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Fiji Clicker

17 Feb
Fiji Clicker
Full version of my sad game - Fiji clicker. Welcome to my sad pride)

Don’t Drop That Thing! Beta 1.6.5

17 Feb
Don't Drop That Thing! Beta 1.6.5
read the readme because there are changelogs and new features added and fixed bugs

Nitrome Reveals Flat Pack, a 3D-ish Puzzle Platformer

17 Feb

Nitrome has become one of the most prolific, consistently high-quality developers on mobile in recent years. While most of their games share a colorful pixel aesthetic packed with quirky characters, they’ve explored a wide variety of gameplay mechanics within their signature style. Auto-running dodger Leap Day or platformer Hop Swap; wall-smooshing faller Stretch Dungeon; sliding puzzler Green Ninja; puzzle roguelike Rust Bucket—despite featuring different goals and gameplay, each utilizes one-touch controls with fast-paced, short-burst challenges perfectly suited to mobile.

Flat Pack, their newly announced puzzle game, looks to continue this successful formula. Although the only details at this time are the video trailer Nitrome released on Twitter this morning, we’re already excited about getting our finger on this one.

Unlike the rest of their mobile catalogue, Flat Pack utilizes a 3D environment where space is key to survival. Your little orange hero (who looks a bit like a reverse Q*Bert with his nose on his head) must traverse a cube he’s trapped within by maneuvering around its six sides, finding golden box pieces. Each side is its own miniature platforming arena, with spikes to jump over or steps to use for elevation. The hero can use his head appendage as a helicopter to float for brief periods, and hopping across the entirety of a side sends him straight to the next section of the cube as it quickly turns into view. There are other cubes that bump into his current location as well, which look to be the way he can open up new paths and areas to explore.

If Nitrome’s past works are any indication, Flat Pack will be fast-paced, occasionally frustrating, but extremely hard to put down. It is currently in development with no release date in mind; we’ll share any more details as soon as they’re squared away.

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New Dawn of War 3 Trailer “Prophecy Of War” Shows Three Factions In Action

17 Feb

A new Dawn of War 3 trailer has been released by Relic Entertainment, the studio behind most of the Dawn of War RTS games, and in it we’re shown the huge battles that will be fought in the third entry in the Dawn of War series, coming later this year. See Also: Dawn of War […]

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Dirt Rally’s PSVR upgrade is now available on the PlayStation Store

17 Feb

The PlayStation VR update for Dirt Rally is now available.

With this update, Dirt Rally in its entirety is now playable in VR and has been PS4 Pro optimized. Just the VR content, not the core game.

Every game mode is playable as the driver in VR including rallycross and hill climb. As with the core game, timing and accuracy are vital in order to complete stages in the best time possible.

It also introduces a new Co-Driver Mode where a second player can provide important calls using a controller and the social screen.

Codemasters is also running a limited time discount from today to February 27. During this period, you can pick up the PlayStation VR bundle which includes the game, the PS VR upgrade, and the Fully Loaded DLC add-on packs for $43.39/£39.99. Check here for local pricing in your region.

The Dirt Rally VR upgrade is available for existing players as a standalone DLC for $12.99/£9.99 or the regional equivalent.

Evergrow Review: Lonely Rolling Square

17 Feb

Evergrow is a charming, laid-back spin on the twin stick space battles of games like Asteroids and Geometry Wars. Instead of piloting a ship through treacherous territory, you’ll control a sentient square known as a Chromaroid who has set out on a journey of growth, literally. Your Chromaroid’s only goal is to become as large as physically possible; it’s your job to help him by finding new blocks he can attach to his body blueprint and deterring any threats that might knock pieces off his fortified, yet still fragile, frame.

Evergrow utilizes a variety of genres in pursuit of this goal, creating a unique combination of mechanics that doesn’t feel quite like any other game we’ve played before. At its core, it is a space shooter, pitting your free-floating Chromaroid against an endless onslaught of threats that come at him from every angle. You can drag the Chromaroid any direction to dodge threats, or flick them away yourself with the multi-touch defense of your fingertips.


