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GTA 5: here’s a look at how the Liberty City map modding project is coming along

24 Mar

The crew responsible for the OpenIV toolkit has provided a new look at its GTA 5 mod that adds Liberty City to the map.


The team isn’t recreating the GTA 4 version of Liberty City, it’s just adding the map to GTA 5. But thanks to the OpenIV system, it will look lovely, of course. You can see more of the current state of the mod over on the gtaforums and the OpenIV website.

Liberty City in GTA V was revealed in January, and the first beta is expected sometime this spring.

Those who wish to participate in the beta, or who plan to download the mod upon release, will need to own GTA 4 or Episodes from Liberty City for it to work in GTA 5. They will also need to have the converter tool and OpenIV installed on their PC.


Once available, GTA 5 players will only need to hop on a plane and fly to Liberty City in order to drive down all the streets and visit various sites familiar to GTA 4 players.

Hit up the links to get a better look at the mod and for more information.

Hitman March update released, content schedule for the rest of the month revealed

16 Mar

Find out what awaits you in Hitman in the coming weeks.

hitman_ ep_4_bangkok (2)

The Hitman March update has been released on all platforms, bringing a number of general improvements and some fixes. It’s around 1GB on PC, and 450MB on consoles.

There are no big changes here, just fixes for critical issues and some improvements based on feedback. See the full list below.

  • Simplified Chinese Language Support – We’ve added full menu and subtitle support for Simplified Chinese on PC.
  • Performance – We’ve fixed some rare issues that could cause the game to crash or be unstable.
  • Missing Exits – We’ve fixed an issue that could prevent exit points from appearing after killing the target(s).
  • Paris Suspend – We’ve fixed an issue that could cause guards and targets in Paris to suspend their routines, after specific player actions.
  • Subdue Prompt – We’ve fixed an issue that could cause the ‘subdue’ prompt to disappear when an NPC is picking up an item or when they are close to a wall.
  • Scoring Adjustment – We’ve fixed an issue where the ‘Never Spotted’ bonus was not awarded in certain cases.
  • Sapienza Lab – We’ve fixed an issue that could cause 47 to be ‘spotted’ in the Sapienza Lab, even whilst ‘blending in’.
  • Hokkaido Landscape – We’ve fixed a rare issue that could cause 47 to fall ‘out of world’ in Hokkaido.
  • Contracts Search Favourites – The Contract Tile now displays an icon to show whether that contract has been added to ‘My Favorites’
  • Sticky Pistol (Escalation) – We’ve fixed an issue where the ‘Sticky Pistol’ countdown would expire, despite 47 having the pistol equipped on a ledge.
  • The Incarnation Non-Accident – We’ve fixed an issue in the ‘Meiko Incarnation’ Escalation where dumping an NPC in a specific area would not result in an accident kill.
  • Disappearing Act – We’ve fixed an issue that could cause a holstered large weapon to be lost when activating the diorama in Paris.
  • Fire Safety – We’ve fixed an issue that could cause NPC’s to teleport away when they are burning.
  • HDR Launcher – We’ve fixed an issue where the ‘HDR’ option could not be enabled in the game’s launcher on AMD cards.
  • Sun Spots (HDR) – We’ve fixed an issue that could cause black pixels to appear around bright light sources when HDR is enabled.
  • Additional – We’ve also fixed other minor issues involving AI dialogue, audio and VO consistency, escalation completion marks and we’ve slightly reworded some menu text to make it more consistent.

Beyond that, Square Enix offered a look at what’s coming coming to the game in the next few weeks. For instance, next week that game will be getting ten new Featured Contracts. The week after that a new Escalation Contract will be added to the Bangkok map.

Developer IO Interactive has yet to talk about the next season of content in any official capacity.

Uncharted 4’s next free multiplayer DLC will be revealed tomorrow

14 Mar

We’re going to learn more about the next piece of content coming to Uncharted 4 multiplayer this week.

uncharted_4_plunder_mode (6)

Naughty Dog has confirmed that the next Uncharted 4 multiplayer DLC, due for release soon, will be shown off in detail during a livestream this week.

The stream will take place tomorrow, March 15 at 11am PT, 2pm ET, 6pm GMT/UK, 8pm CET on Naughty Dog’s official Twitch channel.

Naughty Dog did not reveal any other details about the DLC, but promised to show all the new content, which includes weapons and cosmetics, during the livestream. This update will be followed by another in the spring.

We’ll bring you the details once they become available.

Uncharted 4’s next free multiplayer DLC will be revealed tomorrow

14 Mar

We’re going to learn more about the next piece of content coming to Uncharted 4 multiplayer this week.

uncharted_4_plunder_mode (6)

Naughty Dog has confirmed that the next Uncharted 4 multiplayer DLC, due for release soon, will be shown off in detail during a livestream this week.

The stream will take place tomorrow, March 15 at 11am PT, 2pm ET, 6pm GMT/UK, 8pm CET on Naughty Dog’s official Twitch channel.

Naughty Dog did not reveal any other details about the DLC, but promised to show all the new content, which includes weapons and cosmetics, during the livestream. This update will be followed by another in the spring.

We’ll bring you the details once they become available.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands – where to find the best sniper rifles including the MSR

9 Mar

The locations of all the sniper rifles in Ghost Recon: Wildlands, including the deadly MSR.

Although you get a sniper rifle pretty early in Ghost Recon: Wildlands, there are plenty more waiting for you in the open world.

These weapons are found in cases all around the map, and in the video above, YouTuber INFsleeper shows you the exact location for each of them. Not only that, the video also demonstrates how each sniper looks and sounds in the game, including silenced.

Where to find the MSR best sniper rifle


If you want to grab one of the best sniper rifles in Ghost Recon: Wildlands quickly, you can get the MSR early on. It’s best to grab a chopper so you can fly straight to the location, rather than risk getting in over you head by accidentally running into the Unidad forces. Open the map and fly west to the Montuyoc region, staying low.


You’re looking for the Choza Padre Mine, which is on the dirt road south of Araca Village – it’s almost as far west as you can go on the map.


Take out the handful of guards from the safety of the chopper before landing, then head into the mine entrance.


There’s a lot of enemies in here, including a mounted gun. Fortunately there’s a lot of explosive barrels and an APC outside that you can drive into the entrace and use for cover. You’re not going too deep into the mine, so you can go loud and use heavy firepower and grenades. Just wait for the cartel to rush you and mow them down.


Once the entrance is clear, just take the first left to the end where you’ll find the MSR at the very end. Check out the stats on that bad boy; accuracy, range and penetration are almost all maxed out, and damage isn’t far behind.

If you’re looking for a different scope to go with the MSR, check out the location of all the sniper scopes right here. Many of these scopes can be attached to the sniper rifles, in case you don’t like the one they come with.

