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Watch Rain World’s opening cinematic now so you can get in on the ground with this week’s indie darling

27 Mar

Rain World is probably going to be the pretty indie everyone swoons over this week. Get on board now or you’ll be left climbing onto the bandwagon mid-parade.

Rain World releases this week for PC and PS4 after several years of anticipation, and it looks very special indeed.

The opening cinematic above does a good job of communicating a lovely melancholic aesthetic and introducing the Slugcat protagonist, but what makes this gorgeous platformer so intriguing to me is that Rain World boasts an ecosystem in which creatures lead an existence semi-independent of the player’s actions.

The video doesn’t show that, or any gameplay, so I really recommend checking out the previous Rain World trailer to see it in action and get a feel for how it plays. We’ve got some other gameplay trailers under the Rain World tag if you fancy it, but most of them are pretty old; we’ve been waiting on this one for four years now.

Rain World is just one of a number of indies produced in partnership with Adult Swim Games, which is doing some really interesting things at the moment.

Coincidentally, as I wrote this article it began to rain, and my cat flopped down on the desk in an extremely slug-like fashion. Let’s hope this is a positive omen.

Cheetah tears it up in new Injustice 2 trailer

20 Mar

Get a better look at Injustice 2’s Cheetah.

NetherRealm has released a new character trailer for another one of the many heroes and villains in Injustice 2.

Today’s pick is Cheetah, widely associated with Wonder Woman lore as being amongst her biggest adversaries. We were previously introduced to Cheetah’s viciousness in the ‘Here come the girls’ trailer, which only showed a tiny bit of her in-game look.

Today’s trailer, however, takes a bit of deeper dive, offering a much better look at many of her main attacks, including her ultimate. Cheetah is seen tearing up Deadshot, Robin, and of course, Wonder Woman.

There are no CG-style cut-scenes featuring her, though, so it probably means she won’t play a role in the game’s story.

Injustice 2 is out May 16 on PS4, and Xbox One.

The Surge releases May 16

17 Mar

The Surge has finally been given a solid release date.

The Surge, the Souls-like action RPG from Lords of the Fallen developers Deck13, was recently given a May release window. Today, the developer confirmed the game will launch on May 16.

To celebrate, the developer released the second part of that CGI trailer. Today’s trailer puts more emphasis on the action, though, and it looks good.

Although The Surge may appear like sci-fi Souls, it’s actually got a lot more going for it than that. The game features a limb targeting system that lets you attack specific body parts and limbs on enemies to gain appropriate powers and loot.

The most recent gameplay trailer showed the progress Deck13 made since demoing gameplay footage for the first time last year. Give it a watch to get an idea of how the game actually plays.

The Surge is out May 16 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Injustice 2 reveals Source Crystals, a real money currency that lets you change the look of characters, power level

16 Mar

Injustice 2 has a new currency called Source Crystals you can buy with real-world money.


NetherRealm has announced a new type of in-game currency for Injustice 2 that it says can only be spent on cosmetic features.

It’s called Source Crystals and it can only be purchased with real money. Source Crystals can be spent on three main items: Premiere Skins, shaders for existing skins, and on the Transform Gear feature.

Premiere Skins are new models for existing characters that completely change their looks and voice, similar to the ones you get in the game’s
deluxe and ultimate editions
. These do not have any gameplay advantages.

Shaders are colour variations you can apply to your existing gear, like what you see in Harley Quinn’s costume above. Transform Gear allows you to change the look of one piece of gear into another, and keep the stats – commonly known as transmogrification in other games.

“We value our community and want to be clear – you cannot “pay to win” with Injustice 2,” the studio noted in the announcement.

Although NetherRealm says Source Crystals won’t impact progression, one particular way you could use them is billed as allowing you to “save time.” If you rank up at least one character to level 20, you can use Source Crystals to level up other characters to the same level.

