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Bethesda will “probably” have a press conference at E3 2017

8 Sep

Bethesda reckons it’s going to have enough new things to show next year that it’ll justify hosting a press conference.


Since Bethesda started having its own press conference two E3s ago, every year fans wonder if the publisher will miss the next one. Although Bethesda owns a great number of franchises, they’re usually games with long development schedules and don’t always lend themselves well to E3-type announcements.

Looking ahead, the publisher believes it’s going to have enough content next year to able to fill the time. That’s according to VP of marketing Pete Hines, who told Metro that he knows whats in store for next year.

“Given what I know about what we’re gonna have going on next year, and what we’re gonna have to talk about, I would say that we’d probably have enough stuff to fill the time,” said Hines.

“And again, mostly because I really continue to like the idea of being able to talk to everybody about what we’re doing at the same time. So yeah, knowing what I know, I think we would probably do another one next year,” he added.

If we’re going to guess, there’s a chance next year will bring us more from Quake Champions, if it’s not already out before E3, and perhaps a look at what Machine Games has been up to. A new Wolfenstein game, most likely. Then there’s the Prey reboot, which could benefit from being shown a bit more next year, as it looks like it may not be out before the show.

Hideo Kojima Reveals More About Death Stranding, Wanted to Show a Naked and Crying Norman

13 Jul

Death Stranding was announced at E3 2016 as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. The title is under development at Kojima Productions in partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment. Norman Reedus is playing the lead role in Death Stranding. The footage we saw at E3 showed a very emotional side of Norman Reedus. His calm, cold and collective […]

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It’s late to the party but here’s the E3 2016 trailer for Grasshopper Manufacture’s new game, Let It Die

7 Jul

Suda51 returns with a project I think we can all be forgiven for temporarily forgetting.

It took me several seconds of blank staring at a wall to remember what Let It Die is, and given its E3 2016 trailer turned up a couple of weeks later with absolutely no fanfare, I don’t think the blame is entirely with the press if everyone else has forgotten, too.

Let’s refresh: Let It Die is the next game from Grasshopper Manufacture, the developer of Killer is Dead, Lollipop Chainsaw, Shadows of the Damned, No More Heroes and Killer7 – just to list its most well-known releases. Led by Goichi Suda – better known as Suda51 – it was originally announced as Lily Bergamo, and is the team’s first PS4 title.

So what exactly is it? It’s a free-to-play, casual survival beat-’em-up set in a dark, gory world, in which players create an avatar and battle with enemies created from other players’ dead avatars – an asynchronous multiplayer feature.

You start with no equipment, but can collect weapons and gear from enemies for your own use. Players are expected to die over and over again and the Grim Reaper is involved in the plot somehow – perhaps on commission. The overall goal is to climb the global leaderboards, and there’s some sort of smartphone app integration.

Bit mysterious, innit? Here’s publisher Gung-Ho’s description:

In the year 2026 AD, a large tectonic disturbance occurred causing mass destruction around the world. South Western Tokyo split off into the ocean and became an island covered by a deep fog.

Continuous seismic activity then caused a large spire to rise out of the ocean through the island creating a tower-like structure that pierces the clouds. Many mysteries remain hidden from the eyes of mankind await those courageous enough to dare approach the tower.

Players fight through a treacherous tower obtaining various types of weapons and armor while finding creatures and mushrooms to eat in order to stay alive. Upon death, a player’s “death data” is then circulated among other player’s games where they will appear as formidable opponents.

The sharing of “death data” is one of the various asynchronous multiplayer elements that can be found in the game. More details to come at a later date.

It all went quiet for a long time after its 2013 announce, but resurfaced with a new trailer a few months back and seems to be on track for a 2016 launch. Keep an eye on it via the Let it Die website; there are links to all the usual social channels.

Microsoft Annihilated Xbox One at E3 2016, Where Does it Fit in its Long-term Plan?

2 Jul

Microsoft’s E3 2016 press event brought so much for Windows 10 PC users but so little for Xbox One. The company announced every single Xbox One exclusive for Windows 10 PC and if you own both platforms, you just need one copy to play across both thanks to Microsoft’s Play Anywhere Program. Here are Xbox […]

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Game Critics Awards 2016 Nominees List: Battlefield 1 Gets Five, Zelda: Breath of The Wild Gets Three

30 Jun

Like every year before it, the Game Critics Awards 2016 nominees list has also been revealed by the organizers to pick up the Best of E3 soon after things settled down around the event. As you would expect, this time it is EA DICE at the number one spot for Battlefield 1 with the most […]

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Xbox E3 Lineup Justified By Xbox Executive Dave McCarthy

29 Jun

Dave McCarthy, Xbox’s operations boss, has justified the content of the Xbox One games that were shown at the Xbox E3 lineup at E3 2016 several weeks ago. Unlike its direct competitor Playstation, whose conference showed games that for the most part lacked concrete release dates, many of the Xbox games already had confirmed releases, […]

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E3 2016’s greatest failure: there was no Fallout 4

28 Jun

We went monster hunting. We caught nothing.


