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The Sniper Elite 4 Honest Trailer understands how most people play stealth games

16 Feb

Outside of making fun of a few obvious quirks, the Honest Trailers treatment of Sniper Elite 4 is well aware of what we actually do in these games.

By popular request, YouTube channel Smosh Games has released a new Honest Game Trailers episode looking at the recently released Sniper Elite 4.

The trailer obviously plays a bit with the x-ray kill cam feature and how they’ve been expanded to include melee this time around, but it actually has a few good points to make about the sometimes unnecessary story.

There’s also a few good laughs to be had about their critique of the game’s multiplayer modes. It’s all in good fun, as these tend to be.

Honest Trailers rips into Destiny and the Dinklebot

6 Oct

“Gaming’s hottest 7 out of 10″ gets the Honest Trailers treatment.

If we’re all still playing Destiny I think it’s fair to say we love/hate/love the game. Watch this and cheer up your miserable Monday.

Half-Life 3 not confirmed by this Honest Trailers take on the Portal series

23 Jun

Half-Life 3 still hasn’t been confirmed, but allow this funny tear-down of the Portal series by Honest Trailers to ease your impatience.


It follows Honest Trailers’ hilarious destruction of Candy Crush Saga and its in-app purchasing model.

Here’s the Portal trailer in full. It covers everything from the Half-Life references to Wheatley, “The worst British robot since C3PO.”

What did you think?

Via Kotaku.