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Horizon Zero Dawn expected to sell 4-6 million copies this year alone

22 Feb

Despite being a new IP, Horizon Zero Dawn may perform just as impressively as heavy hitters such as Uncharted and Metal Gear Solid.


SuperData, the research and analytics firm, has published some favourable predictions for the sales of Horizon Zero Dawn. According to the company, the new IP could have sales numbers that rival those of other big franchises such as Uncharted and Metal Gear Solid.

“Based on our initial observations we believe that Horizon Zero Dawn can sell around 4-6M units by end of 2017, given its early in the year release,” said SuperData research CEO Joost van Dreunen (via MCVUK). “Lifetime sales will likely be around 6-8M, which puts it in the same category as Uncharted 4 and Metal Gear Solid 5.”

Van Dreunen attributed some of this to the the many excellent reviews the game has been getting this week, which creates anticipation for launch day.

The research CEO also praised the release timing, calling it a “strong strategic move” on Sony’s part to increase hardware sales for the console, which the report notes have been “softening”.

“Now that we are in the second half of the current console cycle forces Sony and its rival Microsoft into a price war for the more risk-averse consumers that typically enter the market at this stage.

“And the release of the Nintendo Switch in early March will further increase the pressure on Sony to remain the platform of choice for the current gamer generation,” added Van Dreunen.

Horizon Zero Dawn releases February 28 in North America, March 1 in Europe and the UK.

Get a PS4 Pro with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Dishonored 2 for $400

22 Feb

If you’re looking to pick up a PS4 Pro, why not get two free games along with it?


Sony has yet to offer any official deals or discounts on PS4 Pro. This is why deals like today’s NewEgg offer are always exciting for those looking to get a better deal on the more powerful PS4.

This isn’t the first deal of this type, either, but they tend to go out of stock pretty quickly. Today’s offer gets you a PlayStation 4 Pro console, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, and Dishonored 2 – all for the MSRP of $400. Both game are enhanced for PS4 Pro, too, so you’ll be playing the better versions.

This essentially means you get two of the best selling games of last year for free. You can see it for yourself at the link. The offer is available only through NewEgg’s eBay portal, while stocks last.

We should also note that the version of Infinite Warfare included is the standard edition, and does not come with Modern Warfare Remastered.

Xbox Live deals: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Don’t Starve, Forza 6, GTA 5, more

21 Feb

This week’s Xbox One Deals with Gold include three Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare options, a bundle including Forza 6 and Forza 5, and other games on sale for up to 67% off.

steph_don't _starve_day_149

Other Deals with Gold discounts include a collection of add-on packs for Forza 6, King’s Quest: The Complete Collection, Shadow Complex Remastered and more.

Discounts included in the Xbox One Spotlight sale are available for all Xbox Live users. The GTA 5 offerings were available during last week’s Deals with Gold sale, but only for XBLG members.

Below, you will find the entire list of Deals with Gold. As always, more information is available through Major Nelson.

Xbox One Deals with Gold

  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – 35% off
  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – Digital Deluxe Edition – 20% off
  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – Digital Legacy Edition – 25% off
  • Deadpool – 60% off
  • Don’t Starve: Giant Edition + Shipwrecked Expansion – 40% off
  • Doodle God: Ultimate Edition – 33% off
  • Dovetail Games Euro Fishing – 50% off
  • DUCATI – 90th Anniversary – 60% off
  • Forza Motorsport 6 and Forza Motorsport 5 Bundle – 50% off
  • Forza Motorsport 6 Complete Add-Ons Collection – Add-On – 67% off
  • Hand of Fate – 67% off
  • Hunter’s Legacy – 25% off
  • King’s Quest: The Complete Collection – 50% off
  • NASCAR Heat Evolution – 35% off
  • Shadow Complex Remastered – 50% off
  • Toby: The Secret Mine – 20% off

Xbox One Deals with Gold – Spotlight Sale

  • Attack on Titan – 50% off
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 & Great White Shark Cash Card – 50% off
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 & Megalodon Shark Cash Card Bundle – 60% off
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 & Whale Shark Cash Card Bundle – 60% off
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 – 50% off
  • WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Ultimate – 40% off

Watch Dogs 2’s latest patch added a strange new quest players are trying to solve right now

20 Feb

Watch Dogs 2 players have discovered something very mysterious after the latest update.


