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Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers will let you palette-swap every character

22 Feb

The increasingly curious Ultra Street Fighter 2 will let you alter each fighter’s colours when it hits the Switch this year.


Image credit for the screen above goes to Gamer, a Japanese website that seems to have the exclusive look at several different palette-swap choices you’ll be offered in the latest iteration of Street Fighter 2.

As far as gimmicks go it’s a neat one, although we’re more excited about how bafflingly terrible the first-person mode looks.

According to some translations made by Perfectly Nintendo, you’ll be able to save ten different variations for each character and use them online. The cart for Ultra Street Fighter 2 will also contain over 1400 pieces of artwork to browse.

Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers is a Switch exclusive. A release date has not been nailed down.

Street Fighter 5 Character Introduction series shines the spotlight on newcomer Kolin

20 Feb

Here’s a sneak peek at some of Kolin’s moves before she makes her Street Fighter 5 debut next week.

Street Fighter 5‘s Kolin was revealed a couple of weeks ago and you can find out more about her in Capcom’s character introduction video.

Community manager Matt Edwards talks us through her history in the series, her V-Skill and V-Trigger, as well as telling us how and why to play Kolin. If you like mind games, she’s the girl for you.

Season 2 will see Street Fighter 5’s roster grow with the addition of six new characters, bringing the total to 28.

Kolin is making her debut on February 28, 2017.

Players are already being super creative with their For Honor emblem ideas

16 Feb

As always, the ingenuity of fans let loose on a creation system is something to behold.


A lot of competitive multiplayer games these days feature some sort of emblem or logo creator – and usually that logo shows up somewhere on your character, usually on a shoulder pad or something like that. As a result they’re usually quite small, but given the medieval theme off For Honor emblems are a very real, universe-appropriate thing.

Players have already been going nuts with the emblem creator, and some of the emblem ideas they’ve had are pretty impressive. We figured it’d be worth pulling a couple of our favourites, though there’s now an entire reddit dedicated to For Honor emblems.

First up, I want to note it’s not all references. I’m about to drop a ton of nerdy, referential emblem designs below, but there are a ton of really impressive all-original ones around such as these incredible dragon and phoenix designs:


With that incredible work nodded to, let’s now note that somebody made a whole lot of emoji. There’s your usual heart-eyed faces and sobbing faces and the like, but the gallery also features a pretty damn good poop emoji emblem. As you do.


If you fancy being the very best


Or being a Vanguard from a world very different to For Honor’s…


One hopes you don’t die as much in For Honor as in Dark Souls, else your team would be pretty mad


And no matter your comic book allegiance, both Marvel and DC are already well represented:


Also, here’s a Wu Tang emblem. Yeah. This game is alright.


Anyway, the point is – fans are already making amazing stuff, and many of these links have tutorials – and even those who don’t, hey, they’re free emblem ideas for your brain, like. There’s loads more over on the reddit. It’s certainly made me want to give For Honor’s emblem creator a little more love.

Ultra Street Fighter 2’s Nintendo Switch first-person mode looks worse than you think

16 Feb

Different people have different ideas of fun, of course, but this will hardly sell anyone on the Switch.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Ultra Street Fighter 2, the Nintendo Switch exclusive, is going to include a first-person mode that uses the console’s Joy-Cons.

It’s called the Way of the Hado, and it was shown off by Capcom Japan in a livestream earlier. Around the 2h 56m mark, a Capcom developer attaches two Joy-Cons to his hands, and begins to do motions that result in throwing fireballs, Hadoukens, and Dragon Punches.

The only problem is, it never looked smooth, and outside of the relatively simple input requirements you have for each move, the mode looks like an afterthought. There’s considerable lag, too, though this could be improved by release.

Overall, it looks very similar to the bonus modes you’d find in Wii ports of games, and in other Wii shovelware in general.

Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers is out sometime this year for the Nintendo Switch.

