attacks in Nioh. The reason for this is that these moves can only be done during a specific window.

The way to identify this window is very simple: watch for the lock-on icon turning red. This indicates that you can perform these types of moves, such as the Sneak Attack, the Grapple move for enemies out of stamina, and so on.

If you ignore this and go for the attack while the icon is white, William will not be able to perform the move, and you’ll be left confused as to why it hasn’t been working every time.

Some enemies take longer than others for the icon to change into red, depending on their animations, so be patient.


Spirit Stones also charge your Living Weapon

Spirit Stones are the equivalent of the Souls you find in the Souls games (soul of a brave warrior etc). They have a similar function here, namely, they give you Amrita in different amounts depending on the size of the stone.

But there’s one more use for them in Nioh. These stones also allow you charge up a certain amount of your Living Weapon. This is very helpful when you’re doing a boss run and don’t want to engage enemies on the way to recharge the Living Weapon.

What’s more, even smaller, 500 Amrita Spirit Stones, will charge it up decently, and you no doubt have plenty of those.


On boss runs, call back your Guardian Spirit at the shrine

Another tip when banging your head against a boss is to call back your Guardian Spirit when you respawn. This can be helpful in two ways.

First, if you recall it at the shrine and proceed to fight a few enemies on the way to the boss, you’ll be going into the fight with a partially charged-up Living Weapon, which will make fully charging it during the fight easier, so you can eventually use it against the boss.

Secondly, if you don’t want to waste time on mobs on your way to the boss, you can use the Spirit Stones like we mentioned to speed up the charging process. Either way, you really don’t need whatever Amrita the Guardian was protecting inside the boss room, so always call it back at the shrine in these situations.


Don’t dodge away if you get caught up in an enemy’s attack combo, block instead

I am sure you’ve already come across the Hino-enma boss fight, and I can guess you’ve been caught into her three and four-hit combos a few times, too. The same can be said for any of the big Yokai enemies, whose multiple-hit combos are inescapable.

The issue here is that if one of these hits land, you won’t be able to dodge and avoid the rest of the combo. You can dodge away before any hits land, sure, but if you get hit once, dodging the rest won’t work.

What you can do, however, is to block the rest of the combo. You’re either going to weather the storm and lose some Ki, or break their combo. I know it can be hard to not always mash on dodge as a defence mechanism (especially coming from Souls), but you really must remember to block when you get caught in a combo.


You can find out why other players died where they died – use that

Dead players’ graves can help you in different ways. If you approach any of them, the reason for their deaths will pop up.

It’s not an animated phantom like in the Souls games, but rather a written description of what caused their demise. Sometimes you’ll come across certain suspicious spots filled with player graves, which usually indicates there’s a trap or ambush ahead.

Without reading their cause of death, you won’t find out what you need to be ready for.

Outside of that, the revenants that spawn from these graves can drop some of the gear these players were using, and fighting them is generally a good way to hone your skills, since they use human-like tactics in the fight.


You can make the Nurikabe (walls with eyes) disappear without having to fight them

Certain levels have Nurikabe – illusory walls with eyes that will light up when you approach them. Though your first instinct may be to smash them, don’t.

They’re tough to fight, and there’s a chance you can reason with them instead. You can make them disappear by doing one of your gestures, but knowing which one to use is the trick.

You’ll notice that your gestures menu (accessible by pressing Options by default), divides the available gestures into three different groups: Yellow, Blue, and finally Red.

It doesn’t matter which gesture you use, so long as you’re using one that belongs to the right colour. Each of these walls are different, so there’s no way of knowing for sure the colour each one wants, but you can make your guesswork a bit easier.

If you examine the player graves around these walls, they will sometimes tell you which gesture group the player tried that got them killed. So if, say, a player used a gesture from the Blue group that resulted in the Nurikabe attacking him, you’ll know to avoid using Blue gestures with this particular wall.

Now, all that’s left to do is try one from the Yellow group, and another from the Red group. Any gesture will do, and since we’ve already ruled out the Blue stuff, either Yellow or Red has to work. You can get it wrong the first time, in which case the wall’s eyes will turn red.

Get it wrong a second time, and they will attack you. Get it right, and they’ll be gone.


There are mimics in Nioh, and you don’t have to fight them for the loot

Mimics, or traps that take the appearance of chests to lure unsuspecting players, can be found in Nioh. They’re not as plentiful as in Souls, but they are there.

The easiest way to identify a mimic is to count the number of golden stripes on the chest itself (see above). Two stripes is safe, and three stripes is trouble. If you open a mimic without realising it is one, an enemy that resembles you will jump out and do a gesture.