Watch Dogs 2 was patched last week, but Ubisoft failed to mention everything it added to the game when it released official patch notes.

Oh, we know the ending of Watch Dogs 2 was extended slightly, but we think that’s probably just a nod to the first Watch Dogs 2 DLC. No, something altogether weirder is going on.

As elegantly summarised by Kotaku, Watch Dogs 2 subreddit members first noticed something was different in patch 1.1 when NPC dialogue started referencing four missing teenagers.

Confirming the community’s suspicions that something weird was happening, the official Watch Dogs 2 Tumblr began feeding them clues. Shortly afterwards, players began to find new graffiti scattered around Oakland, and in these locations they could hear strange noises. Viewing the graffiti on in-game phones turned up extra clues.

I won’t spoil the good investigative work of the Watch Dogs 2 community (and perhaps your own enjoyment of the emerging story) by giving you the full details, but the new quest seems to involve a Slenderman-style urban legend.

It’s not clear whether the next step in the quest chain is to be found in Watch Dogs 2 itself or whether we’ll have to wait for Ubisoft’s social team to drop some clues, AR style. It is clear that now is a good time to return to Watch Dogs 2 and follow along, though.

Horizon Zero Dawn looks “phenomenal” on PS4 and PS4 Pro, the “best” 4K Pro title yet – report

20 Feb

When it comes to its technical side, Horizon Zero Dawn will not disappoint you, no matter which platform you’ll be playing it on.

Horizon Zero Dawn has not only been getting a positive critical reception, it’s also one of the most technically advanced PS4 titles.

According to the most recent Digital Foundry analysis, the game performs and looks great on both the base PS4 as well as PS4 Pro. The site even called it the best 4K release yet. On the standard model, Horizon maintains a 1080p resolution, whereas the PS4 Pro gets a checkerboard 4K presentation.

Performance is identical, however, with both consoles performing very well at the vast majority of times, a near-locked and well-paced 30fps. There are very few drops below 30fps, but they’re well-masked and don’t affect the gameplay. Curiously, they happen at the same spots regardless of the console.

That said, adhering to 30fps this well is impressive, and the report noted this is especially true for an open-world game, considering the number of times the game has to stream in a chunk of high-quality assets very quickly.

But PS4 Pro doesn’t just get a resolution bump, developer Guerrilla even managed to push the graphical detail a bit further to compensate for the non-native 4K resolution. Anisotropic filtering and texture resolution have been increased on PS4 Pro, making the image look even richer on 4K screens.

The site promised to take a deeper dive into the game’s tech soon, especially now that we know it’s getting a day one patch to offer a high-performance option. For now, you can see the initial impressions in the video above.

Horizon Zero Dawn is out February 28 in North America, March 1 in Europe, and the UK on PS4.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands open beta pre-load now live on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

20 Feb

You can start pre-load the Ghost Recon: Wildlands open beta now, or update your closed beta client.

ghost_recon_wildlands_7 (Copy)

The open beta for Ghost Recon: Wildlands is now available to pre-load on PC through Uplay, the European PlayStation Store, and the Xbox Games Store.

Reports from players all over the world have confirmed the file size to be around 23-24GB. That’s assuming you no longer have the closed beta installed, if you do still have it, you’ll take a smaller download, at 19.51GB on PC.

The closed to open beta update has also been released on PS4 and Xbox One, clocking in at around 20GB. Just turn on your consoles and find it on the relevant digital store.

The Ghost Recon: Wildlands open beta goes live on Thursday, February 23 on all platforms.

While you’re downloading the open beta, why not check out the official interactive site, which will reward you with some neat little bonuses should you buy the full game.

The Ghost Recon: Wildlands open beta features two regions from the game and if you play the open beta you’ll unlock a new mission in the main game.

Terraria has sold 20.5 million copies since its release in 2011

18 Feb

Since its release in May 2011, Terraria has sold 20.5 million copies, according to developer Re-Logic.