There are 11 sniper rifles in total, with different configurations such as semi-auto and bolt action. As with any weapon in Wildlands, once you locate and claim it, it’s yours to customise and keep.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands known issues, freezing, stuttering, fps drops, download problems and more

8 Mar

All the Ghost Recon: Wildlands problems Ubisoft is currently tracking.

ghost recon wildlands beta 4k screenshots (6)

With Ghost Recon: Wildlands now out in the wild, reports have been cropping up about performance issues such as freezing and stuttering, in-game glitches, stuck downloads, and more. Some of these carried over from the beta, while others are new.

In an effort to catalogue all reported problems thus far, Ubisoft created a list of known issues the developers are currently looking into. The included items cover the main game, the Ghost Recon HQ app, and the Ghost Recon Network site.

General issues

  • Gameplay – AI Vehicle Pathfinding

    Some users have reported issues on some specific locations in relation to the AI pathfinding, causing some vehicle collision. We are currently investigating this situation.

  • Gameplay – Melee-killed enemies are tagged as “surrendering enemies killed”

    When trying to kill an enemy with close-quarters-combat (melee), the “surrendering enemy killed” notification may appear. Since surrendering enemies are considered as civilians, killing too many of them may result a mission fail. We are sorry for the inconvenience and have already fixed this issue for the next patch.

  • Mission – Boss will not re-initialise after mission replay

    After a mission fail, mission boss might not re-initialize when trying to replay the mission. This issue has already been fixed for the next patch.

  • Mission – La Plaga will not try to run-away when detecting player

    When reaching La Plaga, this one will not try to run-away by using the nearby bike when detecting the players. This issue has already been fixed for the next patch

  • Mission – Missing helicopter for Medication air transport activity on Tabacal

    It can be noticed that when playing in the Tabacal region, the side activity “Medication Air Transport” might not be available due to the fact that the helicopter is not spawning. We are sorry for the inconvenience and are currently investigating this issue.

  • Tacmap – Bosses might appear in red when un-zooming the map

    When un-zooming the minimap to reach the Cartel view and going back to the tacmap, some bosses might appear in red despite not being killed by the player yet. This issue has already been fixed for the next patch.

  • Co-op – Replication break when VIP interact with vehicles

    When playing in Coop, it can be noticed that replication might be affected when a VIP interact with a vehicle. This issue has already been fixed for the next patch

  • Co-op – Cutscenes unavailable for other players when replaying missions

    When playing Coop, it may be noticed that only the player that is restarting a mission is able to see the custscenes. This issue has already been fixed for the next patch.

  • Co-op – Unable to damage vehicles from other players

    In co-op, when a player enter and leave a vehicle, it can be noticed that other players are unable to deal damage to this vehicle. The team is currently investigating this issue.

  • Uplay – Download Issues

    Some players are reporting that their download on Uplay is getting stuck at 27GB. Our team is aware of this issue and currently investigating.

  • Pre-order – Invalid code

    Some players are reporting they’ve been unable to redeem their codes on the Redeem site “code invalid”. Please have a look at the FAQ for more details

  • PC – Outdated version

    Some players are reporting getting an outdated error message when booting the game. We suggest you to remove all previous versions of the game and verify game files. You can also try deleting some other files, such as: events.xml, Uyuni.grw, VersionDescription.ini and NvGsa.x64.dll.

Glitches and bugs

  • Glitch/Bug – 3D model glitch when changing save slot

    After the deletion of an existing game save or changing slot, it can be notice that the 3D model of the Ghost in not centred in the Charactersmith. This issue has already been fixed for the next patch.

  • Glitch/Bug – Level of Details (LOD) issues from far distances

    When piloting a helicopter or a plane at high altitude, it can be noticed that some visual elements are not showing properly. The team is currently investigating this situation.

  • Shop – Missing DLC/Season pass in-game store

    It can be noticed when reaching the in-game store menu that the Season Pass / DLC category is empty. As a workaround, you can get this content directly from your console or Uplay/Steam store.

  • Shop – Empty chest after weapon purchase

    When buying a weapon in the store that is available in the game world, it may happen that the chest that is supposed to contain this weapon is empty when trying to interact with it. This issue has already been fixed for the next patch.

  • PS4 – “The Champion” trophy

    In certain conditions, the “The Champion” trophy might not be triggered at the associated level cap. This issue has already been fixed for the next patch.

  • Ubisoft Club – “Welcome Back” pop-up

    If you participated in the Beta phases of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, a pop-up should be prompted at 2nd launch to remind you of the Ubisoft Rewards you are eligible for. However, this pop-up might not appear. This does not affect your eligibility for this content. This issue has already been fixed for the next patch.

  • PC – Crash when opening map

    A few players are reporting that when opening the map in-game, the game crashes to desktop. Our team is aware of the issue and is investigating. We recommend you to verify your game files or reinstall the game.

  • PC – Unable to launch the game on non-OS hard drive

    On some configurations, the game won’t start when installed on a non-OS hard drive. We are currently investigating this issue. As a work-around, we recommend you to go the Ghost Recon Wildlands installation folder and run rungame.exe with administrator rights once.

  • Gameplay – Intel HUD missing

    Some players who are playing with the HUD disabled are getting stuck when collecting Intel as there is no prompt to choose which Intel to collect. We recommend you to enable the ‘Notifications’ and ‘Input reminders’ options in the settings for the time being.

Performance issues

  • Xbox One – FPS drop when pressing Xbox button

    It can be noticed that when pressing the Xbox button on the gamepad and resuming gameplay, the game may suffer from a FPS drop for a few seconds. This issue has already been fixed for the next patch.

  • PC – Few seconds freeze when opening TacMap

    It can be noticed when opening the TacMap that the game may freeze for a few seconds (3s). This issue has already been fixed for the next patch.

  • PC – Multi-GPU Support

    layers using a SLI/Crossfire setup may experience severe stuttering and flickering during gameplay. We are currently working with our partners to solve those issues as quickly as possible. In the meantime, we recommend you to disable your second GPU when playing Ghost Recon Wildlands. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

  • PC – Autosave low FPS

    Some players have been reporting low FPS during autosaving. The team is currently investigating this situation.

  • PC – Unable to launch the game on non-OS hard drive

    On some configurations, the game won’t start when installed on a non-OS hard drive. We are currently investigating this issue. As a work-around, we recommend you go the Ghost Recon Wildlands installation folder and run rungame.exe with administrator rights once.

  • Performance – FPS drop in heavily populated areas

    When crossing heavily populated areas, such as cities, the game may suffer from a temporary FPS drop. The development team is currently investigating this situation.