Injustice 2 mobile soft launch produces gameplay trailer featuring Cyborg and Scarecrow

15 Feb

NetherRealm Studios said during Comic Con last year a mobile version of Injustice 2 would be released. Well, it has – but only in the Philippines.

It’s a soft launch, so expect to hear more on its release closer to Injustice 2 hitting shelves for PS4 and Xbox One.

Thanks to a gameplay video from All Star Production though, we can get a look at the iOS and Android title a bit early.

As noticed by Event Hubs, the video not only shows gameplay, but two characters which have yet to be announced for the console version: Cyborg and Scarecrow.

Earlier this week we were given a look at Cheetah, Catwoman and Poison Ivy, and the Injustice website notes the next character reveal will take place on February 23, so it’s possible both Cyborg and Scarecrow, or one of the two, will be announced. Or it could be someone else entirely.

A western release date hasn’t been announced for Injustice 2 on mobile and tablet, but the core game is out on PS4 and Xbox One May 16.

For Honor guide: strategy, tips, guard breaks, character guides and more

15 Feb

Battle valiantly with the help of our guide.


For Honor is pretty damn good, it turns out. After what feels like a long development and an even longer string of betas, Ubisoft’s melee-based multiplayer brawler appears to have really struck a chord with critics and people in general – the servers are packed, and if we’re honest there’s not that much honor going on out there.

For Honor’s brutal kills and no-holds-barred fighting is what makes the game special, though there are some aspects of the game that are a little more difficult to get to grips with. You don’t want to be a complete disgrace on the battlefield, and so to help avoid that terrible fate we’ve been putting together some pages to give you a helping hand.

You’ll need to understand fully how to build reputation points just as importantly as when to parry, and we’re also breaking down the multiple characters and how to get honorable (and dishonorable) kills, amongst many other nuances. It’s all here, and if you check it out you’re sure to be fighting longer and harder than your enemies.

for_honor_gamescom_ingame_shots (2)

For Honor Strategy Guide & Tips: Major things you need to know

  • 9 tips for beginners that you absolutely need to know

    Here’s a secret about For Honor: It’s one of the most demanding and mechanically-complex games of this generation. Because of the game’s unique mix of fighting game mechanics and Soulsborne-style action combat, you’ll need to approach it right. Our tips will help beginners to get in the zone.

  • How to parry and guard break with the right timing

    There’s not much that’s more important in a game about melee combat than learning how to block properly. The parry is even more important, since doing so properly allows you to not only mitigate incoming damage but also use the enemy’s attack against them. It can be difficult to master – but we explain how.

  • Honorable and dishonorable kills explained

    Fitting to the name of the game, For Honor features two types of kills: Honorable and Dishonorable. Sometimes you’ll be tasked to get a certain number of one or the other, but to do that you need to know how the game classifies the pair. That’s where we come in…


For Honor Character Guides

For Honor Patch Notes, Bug Fixes & other fun stuff

  • for Honor Emblem Ideas: players are already being super creative

    For Honor’s Emblem creation system is already proving popular with players, and some are having some wild ideas. People are already managing to twist the limited tools in brilliant ways to create impressive custom creations. Here are some of our favourites.

  • Here’s all known issues and bugs and how to fix them

    Ubisoft has posted a list of bugs and issues that are on their radar for fans to openly see, plus a list of suggested workarounds people can try out if they encounter them. Having a problem? A fix may already be on the way.

For Honor guide: how the reputation system works and how to earn reputation points

15 Feb

Build a sterling reputation.


How the Reputation system works in For Honor – Earning Reputation Points to equip new gear

For Honor is comfortably sitting pretty as February’s go-to multiplayer title. Ubisoft’s brawler features an interesting take on the things that make a lot of competitive multiplayer games great, taking mechanical ideas from a variety of places: there’s the mood of Chivalry, the focus on animation priority, frames and character positioning of fighting games and the frantic action of shooters, all in one. It’s being critically praised for a reason.