The milestone was reached by the end of 2016, meaning over 4.1 million copies of Terraria have been sold each year for the past five years. 8.3 million units were sold within the last 18 months on PC since update 1.3 launched in June 2015.

Along with unit sales figure, (thanks, PCgamesN) the studio also shared more stats on the 2D sandbox adventure since launch day:

Launch (May 2011)

  • PC only
  • Over 250 Items
  • Six NPCs (seven counting the old man)
  • 20 Enemies
  • Three Bosses
  • Ten Biomes
  • Game “ended” with the Dungeon, explorable upon defeating the final boss of the game at the time.


  • Available on: PC/Mac/Linux, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, Vita, PS4, 3DS, Wii U, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Amazon mobile.
  • Over 3,800 Items
  • 25 NPCs (26 if, again, you count the old man)
  • Over 350 Enemies
  • 16 Bosses (plus nine mini-bosses)
  • 27 Biomes (Plus a number of “mini-biomes” such as Pyramids or Living Trees)
  • Optional “Events” (The Moons, Invasions, etc)
  • Game “ends” with Moonlord, though optional content remains
  • Expert Mode
  • Numerous Quality of Life Improvements
  • More planned

The developers also promised there are more “tidbits” they aren’t quite ready to share yet, including and update on the status of Otherworld.

Also, update 1.3 for consoles is “just around the corner,” according to the studio with the mobile version releasing afterward.

Re-Logic also described Terraria as a franchise with “so much life left in it,” in the post, and said it “cannot wait to share those plans in the months and years to come.”

Ghost Recon: Wildlands TV spot is all CG, still not using Eric Clapton’s Cocaine

17 Feb

How come Ubisoft couldn’t use Eric Clapton’s Cocaine in any of its promo material for Ghost Recon: Wildlands?

Ubisoft has unveiled the latest TV spot for Ghost Recon: Wildlands. TV spots are typically very short, for obvious reasons, and rely mostly on CG and flashy footage.

This most recent one follows the same guidelines, and succeeds in pitching the game’s main concepts in under one minute. Those being, the open world, the freedom you have in how you can approach each mission, the vehicles you can use, and the big baddies you’ll be going after.

Unfortunately, it’s yet another trailer for the game that somehow doesn’t use Eric Clapton’s iconic cover of Cocaine. C’mon guys, you must find a way.

If you’re looking to try out Wildlands before it’s release, there’s going to be a beta next weekend, open to all. The open beta will feature a sizeable amount of content, even more so than closed beta.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is out March 7 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Horizon: Zero Dawn day one patch is only 250MB

17 Feb

If you’re getting the disc version of Horizon: Zero Dawn you won’t have to waste too much time grabbing update files.


Horizon: Zero Dawn developer Guerrilla Games has confirmed that the game will have a day one patch.

Don’t fret, though, because the size of the patch is very small compared to many of today’s games. The studio confirmed in a tweet that Horizon: Zero Dawn’s day one patch is only around 250MB.

Guerrilla also said that more details about what’s actually in the patch will be shared at launch.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is out February 28 in the US, March 1 in the UK and Europe for PS4.

Fetch, the Ultimate Dog Lover’s Adventure, is Now on PC

16 Feb

Don’t let our recent chatter about cats fool you — if there’s one thing that we love just as much as video games here at Gamezebo, it’s probably dogs. I have two adorable mutts of my own, and I couldn’t imagine spending a single day without them. The hero of Fetch isn’t so fortunate — his playful pup has been stolen by an evil company, and he has plenty of point-and-click puzzling to do if he wants to get him back!

Originally released on the iPad back in 2013, Fetch has slowly been making its way to additional platforms in the ensuing years, welcoming more gamers into its dog lover’s paradise in the process. And now, courtesy of iWin, you can experience the Fetch phenomenon from the comfort of your desktop.

Is it worth your time? Our 4.5 star review certainly seems to think so. And if you pick it up and find you’re stuck, don’t worry — we have a full Fetch walkthrough available to help you free your canine comrade from the clutches of evil.