  • PS4 – Performance drop after 100KM

    When reaching a total driving distance of 100KM, the associated trophy on PS4 might be triggered in loop, impacting performance of the gameplay. This issue has already been fixed for the next patch.

  • Controls – Fake controller

    Some players have been reporting that despite not having any controller plugged into their system, the game is using a gamepad as default controller. This issue can be related to the previous installation of a virtual joystick or previously connected devices – including, for instance, VJoy software. Please verify on your Device Manager > Human Interface Devices that only connected devices are activated.

Ghost Recon HQ app

  • Crash – Launch crash on iPod 5th Gen & iPhone 4S

    We identified crashes at launch on iPod 5th Gen & iPhone 4. We are currently investigating this issue and are not recommending using those devices with the Ghost Recon Wildlands HQ App for the time being.

  • Crash – Android only- Crash on Satellite view mode

    When using the Satellite view during an extensive game session, the app may crash. A restart of the app will solve the issue. We are currently investigating.

  • Crash – App crash when entering website

    On some specific devices, the app may crash when entering the web-site feature.

  • Display – Landscape view lock on iPhone 7+

    It can be noticed that the app is only available on Landscape view on iPhone 7+. We are currently investigating this situation.

  • Freeze – Freeze after multiple logins/logouts

    When trying to login & logout repetitively in a row, the Ubisoft Club icon may remain stuck and freezing the app. A simple reboot will solve the issue.

  • Android – Back button unavailable on website view

    On Android devices, the back button might not be functional while using the web site view.

  • Android – Return to main menu when locking device on website view

    When locking the device on Android while using the website view, the app may be automatically redirect to the main menu.

  • Bug/Glitch – Application unable to sync

    Some players are unable to sync their app with their game. Please try to use the following workaround:
    Go to START >Type in “Windows Firewall with Advanced Security” (Without quotes)

    -Click > Inbound Rules

    -Click > New Rule (Right column)

    -Click > Program > Next

    -Browse > Ghost Recon WIldlands EXE (GRW.exe) Wherever it is installed for you > Next

    -Allow the connection > Next

    -Keep all three checked > Next

    -Name it what you like > Description > Finish

    -Do this for Outbound Rule as well so they can communicate.

Ghost Recon Network

  • Stats – Inconsistency in enemy killed statistics

    It can be noticed in the Ghost Recon Network that the Total Enemy Killed counter is not accurate. We are currently investigating this issue

  • Stats – Missing icon for several weapons

    It can be noticed that some weapon icons are missing in the Weapon Leaderboard of the Ghost Recon Network.

  • Stats – Confusing “favourite vehicle” stat

    On the Ghost Recon Network advanced stats page, the favourite vehicle counter is using “m” unit instead of the “min” one. This stats is indeed based on the time spent on the vehicle and not the covered distance.

  • Notifications – Missing notifications

    While using the Ghost Recon Network, it may happen that notifications are not displayed in real time and would require a refresh of the page.

  • Taskforce – TaskForce emblem not updating

    It can be noticed that some Task Forces emblems selected in the game may not update on the Ghost Recon Network website.

  • Achievements – Confusing “Recruitment Command” unlock conditions

    The unlock condition description of the “Recruitment Command” achievement might lead to confusion. The player has to accept more than 4 “Join Task Force Requests” in order to unlock this achievement.

  • PS4 – Browser feature not loading

    Some PS4 users are reporting a “Cannot use this feature” error message when trying to use the PS4 browser. We’re investigating the issue.

  • Website – GRN / Unknown User Message

    Some players trying to access the GRN Website got the Unknown User message on the top right corner of the page instead of their real usernames. This issue should now be fixed.

Ubisoft has not yet revealed any details about the game’s next patch. We did get two day one patches already, though.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands – where to find all sniper rifle scopes in the game

7 Mar

Don’t go through Ghost Recon: Wildlands using a less-than-stellar sniper scope.

If you played any of the Ghost Recon: Wildlands betas over the past few weeks, you’ll know how frustrating it was to use a sniper rifle without a proper long-range scope.

Unlike The Division, Wildlands doesn’t generate weapon attachments randomly. Instead, you’ll find these in weapon part cases scattered around the game’s world. In the video above, YouTube user INFsleeper lays out the locations for all the sniper scopes in the game.

The video is very detailed, offering a look at the sight in-game, and where to find it on the map. What’s great about this approach is that you can head straight to the location of the scope you want so you can use it throughout the game, without relying on chance.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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There’s a button with a sign that says “don’t press me” in Ghost Recon: Wildlands that you should totally press

7 Mar

Don’t let signs tell you what to do, not even in Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

The game world in Ghost Recon: Wildlands is massive, so it’s natural you’re going to come across references and Easter eggs of various shapes and sizes.

Sometimes, these can take the shape of a big button with a sign next to it that clearly advises you not to press it. Of course, we all know everyone is going to press the button. Thankfully, in this case, that’s a bad thing!

This Easter egg was spotted by YouTube user BUGZ-MAN-FR, who captured what happens when you press the button. We won’t spoil the surprise for you here, but the video does show you where to find it.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Waiting for Ghost Recon: Wildlands to unlock? Watch the release trailer to tide you over

6 Mar

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is only a few hours away. Here’s something to help with the wait – or maybe make it worse.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is out now in Australia and Europe, and as of time of writing was less than an hour from unlock in the UK. The US has just a few hours to go, too.

That makes the appearance of the Ghost Recon: Wildlands release trailer pretty timely. None of this a-full-week-before-release or two-days-later-if-we-remember nonsense for Ubisoft’s marketing team: no sir. Punctuality and efficiency in all things.

By the way, if you’re on PC what time Ghost Recon: Wildlands unlocks in your region depends on whether you’ve purchased through Steam or Uplay. That link has all the details on other platforms and download sizes, too – and don’t forget the two Ghost Recon: Wildlands day one patches if you’re hoping to go online with buddies at midnight.

Are you excited for Ghost Recon: Wildlands, or is it too close to For Honor, Horizon Zero Dawn and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for you? It seems to have generated a lot of hype, and surely that can’t all be down to the staunch Xbox-only faithful among us. Right?

Here’s exactly when Ghost Recon: Wildlands unlocks in your region, and how big the download is

6 Mar

Find out the exact launch times for Ghost Recon: Wildlands on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in your region.

ghost_recon_wildlands_nvidia_gameworks (5)

Ubisoft has outlined exactly when each part of the world will get access to Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Times are different for each of the three platforms, too, so read on for details.

First up, the game’s download size is going to be between 40 and 42GB, depending on the platform. Pre-loading has been available for a few days now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, too.

As or unlock times, the Uplay PC version, PS4, and Xbox One will all unlock at 12am your local time on March 7. So as soon as it’s midnight, you’ll be able to connect and play.

