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A playthrough of puzzle game Rime will average ten hours – give or take

21 Feb

Puzzle game Rime won’t take weeks to complete. In fact, it could take less than half a day.

rime_january_2017_screens-art (6)

Speaking with WCCF Tech, lead designer Kevin Sarda said depending on the player, it could take anywhere from eight to twelve hours complete.

Ten seems to be the standard, though.

“It will largely depend on each player’s play style and how he or she would like to immerse into the exploration of the island and unlocking all the secrets it keeps,” said Sarda (thanks, Nintendo Life).

“If if you really want to take your time and collect all the secrets, you might well end up in the 8-10 hours range, but it could take a couple hours fewer or a couple hours more.”

The game ending is “well defined,” but Sarda also said it’s possible for some to have missed several secrets and collectibles the first time out. These aren’t items added in order to “artificially increase” the core game, but will instead offer a “deeper understanding” to the story.

Since it is more or less around 10 hours long, which is plenty long for a puzzle game, according to Alex, it may be worth giving it another go after you finish, then.

Announced at gamescom 2013, Rime was originally a PlayStation 4 exclusive, but after the publishing deal with Sony fell through back in March 2016, the game was picked up by Six Foot publishing arm Grey Box for multiple platforms.

Rime is set for release in May on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

For Honor video shows how frustrating peer-to-peer can be

21 Feb

Peer-to-peer in a game with such a high skill ceiling like For Honor can be really frustrating if you’re on the receiving end of some abuse.

For Honor is the latest gaming sensation among players. Everyone’s talking about it, but sometimes, it’s not for the right reasons.

As you’ve no doubt seen yourself if you’re playing the game, or in the countless videos and forum posts online complaining about the state of online play, For Honor relies on peer-to-peer as its networking solution. Although this is usually the case with fighting games – and For Honor certainly has much in common with Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, the game’s 4v4 modes suffer the most from this.

The downsides of using peer-to-peer are plenty. Lag switches and host advantage come mind, as do a myriad of NAT issues that are sometimes hard to solve. For its part, developer Ubisoft Montreal confirmed prior to the game’s launch that For Honor’s networking model doesn’t rely on the connection of a single player to host a game.

Instead, matches are hosted using the connections of all players. While this may seem impressive, the result is the same: constant disconnects from players and other problems typical of peer-to-peer games such as teleporting opponents. If you know anything about how For Honor plays, you’ll know any of these issues can be a death sentence to a skill and timing-based game like this.

This issue is exacerbated further because the game does not offer any early quit penalties. Sometimes, you’re not sure if your opponent rage-quit or simply suffered a connection problem. You won’t have to look far to see comments calling for the game to adopt a dedicated server model.

While dedicated servers are almost always a better solution, running a large number of servers across the various regions would cost Ubisoft a lot of money, certainly more than it’s spending now on the game’s peer-to-peer solution. There’s also the fact that Ubisoft Montreal will need to rewrite large parts of the game’s networking code for the game to transfer over flawlessly to the new system, which is not an easy task.

The video above from CrowbCat reflects what a large portion of those affected by these issues feel at the moment. For some, these issues come up at least once every five games.

[image] via The Jimquisition.

Someone finished Nioh in 96 mins, hats off to this new world record holder

21 Feb

Nioh is tough, but some people are just tougher.

A new Nioh speedrun record has been established.

Twitch streamer Distortion2 made an all main missions Nioh run in 1:36:51, a feat he describes as “a decent run”.

He died about six times during the attempt, so he believes he can shave the time down to below 90 mins. Nioh has pretty quick respawn times, thankfully. You can watch the full run via the YouTube embed above.

It’s kind of funny how for some of us Nioh is much tougher than Souls games, but for others it seems to be a walk in the park. Team Ninja’s action legacy means there’s less opportunity to over-level or cheese your way through encounters, but some people really thrive on that nerve-edge of precise action gaming – like this person who just walks all over one of Dark Souls 3’s toughest bosses.

Those of us who can’t do that and prefer to leverage RPG systems will find Nioh tougher than Souls. Nioh is slightly less forgiving in that you can’t co-op your way through it, too. Alas!

How are you finding Nioh’s difficulty? Do you think you could knock it over in an hour and a half once you knew your way around and how to defeat each major boss?