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Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy remastered collection hits PS4 in June

16 Feb

The Crash Bandicoot collection announced by Activision in December has been given a release date.

After teasing the Crash Bandicoot news on Twitter earlier this week, the collection’s date, called the N. Sane Trilogy, was revealed in full today through a new trailer.

It contains the original game, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back and Crash Bandicoot: Warped.

According to Activision, the games have been fully-remastered in HD, and the original music compositions have been remastered as well with improved sound quality and fidelity.

crash_bandicoot_n_sane_trilogy_ (1) crash_bandicoot_n_sane_trilogy_ (2) crash_bandicoot_n_sane_trilogy_ (3) crash_bandicoot_n_sane_trilogy_ (4) crash_bandicoot_n_sane_trilogy_ (5)

The addition of real-time lighting was added via a Physically Based Rendering engine, and the texture size has been increased, according to developer Vicarious Visions.

The Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy will be released for PS4 on June 30.

Sony has franchise ambitions for Horizon: Zero Dawn

15 Feb

Horizon: Zero Dawn is still a fortnight away from release, but Sony is already talking up the potential for another game in the series.

horizon_zero_dawn (3)

Speaking with MCV UK, Sony Interactive Entertainment UK product manager Jon Edwards has expressed a desire for Aloy, the game’s protagonist, to become one of Sony’s flagship characters, alongside the likes of Nathan Drake and Sackboy. “She’s a PlayStation icon of the future”, he said.

Later in the interview, he clarifies his position further: “nothing has been announced to date but I think there’s a lot of potential for this to be an exciting new franchise for us – we’ll just have to wait and see.”

What this means, of course, is that if the game sells well we’ll see a sequel, and that Aloy probably isn’t going anywhere. This might seem like a no-brainer, but it shows that Sony is pretty invested in the game’s success.

Horizon: Zero Dawn launches exclusively for PS4 on February 28.

The Apocalypse Now game moves from Kickstarter to its own dedicated fundraising site

14 Feb

Apocalypse Now’s videogame adaptation isn’t going to make it on Kickstarter, so the team behind it are seeking funding privately.

apocalypse now

The Kickstarter for the project, which promises a game “like Fallout: New Vegas on acid in Vietnam”, has brought in $172,599 as of writing. It’s aiming for $900,000, with nine days left to go. In other words, it’s not going to make it.

“We’re making a first-person perspective survival and horror roleplaying game”, the Kickstarter promises. The problem could be, of course, that the intense, harrowing film doesn’t necessarily seem like one that will translate well to a videogame, no matter how many references to it Spec Ops: The Line managed to cram in.

In an update, the team at Erebus LLC has announced that their crowdfunding is moving to a dedicated site, and that current backers will be eligible for a tier upgrade with their pledges. The new dedicated site features more screens and details, and pledge levels that go all the way up to $1 million (“estimated retail value: $3 million”).

The game is now seeking far more money as well: $5.9 million. They’re accepting funding for 460 days.

The game is set to follow the same plot as the film: as Willard, you need to hunt down and kill Kurtz. Whether or not it’ll include that unnecessarily long bit from the Redux version on the French plantation remains to be seen.

Apocalypse Now is aiming for a October 2020 release date.

Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet Review – Hilarity To Go

14 Feb
Nelly Cootalot Title Screen

After what seemed like an eternity (it’s been a decade!), Nelly Cootalot is finally on mobile.We may never see Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy! in the palm of our hands, but its sequel — Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet — is available now as a premium app for both iOS and Android. It’s an absolute bargain as well. The mobile experience is essentially the same as the earlier PC/Mac/Linux version, and seems aimed at helping Nelly Cootalot reach both a larger general audience and a new generation of gamers for whom mobile is their home.

For those unfamiliar with the Nelly Cootalot universe, Nelly is a young pirate committed to using her charm, wits and skill to protect birdlife from the dastardly and aptly named Baron Widebeard. Having previously rescued a fleet of endangered spoonbeaks, she’s now charged with rescuing even more birds who have been captured and hypnotised by the evil Baron Widebeard. Along the way she interacts with a host of colorful characters including literal wingman Sebastian, a small blue coot, ghostly mentor William Bloodbeard, and a group of disgraced toffs forced to run for the common man’s entertainment.

Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet is a game that embodies all of the qualities of a fantastic family film but with the opportunity to be an active and vital participant in the experience. Its storyline is simple and engaging enough to keep young ones entertained, and there are plenty of jokes in the dialogue just for the adults. In this regard, the talents of developer Alasdair Beckett-King, a well-respected comedian and actor outside the games world, really shine through. In pulling off his vision, he’s assisted by a great group of actors, including Tom Baker (Doctor Who!) as Sebastian and Andrew Secombe (Star Wars Episodes I & II) as Dr Periwig.

The gameplay itself is nothing remarkably unique. The Fowl Fleet is a straightforward three-part adventure that has you solving puzzles and navigating people and obstacles. Still, it isn’t the complexity of the gameplay, but the endearing and cheeky humor that make the Nelly Cootalot games so very much worth playing.

Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet Puzzle

Visually, the game is gorgeous. The high-definition animation lends the game both a warmth and presence that make it easy to fall in love with the universe the game creates. While porting the game from Adventure Game Studio to Unity was likely a major challenge, kicking up the graphics a notch in clarity and complexity is an investment that pays off handsomely.

One word of warning is that if you’re new to the Nelly Cootalot universe, it can take a little bit of time and a bigger helping of patience to get used to the trial and error nature of exploring her world. Figuring out how to get to Port Rubicon is enough of a challenge right out of the gate. For frequent adventure game players, thinking in the way the game demands will likely come easy and is part of the fun. For those who find themselves on less familiar terrain, there’s absolutely no shame in taking the time to watch or read a walkthrough after a few failed attempts to go it alone. Eventually, the frustration will move from the bad kind to the good kind. Besides, where else are you going to encounter toff races? Nowhere. They don’t exist in real life (very unfortunately).

Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet Gameplay

On top of all of the positives of this game, it’s also worth celebrating Nelly Cootlot: The Fowl Fleet for putting a smart, witty, tough, skillful young woman in the role of a protagonist of an adventure game designed to appeal to everyone, not just girls and women. It may be 2017, but that’s still a rare feat. When filmmakers who have chosen to make women heroes have faced tremendous backlash, as have their actors, it’s a courageous one too.

Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet is a game where all of the parts, solid on their own, come together in a magical way. Whether you’re young or old, a fan of adventure games or not, despise pirates or love them, it is worth giving the high seas a try at least. There is a chance Nelly Cootalot might not be for you, but even if you enjoy the simple pleasure of laughing it’s a small chance indeed.

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Xbox Live deals: Final Fantasy 15, Mafia 3, GTA 5, Overwatch, Rocket League, more

14 Feb

This week’s Xbox One Deals with Gold include a 2K Games publisher sale, Spotlight discounts on Final Fantasy 15, LEGO titles and plenty more.


Deals with Gold standouts include GTA 5 and Shark Card bundles, Rocket League, Overwatch and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

2K Games on sale include Mafia 3 XCOM 2: Digital Deluxe Edition, Battleborn, BioShock: The Collection and NBA 2K17.

Usually when a publisher’s sale is live on one platform, it’s also available for others. Be sure to check the PlayStation Store and Steam if you aren’t an Xbox household.

Below, you will find the entire list of Deals with Gold. As always, more information is available through Major Nelson.

Xbox One Deals with Gold

  • Battle Island: Commanders – Bonus Supply Pack – Add-On 85% off
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Digital Deluxe Edition – 67% off
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – 67% off
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 & Great White Shark Cash Card – 50% off
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 & Megalodon Shark Cash Card Bundle – 60% off
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 & Whale Shark Cash Card Bundle – 60% off
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 – 50% off
  • Jotun: Valhalla Edition – 40% off
  • Overwatch: Origins Edition – 17% off
  • Pinball FX2 – Aliens vs. Pinball – Add-On – 50% off
  • Pinball FX2 – Balls of Glory – Add-On – 50% off
  • Pinball FX2 – Marvel’s Women of Power – Add-On – 50% off
  • Rocket League – 25% off
  • Sébastien Loeb Rally EVO – 75% off
  • The Final Station – 50% off
  • Wheels of Aurelia – 40% off