One system that appears to be causing a little confusion among fans first getting stuck into the game is the Reputation System and the concept of Reputation Points. Just what are they? What do they do, and how do you earn them? As we’ve done for a few other of For Honor’s systems including the Parry System, Guard Breaks, Honorable Kills and more, allow us to break it down real quick:

For Honor’s reputation system actually bears a striking similarity to a popular system from another major multiplayer series. Call of Duty fans listen up: It’s basically the same concept as a prestige. We’re not even joking.

For those of you who don’t play Call Of Duty, Reputation is basically a feature which is a secondary judgement of your rank. Player levels are one thing, but reputation is a side that levels up every certain number of levels incrementally, and this secondary number has its own bonuses associated with it. It’s important to pay attention to it.

If you look at a character name you’ll notice two numbers next to it. The first number is your player level. You might notice some players have decoration around that number. That decoration serves to show off your overall reputation level. A reef, for instance, indicates somebody has reached the first reputation level.

The first level up of reputation happens once you’re done with Player Level 20 – so basically Player level 21 is the first reputation level. As you level up your reputation will also increase. This is fun to show off, but For Honor also rewards you in a more important way: you unlock new potential equipment with each reputation point earned, since some high-end equipment is locked behind a certain number of reputation points. You’ll also be more likely to see better gear drop the higher your reputation is.

Like Prestige in COD, Reputation basically gives you a reason to keep on grinding… pretty much forever. There’s more in it for you than just bragging rights, however, and that’s nice.

How to earn Reputation Points – Level up fast

The above should make this all pretty obvious, but for the avoidance of any doubt: you earn reputation points by levelling up to certain points.

The best way to level up quickly in For Honor is to follow orders. Orders are basically randomly generated missions that encourage you to play the game in different ways, such as by trying to specifically rack up honorable kills or by trying out a different character. Look at the orders menu on the multiplayer menu and check the available tasks – each you complete will go some way to raising your level.

Don’t also forget that there are boosts in For Honor, and those of you who pre-ordered will have access to some experience-boosting bonuses – don’t forget to use them.

For Honor character guide: meet the Lawbringer, deadly tank and parry king

15 Feb

Get to know the Lawbringer, a deadly combination of a Tank and Vanguard.

For Honor has a wide range of characters available to play, each coming with their own unique set of abilities and a play-style to match. In the past we’ve had videos from Arekkz covering Shugoki and Peacekeeper, but now it’s time to tackle somebody new: The Lawbringer.

Lawbringer is part of the Knights faction and is an interesting combination of a Tank style character and a Vanguard style character – by which we basically mean he has the ability to take hits like a tank but is really built around his wide range of abilities and his natural predilection for counter-attacking.

Key to using the Lawbringer is the ability to properly parry – he’s all about parrying ill-informed attacks and then letting rip on a newly opened-up enemy. Thankfully, we’ve got a guide all about parrying – go read it.

Lawbringer has a unique ability called Stunning Top-Heavy attacks. This unique little extra ability basically means that if you hit an enemy with any attack the game considers ‘top heavy’ the enemy will be stunned, leaving them open for free hits or the start of a nasty combo. A top heavy attack is any high stance heavy attack, and this ability can thus be paired with some of his combos to leave an enemy stunned at a combo’s end.

One particularly useful combo for this is Judge, Jury & Executioner (Light Attack, Heavy Attack, Heavy Attack), since the final hit of this chain is unblockable. Make it top heavy and make your enemies pay!

Other useful moves for the Lawbringer include the Impaling Charge (Sprint + Heavy Attack), a move that you can use to impale enemies and push them into a corner or even off a ledge if you’re going for a dishonorable kill. There’s also the Polearm (Back + Guard Break), an unblockable throw that doesn’t deal damage but does leave the enemy on their ass, ready for a beating.

There’s more on the Lawbringer’s devastating techniques, plus some suggested combos and strategies, in Arekkz’ video – go give it a look!