“This is optional and won’t affect gameplay or game progression,” the developer notes. Source Crystals will be available on the Xbox and PlayStation stores at launch.

Injustice 2 is out May 16 on PS4, and Xbox One.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War announcement trailer confirms August release date, looks ridiculously good

27 Feb

Warner Bros. has unleashed the Shadow of War annoucement trailer, and it looks amazing.

Mere hours ago, Target tried to flog a game that hadn’t even been announced yet, but Warner Bros. Interactive has jumped on board the Middle Earth train and released a proper announcement trailer for the follow up to Shadow of Mordor.

Feast your eyes on Middle Earth: Shadow of War. It looks ruddy marvellous.

A gameplay reveal was teased for March 8 so we can look forward to more details then.

As it stands, there are three editions to choose from; Standard, Silver, and Gold, as well as Amazon’s exclusive Mithril Edition.

“In Middle-earth: Shadow of War™, players wield a new Ring of Power and confront the deadliest of enemies, including Sauron and his Nazgul, in a monumental battle for Middle-earth.

“The open-world action-adventure game is brought to life through the expansion of the award-winning Nemesis System. The robust personalization from the first game is now applied to the entire world where the environments and characters are all shaped by player actions and decisions, creating a personal world unique to every gameplay experience.”

The game is set between the events in the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, continuing the original story from the previous game.

Michael de Plater, Vice President, Creative, at Monolith Productions, said, “Following the amazing reception to Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor™, we massively expanded every dimension of the game, including the world, the story, the RPG systems, the core gameplay and of course the personal player stories of the Nemesis System.”

Nemesis Fortresses are now going to be a thing, allowing players to take over “dynamic strongholds and create personalized worlds with their unique Orc army.”

Followers are another new addition to the gameplay with “entirely new stories of loyalty, betrayal and revenge.”

Middle Earth: Shadow of War will release on August 25 for PC, PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, and Xbox Scorpio (when that releases).

Dawn of War 3 gets suitably epic story trailer, confirms Spear of Khaine is involved

17 Feb

The conflict wrapped up in the story of Dawn of War 3 becomes clear.

Relic has released a new trailer for Dawn of War 3, the first in a long while. It’s called Prophecy of War and is very much story-focused.

The prophecy in question is cited at the start of trailer, as Farseer Taldeer outlines the main story setup that will bring all three races to war. The Spear of Khaine is the impetus behind the events this time around, though not much else is known.

Farseer Taldeer’s prophecy is ominous though, as these usually tend to be. Gabriel Angelos, Farseer Macha, and Gorgutz are all here, and they all seem to be fighting enemies within their ranks, as well as each other.

Alongside the new trailer, Relic also put out a call to action themed around each of the three factions. These videos show a bit more gameplay, and highlight what the Space Marines, Eldar, and Orks are each fighting for.

Dawn of War 3 comes out this year on PC.

Swamp Thing confirmed for Injustice 2, watch the first gameplay footage

13 Feb

Injustice 2’s latest character reveal is Swamp Thing.

Injustice 2 developer NetherRealm has officially revealed the game’s next character. This time, it’s not a returning favourite.

Swamp Thing is the man of the hour, and in the video above from IGN, you’ll be able to take a look at how the character plays.

The video is short, and shows him fighting, and destroying, a number of other characters. We get a glimpse of his intro, too. Swamp Thing looks to be on the heavy bruiser side, similar to Atrocitus and Grodd.

Injustice 2 is out May 16 on PS4, and Xbox One.

There’s more gameplay in this Little Nightmares trailer than in any other video

9 Feb

Get to know what you’ll be spending your time doing in Little Nightmares.

The latest video for indie horror platformer Little Nightmares is here, and it’s entirely made up of gameplay footage. For the first time, we get to appreciate the gameplay, and not just the overall look and general atmosphere.

The trailer shows a few of the elements used in puzzle-solving, as well as some of the stealth – which looks like there’s going to be a fair bit of in Little Nightmares. There’s a reliance on using the environment itself to go forward, without introducing too many outside variables.