Xbox One Deals with Gold – Spotlight Sale

  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse + Season Pass – 60% off
  • FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD – 50% off
  • FINAL FANTASY 15 – 35% off
  • FINAL FANTASY 15 Digital Premium Edition – 25% off
  • LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham – 50% off
  • LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Deluxe Edition – 60% off
  • LEGO Jurassic World – 50% off
  • LEGO STAR WARS: The Force Awakens – 40% off
  • LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Deluxe Edition – 45% off
  • NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 4 – 50% off
  • NARUTO STORM 4 – Season Pass – Add-On – 25% off

Xbox One Deals with Gold – 2K Games Sale

  • Battleborn – 75% off
  • Battleborn Digital Deluxe – 75% off
  • BioShock: The Collection – 35% off
  • Borderlands: The Handsom Collection – 67% off
  • Mafia 3 – 50% off
  • Mafia 3 Deluxe Edition – 50% off
  • NBA 2K17 – 35% off
  • NBA 2K17 200,000 Virtual Currency – Add-On – 20% off
  • NBA 2K17 450,000 Virtual Currency – Add-On – 30% off
  • NBA 2K17 All-Time College Bundle – Add-On – 50% off
  • NBA 2K17 Kobe Bryant Legend Edition – 40% off
  • NBA 2K17 Kobe Bryant Legend Edition Gold – 45% off
  • WWE 2K17 – 50% off
  • WWE 2K17 Digital Deluxe Xbox One Game – 50% off
  • XCOM 2 Xbox One Game – 50% off
  • XCOM 2 Digital Deluxe Edition – 50% off

The discounts above are valid through February 20.

Just Cause 3 frame-rate greatly improved on PS4 Pro in to Boost Mode, but drops below 30fps are still common

14 Feb

Just Cause 3 is often cited among the games with the worst performance on PS4, let’s find out if PS4 Pro Boost Mode can fix these problems.

Since launch, Just Cause 3 on PS4 has been suffering from severe frame-rate drops across the board. While subsequent patches attempted to make things better, most of them didn’t succeed.

Naturally, Just Cause 3 was among the first titles on the list of games begging to be tested in the PS4 Pro’s Boost Mode, currently in beta. Other games have shown varying degrees of improvement, so there’s hope for Just Cause 3.

In the latest video analysis from Digital Foundry, the site puts the game through its paces on a PS4 Pro running Boost Mode to see what improvements, if any, it’s going to get.

Overall, there’s a clear upgrade to the frame-rate in many of the tested scenes. It’s not perfect, but it’s a step-up over what the base model could offer, according to the site.

In addition, in Boost Mode, the game takes less time to revert back to its 30fps target after taxing effects leave the scene than it does on a standard PS4. Screen tearing, too, has been removed, as a result of less dropped frames.

All that said, Just Cause 3 still suffers from frame-rate drops, which is disappointing.

Yakuza 1-4 have been reprinted, and we can probably thank a chicken

13 Feb

The Yakuza series is enjoying a surge of long overdue popularity. We blame the chicken.


Yakuza 0 seems to have reignited interest in Sega’s cult-favourite open world series.

Yakuza games have always been beloved of their fervent fanbase, but have never really found mainstream appeal – and so Sega generally takes its time localising them, and releases them in limited quantities. A few years on, it can be really difficult to find a copy.

Now GameIdealist reports Sega has issued a limited reprint of Yakuza 1 through 4, so that fresh copies are available through major online retailers. (Yakuza 5 was not released on disc in the west, so don’t go looking for it.)