The Steam version, however, will unlock at 5am GMT/UK on March 7. This translates to 6am CET, 9pm PST, 12am EST, and 4pm AEDT.

Some retail copies were sent out early, so it’s worth noting that the game has two day one patches clocking in around 3GB in total.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands can be played offline with AI buddies, so if servers get a beating you should be able to continue solo without issue.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands open beta performance analysis reveals plenty of drops below 30fps on PS4 and Xbox One

27 Feb

The Ghost Recon: Wildlands open beta ran a little rough on consoles.

The open beta for Ghost Recon: Wildlands wrapped up earlier today. No matter what you thought of the game’s actual content and gameplay, performance on consoles has been lacklustre.

The latest video analysis from Digital Foundry takes a look and compares the three console versions, PS4, PS4 Pro, and Xbox One. Performance and visuals are looked at, with some surprising results.

Wildlands targets 30fps on consoles, but regularly dips below that target, according to the report. Screen tearing and frame-rate drops have been reported at multiple instances, resulting in a lot of stutter.

The Xbox One version looks to have the worst of it, with drops to 26fps happening regularly. Although the standard PS4 suffers from a lot of the same issues, drops are less frequent here.

As for PS4 Pro, you can expect a locked 30fps frame-rate, which produces a more consistent and smoother experience overall. This even applies to both 1080p and 4K modes, which is nice to see.

As for the game’s resolution, PS4 runs at a native 1080p, with only 900p for Xbox One. The PS4 Pro takes this up a notch to 1440p.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is out March 7 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

The Division update 1.6 patch notes revealed – here are all the changes and fixes

27 Feb

All the details about The Division’s biggest update are finally here.

The Division‘s going to have a busy few days this week. First, the long-awaited patch 1.6, will be released tomorrow.

That’s not all, the game’s final expansion, Last Stand, will also go live at the same time. A free trial was also announced earlier.

Although Ubisoft previously outlined the high-level details for both Last Stand and 1.6, it’s only now we’ve gotten access to the full patch notes.

Without further ado, find the full thing below:

Last Stand game mode

  • SHD tech data relays loaded with operational information were left behind in the Dark Zone when the JTF was forced to withdraw. Rogues have targeted these data relays and are attempting to access what is inside. Engage in 8 versus 8 PvP combat and secure the data before the Rogues can.
  • Fight to control three key tactical locations on one of 4 Dark Zone maps.
  • In order to capture a tactical location, the team will need to control three objectives inside the location. Once the tactical location is secured, the team will begin scoring points.
  • First team to reach the max score wins.
  • To help propel their team to victory, players can activate powerful fortifications and SHD tech tactical boosts.

New Incursion – Lost Signal

  • Lost Signal takes place in a civilian TV Broadcast center taken over by the infamous Rikers gang.
  • Players will venture into three different wings and face unique combat scenarios. Each encounter is meant to push players to play tactically and make the best use of their builds.
  • All wings bring their own challenges and rewards; completing all of them will unlock the final boss fight and the strongest opposition yet.

-Update 1.6

Game changes

    Dark Zone map expansion

  • Explore three new areas to the north of the Dark Zone. Engage powerful enemies and discover the dangers hiding around every corner.
    Dark Zone Leaderboards

  • Earn rewards in the Dark Zone by participating in weekly and monthly activities tracked via the new Dark Zone leaderboards.
  • See how you stack up against other players in the Dark Zone on leaderboard activities that reset and change every week and month. All the tracked weekly and monthly activities count towards your total score. The higher your score, the better rewards you will earn when the leaderboards reset!
    Dark Zone Contamination Events

  • The pockets of virus contamination in the subways below the Dark Zone are festering and becoming even more deadly. Cleaners have been attracted to the rising contamination. Players must manage their health as the virus eats away at their filter while battling against powerful Cleaners. Clear each Dark Zone subway of Cleaners to earn extra rewards.
    Legendary difficulty

  • Pit yourself against elite LMB forces equipped with superior gear and advanced tactics.
  • Legendary difficulty strips missions of all narrative and focuses purely on combat scenarios.
  • Each Legendary mission has a single checkpoint, about halfway through.
  • Legendary difficulty is only available in World Tier 5.
  • Available missions: Napalm Production Site, WarrenGate Power Plant, Times Square Power Relay.
    More options for character customisation

  • Explore all new ways of customising your agent, with weapon skins, backpack skins, new clothing sets and emotes!
  • Visit the Premium Vendor in The Terminal to unlock premium vanity content; stocks update weekly so check back regularly!


  • Increased the time to revive a downed teammate from 3s to 5s.
  • Bleed no longer blocks sprint. Instead it reduces movement speed by 20%. Additional applications refresh the timer.
  • Medkits can now be used at full health and cleanse the character of all applied status effects.
  • Hipfire stability has been significantly reduced when moving.
  • Increased Hip-fire penalties: Weapon spread is now wider while stability and recoil are also more impacted.
  • Player camera will now be impacted by hipfire, reducing their field of view the longer they keep firing.
  • There is now a short cooldown between each combat roll.
  • Body shot damage has been slightly increased in PvP (this change does not apply to PvE, headshot damage is unchanged).
  • Implemented visual feedback when an enemy player uses a Medkit.
  • The PvP damage multiplier has been set at 0.42. This applies to both Last Stand and the Dark Zone.

Last Stand Gear Normalisation

    Gear pieces

  • Automatically increase to Gear Score 256.
  • Main attributes (Firearms, Stamina, Electronics) will be increased to the maximum roll of the existing stat on each equipped piece.
  • All bonuses, included from gear and performance mods, will be increased to their maximum roll.

  • Automatically increase to Gear Score 256.
  • Talents unlock based on the normalized main attributes.
  • All bonuses (including from mods), damage and attributes will be increased to their maximum roll.
  • All players will be set to 35% armor mitigation value. This armor mitigation is affected by Talents and Skill buffs.
  • Player talents, Gear Set bonuses and Weapon Set bonuses function as normal.

Dark Zone

  • Players can now fast travel between Dark Zone checkpoints.
  • Players will no longer lose Dark Zone experience and funds when killed in the Dark Zone if they are not Rogue.
  • Supply drops will now reward Dark Zone experience as well.
  • Koreatown is no longer classified as a Landmark.

Armor and Resistances

  • Armor has been removed as a Major bonus from items and is replaced with Health.
  • Base Health has been added to the game. Depending on the World Tier you are in, you will automatically receive a given amount of Base Health for free.
  • Added a new bonus called “Resist All” which adds resistance to all types of status effects.
  • Older items (pre 1.6) with Health bonus will see this bonus replaced with a Resist All one.
  • Resist All is capped at 60%.
  • Resistances to status effects will now reduce the effect instead of having a chance to resist it. This means that a 10% bleed resist will lower the bleed damage and duration by 10% instead of having a 10% chance to ignore it.
  • When applied repeatedly in a short time, the player will naturally build up resistance to this status effect. In other words, status effects will now have diminishing returns when applied repeatedly to a player.
  • If the player manages to build up 100% resistance to a status effect, they will resist it entirely.