While avoiding dangers, you’ll also be trying to grow larger by attaching blocks to your single-squared Chromaroid. Each level has a growth goal indicated by soft white arrows on his corners. With each new layer of blocks added, he will level up in size, expanding his area and drawing more items into his increased gravitational pull. This is reminiscent of the Katamari Damacy series, both in the goal of simply getting bigger as well as the dangers of doing so. Like-colored blocks can safely stick to your Chromaroid and aid his expansion, while different colored blocks will harm him; if a yellow block hits your purple Chromaroid, it will loosen any attached blocks it touches, potentially dismantling them and reducing his total size. Seeker bombs will also target your ever-expanding square, crashing into him if they aren’t redirected and obliterating large chunks of his new body.

Although your fingers are your first line of defense, you can also buff your Chromaroid directly. Special power-up blocks will appear alongside the standard colored ones, offering boosts when attached to your hero. Turret squares create single-slot guns that will blow up dangers when they get too close. Shields deploy a radius of protection that nothing can penetrate. Some blocks are designed merely to aid in the growth process, adding a line of bonus blocks to your Chromaroid as soon as it is attached or rearranging his current body to reduce awkward asymmetries. There’s a tower defense aspect to these power blocks, since you typically want to arrange your defenses in a sensible manner: lining all your shield blocks up in a row is wasteful since they will overlap one another, and having all your turrets on one side leaves the other side open to attack. However, you could also intentionally create lopsided automated defenses and plan on fending off dangers on the opposite side yourself. The freedom to place these blocks where and when you like creates a fun open-endedness to completing each level; you’ll rarely build a Chromaroid exactly the same way twice.


This combination of shooter, expansion, tower defense, and even puzzle gameplay might sound overwhelming, but Evergrow strikes a wonderful balance between action and planning by sending threats at just the right pace. You’ll rarely have more than a few hazards flying at you at any one time, and there are usually short bursts without any threats during which you can arrange your blocks as you’d like. Levels have no time limit, so you can take as long as you need collecting blocks and redirecting dangers. Besides gathering coins scattered about the stage, you don’t really need to move around much, since everything is drawn to the gravitational pull of your Chromaroid and will eventually float his way. There are a few “grow and survive” stages which pit your Chromaroid against faster and more consistent waves of enemies, but these levels usually deck him out with plenty of power blocks first, turning him into a tanky square of reckoning ready for the impending blitz. We actually didn’t realize it was possible to lose a level until the very last stage when a barrage of rockets hit our Chromaroid in the face all at once—since his core (the single square he starts as) is the only part that can “die,” most attacks merely reduce his size slightly with no permanent consequences.

That core Chromaroid—the tiny starting square with a face—is not only your weapon and goal throughout the game, but also your adorable responsibility. You choose your color of Chromaroid at the beginning of Evergrow and he becomes almost like a pet from that moment on. He smiles and laughs when you add new blocks to his body; he gives worried, sidelong glances to incoming dangers; he gets dizzy if you spin him around too quickly. He’s a lovable little square of personality, and it’s hard not to feel guilty when a smart bomb sneaks through your fingers and hurts him. As you complete levels, you get to watch him float to new areas of space, looking anxious when he’s pulled into a black hole or relieved when he escapes a fire nebula. Those different areas also act as level variations, challenging you to stages that are entirely dark and illuminated only by fragile light blocks or lightning flashes that briefly indicate if the blocks flying near are friend or foe. The different environments provide a nice change of pace and challenge, but they rarely overstay their welcome—by the time you’re tired of the black hole, your Chromaroid will already be flying away from it.

We love all of these aspects of Evergrow, but it is not without some flaws. Although the game starts strong in the tutorial department, it grows lax over time, failing to explain many of the new power blocks or enemies you encounter in later stages. The workshop menu where you’re able to upgrade power blocks and purchase special abilities—like the “dark finger” that lets you remove attached blocks by holding down on them—has similar problems, offering vague descriptions of some powers and what upgrading them specifically does.

Despite the number of different power blocks currently available, we would love to see even more variety. Some blocks are basically identical—like cannons and turrets—while others are entirely situational—like black hole light blocks—which reduces the total diversity. We would have enjoyed an accelerator block to increase the Chromaroid’s movement speed or support blocks that improve the range of the weapon blocks they’re touching. Other changes to make block placement more important, like super-powered blocks created by combining multiples of the same type, would be welcome additions to the overall strategy.


