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News: Total War: Warhammer – Bretonnia faction arrives for free on February 28

22 Feb

The Bretonnia faction will launch as a free update for Total War: Warhammer on February 28, SEGA and Creative Assembly have announced.

The new Bretonnian race is available in the Grand Campaign, allowing players to embark on campaigns as three new Legendary Lords: Louen Leoncoeur (Bretonnia), Alberic (Bordeleaux), and The Fay Enchantress (Carcassonne).

"In the mists of times past, the regions between the Great Ocean and The Grey Mountains were secured by Gilles le Breton, and Bretonnia was founded. Now ruled by the mighty warrior-king Louen Leoncoeur, Bretonnia is administered across a number of dukedoms. Bretonnian society revolves around a deeply ingrained code of chivalry, and her people offer fealty to their Goddess, The Lady of The Lake. It is said that a Knight who distinguishes himself through honourable deeds may earn her blessing," reads the expansion's blurb.

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Images: Total War Warhammer Bretonnia

22 Feb
Total War Warhammer Bretonnia

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News: Australia, led by Prime Minister John Curtin is coming soon to Civ VI

22 Feb
Civ 6 Australia

Civilization VI's next premium DLC will be  Australia, led by Prime Minister John Curtin, 2K and Firaxis have announced.

John Curtin was the 14th Prime Minister of Australia, serving from 1941 to 1945, holding office while the country was under direct threat of Japanese attack during World War II.

Curtin died on July 5, 1945 while still in office.

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Horizon Zero Dawn expected to sell 4-6 million copies this year alone

22 Feb

Despite being a new IP, Horizon Zero Dawn may perform just as impressively as heavy hitters such as Uncharted and Metal Gear Solid.


SuperData, the research and analytics firm, has published some favourable predictions for the sales of Horizon Zero Dawn. According to the company, the new IP could have sales numbers that rival those of other big franchises such as Uncharted and Metal Gear Solid.

“Based on our initial observations we believe that Horizon Zero Dawn can sell around 4-6M units by end of 2017, given its early in the year release,” said SuperData research CEO Joost van Dreunen (via MCVUK). “Lifetime sales will likely be around 6-8M, which puts it in the same category as Uncharted 4 and Metal Gear Solid 5.”

Van Dreunen attributed some of this to the the many excellent reviews the game has been getting this week, which creates anticipation for launch day.

The research CEO also praised the release timing, calling it a “strong strategic move” on Sony’s part to increase hardware sales for the console, which the report notes have been “softening”.

“Now that we are in the second half of the current console cycle forces Sony and its rival Microsoft into a price war for the more risk-averse consumers that typically enter the market at this stage.

“And the release of the Nintendo Switch in early March will further increase the pressure on Sony to remain the platform of choice for the current gamer generation,” added Van Dreunen.

Horizon Zero Dawn releases February 28 in North America, March 1 in Europe and the UK.

Windows 10 second update coming this year, confirms Microsoft

22 Feb
This update would be available after the Creators Update.

Images: Civ 6 Australia

22 Feb
Civ 6 Australia

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Google Chrome ‘missing font’ hack is the latest malware scam you need to avoid

22 Feb
This Chrome 'hack' can be used to trick unwitting web users into downloading malware.

Blizzard teases next Overwatch hero in new ‘interview’ with 11-year-old robotics genius Efi Oladele

22 Feb
'My dream is to build something that can keep us safe, like the OR15s!', the 11-year-old says in the interview.

‘Siri, find me a date’: Tinder boss says AI and augmented reality could improve online dating

22 Feb
Sean Rad on the future of swiping.

News: PlayStation VR game Here They Lie is now playable without the VR headset

22 Feb

PlayStation VR horror game Here They Lie is now playable on PS4 without a VR headset, developer Tangentlemen has announced.

Those who already own the game can download an update to enable the non-VR version, with 4K and HDR visuals available for those playing on PS4 Pro. Additionally, PS4 Pro users with PS VR will benefit from an all-around higher quality render-mode: better shadows, post-processing effects, dynamic flashlight shadows, and ambient occlusion.

The developer has also made improvements to the PS VR gameplay experience, including a controller configuration screen, Chapter Select screen, improved head tracking, and additional tutorial screens.