Gear Talents

  • Rejuvenated now gives 40% resistance to all status effects for 10 seconds, when using a Medkit.

For gear stats, (-) means a bonus is removed, (+) indicates a bonus has been added, and (=) means the bonus remains.

Gear stats


  • -Damage to Elite
  • -Damage from Elite
  • +Skill Haste
  • +Enemy Armor Damage
  • =Health
  • =Health on Kill
  • =Exotic Damage Resilience
  • =All Resistance

  • -Skill Haste
  • -Signature Skill Resource Gain
  • +Weapon Stability
  • =Health
  • =Critical Hit Damage
  • =Skill Power

  • -Damage to Elite
  • +Enemy Armor Damage
  • =Critical Hit Chance
  • =Health on Kill
  • =Exotic Damage Resilience
  • =Skill Power
  • =All Resistance

  • -Damage to Elite
  • +Enemy Armor Damage
  • +Skill Haste
  • =Critical Hit Chance
  • =Critical Hit Damage
  • =Health on Kill
  • =Assault rifle Damage
  • =LMG Damage
  • =Marksman rifle Damage
  • =Shotgun Damage
  • =SMG Damage
  • =Pistol Damage

  • -Damage to Elite
  • -Damage from Elite
  • +Enemy Armor Damage
  • +Skill Power
  • =Health
  • =Critical Hit Damage
  • =Exotic Damage Resilience
  • =All Resistance

  • -Damage from Elite
  • -Pistol Damage
  • +Critical Hit Chance
  • +Reload Speed
  • =Health
  • =Skill Haste
    Other changes to stats

  • Enemy Armor Damage is now a Major bonus and no longer a Minor.
  • Damage to Elites is now a Minor bonus and no longer a Major.
  • Damage from Elite values have been halved.
  • Pistol Damage is doubled on gloves.

  • If you had a native Armor bonus (not recalibrated), it will be turned into health.
  • If you had a recalibrated Armor bonus, the recalibration will reset and you will be back to the initial bonus the item had when it was acquired.
  • If you had a native Health bonus (not recalibrated), it will be turned into All Resistance.
  • If you had a recalibrated Health bonus on any other Gear Piece, the recalibration will reset.
  • If you had a recalibrated Health bonus in Chestpiece and no native armor roll on this piece, the Health roll will remain.
  • If you had a recalibrated Health bonus in Chestpiece and a native armor roll on this piece, the recalibration will reset as you would otherwise end up with 2 Health bonuses.
  • If you had a recalibrated Health bonus in any other Gear Piece, the recalibration will reset.
  • If you had a recalibrated Skill Haste bonus on your backpack, the recalibration will reset.
  • If you had a recalibrated Pistol Damage bonus on your holster, and the holster was acquired after update 1.5, the recalibration will reset.
  • If you had a recalibrated Enemy Armor Damage or Damage to Elite and the item was acquired after update 1.5, the recalibration will reset.
  • All recalibrations on Exotic weapons will reset.
  • Unique talents on Exotic weapons cannot be recalibrated.
  • Free talents on Exotic weapons that don’t have a Unique talent (Liberator, Centurion, Eir and Hildr) can be recalibrated.
  • Note that when a recalibration resets, the money spent will be reimbursed, based on the recalibration costs of Update 1.6. Since recalibration now has a cost cap, if the initial recalibration costed more, you will only be reimbursed according to this cap.

Character talents

  • On the move reduced to 15%.
  • Battle Buddy reduced to 30%.
  • Critical Save reduced to 20%.
  • Adrenaline will no longer apply Overheal. Instead it replaces the instant heal of Medkits with a heal over time that can also apply while taking damage.


    Changes to skill power

  • The Skill Power curve has been modified, resulting in less efficient skills at low Skill Power, and more efficient skills at high Skill Power.
  • Skills will now scale to the World Tier you are currently in as an “expected Skill Power” has been implemented.
  • Diminishing return on Skill Power will not kick in before 450 000 Skill Power.
  • All skills have been adapted to this new scaling.
  • Skill Haste gear bonuses have been increased by 100%.
  • Skill Haste has a cap of 50%.
    Sticky Bomb

  • Changed Flashbang mod to have only a flashbang effect.
  • Replaced the Proximity Fuse mod with Disruptor, which has an EMP effect. Its explosion radius has been increased to 9 meters.
  • Added warning and delay to Sticky Bomb. This means that Sticky Bombs, except for Disruptor, will no longer detonate immediately, but after some time.
    First Aid

  • Defibrillator will now heal in 2 steps, one instant burst of healing following by a heal over time.
  • Booster Shot: Damage Mitigation bonus decreased by 50% from 15% to 7.5%.

  • Shock Turret will no longer deal any damage and only shock the enemy.
  • Base skill and Active Sensor: Range decreased from 35 meters to 25 meters.
  • All mods except Shock: Base health reduced by 25%.
  • All mods: Skill Power impact on health reduced.
    Mobile Cover

  • All mods: Base cooldown increased by 33%.
  • Reduced impact of Skill Power on Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage.
  • Tactical Scanner
  • Critical Hit Chance increased by +20%.
  • Critical Hit Damage reduced by -11%.
    Smart Cover

  • Damage Resilience decreased by 33%.
  • Reduced impact of Skill Power on Damage Resilience.
  • All mods: Base cooldown increased by 9%.
    Seeker Mine

  • All mods: Added a PvP damage modifier that applies to all PvP activities, to reduce its potency. The multiplier is set to 40%.
  • Base cooldown increased by 17%.
  • Cluster
  • The stagger effect has been removed. Explosion damage has been decreased, bleed damage has been increased.
    Support Station

  • All mods: Radius decreased from 8 meters to 7,5 meters.
  • Life Support: Revive time increased from 3 seconds to 5 seconds.
  • Support Station heal procs have a 1 second cooldown.
    Signature Skills

  • The exhaust that applies after a player received a Signature Skill effect is extended to 60 seconds (from 30 seconds).
  • Players will no longer be able to trigger a Signature Skill if they are under the exhaust effect from a previous application.
  • Signature Skills cooldown will now be affected by Skill Haste.
  • Tactical Link
  • Damage bonus is decreased to 10% in Last Stand. (this change doesn’t apply outside of Last Stand, where the bonus remains at 30%).
  • Weapon Stability will be more hindered by the rate of fire bonus.