While those items are both more “like-to-haves,” our one major complaint about Evergrow currently is its vertical line of sight. On an iPhone, your visibility above and below your Chromaroid is extremely small. When bombs come flying in at him, it’s much easier to prepare for those coming from the left or right; if you’re attacked from the top or bottom it’s almost impossible to react in time. You can zoom out slightly by holding down on your Chromaroid, but in the heat of an enemy wave you don’t want to have to keep one finger on him, blocking part of the screen, while fending off threats. A permanent zoom out could help this issue, or adding incoming attack indicators that point where threats are coming from.

As it stands now, however, this layout makes “survive and grow” stages very frustrating when you are basically at the mercy of any vertical onslaughts. This is especially true since the flick controls aren’t responsive enough to allow you to disperse missiles rapidly—not only do you need to contend with the fact that your Chromaroid’s gravity makes sending missiles in reverse nearly impossible, but the game often simply doesn’t register that you’ve flicked a bomb and lets it continue homing in on your square. Thankfully, the defense-heavy stages do not make up the majority of the game.


This line of sight issue extends to movement, however. Your Chromaroid follows your finger when you drag it around; if you move slowly enough by dragging only a short distance away, he will remain close to the center of the screen. However, the faster you go, the farther your finger must drag, and the closer to the edge of the screen your Chromaroid gets. This means if you want to quickly escape in one direction, you’ll be running blind and potentially smack right into another bomb or a stationary mine waiting just off-screen. It’s possible this is an intentional feature to punish reckless running, but this prevents dodging and using movement from being a viable strategy even when your Chromaroid is a fairly small, manageable size. There is a purchasable in-game radar, but this only highlights coins as yellow dots; if it showed threats as red dots or any sort of indicator that you were about to hit an enemy, this screen-visibility would be less of an hindrance in both cases.

Despite these mechanical issues, we’ve still really enjoyed Evergrow. Its combination of space shooter, tower defense, block-placing puzzles, and Katamari-esque growth works surprisingly well together, creating a satisfying challenge that is never too frantic. Each level contains a set number of coins to collect and two bonus objectives to complete, there are eight color gems to track down, and four different endings to unlock, offering plenty of reasons to replay stages. And those replays are never repetitive thanks to the different placement of power blocks offering a new Chromaroid every time. Just the adorable, cheerful facial expressions of the Chromaroid are enough to warrant giving Evergrow a try, but its fun and unique gameplay provides a reason to stick around.

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New Splatoon 2 Gameplay Video Shows Off A Multiplayer Match

17 Feb

A new Splatoon 2 gameplay video has released by Nintendo, showing off a Turf War match taking place in the next game. Turf War is the flagship game mode of the Splatoon series, where players fight one another to paint a majority of the map their color before time runs out. See Also: There Will […]

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These Horizon: Zero Dawn videos provide a visual recap of combat, exploration, more

17 Feb

Horizon: Zero Dawn releases in less than two weeks, and if you need something to scratch your itch in the meantime, Sony has you covered.

Four new videos for Horizon: Zero Dawn have been released, the first of which is a look at exploration. Aloy will be able to travel the various frontiers, find artifacts and discover ancient mysteries in the process.

The video above takes a look at some of the Machines players will come into contact with – some of which they will have to battle.

In this video, more combat is shown along with Aloy’s tracking ability.

The final video focuses on Aloy, both past and present, along with a look at some of the various NPCs.

While the majority of what’s shown in the videos have been revealed before, each are still a quick reminder of what Horizon: Zero Dawn has to offer come the end of the month.

If you want to catch up on everything we know about it, be sure to give our page hub a click.

The PS4 exclusive will be released on February 28 in North America and on March 1 in Europe for both the standard console and PS4 Pro.

Enjoy the short videos and look forward to more Horizon: Zero Dawn goodness from us closer to release.