Thanks, Joab!

Final Fantasy 15 sidescroller originally exclusive to GameStop will be free for everyone next week

21 Feb

A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy 15 can be yours, very soon.

Final fantasy 15 a kings tale

Final Fantasy 15 pre-orders from GameStop and its international partners came with a sidescrolling action game called A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy 15.

Those of you who missed out on this exclusive are in luck: Square Enix has elected to make A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy 15 available to everyone – for free.

Gematsu reports A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy 15 will be free on the PSN and Xbox Live from March 1 in Europe. No word yet on the US release date, but it’s almost certainly going to be February 28 or at least within the week.

A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy 15 is just one of a number of transmedia offerings that can aid your understanding of the core RPG’s story; there’s also the Brotherhood anime series, and most essentially the Kingsglaive movie, which really should have been a pack-in.

Final Fantasy 15 drew criticism for its narrative, which didn’t work as well as it could have if players hadn’t taken in Kingsglaive at least. Director Hajime Tabata stands by the weirdness of the final third, but upcoming patches will address some Final Fantasy 15 story threads that go nowhere, among other narrative issues.

Final Fantasy 15 is available for PS4 and Xbox One.

Nioh is getting even harder next month, PvP and first DLC coming in April

20 Feb

Nioh has plenty more content to offer, free and paid alike.


Nioh developer Team Ninja has outlined its immediate post-release support plans.

Drawing on a Japanese livestream, Gematsu reports Nioh players can expect two free updates across the next two months, followed by three DLC packs. Here’s the schedule:

  • In late March, Team Ninja will release a free Nioh update with 10 high difficulty missions, including boss rush-style missions.
  • In late April, another free update will add a PvP update to Nioh.
  • The first Nioh DLC, Dragon of Tohoku, also arrives in late April. It includes new weapons, scenarios, characters, guardian spirits, yokai and stages.
  • The second Nioh DLC is called Japan’s Best Warrior and has not been dated.
  • The third Nioh DLC is called Peaceful and Tranquil and has not been dated.

Nioh seems to be pretty popular at the moment; it definitely owes a lot to the Souls series but get past that first hour and hit the second boss to see just how much it differs; Team Ninja’s fabled action skills take the game in a pretty different direction.

Anyway, the fervent, growing Nioh fanbase ought to be pretty pleased with these updates; let’s hope there’ll be more free missions later on, too.

It’s Nioh time again: come watch us apply lessons learned as we dive back into battle with the yokai

20 Feb

Nioh is tough, and it never stops demanding more of the player. Will we conquer?

Watch live video from vg247 on www.twitch.tv

Nioh players have a lot of gameplay choices. Even before we get into gear and abilities, there’s the whole stance thing – and perhaps even more fundamentally, the moment to moment decision to block or dodge incoming attacks.

If you come at Nioh from a Souls background you may favour dodging over rolling, but for all the similarities Nioh is not a Souls game, and there comes a point where the game just says “look, you have to learn to block, or you’re going to be stuck here forever”.

Of course, it isn’t so kind as to say this explicitly; it just throws enemies you can’t dodge at you and expects you to figure it out. In a recent Nioh stream, Shabana went through this learning process – and now she’s ready to kick butt, or limb, or head, or whatever surface is presented to her – be it flesh or carapace or what.

Tune in above to see what challenges are in store in our continuing Nioh adventures. We don’t know what’s out there, but we do know we’re going to beat it the heck up.

For Honor claims top spot in UK Charts, the biggest new IP at No.1 since No Man’s Sky

20 Feb

For Honor’s launch week has been very successful, at least as far as the UK Charts are concerned.


Ubisoft may not have revealed any For Honor sales details yet, but in the UK, the game’s performance is being compared to hits like The Division and No Man’s Sky.

According to GfK, For Honor topped the charts across all formats this past week. This makes it the biggest new IP launch at the same spot since No Man’s Sky. 57% of sales were made on PS4, leaving 43% for Xbox One.

Sniper Elite 4, which launched in the same week, came in at the second spot. The unstoppable GTA 5 had to drop to No.3, despite a 7% increase in sales.