If you’re able to match his gesture, they’ll become happy and leave you some loot. Note that you must use the exact gesture, not the colour group business. If you use the wrong gesture, they’ll become hostile.

There’s another thing you can do, too, if you correctly identify a chest as being a mimic before opening it. Simply use the whistle gesture to get the mimic to pop out of the chest, and follow the rest of what we described above.


Refashioning is how you can maintain a dapper look without breaking your build

The blacksmith Tome offers a number of crucial services that you should familiarise yourself with as early as possible. One of these is called Refashion, which is basically Diablo and WoW’s transmogrification.

Simply put, Refashion allows you to change the appearance of any of your weapons and armour into that of another. For instance, you can rock the London Tower Guard outfit without having to use that armour set.

This only changes the look, so your actual piece’s stats will remain the same. This is great if you’re going for a specific style and don’t want to sacrifice your gear for it. The process is cheap, too, and the more items you find in the world, the more looks you can change into.


Don’t rely too much on Soul Match early on, it gets very expensive

Soul Matching is another great thing the blacksmith can do. Soul Matching is basically Infusion from Destiny. I.e, feeding gear into other gear to make it better.

Because Nioh throws more loot at you than you can handle, it’s sometimes best to stick with what you have and Soul Match it with other higher-level stuff to gain its power, instead of equipping the new stuff right away.

Beware, though, this process is very expensive, and if you Soul Match every piece of gear you’ have equipped, you’ll be going bankrupt in no time. Instead, only Soul Match items you’re really attached to, or ones with great bonuses, such as set items.

Later on, when money isn’t as much of an issue, you can Soul Match more often.


Spend your Prestige Points and Tome patronage points

Every time you earn a title, which you get by simply playing the game and performing certain actions multiple times, you get something called Prestige Points.

These points can be spent in four different categories, granting you permanent boosts to certain skills and attributes. Simply head to the Titles screen and go to Prestige. From there, you’ll be able to spend the points you have in the different categories and enjoy the boost.

As for Tome the blacksmith, the more you do business with her, the more discounts and other perks she’ll offer you. Simply click Dialogue, and go to I Have a Request for Tome to spend what you have in any of the available categories.

nioh_guide_himorogi fragment_1

Use Himorogi Fragment and Himorogi Branches to return to the region map

Himorogi Fragment is an item you can use to return back to the world map, just in case you feel the need to do so for any reason. Using the fragment will make you lose all the Amrita you carry, but you can use it an unlimited number of times.

Later on, you’ll be getting Himorogi Branches which have the same use. Unlike the fragment, however, you only have a limited supply of these branches. Finally, Himorogi Branches do not make you lose your Amrita, which is very useful.

Nioh Blacksmith Guide – How use the blacksmith

12 Feb

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Nioh Blacksmith Guide will help you on how use the blacksmith The Blacksmith is unlocked automatically after completing the second main mission of the game. Thanks to the blacksmith we can create equipment of any kind and even better we have […]

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Nioh Immortal Flame Walkthrough Guide – Finding Shrines, Saika Magoichi Boss Battle

11 Feb

Nioh Immortal Flame Walkthrough Guide to help you complete the mission and defeat all enemies in the area.

The mission basically tasks you to find multiple shrines and defeating new types of enemies before heading to the final boss. This is the mission during which you get to find a new Guardian Spirit named Suzaku.

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Nioh Immortal Flame Walkthrough Guide

In our Nioh Immortal Flame Walkthrough Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about completing the mission.

Finding the Next Shrine

After the cut-scene, pray at the Shrine and head left around it to come to a flamed-lined path.

Continue right through the large doorway to find the path ahead blocked by fire. Hug the left-hand side wall and continue right past the wall before heading left. There are some enemies in the area so make sure to get rid of them.

I recommend passing through the flames and ignore the little bit of damage that you get. From there, head left into the courtyard and head up the steps into a building. Defeat the enemy and head continue right to get to the next area.

Head to the top of steps and veer left from the top before heading down-right in an area with barrels.

Proceed through the next area while dealing several Skeleton Warriors and head left after getting through the doorway to find another Shrine.

Moving On

From the Shrine, you need to head right and head inside the house on the left-hand side. After clearing the enemies, head up the stairs and go left down the hallway before heading out the door,

Continue left and up the stairs to come across a Wheel Monk.

After coming the Wheel Monk, head left from the end of the path and then right down towards the Shrine on the right-hand side. Continue along the path to come to the area where you fought the Skeleton Warriors.