For Honor guide: honorable and dishonorable kills explained

15 Feb

It doesn’t always have to be for honor, as it turns out. Sometimes it can be for the opposite.

for_honor_gamescom_ingame_shots (10)

For Honor appears to have sealed the deal for its status as this month’s hot must-have multiplayer game, with Ubisoft’s new hack-and-slash based brawler doing well with critics and seeing its matchmaking servers slammed with over-eager traffic from people wanting to get online.

As you might expect for a game entirely built around melee combat, For Honor is rammed with a lot of different ways to off your enemies thanks to the range of characters and weaponry available. Within that there’s an interesting little concept – the idea that there are kills that are honorable and kills that are dishonorable. Which fits the name of the game, obviously.

So… what’s the difference? How do you get each? Allow us to break it down:

for_honor_gamescom_ingame_shots (4)

How to get Honorable Kills in For Honor

Honorable Kills are a pretty simple concept, all told: they’re kills that are achieved in the ultimate mano-a-mano fashion: just you, your opponent, your weapons, and no other assistance.

At the obvious top flight level this means you can’t pick off somebody already damaged by another player or double team someone with another player, but there are other wrinkles beyond that: you also can’t get an honorable kill by shoving somebody off a ledge to their death, for instance, or by using traps such as spikes, fire or other environmental hazards. It has to be a one-on-one duel between two warriors – as simple as that.

All kills count to your basic match-winning objectives, of course, but there are absolutely times when For Honor will ask you to rack up Honorable kills as well. In order to do this, be honorable: Fight them man-to-man. If that’s a struggle for you, hone your parrying, guard break and guard break interrupt skills with our guide on those gameplay elements.

Making the most of Dishonorable Kills

If you’ve read the above, you already know how to get dishonorable kills – they’re kills you get by making use of anything and everything around. To be honest, dishonorable kills should make up the bread and butter of your scoring, since they’re easier to get. All kills count, so don’t be afraid to rack a dishonorable kill up.

We’ve added this heading to this page just to point out something general as a helping hand – you should absolutely make use of For Honor’s environments. Every single environment in the game is filled with hazards that can be as big an enemy to you and your opponents as the blades of the enemy. Ledges are particularly deadly, as you can often be driven back to one – by the time you realise, it’s too late.

Some orders will also task you to get dishonorable kills specifically, but even with that considered, don’t sleep on them: they should be your go-to kill. Only keep it honorable when the battlefield situation allows.

For Honor: Here’s all known issues and bugs and how to fix them

15 Feb

Having a problem? Ubi might already be aware and have a suggested fix.

for_honor_gamescom_ingame_shots (6)

While the matchmaking servers appear to be struggling a bit under the load of a horde of warriors desperate for blood trying to find a match, it does seem Ubisoft is on top of For Honor’s issues – and the company has now posted a list of bugs and issues that are on their radar for fans to openly see, plus a list of suggested workarounds people can try out if they encounter them.

The bugs are pretty wide ranging. Known PC bugs and issues really run the gamut, from some overzealous anti-cheat software preventing the game from launching at all right through to stutters during gameplay or the complete inability to quit back to desktop. Each comes within a suggestion from Ubisoft on how to fix it – some very useful, some less so. On the console side things seem more stable, though Ubi does acknowledge the ongoing connectivity and online issues.

Here’s the list, via a thread posted by a Ubisoft community manager over on the For Honor section of the official Ubisoft Community Forums.

Known For Honor PC Bugs & Issues

  • Easy AntiCheat – Impossible to launch the game (Error 006000043)

    Easy AntiCheat sometimes displays an error message. Afterwards the game doesn´t launch at all or just closes after the intro videos.
    Workaround: Use the “Verify File Integrity” option in Uplay PC client. Open your For Honor game page, click “Properties”, and in the “Local files” section select “Verify files”.

  • Easy AntiCheat – Easy AntiCheat sometimes displays an error message with error code 10018

    Easy AntiCheat sometimes displays an error message with error code 10018.
    Workaround: Close the game, check that all game processes have ended correctly (or close them using Task Manager), and restart the game. / Close the game and restart Uplay PC client.