Find the full top ten below:

  • 1. For Honor
  • 2. Sniper Elite 4
  • 3. GTA 5
  • 4. FIFA 17
  • 5. Battlefield 1
  • 6. Resident Evil 7
  • 7. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
  • 8. Rocket League
  • 9. Forza Horizon 3
  • 10. Watch Dogs 2

If you’re among the many who are currently playing, our super helpful guide will help you get better.

Dawn of War 3 gets suitably epic story trailer, confirms Spear of Khaine is involved

17 Feb

The conflict wrapped up in the story of Dawn of War 3 becomes clear.

Relic has released a new trailer for Dawn of War 3, the first in a long while. It’s called Prophecy of War and is very much story-focused.

The prophecy in question is cited at the start of trailer, as Farseer Taldeer outlines the main story setup that will bring all three races to war. The Spear of Khaine is the impetus behind the events this time around, though not much else is known.

Farseer Taldeer’s prophecy is ominous though, as these usually tend to be. Gabriel Angelos, Farseer Macha, and Gorgutz are all here, and they all seem to be fighting enemies within their ranks, as well as each other.

Alongside the new trailer, Relic also put out a call to action themed around each of the three factions. These videos show a bit more gameplay, and highlight what the Space Marines, Eldar, and Orks are each fighting for.

Dawn of War 3 comes out this year on PC.

Capcom still filing for Deep Down trademarks, but does it actually still exist?

17 Feb

At this point, nobody brings up Deep Down unless it’s talk of another trademark renewal.


Deep Down had one of the most striking trailers at the PlayStation 4 unveiling back in 2013. This also served as its first official announcement, but since then, it’s been a whole load of nothing.

Sure, some gameplay video followed months, sometimes years later, but as of this writing, no one knows what its current state is. In fact, the last time we heard of Deep Down was when Capcom extended the trademark once again, which is the same reason the game popped up today.

This time, the registration was filed in the US earlier this month (via Gamespot). This is a new trademark, as opposed to an extension, which is what the publisher has been doing.

That said, there’s barely any new details in this application, and Capcom has not mentioned the game in a long while, not even in financial briefings. At this point, it seems the publisher just wants to make sure the trademark is not lost.

Watch Tekken’s Katsuhiro Harada nerd out over For Honor’s combat mechanics

17 Feb

Katsuhiro Harada had a few things to tell For Honor producer Jason Vandenberghe about his game.

For Honor‘s combat mechanics are rooted in fighting game fundamentals, this much is clear. Hearing creative producer Jason Vandenberghe describe how Ubisoft Montreal wanted to translate this well into a 3D action game format is eye-opening.

And who’s better suited to have this chat with Vandenberghe than longtime Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada. In the video, Harada gives his impressions of some of the main features of For Honor, and answers a couple of questions in a way only someone with his experience can.

The most interesting part of the video is when Vandenberghe talks about how the directional attack indicators were devised as a solution to having a behind-the-back camera. According to him, this particular perspective doesn’t display all the information about players’ moves to each other, unlike what the 2D perspective – typical of fighting games – would.

In case calling For Honor a fighting game scares you, we’re here to help. We’ve been analysing and breaking down every part of the game to put things in simpler terms that anyone can understand. Don’t hesitate to give our guide a look, it’s constantly updated and full of useful information.

For Honor getting big guard break counter changes, Valkyrie buff, more

17 Feb

For Honor has been out mere days, and already, the developers are talking about making changes.


Ubisoft has announced the first round of fixes and changes hitting For Honor, just a few days after the game’s official launch.

Community manager Eric Pope took to the game’s sub-Reddit to outline some of the biggest issues fans have raised with the developer, and how the team is responding to them.

First up is the issue of bots replacing disconnecting players in Duel, Brawl, and Elimination. The issue is not that bots can take the place of human players, it’s that they spawn with full health mid-fight. When your opponent rage-quits as you were about to win – for instance – you’re suddenly forced to fight a full-health bot to win the round.

Ubisoft Montreal recognises this isn’t fair, and will be making a change. Now, the replacement bot will spawn-in dead. This means you get to win the current round, and both of you can start fresh the next one.

Another big change has to do with how guard break countering currently works in the game. Right now, you can’t counter a guard break during the attempt, and must wait until the grab animation hits you to counter. In the beta, if you saw it coming, you could easily counter the guard break as your opponent was attempting it.