Gear sets


  • 4 pieces: When used, your Ballistic Shield has no skill mod active. It will no longer remove Critical Chance from your weapon.
  • Characters will now automatically switch to their sidearm if the SMG runs out of ammo.

  • 2 pieces: +30% Support Station range.
  • 3 pieces: +50% Support Station duration.
  • 4 pieces: All Support Station mods are active at the same time.

  • 4 pieces: Now only provides the 3rd (free) talent of the unused weapon instead of all three. All talents ignore unlock requirements.
    Tactician’s Authority

  • 2 pieces: +15% Skill Haste.
  • 4 pieces: Now consumes the skill power buff on skill use instead of after 10 seconds.
    Banshee’s Shadow

  • 4 pieces:
  • While Rogue, all ammo is completely refilled every 30 seconds. Damage taken from non-rogue players reduced by 10%. (no change)
  • While not Rogue, Damage to Rogue players is increased by 10%. This bonus is increased to 20% for 10 minutes after being killed by a rogue.

  • 4 pieces: Now only works with zoomed scopes.


  • High-End Named items become Exotic:
  • This quality comes with a new item color.
  • Exotic weapons have been removed from the Advanced Weaponry Vendor.
  • Updates sources for Exotics: Some sources have been moved around. We also added more sources with chances to drop any Exotic.
  • Exotics Caches have been added to the game. These guarantee an Exotic item when opened.
  • Phoenix Credits cap has been increased from 2000 to 5000.
  • The scavenger box in the Base of Operations will now properly scale with world tier.
  • Weekly Assignment Caches will now guarantee an Exotic item.
  • Exotic items sold at Vendors have had their prices slightly increased.
  • Gear Set items have been lowered to be equivalent to High End prices.


  • Recalibrations are now unlimited. This means that once a stat is picked for recalibration, it can be recalibrated as many times at the player has currency to pay for it. The cost will increase at first but eventually cap and no longer increase.


  • Base damage on all weapons has been reduced to balance correctly with the reduced damage mitigation from the change to Armor (note that NPC health and damage has also been adapted to preserve the Time to Kill and Time to be Killed values pre 1.6).
  • SMGs have been given back their Critical Hit Chance, with a maximum roll of around 22%.
  • Coolheaded will now have a small cooldown to not trigger repeatedly with automatic weapons.
  • L86
  • Base Damage increased by 4%.
  • Damage falloff at range reduced by 40%.
  • Provident talent: The last bullet of a magazine deals 10% more damage. (Instead of 60%)

Named weapons


  • All Named Weapons are now of Exotic Quality.
  • Exotic weapons now each have a unique talent in the 3rd free slot. The other 2 talents are rolled randomly from the list of talents available to this weapon type.
  • Exotic weapons owned pre-Update 1.6 will have the new unique talent added and their remaining talents randomly rerolled.
  • Exotic weapon talents are not transferred to the other weapon when using AlphaBridge.
  • Exotic talents cannot be recalibrated. See above for more information about how recalibration works for legacy items.
  • Exotic weapons each received a unique descriptive lore text in their UI.
  • Some Exotic Weapons now function as Gear Sets: The unique talent unlocks when two specific Exotic weapons are equipped.
  • FAMAS is now an Exotic weapon and Uncomplicated its unique talent. It has been renamed Bullfrog.
  • Base damage increased by 11.7%.
    Tommy Gun

  • Carefree: Hipfire damage is increased by 11%.

  • Center Mass: Shoots heavy slugs instead of buckshot.
    Hungry Hog

  • Glutton: Killing a target increases your damage dealt by 10% until you stop firing. Multiple kills stack this bonus up to 5 times.

  • Lights out: Destroying an enemy weak point resets skill cooldowns for you and your nearby group members. This talent has a 10 second cooldown.

  • Pakhan: Each kill makes the next reload have 20% extra bullets compared to its base.
    Liberator & Centurion (Weapon Gear Set)

  • Free Republic: Each shot with the Liberator grabts +5% to you next headshot damage with the Centurion. Max is 200%. Kills with the Centurion grant +10% RPM to all weapons for 10 seconds.
    Valkyria becomes Hildr & Eir (Weapon Gear Set)

  • Valkyria: Each hit with Hildr increases critical hit damage by 1% to a max of 30. The bonus decreases by 1 every second. This bonus only applies to Eir.
  • Hildr cannot crit.

  • Boomstick: Double trigger fires off both barrels in short succession.
    Urban MDR

  • Base damage increased by 65%.
  • Distracted: Your damage is increased by 18% against targets with status effects.

  • Play rough: Damage taken is reduced by 20% while firing. The taken damage is applied when you stop firing.
    Thompson M1928

  • Carefree: Hipfire damage is increased by 11%.

  • Quickdraw: When drawn weapon damage is increased by 20% for 2 seconds. After that weapon damage is decreased by 20%.
    Golden Rhino

  • Golden Rhino: Increase stagger by 200%.

  • History repeats: Each bullet embers itself in the target and detonates 2 seconds later for 700% of the user’s Firearms.

  • Caduceus: Each Critical Hit heals you and your group for 1% of the user’s Skill Power. This talent has a 0.2 seconds cooldown. A player can only be healed by one Caduceus at a time.

  • Midas: Each bullet you hit with reduces your damage by 1% and your target’s damage by 1% to a max of 20%. The effect is reduced by 5% per second.

  • Base damage increased by 11%.

Open world

  • Civilians will now always drop Target Intel when helped.
  • Collectibles will now reward players with more XP when picked up at level 30.


  • Crafting High End pistols will no longer cost Division Tech
  • Updated Survival Cache content: it no longer has a specific drop that weights towards weapons introduced in Survival and has a more generic drop instead. Exotic items have a small chance to drop as a bonus.
  • Reviving players from downed state will now cost a Medkit.
  • When matchmaking in Solo PvP Survival, players will end up in a guaranteed Solo instance where grouping is not possible.
  • Players can no longer “loot and kill” other downed players in PvE Survival.
  • Supplies available around the different spawn hideouts have been rebalanced.


  • Killing NPCs will now grant Underground XP instead of normal XP. This means that players will no longer earn normal XP when playing Underground.
  • Underground Caches now guarantee two items instead of one. Exotic items have a small chance to drop as a bonus.


  • Increased the Weekly Rewards on all Challenging and Heroic Incursions.