“E3’s greatest omission was a key Christmas release on which both industry and gamers can hang their hats”

“What have you got?”

“Few interviews. I saw Detroit this morning.”


Silence. And that was that. It was as difficult to find anything exciting to say during E3 2016 as it is now. Outside of the press conferences, we saw so meagre a notable line-up that a grim cloud of apathy replaced the wave of excitement I normally surf out of LA every June. The showfloor on Tuesday felt like Thursday, and after Wednesday I’d gone. I drove up the coast to take a few days to relax. I honestly had nothing left to do.

This was the flattest show for many years. The biggest games for Christmas 2016 were probably Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2, and The Last Guardian’s disappointing showing left Sony without a major blockbuster exclusive for the sales season. Xbox One hardly fared better. Microsoft’s first-party bets are Gears of War 4 and Forza Horizon 3, which are fine in themselves but hardly the super-announces for which we all watch the press conferences. We had Call of Duty and Destiny, and Final Fantasy 15 was playable (if bizarre), but there was no real punch. These are all big games with the franchise history and clout needed to hustle in Q4, but now we’re looking backwards we can see E3’s greatest omission was a key Christmas release on which both industry and gamers can hang their hats. Bottom line: there was no Fallout 4 at E3 2016.


Bethesda’s post-nuclear epic dominated last year’s show. It ticked all the boxes: giant history, the glow of nostalgia and, just as importantly, a release that year. All of the most impressive games of E3 2016, such as God of War, are scheduled for the future. The Sony press conference was packed with beautiful exclusives we won’t be playing until next year, while Xbox’s focus was on hardware, systems and future tech.

The tone of the show was exemplified by the Sony and Microsoft stances on Neo and Scorpio. Both said they were coming, both said nothing of any real consequence. The press conference Scorpio reveal was exciting at the time – it doesn’t get much better than hardware reveals in E3 press conferences – but away from the Galen Center it morphed into a video of people talking about terraflops and, given Sony said nothing about Neo outside of a pre-show Andrew House interview with the Financial Times, it seems a desperate move to release a more competitive Xbox while PS4 runs away with the current generation. Regardless of what’s going to happen in the future, E3 2016’s talk of hardware was so nebulous it became space-filler. If what matters most is what you’re going to be playing this winter, then E3 2016 was a squib so damp it could have done squirt porn.

“it seems a desperate move to release a more competitive Xbox while PS4 runs away with the current generation”

Just to compound the disappointment at the lack of a Christmas super-game, VR was one of E3’s greatest flops, with PlayStation VR, very tellingly, barely making a brush-stroke on the show’s broader canvas. The press I spoke to just weren’t especially interested. “It makes me feel sick” is a line I found at the beginning of most conversations about VR, were it Vive, Oculus or anything else. Whether or not the platform has a solid future in games, the indifference pertaining to this brave, new, headache-inducing frontier was indisputable. No one seemed to seriously care.

But next year we’ll have new hardware and the inevitable – and inevitably daft – accompanying tech demos, as well as a fresh chance at a “monster” game for the fourth quarter. Maybe Rockstar’s rumoured Red Dead Redemption 2 announcement (you all heard about the supposed reason Days Gone was shown twice in the Sony conference, right?) will have happened by then, and maybe we’ll have a GTA 6 or a Skyrim 2 or a Destiny 2 with a sparkly new engine. We don’t need them all. A couple will do.

Next year will be better. I hope.

Watch the God of War E3 2016 gameplay demo again with developer commentary

24 Jun

You’ve seen the E3 2016 gameplay demo for God of War, now watch it again with developer commentary.

In the video, Sony Santa Monica goes over what you’re seeing, the new setting, how Kratos will have a varied arsenal, his relationship with his son, enemies such as the Draugr and that massive troll along with the brutal takedowns Kratos can perform.

The developers say there will be more to show and reveal for God of War in the coming months. A release date hasn’t been announced.

Everything we know about the next God of War, so far, can be found through our page hub.