Pope confirmed that the guard break behaviour will return to what it was in the beta.

As for hero balance and bug fixes, Conqueror, Berserker, Peacekeeper, and Valkyrie are all getting touched up. There’s a bug in the game currently that means any light attacks you block from a Conqueror or a Berserker allows them to combo that into a free guard break. This will be fixed.

Peacekeeper is currently also affected by a bug that prevents the second and third stabs after a guard break from applying bleed. This, too, will be fixed.

As for Valkyrie, well, the class is getting a number of buffs. Here they are:

  • Light attacks: reduced recovery time
  • Light chains: reduced time between attacks
  • Pouncing Thrust & Hunter’s Strike: increased damage and link options after those moves
  • Shield Crush: add link to Light Attack chains
  • Hunter’s Rush: reduced recovery time

Pope did not say when we should expect these changes to hit the live game, or if all fixes will be included in one patch.

If you’re looking to step up your For Honor game, maybe give our guide a look. We’re updating it every day, and it covers everything from basic gameplay concepts to how you can create your own emblem.

New Vampire: The Masquerade and Mage: The Ascension games show White Wolf, World of Darkness are officially out of hibernation

16 Feb

Two new World of Darkness games out right now within a month of Werewolf: The Apocalypse’s announce? Every 90’s kid RPG nerd in the building is getting misty-eyed.

Vampire: The Masquerade is a brand legendary among video games for classic, broken Troika RPG Bloodlines, but for those whose hobbies include tabletop gaming it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

World of Darkness, the huge family of pen-and-paper RPGS to which Vampire: The Masquerade belongs, is back in action all of sudden and a bunch of us nerds are falling over ourselves in excitement as a result.

Today’s update is the release of two new World of Darkness games. Vampire: Prelude (that’s its app name; the full title its Vampire The Masquerade: We Eat Blood and All Our Friends Are Dead) and Mage the Ascension: Refuge are both described as interactive fiction, and are presented in messaging format, suggesting World of Darkness has fully embraced the modern technological era.

You can buy these two games individually on both Google Play and the App Store, or grab them bundled as World of Darkness Preludes: Vampire and Mage on Steam. You can do it right now.

The two new releases follow on from the announcement of Werewolf: The Apocalypse, a game which seems to be as much about punching nazis as anything else, after more than a decade without a single World of Darkness video game release.

This is presumably all thanks to Paradox Interactive’s acquisition of World of Darkness studio White Wolf after CCP gave up on its eight year attempt to build a World of Darkness MMO.

It’s all really happening, pals. World of Darkness video games are coming out. Before you know it we’ll be painting our fingernails black again.

Players are already being super creative with their For Honor emblem ideas

16 Feb

As always, the ingenuity of fans let loose on a creation system is something to behold.


A lot of competitive multiplayer games these days feature some sort of emblem or logo creator – and usually that logo shows up somewhere on your character, usually on a shoulder pad or something like that. As a result they’re usually quite small, but given the medieval theme off For Honor emblems are a very real, universe-appropriate thing.

Players have already been going nuts with the emblem creator, and some of the emblem ideas they’ve had are pretty impressive. We figured it’d be worth pulling a couple of our favourites, though there’s now an entire reddit dedicated to For Honor emblems.

First up, I want to note it’s not all references. I’m about to drop a ton of nerdy, referential emblem designs below, but there are a ton of really impressive all-original ones around such as these incredible dragon and phoenix designs:


With that incredible work nodded to, let’s now note that somebody made a whole lot of emoji. There’s your usual heart-eyed faces and sobbing faces and the like, but the gallery also features a pretty damn good poop emoji emblem. As you do.


If you fancy being the very best


Or being a Vanguard from a world very different to For Honor’s…


One hopes you don’t die as much in For Honor as in Dark Souls, else your team would be pretty mad


And no matter your comic book allegiance, both Marvel and DC are already well represented:


Also, here’s a Wu Tang emblem. Yeah. This game is alright.


Anyway, the point is – fans are already making amazing stuff, and many of these links have tutorials – and even those who don’t, hey, they’re free emblem ideas for your brain, like. There’s loads more over on the reddit. It’s certainly made me want to give For Honor’s emblem creator a little more love.