  • [PC Only] Several improvements and bug fixes made to gamepad support on PC.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes consumables would not be consumed when used in Survival mode or normal gameplay.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would return an incorrect out of playable map area error in DZ06.
  • Fixed a bug where the UI would incorrectly reflect the protection bonus from Hunter’s Faith. gear set talent when two or more players had the 4-piece bonus active while in close proximity.
  • Fixed a bug where players could accidentally use consumables while browsing the emote wheel.
  • Fixed a bug where the Pulse Master skill would not always trigger the early warning for hostile characters.
  • Fixed several instances of Ballistic Shield becoming unusable.
  • Fixed a bug where Recovery Link would not trigger correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where players would be unable to do anything for a few seconds after using a skill.
  • Fixed a bug where the UI QuickNav function would not work properly.
  • Fixed a bug where crafting material quality would not scale properly with world tier.
  • Fixed a bug on PlayStation 4 where players would be stuck in infinite loading.
  • Fixed a bug where weapon talents would not activate if the character attribute values were equal, but not higher than the requirements.
  • Fixed several instances of delay when using First Aid.
  • Fixed a bug where Vigorous talent would not work properly.
  • Fixed a bug where players would be able to use consumables infinitely.
  • Fixed a bug where the Competent weapon talent would not work for certain skills.
  • Fixed a bug where the Coolheaded weapon talent would reduce consumable duration.
  • Fixed a bug where the NPC audio would not work after ending a Survival game mode session.
  • Fixed a bug where a Favorited item could be accidentally marked as junk.
  • Fixed a bug where NPCs would often get perfect aim.
  • Fixed a bug where mods could be unequipped randomly when relogging into the game.
  • Fixed a bug with Mobile Cover where talents Adept, Competent and Capable would stay active until either the cover was destroyed or the player changed cover.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the player would lose input functionality after closing the stash.
  • Fixed a bug where the Signature skill cooldown would not update on the party’s UI if used outside of party range.
  • Fixed a bug with the Chromatic aberration graphical setting.
  • Fixed a bug where crafted level 34 extended magazines would roll with lower stats than intended.
  • Fixed a bug where the Nimble talent could revive the player from a downed/dead state.
  • Fixed a bug where enemies would be stuck behind a door during a mission in the Garment District.
  • Fixed a bug where Brycce Thompson would randomly repeat some of his lines even after the player completes the related mission.
  • Fixed several instances of FPS drops and freezes.

The Division is getting a free trial on PC, PS4, Xbox One starting tomorrow

27 Feb

From tomorrow, you’ll be able to download and play a free, limited version of The Division.

Ubisoft has announced that starting tomorrow, February 28, a free trial for The Division will be available for anyone to download.

The trial will be available on PC and Xbox One at the date above, followed by PS4 on March 9. The Division trial includes access to the entire game’s content, with some restrictions.

First, you can only reach level 8. Alternatively, if you clock in six hours of playtime, the trial will be over. That said, all progress made will carry over to the full thing if you decide to purchase it.

There are no other restrictions on the areas of the game’s world you have access to, and you’ll also be able to play in co-op as well as solo. The trial does not have an end date, so you can pick it up whenever you want.

GTA Online’s fastest muscle cars – fully upgraded vehicles ranked by top speed and lap times

27 Feb

GTA Online offers muscle car fans a huge variety of choices, but most of them are utter rubbish if you’re looking for an advantage over the competition. Here are the ones that matter.

GTA Online expert Broughy1322 is back with another round up of the best vehicles in GTA 5‘s online multiplayer suite.

This time the focus is on muscle cars – fully upgraded, of course. This is one of GTA Online’s largest vehicle classes, but sadly for those of us who love the growl of a muscle car, in general they fall well behind sports cars in terms of top speed performance.

That said, there are some pretty good ones, and the top end of the class just leaves the others in the dust. In the video above you’ll see each of GTA Online’s muscle cars ranked by top speed.

Top speed isn’t everything, of course, in GTA Online as in life – handling is equally important to racing success, especially in this class, which make super and sports cars look like easy mode.

The second video, embedded below, ranks GTA 5’s muscle cars by lap time. Your results may vary there, as skill plays an important part, but the tests seem pretty consistent so you shouldn’t be led too far astray.

But what you want to know is: what is the best muscle car in GTA Online? It turns out the top three is identical across both metrics, and unsurprisingly, it’s the Pisswasser Dominator (as seen in the featured image, via GTA Wiki) that comes out on top.

The Pisswasser Dominator’s top speed of 124.5mph is above and beyond its closest rival the Sabre Turbo Custom at 121.3 mph – but it’s also much harder to race, making it less of a contender for all but the best GTA Online drivers out there. The vanilla Dominator comes in at third, by the way.

So there you have it – the best muscle cars in GTA Online. It’s well worth watching both of the videos for the expert commentary, as there are some lower ranked muscle cars which will show most GTA 5 players a good time.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands open beta is live – watch Twitch streamers livestream the whole thing

23 Feb

Right on schedule, the Ghost Recon: Wildlands open beta has kicked off on all platforms.

Watch live video from MyDopefish on www.twitch.tv

Provided your download is finished, you can now load up the Ghost Recon: Wildlands open beta and start fighting crime. Servers are now live all over the world on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

A lot of Twitch streamers have been waiting to jump back in, with many of them slapping countdown timers on their channels. Since you may be stuck at work or don’t have access to your gaming system for any other reason, we thought we’d show you some of what the top streamers will experience in the opening hours.

Above, Twitch streamer MyDopefish plays the PC version in solo.

As for the one below, it’ll be the Xbox One version being played in co-op by streamer Angrysausagetv.

Watch live video from angrysausagetv on www.twitch.tv

The open beta is around 24GB in size, but you can update your closed beta client if you still have that installed. You’ll still download some 20GB worth of data, but it’s smaller than the full thing.

The Ghost Recon: Wildlands open beta includes access to two regions from the game’s 21. Itacua, and Montuyoc is what they’re called. You may recognise the former from the closed beta, and it’s where you’ll be starting again this time. Montuyoc is designed as a higher-level region than the introductory Itacua, so there’s definitely more to play this time around.

If you do end up joining the beta, and decide to also play the full game before March 31, you’ll receive an extra mission for free. The Unidad Conspiracy mission lets you fan the flames of war between the Santa Blanca cartel and the Unidad militia.

One other thing you can do before the game releases is mess around with this interactive mini-game. It’s easy to follow and it unlocks some in-game content and XP boosts.

The beta wraps up on Monday, February 27 at the same time it starts. That’s 3am PST, 6am EST, 11am GMT, and 12am CET.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is out March 7 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Nintendo says early sale Switch units were stolen, and everyone involved has been fired

20 Feb

Switch units in the wild may result in criminal charges for those who helped them run free.

Switch fever peaked last week when some dodgy shakycam footage showing the Switch setup menu and UI as well as a Switch unboxing video made some corners of the Internet wild with envy.

Hiphoptherobot said at the time that a retailer had supplied the Switch unit early, presumably by mistake; they even said several times that they wouldn’t be talking about the matter if they had done anything shady. Unfortunately it looks like they were taken in by someone else, as the Switch was stolen.