More Pokemon Sun and Moon news coming next week

24 Jun

Mark your calendars: new information on Pokemon Sun and Moon is coming next week.

pokemon_manaphy (3)

The Pokemon Company announced the impending announcement on Twitter.

At E3 2016 earlier this month, Nintendo revealed Battle Royal mode for the game which lets up to four players duel in free-for-all combat mode.

During the Tree House Live session, gameplay for the Sea Lion starter Pokemon, Popplio, was shown alongside changes to Trainer movement.

The latest on Pokemon Sun and Moon will be revealed on Friday, July 1 at 6am PT/9am ET/2pm UK, and the game releases on November 18 in North America and November 23 in Europe.

Thanks, Gematsu.

HTC Vive showed off quite a few games at E3 2016

24 Jun

HTC Vive had various stations set up at E3 2016 for developers to show off their new games and experiences.

In the video above, you’ll see studio representatives discussing their titles, and commentary from those who tried the games out.

You’ll get a look at Space Pirate Trainer, Croteam’s Serious Sam VR, Bethesda’s DOOM and Fallout 4, and Survios’ Raw Data.

Alienware also showed off their VR-ready Aurora PC and Nvidia provided a look at its VR Funhouse experience.

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Quake Champions Will Be PC-Exclusive, Says Tim Willits

23 Jun

After Quake Champions was revealed at Bethesda’s conference at this year’s E3, Tim Willits of iD Software has announced that the game will be PC exclusive. The original announcement came from the Bethesda E3 conference, which came alongside a remastered The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, a remake of Prey, and gameplay from Dishonored 2. Quake […]

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This Sean Bean-narrated Civilization 6 walkthrough was shown at E3 2016

23 Jun

Firaxis Games showed a behind-closed-doors theater presentation of Civilization 6 at E3 2016, and you can watch it below.

It is narrated by Sean Bean, and it make us feel a little foggy in the head. We like Sean Bean, which is probably why.

Our fantasies of locking Mr. Bean up in our dungeon aside (I jest), the video walks you through various aspects the of strategy title, and features actual gameplay.

2K notes the gameplay shown was edited for time, but it crammed enough in to give you an idea.

As previously reported, cities in Civ 6 will physically expand across the map into districts, which can be specialized for specific tasks.

Some civilizations will have unique districts that no other civilization has, and will earn bonuses based on smart placement. Some may also require certain surrounding conditions.

The next entry in the turn-based strategy franchise  is available for pre-order now and will be released worldwide on October 21 for $59.99/£49.99/€59.99.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare devs strived for plausible space battles without laser beams, aliens

23 Jun

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare may take place in space, but players shouldn’t expect the shooter to go full-on sci-fi.


Speaking with the PlayStation Blog during E3 2016, the game’s senior art director Brian Horton explained how the development team wanted to make space combat as accurate as possible, without nerfing “the core principles” of the franchise.

“We imagined a merger between NASA and the navy: you take the navy elements with the military aspects – things like battleships – and you push that into space with a NASA aesthetic and that fusion created what we think is a very plausible future,” Horton explained.

“If you get too wrapped up in what is absolutely, scientifically correct, you nerf some of the core principles of what makes a great Call of Duty game.”

While the team took some licence with the scientific aspects, it didn’t want to go into the realm of laser beams and aliens.

“This is a mass-market product after all, like an action movie,” he said. “We always start with the things that we know and then we’ll start to extrapolate.”

One of the liberties Infinity Ward took was making conflicts in zero gravity faster to navigate. With movement in space slow, the team had to find a way in which the player could move about quickly. This is where the grappling hook came into being. Using this piece of equipment will allow the player to “zip” to a location or grab an enemy to pull them closer.

“That grapple mechanic is – for us – pushing toward the boundary of science fiction, but you can still imagine someone engineering it,” said Horton.

How grenades work in space was also discussed by the team during development, and the idea of a seeker grenade was born along with the spider bot which will home in on an enemy, and explode upon attaching to them.

But what about sound? There isn’t sound in space, which would allow players to hear explosions and other military applications. To combat the lack of sound and the inability for players to react to audio cues, the suit will simulate sounds and impacts through photons. This will provide the player with tactical awareness of the environment.

“We’ve dampened the sound a little, but it’s still there to make sure the player has a good time,” he said. “This is actually not science fiction either – it’s actually very plausible.”

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will be released on November 4 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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Absolver takes Journey’s multiplayer, adds martial arts

21 Jun

Absolver’s multiplayer gameplay lets you stumble across other players who might help or hinder you.