More and more, the game looks like it’s borrowing a few things from Inside and Limbo, which is definitely not a bad thing.

Little Nightmares is out April 28 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

The Surge gets May release date, flashy CG trailer

26 Jan

The Surge’s dystopian world and the corporation behind saving it, are shown in a new trailer.

The Surge developer Deck 13 has announced that the action RPG is due for release this May. There’s no specific day just yet, but we do have a new trailer.

It’s all CG, starring freshly-recruited protagonist Warren. He joins the CERO corporation, and gets an exo-suit bolted onto him. There isn’t much action in the trailer, apart from teasing a fight with a big mechanised boss.

The trailer also reveals the May release month, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. If you missed it, Deck 13 has been regularly showing off gameplay footage.

The Surge is the next game from the developers of Lords of the Fallen, and it shares some elements with the Souls series.

Tekken 7 gets a June release date, story-heavy trailer

23 Jan

Tekken 7 will be with us this summer.

Tekken 7 has finally been given a release date, just like Namco promised last week. The game will be out on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on June 2.

Namco announced the date today and confirmed that Eliza will be a pre-order bonus on all platforms. If you’re pre-ordering the digital Xbox One version, you’ll also receive a free copy of Tekken 6, playable through backwards compatibility.

Tekken 7 will get a season pass that includes access to three “content packs”. These will include new characters, stages, a new game mode, costume packs, and a 35-piece Metallic costume pack. These DLC packs will also be sold separately, though no prices have been revealed.

A digital deluxe edition will be available that includes the main game as well as the season pass. This version will be released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

tekken_7_collectors_edition_1 tekken_7_digital_deluxe_shot_1 tekken_7_digital_pre_order_1 tekken_7_playstation_exlusive_jukebox_1 tekken_7_playstation_exlusive_jukebox_2

Those who buy the PS4 version will get exclusive content in the form of legacy costumes from Tekken 2 and Tekken 4 characters King, Xiaoyu, and Jin. A Jukebox mode is also exclusive to PS4, and through it, you’ll be able to listen to classic music from the series and create your own playlists to run in the background as you play.

Finally, Namco also announced a collector’s edition for Tekken 7. Available only on PS4, and Xbox One, this version comes with a 12” tall by 18” wide statue of Kazuya fly-kicking Heihachi, a steelbook case, and the official soundtrack.

tekken_7_january_batch_screen_1 tekken_7_january_batch_screen_2 tekken_7_january_batch_screen_3 tekken_7_january_batch_screen_4 tekken_7_january_batch_screen_5 tekken_7_january_batch_screen_6 tekken_7_january_batch_screen_7 tekken_7_january_batch_screen_8 tekken_7_january_batch_screen_9 tekken_7_january_batch_screen_10 tekken_7_january_batch_screen_11 tekken_7_january_batch_screen_12

Namco also revealed a new trailer that shows more of the game’s story than we’ve ever seen before. You can catch it above.

Tekken 7 is out June 2 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Amazon pulls The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild spoilerific guide

23 Jan

The official The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide was swiftly removed from Amazon for spilling too many details.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is available to pre-order on Amazon and if you visited the UK site over the weekend, you could have also ordered yourself the official Piggyback Collector’s Edition Guide.

breath-of wild-guide-

But it turns out that the listed description gave the game away earlier than Nintendo may have liked, because the page is now displaying a 404 error.

The guide detailed the number of shrines, Korok seed puzzles, and side quests, but Nintendo Everything managed to grab the description before it disappeared, so if you don’t want to know the details, look away.