Starting a new character in Nioh could overwrite your old save

16 Feb

There’s a major bug in Nioh that could result in the loss of your main character if you decide to create a new one.


When starting Nioh for the first time, you are not prompted to create a character. Instead, you start it the same way you would any single-player game: play using the standard protagonist.

The game doesn’t tell you one way or another that this is the only save you could have, which led some into creating new save files to start over after learning the ropes, or simply as a way of experimenting with a fresh build.

For some players, however, this did not go too well, as the game sometimes decides to delete your original save. More than one Reddit user have faced the same problem, and they all appear to have lost access either to their entire first save, or a decent chunk of the most recent progress made there.

The issue is that the game isn’t upfront about this, so you never know until you’ve actually run into the issue. Other players are juggling multiple saves without issue, so clearly it’s possible. But, because there are no dedicated slots in the traditional sense, you’re kind of making a gamble if you decide to start a new save.

One NeoGAF user also found this out the hard way, even using a single PSN account.

For now, if you have to start a new character for any reason, make sure to back up your original save file to a USB before doing so. Until the issue is fixed, or Team Ninja explains what’s causing this, it’s not worth losing hours of progress.

This For Honor video proves you can take on multiple opponents by yourself, and win

16 Feb

So long as you don’t panic, you can totally overcome multiple opponents on your own in For Honor.

For Honor‘s mechanically-dense nature means you really have to know the strengths and weaknesses of your class. The game is already taxing enough in 1v1 situations, let alone when getting wailed on by more opponents than you can handle.

But, as this video from Twitch streamer Iskys (via FragmentShader) proves, if you keep your cool, you will prevail. At first, the streamer is seen fighting 1v1, when another enemy decides to join the fight.

With most of his blocks and parries on point, Iskys triggers Revenge mode and manages to take one out, reverting the fight back to 1v1. But it doesn’t end there, after nearly killing the remaining opponent, another comes rushing in.

Our hero now has a single bar of health, but thanks to competent blocking, he gets to call in Revenge mode again. Which he does, allowing him to get rid of one, and once again turn the fight into 1v1. Despite having very little health left, he succeeds in devastating the – nearly full health – final challenger.

What’s impressive is that he never once resorted to any untoward tactics, and kept all fights honourable. We can’t promise you’ll be as good as Iskys when you read our For Honor guide, but we can promise you won’t be bumbling and mashing your way through fights.

Big Pokemon Go update coming this week, brings 80+ Pokemon from Gold & Silver, more

15 Feb

Pokemon Go is getting a huge update that will add gameplay improvements and over 80 new Pokemon.

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has announced that it’ll be releasing a big update for the game this week that’ll bring updated encounter gameplay, new evolution options, new Berries, and more. More importantly, over 80 new Pokemon will also be added from Pokemon Gold & Silver.

Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile are among the new Pokemon. These will be found in the wild, not exclusively from eggs.

The new evolution options allow Trainers to evolve their Pokemon into any of the Pokemon found in Gold & Silver’s Johto region. As for the new Berries, there are two of them. The Nanab Berry slows Pokemon movements, and the Pinap Berry doubles the amount of Candy received if the following catch attempt succeeds.

Trainer avatar items are also getting expanded, and you’ll be able to choose from a selection of new hats, shirts, pants, and other cosmetic items. Some will be available for purchase from the in-game store.

Niantic hasn’t announced a solid date for the update just yet beyond “later this week,” but it did release a trailer to get you excited in the meantime.

Nioh – use this strategy for an always-charged Living Weapon

15 Feb

The Nioh community has come up with another way of making boss fights trivial.


Nioh offers you a wide range of skills in each of the weapon trees, not to mention the many ninja and Onmyo options at your disposal.

Because of this, the number of possible combinations, and the effect each of them has on the game’s various enemies, can be harder to predict. We’ve already seen what using the Sloth Talisman does to bosses and other fast enemies, and another new tactic has now emerged.

The strategy, as demonstrated in the video by YouTuber PowerPyx, relies on Soulstones to charge up the Living Weapon instantly. Living Weapon amps up your damage considerably, and prevents you from losing health when taking damage.