  • User may be unable to quit to desktop

    User may be unable to quit to desktop after getting a “connection has been lost” error message while being idle on matchmaking.
    Workaround: Player must restart the game.

  • TITAN X GeForce GPU Support

    We are aware of an incompatibility introduced in the For Honor Beta with the early generations of TITAN X GeForce graphics cards that make it so the game does not start.
    We were able to reproduce the issue with our Open BETA version but have yet to successfully reproduce it on our official release version of the game.
    If you encounter this issue in the full release version of the game, please contact Customer Support and share your DXDiag report in order to help us reproduce it.

  • Gamepads not working

    Workaround: Unplug all other non-necessary peripherals, especially Steering Wheels and Flight Joysticks.

  • Controller switches Right & Left Trigger (Xbox One S & Xbox Elite)

    Issue might be connected to BLUETOOTH Controllers.
    Workaround 1: Connect the Controller using USB. / Workaround 2: Install Windows 10 Anniversary update.

  • Game stutters when you are hit

    Could be Connected to BLUETOOTH Controllers.
    Workaround 1: Connect the Controller using USB. / Workaround 2: Install Windows 10 Anniversary update.

  • NAT Type Group Issues

    Groups with more than 1 Strict NAT are not recommended as they will not be able to reach matchmaking.
    Workaround: Preferably invite friends with open or moderate NAT types.

  • Mixed Region Group Connectivity Issues

    Users might encounter connectivity issues when grouping with players from other regions.
    Workaround: It’s not recommended to create mixed region groups.

  • Duel rewards (1v1 VS AI)

    User is presented with a pop-up stating that the Rewards will be added automatically when the response comes in. However in that game mode there is no Reward.

  • Host stuck for 15 seconds after selecting “Change options” after a custom match

    After playing a “Custom Match” in a group, if the host selects “Change Options” in the post-match screen, he will be stuck for about 15 seconds on the pop-up.
    Workaround: Currently no workaround.

  • Menu issues in 21:9 resolutions (Faction war orders & Hero Customization tabs)

    No workaround for now.

Known For Honor PS4 & Xbox One Bugs & Issues

  • NAT Type Group Issues

    Groups with more than 1 Strict NAT are not recommended as they will not be able to reach matchmaking.
    Workaround: Preferably invite friends with open or moderate NAT types.

  • Mixed Regions Group Connectivity Issues

    Players may encounter connectivity issues if their group contains players from different regions (example : North America and Europe).
    Workaround: It’s not recommended to create mixed region groups.

One imagines this list of bugs will also be treated as a list of targets by Ubisoft in their next patch, but in the meantime if you hit a snag in the game it’s well worth checking this list to see if there’s a recommended workaround from the developers.

For Honor is out now after what feels like an absolute age of server tests and beta dry-runs. We’re having a blast with it, as are other critics. Once you actually get into a match, you might want to use our top tips for beginners to help you kick ass.

For Honor players hit with network errors as matchmaking servers struggle

15 Feb

Matchmaking servers groan under the weight of For Honor’s launch player base.


For Honor had quite a lot of betas, but even they might not have prepared Ubisoft for the sheer number of players trying to get on board with their frantic melee combat battler – as a mere day after launch the game’s matchmaking infrastructure appears to be groaning under the pressure.

Players are reporting a wide variety of errors across all three of the game’s platforms, from basic network and connection errors down to more specific matchmaking errors, the blunt ‘matchmaking failed’ and even a particularly dreaded error message more common for Xbox players – ‘Requirements not Met’.

The requirements not met message seems to be a particularly strange one, since as far as we can tell it’s related to the game thinking you’re in a one-man party but still aren’t the party leader. That, of course, should be impossible… and that seems to be just one circumstance in which this bug can trigger.