  • Collector’s Edition bonus: Premium hardcover, large-size map poster and dedicated 16-page retrospective celebrating thirty years of Zelda games
  • At-a-glance walkthroughs: Annotated maps and screenshots show you the way through every quest and dungeon
  • Utterly comprehensive: 120 Shrine mini-dungeons, 900 Korok seed puzzles, 76 side quests all mapped out and ready for you to discover and complete! Also includes optional challenges, mini-games, unlockables, Easter eggs, and more
  • Puzzle Master: Every single puzzle and riddle unraveled with clear, visual solutions
  • Expert combat strategy: Practical, reproducible tactics to crush your enemies, even the toughest bosses
  • Comprehensive reference: Exhaustive appraisals of all items and monsters including key parameters that are hidden in the game
  • Extra large map poster: covering the entire game world
  • Quality control: carefully designed to avoid unnecessary story spoilers

We’ve also had a peek at the map that comes with the Special Edition and Master Edition of the game, and yesterday it was revealed that there would be at least two endings.

Stay on the lookout for spoilers as we get closer to release.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is out on March 3, 2017 for the Nintendo Switch and Wii U.

Nioh Last Chance Trial out now on North American & European PS Stores, here’s what you can actually do in it

19 Jan

The content of the final Nioh demo/beta has been outlined, and you’ll want to play it, even if you finished the previous two.

Nioh developer Team Ninja announced one final demo for the game out of nowhere yesterday. It was believed to be Japan-only for a while, before it popped up on the EU PS Store.

The trial has since been released on the North American Store as well, and the studio finally explained what to expect from it.

First up, in terms of content, the demo offers an expanded version of the area shown at PlayStation Experience last year. Completing the main mission will reward you with the Ogress Headgear for use with the full game.

However, if you complete the Twilight Mission, which is noticeably harder than the main event, you’ll earn both Mark of the Conqueror and Mark of the Strong, the two rewards from the alpha and beta demos.

Just be sure to not remove your trial save files after you’re done playing. Instead, keep them until you get the full game.

The demo is only playable for less than 24 hours, starting at 12am PT / 3am ET on January 21, until 9pm PT / 12am ET on January 22.

Nioh is officially release February 7 on PS4.

Tekken 7 release date coming next week

19 Jan

We’re finally going to get a release date for Tekken 7.


Very soon, Namco will announce the release date for the highly anticipated Tekken 7.

The game’s official Twitter shared the pre-announcement earlier, confirming that the game’s release is coming next week. No other details were specified, so we’ll have to keep an eye out for the entirety of the week.

One of the more interesting features of Tekken 7 is the single-player campaign. The mode is said to mix QTE’s and cut-scenes with regular gameplay for a more cinematic experience, and recent trailers have certainly demonstrated that. It looks completely bonkers amazing, even more so than usual.

Tekken 7 is in development for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Fire Emblem Echoes for 3DS, Fire Emblem Warriors for New 3DS and Switch, and Fire Emblem Heroes for mobile all releasing this year

18 Jan

2017 is the year of Fire Emblem, apparently.

Fire Emblem was front and centre at a dedicated Nintendo Direct today. There were four major announcements, so let’s run through them in chronological order.

First off the bat is Fire Emblem Heroes, coming to Android via Google Play on February 2, although pre-registration begins January 19. It’s coming to iOS soon, but has not been dated.

The free-to-play app has players in the role of summoners, calling up heroes from the whole history of the Fire Emblem games to engage in strategic battle. All heroes will be rendered with hand-drawn art, with new voice work.

You can use touch-drag or more traditional controls, and although maps have been designed to fit smartphone screens, you’ll need to be tactical and leverage terrain to achieve victory. Enemy attributes and the weapon triangle are key, and you can visit the Training Tower to level up if you struggle with the difficulty of the main quest.

Keen? You can begin your Fire Emblem Heroes journey today by voting on characters to appear in the game’s first major event. Check out the first trailer and opening movie below.

Next up is Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, releasing for 3DS May 19. This isn’t an entirely new game, but is a re-imagining on Fire Emblem Gaiden – a game many western fans won’t have played, as it was Japan exclusive. Released in 1992 as the second entry in the Fire Emblem series, it had a profound influence on what followed.