From the fire wall, head right and take the ladder up. From the top, head left and drop down to come to a new area.

After dealing with the enemies, head to the door on the far left-hand side of the area to unlock a shortcut. Now open the double-door and head inside the structure. Once inside, follow the hallway and break the wall on the left-hand side.

After entering the new room, break another wall straight ahead and head down the hallway.

Defeat an enemy in the next room, break the wall, and head left out of the room. Now head down the hallway and head left up the stairs. Once you’re at the top, head right and open the double-door on the right-hand side. After dealing with the enemies, open another pair of sliding double-doors and you should be able to find the mission’s boss.

After dealing with the boss of the mission in order to trigger a cut-scene and earn the Suzaku Guardian Spirit.

This is all we’ve on our Nioh Immortal Flame Mission Walkthrough Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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Nioh the Defiled Castle Walkthrough Guide – Destroying Purple Crystals, Okatsu Boss Battle

11 Feb

Nioh the Defiled Castle Walkthrough Guide to walk you through the mission and defeat the two bosses which are featured in the mission.

The Defiled Castle in Nioh basically tasks you to go through a series of double-doors and destroying Purple Crystals while gathering loot and defeating a ton of yokai monsters.

The mission also features a couple of bosses which can be fairly hard to beat.

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Nioh the Defiled Castle Walkthrough Guide

In our Nioh the Defiled Castle Walkthrough Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about completing the mission.

Destroying the Purple Crystals

After the mission begins, find a Shrine in the left-hand side of the area.

If you head towards the balcony on the opposite side, you should be able to come across a locked double-door. At this point, you need to head back and take the stairs on the right-hand side.

Go up the stairs from the pool and you should come to a room with a Purple Crystal.

Head left after destroying the Purple Crystal and inside a room with a monster and Dung Ball x1. Head down the hall and take a right to get to the locked double-door you saw earlier. Unlock the door to find a new shortcut.

Now head back to the hallway and inside the water-filled room and head up the steps to fight a monster.

There is some loot in the area so make sure to grab it before heading up the stairs to the top. Head right from the intersection and towards the balcony on the upper right-hand side.

Make sure to destroy the Crystal Cluster, kill a monster, and drop down on the right-hand side of the balcony.

Continue along the wall to find a ladder and head right towards another door to speak with Ryunoshin. From there, head right to the door and towards the double-door to get outside.

Now head up the steps and turn left, right, and left again to come across some stone steps.

You’ll come across multiple monsters along the way in addition to a yokai at the very top. After dealing with the enemies, open the double-doors on the left-hand side in order to face Honda Tadakatsu.

Nioh Honda Tadakatsu Boss Battle

This is one of the easiest boss battles in Nioh and can be completed without any issues.

In order to defeat Honda Tadakatsu, you need to destroy 3 purple orbs scattered around the arena. Do that and you’ll immediately defeat this easy boss.

After defeating the boss, go through the double-door on the right-hand side.

Defeat the enemies in there and go through the sliding door to destroy the Purple Crystal and continue left until you get to a staircase. Go up the stairs and into a hallway. Now open another set of double-doors and destroy another Purple Crystal.

After heading up the ladder, go through another double-door and defeat enemies inside followed by appeasing a Nurikabe.

You should be able to find a Shrine on your right-hand side. After praying at the Shrine, take the ladder up and into a hallway. Open up the final set of double-doors and face the final boss of the mission; the Okatsu.

Nioh Okatsu Boss Battle

This boss is incredibly fast and has an unblockable glowing attack. One important thing to keep in mind is that she can quickly close in the gap and deal a ton of damage which is why you always need to be on your toes.

On the positive side, unlike other human bosses in the game; you can hit Okatsu with long combos. Therefore, try to conserve your Ki and continue attacking her until she gets out of range or dodges away from you.

I recommend saving your Living Weapon for the second phase of the fight in order to quickly end it. Lastly, remember that it’s an incredibly hectic and difficult fight which is why you should expect to die several times. Don’t get frustrated if you fail to get her in your initial attempts.

This is all we’ve on our Nioh the Defiled Castle Walkthrough Guide. If there’s anything else you’d like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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Nioh Sub Missions Guide – Complete Every Sub Mission

10 Feb

Nioh Sub Missions Guide to walk you through every side-mission in the game to earn a ton of rewards and attain 100% game completion status.

Sub Missions in Nioh are missions which are not required to finish the game. You must, however, complete these Nioh Sub Missions if you wish to ‘Platinum’ the game.

Each region in the game features some Sub Missions which vary in difficulty. There are some missions which require you to simply find an item or two and then there are some which pit you again multiple enemies and even bosses.