This particular error has people on places like the Ubi Forums, GameFAQs and other communities tearing their hair out, though it does seem like for many the problem is naturally going away once the servers are done playing catch up. As previously mentioned, that particular error seems to be most prolific on Xbox One, though there’s errors outside the requirements not met bug popping up across all platforms.

Ubi has also released a list of currently known bugs, plus suggestions on how to fix them all.

Online-only games are no stranger to rocky launches, of course, and players have a pretty good reason to keep plugging away at trying to make For Honor work – it’s a pretty damn good game. We fully understand why so many people are slamming the servers, because slicing people up in this brawler is, well, super cool. Once you actually get into a match, you might want to use our top tips for beginners to help you kick ass.

Injustice 2 trailer shows Cheetah, Catwoman, first look at Poison Ivy gameplay

14 Feb

A new trailer featuring some of the deadly ladies in Injustice 2 has been released, and it includes the first look at Poison Ivy gameplay.

Other characters in the Injustice 2 trailer include Cheetah and Catwoman.

In the trailer, you’ll see the characters fight it out with previously reveled Black Canary and Swamp Thing along with Wonder Woman and Batman.

In development at NetherRealm Studios, Injustice 2 is currently in beta and will release on May 16 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Xbox Live deals: Final Fantasy 15, Mafia 3, GTA 5, Overwatch, Rocket League, more

14 Feb

This week’s Xbox One Deals with Gold include a 2K Games publisher sale, Spotlight discounts on Final Fantasy 15, LEGO titles and plenty more.


Deals with Gold standouts include GTA 5 and Shark Card bundles, Rocket League, Overwatch and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

2K Games on sale include Mafia 3 XCOM 2: Digital Deluxe Edition, Battleborn, BioShock: The Collection and NBA 2K17.

Usually when a publisher’s sale is live on one platform, it’s also available for others. Be sure to check the PlayStation Store and Steam if you aren’t an Xbox household.

Below, you will find the entire list of Deals with Gold. As always, more information is available through Major Nelson.

Xbox One Deals with Gold

  • Battle Island: Commanders – Bonus Supply Pack – Add-On 85% off
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Digital Deluxe Edition – 67% off
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – 67% off
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 & Great White Shark Cash Card – 50% off
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 & Megalodon Shark Cash Card Bundle – 60% off
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 & Whale Shark Cash Card Bundle – 60% off
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 – 50% off
  • Jotun: Valhalla Edition – 40% off
  • Overwatch: Origins Edition – 17% off
  • Pinball FX2 – Aliens vs. Pinball – Add-On – 50% off
  • Pinball FX2 – Balls of Glory – Add-On – 50% off
  • Pinball FX2 – Marvel’s Women of Power – Add-On – 50% off
  • Rocket League – 25% off
  • Sébastien Loeb Rally EVO – 75% off
  • The Final Station – 50% off
  • Wheels of Aurelia – 40% off

Xbox One Deals with Gold – Spotlight Sale

  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse + Season Pass – 60% off
  • FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD – 50% off
  • FINAL FANTASY 15 – 35% off
  • FINAL FANTASY 15 Digital Premium Edition – 25% off
  • LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham – 50% off
  • LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Deluxe Edition – 60% off
  • LEGO Jurassic World – 50% off
  • LEGO STAR WARS: The Force Awakens – 40% off
  • LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Deluxe Edition – 45% off
  • NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 4 – 50% off
  • NARUTO STORM 4 – Season Pass – Add-On – 25% off

Xbox One Deals with Gold – 2K Games Sale

  • Battleborn – 75% off
  • Battleborn Digital Deluxe – 75% off
  • BioShock: The Collection – 35% off
  • Borderlands: The Handsom Collection – 67% off
  • Mafia 3 – 50% off
  • Mafia 3 Deluxe Edition – 50% off
  • NBA 2K17 – 35% off
  • NBA 2K17 200,000 Virtual Currency – Add-On – 20% off
  • NBA 2K17 450,000 Virtual Currency – Add-On – 30% off
  • NBA 2K17 All-Time College Bundle – Add-On – 50% off
  • NBA 2K17 Kobe Bryant Legend Edition – 40% off
  • NBA 2K17 Kobe Bryant Legend Edition Gold – 45% off
  • WWE 2K17 – 50% off
  • WWE 2K17 Digital Deluxe Xbox One Game – 50% off
  • XCOM 2 Xbox One Game – 50% off
  • XCOM 2 Digital Deluxe Edition – 50% off

The discounts above are valid through February 20.