“Earlier this week, individuals claimed to prematurely purchase a small number of Nintendo Switch systems from an unspecified retailer,” Nintendo told IGN.

“Nintendo has determined these units were stolen in an isolated incident by employees of a US distributor, with one system being illegally resold. The individuals involved have been identified, terminated from their place of employment and are under investigation by local law enforcement authorities on criminal charges.”

The original poster of last week’s Switch videos has confirmed this includes their Switch unit. “Nintendo has the console back and I am personally not in any trouble,” they said in an update posted on posted on NeoGAF.

They also said they’d unknowingly bought a stolen Switch, and that everyone has “been very nice and reasonable” throughout the return process – but that they don’t expect to get their money back. The full thread is worth a read, although it’s light on details as the OP is understandably a bit wary of sharing too much.

Switch launches March 3. Buy it from a shop on or after that date. Anybody who offers you an early one is probably doing something dodgy.

A full Switch interface Nintendo Direct is expected this week, if the videos are pulled in the meantime and you’re dying to take a peek.

Payday 3 development has kicked off, but don’t hold your breath for it: “you simply don’t rush” Starbreeze’s most important brand

16 Feb

Payday 3 is the “most important” thing on Starbreeze’s radar, so expect it to go slow and careful.


Payday 3 development has formally kicked off, Starbreeze told investors in its most recent financial releases.

“It is with great satisfaction that we also can announce that Payday 3 production is officially initiated and at a full design stage,” CEO Bo Andersson Klint said.

Klint stressed that Starbreeze isn’t setting any timeframe right now and Payday 3 will be in the works for “as much time as we deem needed” and “will be done when it’s done”.

“This is our single most important brand today and the cornerstone of our business and we will treat it accordingly. Updates in the near future might be scares and far between. You simply don’t rush Payday 3,” he emphasised.

Payday 2 has been an enormous success for Starbreeze and its Overkill studio. Continuous content and support from the team has overcome stumbling blocks like hugely unpopular microtransactions and abandoned console ports, enabling a lively community – which obviously coughs up money in huge dripping wads given Starbreeze’s description of the IP as its cornerstone brand.

Starbreeze gave some figures regarding the Payday franchise’s earnings this quarter, but as it wasn’t immediately clear which was GAAP (the one we care about) and which was non-GAAP (useless to us), we’d better not randomly regurgitate them.

We did get an update on the 505 Games situation, though. Since Starbreeze regained the rights early last year 505 Games is not providing any extra funding, but is still taking console revenues as it hasn’t yet received the $5 million it is entitled to.

“We expect 505 to have reached their $5 million recoup in Q1 2017 as we see impressive Payday performance through digital distribution on consoles following the latest update,” Klint added.

Starbreeze receives 100% of all PC revenue on the Payday franchise, and describes this revenue source as “healthy”.

The ability to transfer GTA Online characters from old-gen to PS4 and Xbox One ends next month

15 Feb

If you still haven’t made the jump from Xbox 360 and PS3 with your GTA Online character, you’ll want to decide soon.


Since the launch of the remastered GTA 5 on PS4 and Xbox One, Rockstar has been offering players the ability to bring their GTA Online characters forward from PS3 and Xbox 360.

Well, soon this will be coming to an end. Rockstar confirmed in a blog post that after March 6, you won’t be able to transfer your GTA Online character from PS3 or Xbox 360 to PS4 and Xbox One.

Bringing your character forward only affects GTA Online progress, not the single-player save. Not everything is transferred over, too. If you want a step-by-step guide on how to make the move, and what is and isn’t coming along, our simple and detailed guide will get you sorted.

It’s surprising Rockstar didn’t end support for the feature sooner, considering the developer stopped releasing GTA Online updates on PS3 and Xbox 360 ages ago.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, GTA Online is offering double RP, discounts, and other bonuses. Of course, these type of events are only available on new consoles.

Yakuza 1-4 have been reprinted, and we can probably thank a chicken

13 Feb

The Yakuza series is enjoying a surge of long overdue popularity. We blame the chicken.


Yakuza 0 seems to have reignited interest in Sega’s cult-favourite open world series.

Yakuza games have always been beloved of their fervent fanbase, but have never really found mainstream appeal – and so Sega generally takes its time localising them, and releases them in limited quantities. A few years on, it can be really difficult to find a copy.

Now GameIdealist reports Sega has issued a limited reprint of Yakuza 1 through 4, so that fresh copies are available through major online retailers. (Yakuza 5 was not released on disc in the west, so don’t go looking for it.)

One can only assume that interest in Yakuza 0 is responsible for this pleasant turn of events. But why has Yakuza 0 lit a small fire under the Internet when its precursors haven’t? Look, it’s probably the chicken. Behold:

The chicken scene, which has been shared widely by a number of different players (this one was the first example I found with a quick Google), has gone a bit viral, drawing new attention to Yakuza 0. Even Sega acknowledged its pull in a marketing survey. Check out the bottom options in both images:

The chicken scene is actually pretty typical of the Yakuza series, which goes from ultra-dramatic scenes of syndicates clashing, street violence and betrayal, to, uh, possibly even more ultra-dramatic scenes of Kiryu photographing an old lady doing a flip on a granny bike without dropping her dog out the shopping basket, rapid-fire writing a blog post, and thereby learning a new wrestling move for use in combat. It’s a game series where you can ignore the plot and go play lovingly recreated arcade games, throw all your money at hostesses, and just immerse yourself in the weird and wonderful.

Here’s a nice summary of Yakuza 0:

If Yakuza 0 isn’t enough to satisfy you but you can’t be bothered dragging the PS3 out the closet for the older games, take heart: Yakuza Kiwami, a remake of the first game, is coming west in northern summer, while Yakuza 6 will arrive sometime next year, both for PS4.

Incoming search terms:

Nioh debuts at No.2 in UK charts, but it made the most money

13 Feb

Nioh could not quite land at the top spot in this week’s UK charts, but it’s not all bad news.

nioh okatsu (1)

Nioh officially came out last week, and although it made quite the splash at retail and with critics, it didn’t quite manage to reach the top spot in the UK charts of that week.

GfK published the weekly charts and revealed that Nioh landed at No.2, one place below GTA 5, which is having its third week at the top spot this year, and the 12th overall.

That said, Nioh actually topped the revenue charts across all platforms, thanks to its higher price point (£44.45) compared to GTA 5. Resident Evil 7 dropped to No.3, after earning the top spot last week.

Find the rest of the top 10 below:

  • 1- GTA 5
  • 2- Nioh
  • 3- Resident Evil 7
  • 4- FIFA 17
  • 5- Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
  • 6- Battlefield 1
  • 7- Rocket League
  • 8- Hitman: The Complete Season
  • 9- Overwatch
  • 10 – Watch Dogs 2