Absolver takes Journey’s multiplayer, adds martial arts

Absolver’s E3 reveal offered a great deal to players, including martial arts combat, PVE and PVP arenas, and a gorgeous art style. But it’s the multiplayer gameplay itself should interest fans, simply because it’s not embracing MMO mechanics. The experience is far closer to Journey – players explore the game world on their own adventure, and stumble across other warriors who could help you, hinder you, or actively challenge you.

The game takes place among the ruins of a fallen empire, where civilization has been replaced by an order of fighters called the Absolvers. Players are prospects attempting to complete a series of trials granting them full membership to the Absolvers, while slowly learning what exactly happened to the society that built these ruins. Eventually, you’ll build up a small but trusted group of companions who can complete quests or enter the game’s PVP challenges.

“It’s not an MMO. You’ll never have 50 people running around in every direction,” creative lead Pierre Tarno explained. “We try to keep things intimate, so it’s very much about the relationship you’ll be meeting with other people.”

This is a principle shared with Journey, where the multiplayer experience was rooted equally in emotions and gameplay. While Absolver will take a stronger combat approach than Journey, it does use a gesture system for communicating with other players. Combined with a rich martial arts combat system, this should go a long way towards immersing you in the world while feeling attachments to multiplayer partners – or anger to someone who challenges you.

Absolver will launch for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2017.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Sheikah Runes explained

20 Jun

Link will have access to a lot of new abilities in Breath of the Wild.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Sheikah Runes explained

This new video from Arekkz, direct from E3, shows off the six Sheikah Runes in the E3 demo. These runes are discovered within the game’s rune shrines, and each grant Link different powers.

There have been two different bomb runes revealed so far. Link has infinite access to bombs now, with a brief cooldown time between uses.

He’ll also be able to use magnetism, summon ice pillars, freeze items in time, and summon characters from the Zelda series using amiibo. Arekkz has all the details in the video above.

Arekkz has also posted footage of his first attempt at the demo, and Nintendo has released a whole heap of gameplay footage.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild releases in 2017 for both Wii U and NX.

Nioh E3 2016 footage shows brutal combat, updated mechanics

20 Jun

The E3 2016 Nioh build looks to have incorporated the feedback received after the original alpha.


Nioh E3 2016 footage shows brutal combat, updated mechanics

Nioh, Team Ninja’s Dark Souls-like action RPG was at E3 this year. Although we were treated to a new gameplay trailer, we’re always happy to see more of that game.

Which is exactly what we have here today, with two new videos from the game’s E3 build. If you played the recent alpha, you’ll spot a few changes right away. Most notably, the weapon durability feature has been removed, and the quick select menu has been update to be more readable.

The equipped weapon will now also be shown off on the right, and the animations for healing up have gained noticeable increase in speed. Player animations in general, in fact, seem to have been tightened up.

Here’s the first video from Gamespot, showing a dungeon of sorts, but not many new enemies.

The other footage we have is captured from a Twitch stream (via ROLEPLAYING TV). There’s commentary in this one, explaining some of the UI elements and the general design goals.

It’s essentially the same part of the game being demoed, but things go a little bit differently the second time around.

Nioh is due for another demo in August, but the game still doesn’t have a solid release date.

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Here’s four minutes of Titanfall 2 gameplay

20 Jun

Take a look at some of the new abilities in Titanfall 2.


Here’s four minutes of Titanfall 2 gameplay

Titanfall 2 was one of the biggest games at this year’s E3. Developer Respawn confirmed single-player for the game, and showed off the first multiplayer trailer.

Today, we get to take a look at even more footage, thanks to some of the broll EA was showing off at E3. It doesn’t seem like anyone’s been able to capture direct-feed footage from the show, so this will have to make do for now.

As you’d expect, the video highlights some of the more interesting additions to the game, like the grappling hook, the new titans, titan abilities, new third-person finishers, and more.

Here it is, courtesy of YouTube channel Titanfall Legends.

Titanfall 2 is out in October on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Be sure to check out our E3 2016 hub for all the news, videos, screenshots, interviews and much more, live and direct for this year’s show.

Nintendo May Not Have the Resources to Build a Console to Outperform Xbox: CD Projekt RED

20 Jun

Nintendo NX has been in the news for months and many leaks claimed that the console would be more powerful than Xbox and even PlayStation 4. Nothing concrete came in this regard from official sources. Nintendo is silent and didn’t even say a word at E3 2016, however, we do know that Ubisoft is making […]

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