Built on a larger scale than Gaiden, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia features dual protagonists Alm and Celica, who will join the Amiibo ranks when the game releases.

Gaiden has been fully updated for this re-release with full voice work, and traditional gameplay has been updated with “a modern twist”, which seems to include dungeons.

Now let’s talk about Fire Emblem Warriors, which was announced last week. Nintendo didn’t have many new details to share, but did say the Koei Tecmo crossover will release in northern autumn for New 3DS and Switch. Check out a new, expanded trailer below.

Finally, a brand new, core Fire Emblem game is coming to Switch in 2018. It’ll be the first time a core Fire Emblem game has been developed exclusively for a home console since the Wii. No further details were announed.

Injustice 2 pre-order page reveals Deluxe & Ultimate editions, premiere skins

18 Jan

You’ll be getting quite a few pieces of content if you’re willing to spend more than $60 on Injustice 2.


NetherRealm and Warner Bros. officially kicked off the Injustice 2 marketing campaign yesterday with the release of the explosive story trailer.

Since then, pre-order pages for the game have gone up, revealing the existence of a Deluxe and Ultimate editions. The Deluxe edition, priced $80, gets you three downloadable fighters as soon as they become available, an exclusive Defender shader for use in gear customisation, and one premiere skin.

Warner says premier skins will completely change the look of characters, adding new dialogue and using a different voice. In the case of the Deluxe edition, the skin is for Supergirl, transforming her into Power Girl.

The Ultimate edition will run you $100, and includes nine future fighters, two exclusive shader packs (Destroyer and Defender), as well as three premiere skins. The skins are for The Flash, Green Lantern, and Supergirl.

The Supergirl skin is the same Power Girl one found in the Deluxe edition, whereas Green Lantern’s skin looks like it’ll turn him into the John Stewart version. It’s unclear how the premiere version of The Flash will be different from the standard one, though could be the Reverse-Flash.

The Deluxe version is only available digitally, but both standard and Ultimate editions are available at retail, as well as digitally. Darkseid is a pre-order bonus for all three.

This particular model is interesting, and could mean the studio doesn’t intend on offering a season pass this time around. The premiere skins are also an indication of the type of DLC we’ll be seeing post launch, outside of characters.

Injustice 2 is out May 16 on PS4, and Xbox One.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is getting a beta in February

18 Jan

You’ll have a chance to try out Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 next month.


Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 developer CI Games has announced that it’ll be releasing a beta for the game in February.

The beta will be available only on PC, starting February 3. You can register through the official website for a chance to be picked for the test.

The beta includes access to two single-player missions: Cut Off, and Blockout. CI Games did not say when the beta will be coming to an end, but referred to it as a “technical test” and encouraged those participating to offer their feedback.

Though you need to put your name down, the beta will be open, which means you have a decent chance of getting invited.

We were recently treated to an extended gameplay demo of Ghost Warrior 3. The video showcased many of the game’s stealth and confrontation options, and a wide array of the tools available.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 officially releases on April 4 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Nioh is getting another limited beta, but only in Japan

18 Jan

That is, of course, unless you understand Japanese and/or have no problem grabbing it from the Japanese store.


Nioh has had two demos last year, and with each one, the developer was able to show a new area and, in the case of the beta demo, implement fan feedback from the alpha.

Now, the game is getting another trial, though it’s going to be much limited. This one will be available only in Japan, and for just two days.

Announced on the Japanese PS Blog, the trial will be going live on Friday, January 20. It’ll only be playable from Saturday, January 21, to Sunday, January 22.

This trial is another chance to obtain the rewards from alpha and beta demos, too. There’s no word on whether we’ll see the trial in the West, though the EU PlayStation Blog did mention it in its weekly releases post, before quickly removing it.

At any rate, we’re getting pretty close to the game’s February 7 release date, so not much left to wait.