Switch exclusive Ultra Street Fighter 2 has a first-person mode

14 Feb

Switch gamers can play Street Fighter 2 as (probably) never before.


As spotted by some eagle-eyed fans in the Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers reveal trailer, the new Switch exclusive version of Capcom’s legendary versus brawler includes a first-person mode.

Nintendo Everything harvested this intel from a photo of the Ultra Street Fighter 2’s box, now that Switch images are starting to come out of Japan.

According to the site’s translation, the new mode is designed for JoyCon controllers. It’s called “Unleash! Hadoken”, where the Japanese character for “do” has been placed with the English letters, presumably as a play on the fact that a first-person, motion-controlled mode is more like really “doing” what the character is.

There’s a screenshot on the box if you really squint, and you can see multiple enemies and a timer. That suggests it won’t just be a perspective twist on normal Ultra Street Fighter 2 gameplay but something quite different. Given the name, fireballs are likely to be involved.

Ultra Street Fighter 2 has not been dated beyond 2017. Look for it sometime after switch launches in early March.

One other major point of interest from the Ultra Street Fighter 2 Switch box is that there’ll be an art gallery with over 250 images. Nice.

Swamp Thing confirmed for Injustice 2, watch the first gameplay footage

13 Feb

Injustice 2’s latest character reveal is Swamp Thing.

Injustice 2 developer NetherRealm has officially revealed the game’s next character. This time, it’s not a returning favourite.

Swamp Thing is the man of the hour, and in the video above from IGN, you’ll be able to take a look at how the character plays.

The video is short, and shows him fighting, and destroying, a number of other characters. We get a glimpse of his intro, too. Swamp Thing looks to be on the heavy bruiser side, similar to Atrocitus and Grodd.

Injustice 2 is out May 16 on PS4, and Xbox One.

For Honor’s Peacekeeper can be deadly, demonstrated in brutal detail in her character guide

13 Feb

Still mulling over which class to choose in For Honor? Check out the Peacekeeper.

The For Honor open beta wrapped up last night ahead of release tomorrow, and Arekkz has put together his first class guide, with the Knight faction’s Peacekeeper.

She’s an assassin of medium difficulty and Alex talks us through the best strategy when it comes to defence, and a number of her chain attacks and combos.

She’s a wily character with some deliciously brutal moves, some of which inflict bleed which is going to be super helpful in the multiplayer. On top of that, when in neutral stance, her attack direction isn’t visible to opponents, so they won’t get a big red helping hand to tip them off before you strike.

Have you already decided on your chosen class? Any Peacekeeper fans out there? Chime in below.

Street Fighter 5 Kolin reveal trailer shows the “Phantasm of Snow and Ice” in action

9 Feb

Kolin joins the roster and debuts her moves in her reveal trailer.

Street Fighter 5‘s newest addition to the roster has been revealed, and as suspected, it’s none other than Kolin. Or Helen, if you prefer.

As promised, her reveal was accompanied by Lupe Fiasco’s debut track, It’s Not by Design, from the forthcoming album, Drogas Light.

Kolin, described as the “Phantasm of Snow and Ice”, has featured in the series as an NPC in Street Fighter 3 before going under cover as Helen in Street Fighter 5, appearing in the story. Now she’s decided to join the roster and whoop some ass.

street fighter 5 kolin outfits

We also got a glimpse at her three alternate costumes, Story, Battle, and Street Fighter 3’s Nostalgia.

Kolin will go live on February 28.