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Samsung may use Sony batteries to power Galaxy S8

22 Feb
However, bulk of the batteries will come from Samsung SDI and Amperex.

India’s 1.3 billion citizens’ biometric data to be shared with private firms, raising privacy concerns

22 Feb
Fingerprints, iris scans and more of around 1.3bn Indians have been collected as part of the government's India Stack programme.

Amazon Go automatic checkout stores to start selling booze – but you’ll still need to bring ID

22 Feb
Amazon has applied for an alcohol license at its flagship automated convenience store in Seattle.

Get a PS4 Pro with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Dishonored 2 for $400

22 Feb

If you’re looking to pick up a PS4 Pro, why not get two free games along with it?


Sony has yet to offer any official deals or discounts on PS4 Pro. This is why deals like today’s NewEgg offer are always exciting for those looking to get a better deal on the more powerful PS4.

This isn’t the first deal of this type, either, but they tend to go out of stock pretty quickly. Today’s offer gets you a PlayStation 4 Pro console, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, and Dishonored 2 – all for the MSRP of $400. Both game are enhanced for PS4 Pro, too, so you’ll be playing the better versions.

This essentially means you get two of the best selling games of last year for free. You can see it for yourself at the link. The offer is available only through NewEgg’s eBay portal, while stocks last.

We should also note that the version of Infinite Warfare included is the standard edition, and does not come with Modern Warfare Remastered.

iPhone 8: Front facing camera may have 3D depth-sensing and facial recognition capability

22 Feb
The front snapper could be capable of clicking 3D selfies.

Party hat Pikachu coming to Pokémon GO: Available to celebrate Pokémon Day

22 Feb
Pikachu wearing a party hat will be available in Pokémon GO from Feb. 28 to Mar. 6, 2017 to celebrate Pokémon Day.

Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass – watch the new Soissons map, French Army, and new Behemoth tank in action

22 Feb

Finally, we can now take a good look at a lot of the content coming to Battlefield 1 with the They Shall Not Pass DLC.

As promised, Battlefield 1 CTE has been updated with fresh content from the upcoming They Shall Not Pass expansion.

The update includes the Soissons map, which has the Char 2C Behemoth tank, and the St. Chamond assault tank. What’s more, we get to see the new models for the French Army. In the video above, Westie plays around in the map, and reveals some details about the new armour.

The Char 2C tank, surprisingly, won’t be on rails. Up to five players can be in it at any one time, and it looks much bigger than anything else around it. As for the St. Chamond tank, Westie says it’s hard to get around corners due to its length, but it is fast. What’s interesting about this tank, though, is that one of its attacks calls in artillery shells at its location.

Just like the maps in the main game, the Soissons map supports dynamic weather, changing the scene completely from sunny to stormy and rainy throughout the match. As you’d expect, there are new voice lines for the French Army, and an assortment of new assets such as buildings, a tree house with a mounted machine gun, and more.

They Shall Not Pass is out in March.

Arianna Huffington: I will hold Uber ‘leadership team’s feet to the fire’ amid harassment claims

22 Feb
"Change doesn't usually happen without a catalyst," Huffington said.

Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter an Unlikely Wish, Weighs Ed Boon

22 Feb

The possibility of a crossover between Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter certainly sounds alluring, but one which carries stern complications. The Mortal Kombat name is synonymous with blood and gore, set in a dark alternative dimension comprised of terrifying warriors that routinely decapitate foes or tear out limbs at a moment’s notice. Then you have […]

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News: Horizon Zero Dawn predicted to sell 8 million total copies

22 Feb
Horizon Zero Dawn game screenshots

Research firm, SuperData, has a bold prediction for Guerrilla Games and Sony's Horizon Zero Dawn: sales numbers will be in and around 6 million by year's end.

SuperData CEO Joost van Dreunen said Horizon Zero Dawn's glowing review scores (currently 88 on Metacritic) will mean 'it will be a favourite among consumers.' He also stated that Horizon Zero Dawn comes at a 'key moment' for SIE as 'hardware sales have been softening for Sony and the company is increasingly going to rely on successful game releases.'

Van Dreunen predicted between four and six million copies sold in 2017 before going onto claim 'lifetime sales will likely be around 6-8m, which puts it in the same category as Uncharted 4 and Metal Gear Solid V.'

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