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Nioh Sub Missions Guide

In our Nioh Sub Missions Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know to complete each and every Nioh Sub Mission.

Nioh Sub Missions Walkthrough Guide

Kyushu Region

Death to Bandits
Recommended Level: 10
Rewards: Young Samurai’s Locks x1, Lightning Amulet x4, Bandit Axe, and Minoden Dual Tachi

This sub mission unlocks after the completion of Isle of Demons.

It basically tasks you to take out the Bandit Leader who is no pushover. To do so, you need to head all the way to beginning – towards the first Shrine. Once there, you should be able to spot the Bandit Leader inside a house with another companion.

Try to snipe the companion and take on the fight one-on-one. The Bandit Leader essentially fights like a rogue, but has a larger HP pool.

You need to make sure that you avoid his combo strings and then land all your attacks. As long as you don’t get hit by his combo, you should be good. Eliminate the Bandit Leader in order to complete this simple sub mission.

Wreathed in Flame
Recommended Level: 13
Rewards: Hyottoko Mask x1, Kayaku-dama x3, Spirit Iron Chunk x2, and Mikazuki Kusarigama

This sub mission is received from Okatsu after the completion of Deep in the Shadows.

After arriving in the burning village, try to scale the rooftops in the area and you should easily be able to spot a new type of enemy – the fire wheel demon, I like to call them.

Your task is as simple as it can get! All you need to do is to get rid of these wheel demons and you should complete the mission.

Finders Keepers
Recommended Level: 15
Rewards: Prostrate Gesture, Ikkoku Nagayoshi Spear Earth, Smithing Text: The Ragin Bull Armor, and The Raging Bull: Hizayoroi

This sub mission unlocks after the completion of Deep in the Shadows and tasks you to find a sword.

The sword in question is in the possession of a rare monster who tries to flee at the sight of you. After starting the mission, try to get rid of all enemies in the area and then look for a yokai with its back glowing.

This is the enemy that you need to kill in order to retrieve the sword and complete the sub mission.

Kanbei and the Overlord
Recommended Level: 18
Rewards: Guardian Spirit Mizuchi, Heshikiri Hasebe, Smithing Text: Heshikiri Hasebe, and Legendary Strategist’s Garb: Kinu

Once you’ve successfully completed Finders Keepers sub mission, you’ll unlock this one.

After starting the mission, you need to proceed towards the beginning of the area – where the locked boss room is located. Once you get to the area, continue to eliminate the enemies that spawn in the area till you receive a key as an item drop.

Once you’ve found the key, the mission will conclude.

A Request from Ginchiyo
Recommended Level: 21
Rewards: Smithing Text Raikiri, Summoner’s Candle x1, and High Quality Wood x5

This sub mission unlocks after the completion of The Spirit Stone Slumbers and tasks you to find an item.

After accepting the sub mission, head to your right-hand side and you should be able to see a long set of stairs leading up with a boulder resting up top. There’s a room at the top of the stairs with a chest inside that contains the item you need in order to complete the mission.

However, according to some players, it’s possible for the chest to appear in another location which is random.

Invitational from the Warrior of the West
Recommended Level: 21
Rewards: Guardian Spirit Paired Raiken, Young Samurai’s Locks x1, and Spirit Iron Chunk x2

This sub mission becomes available after the completion of A Request from Gincho and tasks you to beat Tachibana Muneshige.

This boss is incredibly agile, deals a massive amount of damage, and can quickly close in the distance. Keeping these things in mind, I recommend a weapon with a fairly decent range in mid stance so that you don’t run of Ki easily.

You need to maintain a safe distance from him and let him do his 3-4 hit combo. To dodge, you can either strafe back or simply dash backward. However, make sure to remain in range to land your own hits.

Similar to other boss battles in the game, if you manage to deplete his Ki, he’ll be open for stagger. Lastly, if you see him rolling his weapon in the air, quickly get behind a pillar in the room to avoid taking damage.

Another thing to bear in mind is that the strategy above applies to both the fights i.e. during the side-mission and the main mission.

This is all we’ve on our Nioh Sub Missions Guide. If there’s anything else you’d like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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Toukiden 2 Story Detailed, Gets Two New Trailers

10 Feb

Koei Tecmo has revealed new information about Toukiden 2 story, alongside two interesting trailers that will keep you interested. Amid the landscapes of Toukiden 2 we find the peaceful village of Mahoroba, that’s unfortunately riven by internal conflict. The two main clans (Samurai and the Imperial Guard) fight for dominance, so the Holy Mount has […]

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