One can only assume that interest in Yakuza 0 is responsible for this pleasant turn of events. But why has Yakuza 0 lit a small fire under the Internet when its precursors haven’t? Look, it’s probably the chicken. Behold:

The chicken scene, which has been shared widely by a number of different players (this one was the first example I found with a quick Google), has gone a bit viral, drawing new attention to Yakuza 0. Even Sega acknowledged its pull in a marketing survey. Check out the bottom options in both images:

The chicken scene is actually pretty typical of the Yakuza series, which goes from ultra-dramatic scenes of syndicates clashing, street violence and betrayal, to, uh, possibly even more ultra-dramatic scenes of Kiryu photographing an old lady doing a flip on a granny bike without dropping her dog out the shopping basket, rapid-fire writing a blog post, and thereby learning a new wrestling move for use in combat. It’s a game series where you can ignore the plot and go play lovingly recreated arcade games, throw all your money at hostesses, and just immerse yourself in the weird and wonderful.

Here’s a nice summary of Yakuza 0:

If Yakuza 0 isn’t enough to satisfy you but you can’t be bothered dragging the PS3 out the closet for the older games, take heart: Yakuza Kiwami, a remake of the first game, is coming west in northern summer, while Yakuza 6 will arrive sometime next year, both for PS4.

Incoming search terms:

Horizon: Zero Dawn – new direct-feed footage shows human settlements, exploration, plenty of combat

13 Feb

A mostly unedited chunk of gameplay from Horizon: Zero Dawn.

We’re about two weeks away from the release of Horizon: Zero Dawn, and gameplay footage has been coming out left and right. From introducing the game’s various robo-monsters, to detailing what went into the creation of its world and lead character Aloy.

The latest video is not official, but was captured by Game Clips And Tips at a recent press event. It’s relatively long, at around seven minutes, and it’s full of new footage.

In particular, the video shows a glimpse of the human outposts and settlements scattered around the game’s world, and how Aloy will be getting from one to the other. There’s also a decent chunk of combat in there, and the player actually flubs the encounter early on before regaining the upper hand.

Overall, it’s a more raw look at the game than we’re used to from officially sanctioned footage.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is out February 28 on PS4.

GTA 4 may have a better frame-rate on Xbox One, but you’re probably better off playing on Xbox 360

13 Feb

GTA 4 on Xbox One backwards compatibility is quite a peculiar thing.

Last week, the Xbox 360 version of GTA 4 became playable on Xbox One thanks to the console’s backwards compatibility.

As is usually the case with backwards compatible games, the transition doesn’t always result in a performance improvements. Thanks to outlets like Digital Foundry, though, we get to actually find out if Xbox One is the best way to play the game.

The case of GTA 4 is complicated, as the site’s recent analysis revealed. According to Digital Foundry, though raw frame-rate has improved, this may not be such a good thing.

You can expect up to a 5fps increase in some spots, but it’s the frame-pacing issue that sours the experience. Xbox One delivers new frames at a rate very different from the Xbox 360 version’s, and much later than the standard 16ms and 33ms intervals.

“It feels choppier and more uneven, while controller latency – hardly one of the game’s strongest points on original hardware – sometimes feels significantly laggier on Xbox One. In certain areas, frame-pacing seems to normalise but by and large, in-game performance seems less stable,” the site noted in the analysis.

Although these observations only apply to the main GTA 4 campaign for now, not including the Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and Damned, something doesn’t feel quite right.

“As things stand, GTA4 is one of a small number of back-compat titles that we’d prefer to play on Xbox 360 instead, and we hope that the back-compat team goes back to take a closer look at the frame-pacing issues here,” the site concludes.

The DLC add-ons will be tested later, but for now, things don’t look promising.

PS4 price drops to $250 for a limited time

13 Feb

Grab one of three PS4 Slim bundles for the low price of $250.


Sony has announced a new, temporary price drop for PS4 in the US. The promotion is now in effect, and will remain available until Saturday, February 25.

There are three PS4 Slim bundles you can choose from. First, you have the Uncharted 4 bundle, which includes the 500GB model, and a copy of the game.

There’s also the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare bundle, which comes with the 500GB model, a disc version of Infinite Warfare, and a download code for Modern Warfare Remastered.

Finally, the Walmart-exclusive Glacier White PS4 Slim bundle is also part of the promotion. The bundle includes the same contents of the standard colour one.

Once again, this is a limited-time offer, available only through February 25.