The For Honor open beta has begun: time to start smashing some skulls

9 Feb

The open beta it live. Take a peek at some live gameplay right here.

Watch live video from TwoSixNine on www.twitch.tv

The For Honor beta is live so if you haven’t downloaded it already, you should remedy that post haste.

You can hop in right now and play your socks off until Sunday – or the crack of dawn on Monday depending on your time zone.

There have been a few changes since the closed beta and if you want a few pointers, we’ve got you covered.

If you can’t play right now because of bothersome things like work or school, you can check out TwoSixNine’s stream, currently being hosted by our fiery-bearded friend Arekkz.

You can watch them both in action right here.

For Honor is a fighting game in the vein of Deadliest Warrior, where vikings, knights, and samurais face-off against one another in duels, or 4v4 multiplayer battles.

The open beta won’t grant access to all five modes, but it offers enough of a taste of the combat that you’ll be able to decide if it’s your cup of tea or not.

For Honor is coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on February 14.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 wins EVO 2017 popular vote as fans funnel $150K to Make-A-Wish

9 Feb

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 is back for another year at EVO.


The charity donation drive to help select one additional game to join the EVO 2017 line-up is complete.

The wallet-powered poll closed with Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 in first place, pulling $71,690 from 1,487 donors at an average of just over $48 each.

Although it’s a perennial favourite, UMvC3 has seen an uptick in popular interest recently due to the announcement of new-gen and PC ports, including physical copies, and upcoming sequel Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.

The mash-up fighter managed a comparatively narrow win over closest rival Pokken Tournament, which managed $66,906 from 744 donors at an average of more than $89 each.

It’s a disappointing loss for the Pokken Tournament fanbase, but on the upside, all the money goes to Make-A-Wish Foundation – so it’s hard to feel too sore about it. Adding up the drive totals on Generosity, it looks like the EVO 2017 campaign raised a total of $152,095 for the charity.

Skullgirls, a very strong contender for last year’s popular vote, didn’t break $1,000 this year, but budgets are probably still reeling from the effort to overcome the Smash Bros. crowd last time. Amusingly, Nintendo’s new fighter, Arms, pulled exactly $1,337 – surely someone tipped it to that deliberately? If there were more money in this endeavour we’d probably have seen something raise $53,180.08 – and if you need that explained please type it into an actual calculator.

EVO 2017 runs July 14 through 16 in Las Vegas. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 joins Street Fighter 5, Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2, Super Smash Bros. Wii U, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Injustice 2, BlazBlue: Central Fiction, Tekken 7 and The King of Fighters 14 as headline acts on finals day.

Street Fighter 5 character reveal coming tomorrow, along with a new Lupe Fiasco track for some reason

9 Feb

The Street Fighter 5 cast expands tomorrow, although we think we already know who it is.

Street Fighter 5 Season 2 becomes slightly less mysterious tomorrow with the reveal of the second character, following on from Akuma.

In a bit of cross-promotion, the character reveal will be accompanied by the debut of a new track from Lupe Fiasco’s forthcoming album, Drogas Light. Either Lupe Fiasco likes Street Fighter 5 or Capcom is willing to fork out a lot of cash to promote it. Or both, possibly.

As for the identity of the new character, PVPLive reports community members are guessing Helen is joining the cast of Street Fighter 5. Helen is Gill’s assistant, and was previously known as Kolin or Colleen before going undercover for Street Fighter 5. Her new design certainly seems to match the latest character silhouette published on Facebook, and I suppose since she’s never been playable she technically meets Capcom’s promise that the remainder of Street Fighter 5 Season 2 would be all new characters.

There’s also a bit of speculation that a Redditor may have data mined or leaked details of Helen almost two weeks ago, notably playing up her alleged ice powers, which again matches the artwork on the Street Fighter 5 Facebook page and the latest teaser. But the original material has since been deleted, and it’s possible it was a joke or even a mistake, as Helen mods are available.

Put an end to speculation by tuning in tomorrow to find out who’s joining the Street Fighter 5 cast.