The Great War

17 Feb
The Great War
The Great War Submod version 1.0 you need to download The Parabellum v1.02 at first then copy the submod on that :)

2017 For Xbox Will Be One Of The Most Exciting Years For The Community

17 Feb

Phil Spencer, the president of Xbox, has said that 2017 for Xbox will be one of the best and most exciting years for the Xbox community, saying that in addition to the launch of a new console, the community will also be seeing a great deal of new and exciting video games. See Also: Microsoft […]

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Nintendo Switch eShop Will Let You Link Content To Your Account, Console Free Space Revealed

17 Feb

It’s always hard to deal with problems related to Nintendo’s current-gen consoles. For example their eShop always links content to the device, so you better not lose your console if you don’t want your digital games to disappear too. These problems have been annoying Nintendo costumers for years, but things will change with Nintendo Switch eShop […]

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PARADIGM WORLDS MOD 062 ‘The Giants’ Update

17 Feb
PARADIGM WORLDS MOD 062 'The Giants' Update
This new version is unfortunately NOT SAVEGAME COMPACTIBLE. However, from this point I will concentrate on improvements, that should not break gameplay (sg compactible). Please see changelog in description to learn more. All the details you need, you can also find in articles section. To install: unpack, move folder to Your MB: Warband mods directory, choose and play. If you played previous version of this mod, delete old version (0.58) and install new one.

Latest video for The Surge shows 14 minutes of uncut gameplay

17 Feb

A new video from Deck13 showing off 14 minutes of its action-RPG The Surge has been released.

Along with a look at uncut gameplay, game designer Adam Hetenyi discusses various aspects of The Surge, and the dystopian environments in CREO’s industrial and RND complex, the Abandoned Laboratories.

As with the previous gameplay video, above you’ll see the main character fitted with an industrial exoskeleton, as he fights his way through the complex.

Players will loot enemies and weapons after defeat, and luckily, the limb-targeting system not only allows the player to not only attack but cut off parts of the enemy they wish to craft or equip. As previously mentioned, you will also run into experiments built using nano-technology and security bots, and those will be really tough to beat.

The video also goes over some of the attacks which can be accomplished vertically and horizontally. Players can also parry, jump, dodge and duck.

Survivors at the complex may need help, or they offer the player assistance. Accepting missions will provide some extra rewards; however, Deck13 said players will need to balance these missions as well as the “desire to go deeper into the complex.” Also, once dropped, tech scrap will diminish over time.

The Surge is set for release on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in May.

Horizon Zero Dawn Performance Is Solid On Playstation 4 And Pro, 30 FPS

17 Feb

Apparently, Guerrilla Games has made certain that Horizon Zero Dawn performance is going to be solid on the Playstation 4 when the game comes out. The game, according to Reddit user Lordridude, is very solid technically, running at a rock solid 30 FPS with no slowdown, even on the Playstation 4 Pro. See Also: Horizon […]

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Terraria Hits 20 Million Copies Sold

17 Feb

Re-Logic has announced via Twitter that Terraria has sold over 20 million units.


Terraria launched in 2011 exclusively on PC, but is now available on multiple additional platforms, including PSV, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, 3DS, Wii U, and iOS.

Full Article - http://www.vgchartz.com/article/267456/terraria-hits-20-million-copies-sold/


17 Feb
Now you can have meetings with your staff to discuss affairs

Large Xbox One S Price Drop Comes This Weekend With Halo Wars 2

17 Feb

People that have been in the market for a new console may have a good reason to go out and buy one this weekend, as a pretty big Xbox One S price drop is coming this weekend, and will be including an Xbox One S bundle that comes with Halo Wars 2. See Also: Halo […]

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Mediævalis Nations Mod V1

17 Feb
Mediævalis Nations Mod V1
This mod add Medieval Countries From Rise of Nations Thrones and Patriots

Mass Effect: Andromeda First Trailer in the Series Shows Weapons and Gameplay

17 Feb

BioWare has just released Mass Effect: Andromeda first trailer in its gameplay series. This video shows actual gameplay of the game, focusing on weapons, skills and classes. What we can say after watching the video is that there’s more action in Andromeda rather than in the past chapters, and you can have a deeper approach to […]

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Bio Annihilation – gmod 13

17 Feb
Bio Annihilation - gmod 13
this is a zombie infection mod for gmod 13, this has zombie guys and other shit.