Consuming Soulstones, and other Spirit Stones will charge up your Living Weapon, and obviously grant you some Amrita. But the trick here is to have a number of them ready so you can use Living Weapons back to back, for maximum potency.

Beware of very late-game sub-mission boss spoiler.

With that said, this particular tactic is more risky than using the Sloth Talisman, since the damage output also takes into account how many points you put into Spirit. In addition, having a decent supply of Soulstones is not easy, since they’re random drops and you’ve most probably used up many of them trying to level up.

In any case, it’s something to consider if you’re running into unbeatable bosses.

Players are not able to redeem their For Honor deluxe and gold edition bonus content

15 Feb

If your For Honor season pass and deluxe edition codes are not working, you’re not alone.


Outside of the expensive collector’s editions, there are three For Honor versions you can buy, both digitally and at retail. These are the standard, deluxe, and gold editions.

The deluxe edition comes with extra cosmetic content and an XP boost, and the gold edition includes said bonuses alongside the game’s season pass. If you picked up your copy at retail for either of these, you may have noticed that the included codes for the bonus content do not work.

The issue has been widely reported by players on the Ubisoft forums in multiple separate threads, as well as on Reddit and other forums. The problem is simple: whenever you try to redeem the DLC codes through the store, they don’t get recognised.

Most of the reports were of the PS4 version, though some are from Xbox One players as well. Some simply attributed this to the PlayStation Store having not yet been updated to recognise the codes. Store update usually take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Although it’s unclear where the fault lies, Ubisoft has confirmed on official forums, and to those who contacted the publisher’s support team directly, that it’s aware of the issues. So far, new reports continue to come in, which means at least a few players are still affected.

For now, the best course of action is to contact Ubisoft support with a proof of purchase to see what can be done. If your copy is digital, you should contact Sony support – though there haven’t been any reports of digital version troubles that we’ve seen.

For Honor is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

For Honor reviews round-up – critics are in love with the game’s multiplayer

15 Feb

We may not have too many For Honor review scores just yet, but everyone is raving about it.

for_honor_launch_screens (3)

For Honor came out Tuesday worldwide on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Being an always-online game, Ubisoft did not send review code until the day of release.

Naturally, many outlets have yet to issue final scores, so most elected to write down their impressions in the meantime. Keep in mind that the game had two beta rounds before, and the core gameplay hasn’t changed much since then. For this reason, you’ll find many are basing their assessment on what they played in the beta as well as their time with the final code.

That said, there’s plenty of positive impressions to go around, mostly of the multiplayer modes. The most commonly called out cause of frustration is how the bigger modes quickly turn into chaos, which was to be expected.

You won’t find too much chatter about the single-player campaign, since reviewers are still working their way through it, but what little talk there is, suggests it’s either throwaway or decent enough for a playthrough. Most agree, however, it should not be the main focus.

As for scores, assume they’re out of ten unless where otherwise noted.

We’ll update the story as more reviews and scores appear.

For Honor: in-game microtransactions store now open, currency packs go as high as $100

14 Feb

The For Honor in-game store contains a variety of items you can spend your money on – real or virtual.


For Honor officially went live some hours ago across all platforms. As expected, the game comes with an in-game store from day one.

Ubisoft previously said that certain post-launch content like maps will be coming to all for free, while new heroes will require some in-game grinding to get. Alternatively, there is a season pass you can buy that grants you said heroes without the need to spend in-game currency.

Although the publisher never mentioned microtransactions, many accepted they would be added at some point given the game’s DLC model, which is quite similar to that of Rainbow Six Siege.

Well, the in-game store is now live, and one NeoGAF member kindly grabbed a number of screens showing all the items available for sale.


As you can see, there’s a variety of things on offer. You can get an XP boost, called Champion Status. You can also pay to unlock all Feats (scorestreaks) for all characters in one go, not to mention the various outfit bundles.

All of that is available for Steel, For Honor’s in-game currency, earnable through a variety of ways. You’re also able to exchange real-money for Steel, starting at $5/€5 for 5000 Steel, $10/€10 for 11,000 Steel, $20/€20 for 25,000 Steel, $50/€50 for 65,000 Steel, and a whopping $100/€100 for 150,000 Steel.

There’ll no doubt be more to come, but these are your options now.