Little Nightmares gets April release date, new beautiful trailer

18 Jan

The unique-looking horror side-scroller Little Nightmares now has a final release date.

Little Nightmares, the indie horror game that existed previously under a different name and was later picked up by Bandai Namco, has been given an April 28 release date.

Little Nightmare stars Six, a little girl trapped in a prison called The Maw where every room is a puzzle. Six’s mission is to escape, evading a particular enemy who probably wants to eat her.

To go along with the release date, and the new trailer, Namco also revealed pre-order details and a collector’s edition. All digital pre-orders come with the Scarecrow Sack and the Upside-down Teapot Mask, two in-game items that help Six blend in.

Digital pre-orders on PC and PS4 come with the digital soundtrack, an exclusive theme on PS4 or a wallpaper on PC. Little Nightmares will also be available at retail, and that version too comes with the original soundtrack.

There’s a collector’s edition called The Six Edition, though it’s available only at GAME in the UK. The Six Edition comes with a 10cm high figurine, an exclusive A3 poster, and a sticker board, as well as the soundtrack.

little_nightmares_pre_order_bonus_1 little_nightmares_six_edition_1

Little Nightmares is out April 28 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Injustice 2 Lines are Redrawn trailer has dropped and it looks epic

17 Jan

What’s the DC gang up to? Getting an ass whooping in Injustice 2.

Yesterday, the official twitter accounts for Injustice 2 and DC Comics teased us with a couple of gifs for the newest CG story trailer.

Well, it’s just dropped and it looks fantastic. Check it out for yourself.

The Lines are Redrawn trailer shows events set in motion by the happenings in Injustice: Gods Among Us.

“Injustice 2 continues the epic cinematic story introduced in Injustice: Gods Among Us as Batman and his allies work towards putting the pieces of society back together while struggling against those who want to restore Superman’s regime. In the midst of the chaos, a new threat appears that will put Earth’s existence at risk.”

New DC characters will be joining the fray this time around, including Supergirl, Robin, Brainiac, and Poison Ivy. Take a look at some of the new artwork released alongside the trailer.

injustice_2_supergirl_artwork_1 injustice_2_robin_vs_blue_beetle_screen_1 injustice_2_darkseid_in_game_look_1 injustice_2_batman_artwork_1 injustice_2_superman_artwork_1

If you pre-order you’ll be able to play as Darkseid, seen making his debut at the end of the trailer. The trailer also revealed the existence of Deluxe and Ultimate editions, though details about them are yet to be made available.

Injustice 2 will be available for PS4 and Xbox One on May 19.

You can craft melee weapons in Mass Effect: Andromeda, but the system is “quite different” to Dragon Age: Inquisition

17 Jan

Mass Effect: Andromeda will be the first in the series to offer a crafting system, but that’s not all.


Mass Effect: Andromeda is the first Mass Effect game to allow you to craft weapons. It’s not the first BioWare game with a crafting system, though, and it’s going to be different from the one in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The game’s lead designer Ian S. Frazier, confirmed this on Twitter earlier, and revealed a number of other key details in the process.

First up, Frazier said that you’ll be able to name any weapon in the game, and gave the example of a Krogan-style hammer.

“PRO TIP: In MEA, you can craft your own krogan-style hammer and name it GRABTHAR’S HAMMER,” the lead designer told his followers. This lead fans to ask if that means melee weapons will have a dedicated slot.

Mass Effect previously had melee weapons in multiplayer, but never in the main campaign, outside of the Omni Blade. In Andromeda, the Omni Blade will return, and thought you’ll be able to upgrade it, you’ll have other options as well, thanks to the new melee slot.

To show off some of the creative names you could give your tools, senior designer Justin Perez chimed in to tell everyone the story of two of his weapons. One is called ‘Fast’, and the other is called ‘Furious’, it’s pretty amazing.

“The possibilities are endless,” added Frazier.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is out March 21 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.