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SP Dereliction

16 Feb
SP Dereliction
Single Player mod of the custom map Dereliction. Stuck underneath some kind of Gears of War looking plant or facility, fight your way through Locust scum as badass COG Minh Kim and find a location where you are able to re-establish radio contact with Anya and gtfo of dodge.

New Vampire: The Masquerade and Mage: The Ascension games show White Wolf, World of Darkness are officially out of hibernation

16 Feb

Two new World of Darkness games out right now within a month of Werewolf: The Apocalypse’s announce? Every 90’s kid RPG nerd in the building is getting misty-eyed.

Vampire: The Masquerade is a brand legendary among video games for classic, broken Troika RPG Bloodlines, but for those whose hobbies include tabletop gaming it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

World of Darkness, the huge family of pen-and-paper RPGS to which Vampire: The Masquerade belongs, is back in action all of sudden and a bunch of us nerds are falling over ourselves in excitement as a result.

Today’s update is the release of two new World of Darkness games. Vampire: Prelude (that’s its app name; the full title its Vampire The Masquerade: We Eat Blood and All Our Friends Are Dead) and Mage the Ascension: Refuge are both described as interactive fiction, and are presented in messaging format, suggesting World of Darkness has fully embraced the modern technological era.

You can buy these two games individually on both Google Play and the App Store, or grab them bundled as World of Darkness Preludes: Vampire and Mage on Steam. You can do it right now.

The two new releases follow on from the announcement of Werewolf: The Apocalypse, a game which seems to be as much about punching nazis as anything else, after more than a decade without a single World of Darkness video game release.

This is presumably all thanks to Paradox Interactive’s acquisition of World of Darkness studio White Wolf after CCP gave up on its eight year attempt to build a World of Darkness MMO.

It’s all really happening, pals. World of Darkness video games are coming out. Before you know it we’ll be painting our fingernails black again.

Payday 3 development has kicked off, but don’t hold your breath for it: “you simply don’t rush” Starbreeze’s most important brand

16 Feb

Payday 3 is the “most important” thing on Starbreeze’s radar, so expect it to go slow and careful.


Payday 3 development has formally kicked off, Starbreeze told investors in its most recent financial releases.

“It is with great satisfaction that we also can announce that Payday 3 production is officially initiated and at a full design stage,” CEO Bo Andersson Klint said.

Klint stressed that Starbreeze isn’t setting any timeframe right now and Payday 3 will be in the works for “as much time as we deem needed” and “will be done when it’s done”.

“This is our single most important brand today and the cornerstone of our business and we will treat it accordingly. Updates in the near future might be scares and far between. You simply don’t rush Payday 3,” he emphasised.

Payday 2 has been an enormous success for Starbreeze and its Overkill studio. Continuous content and support from the team has overcome stumbling blocks like hugely unpopular microtransactions and abandoned console ports, enabling a lively community – which obviously coughs up money in huge dripping wads given Starbreeze’s description of the IP as its cornerstone brand.

Starbreeze gave some figures regarding the Payday franchise’s earnings this quarter, but as it wasn’t immediately clear which was GAAP (the one we care about) and which was non-GAAP (useless to us), we’d better not randomly regurgitate them.

We did get an update on the 505 Games situation, though. Since Starbreeze regained the rights early last year 505 Games is not providing any extra funding, but is still taking console revenues as it hasn’t yet received the $5 million it is entitled to.

“We expect 505 to have reached their $5 million recoup in Q1 2017 as we see impressive Payday performance through digital distribution on consoles following the latest update,” Klint added.

Starbreeze receives 100% of all PC revenue on the Payday franchise, and describes this revenue source as “healthy”.

Furi, The Saboteur added to Origin Access Vault, Madden 17 coming to EA Access Vault

16 Feb

EA has added three titles to the Origin Access Vault, and one for the Xbox One service, EA Access, hits next week.


Those with an Origin Access subscription can get their hands on 2016 releases Aragami and Furi, which was one of Sherif’s games of the year.

The other is Pandemic Studios’ 2009 World War 2, open-world noir-action title The Saboteur – which I personally enjoyed playing on Xbox 360.

With the addition of these games, the number of titles on Origin Access is now well over 60. And they can be played for free as long as you like, provided you maintain your subscription.

Those who are EA Access subscribers on Xbox One, Madden 17 will be added to the Vault next week on February 24. Skate 3 was added just this week.

Oh, and here’s some more Origin related news: yearly memberships are now available, and will run $29.99 annually. That’s 50% less than the price you’d pay for a monthly sub. And if you still aren’t sold, you can now give the service a try, free for seven days.

During the limited time trial period you can play any title included in the Vault, play new titles before release, and get 10% off purchases made through Origin.

You will still need to sign up for a monthly or yearly sub, but you can cancel the service after your seven days are up to keep from being charged.

Mass Effect Andromeda Weapons And Skills Trailer Coming Tomorrow

16 Feb

Gamers that are eagerly awaiting the new Mass Effect game will be getting a nice surprise tomorrow, as BioWare has announced that a Mass Effect Andromeda Weapons and Skills trailer is in the works, and will likely be showing us what all we’ll be able to do when it comes to combat in the Andromeda […]

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Journalists Are Now Receiving Nintendo Switch Press Units For Review

16 Feb

Considering that the Nintendo Switch is now only around two weeks from coming out, it’s not really a surprise that now, journalists are receiving their Nintendo Switch press units to review before the game comes out. The console is planned to release on March 3, though we don’t know if they also get review copies […]

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7 New Mobile Games You Need to Play This Week

16 Feb

Ah, the number seven. It’s considered a lucky number by many, it’s the number of days in the week, and it’s relevant for our purposes because it’s the amount of mobile games we’ve picked out as especially promising new releases.

Is it my favorite number? I wouldn’t say that, but it’s perfectly fine. Much better than six.

Digby Forever

It’s becoming a running joke in this space that we say, “Hey, you’ve played lots of endless runners, but you’ve never seen an endless [fill in the blank].” So I’d forgive you for some skepticism, but Digby Forever is the coolest looking and perhaps only endless digger I’ve seen recently. Maybe ever. It does give me some Dig Dug flashbacks, if you’ll allow me to date myself a bit, but with a lot more going on and way more colorful visuals. Also I don’t think you use an air pump to overinflate foes, but that always seemed a little strange anyway.

Hidden Folks

This game looked like a winner from the first time it was shown off. Think of a “Where’s Waldo?” book come to life as a mobile game and you’re on the right track. What’s crazy is that the backgrounds are hand-drawn, setting a new high bar for craftsmanship. It also has some humorous touches for extra personality. Not that it probably needs any. The sound design is also said to be excellent, and it’s one price to play for those of you who dislike F2P games.

Slayaway Camp

Surely it’s supposed to be Sleepaway Camp, right? Uh, no. Following up on its PC release, Slayaway Camp takes block-style graphics and applies them to one genre (maybe the only one left, to be frank) where they haven’t been seen much to date: horror. It’s a puzzle game that trades on classic horror movie tropes, and one really intriguing aspect to the gameplay is that the victims react to situations around them, changing up the puzzles on the fly. Of course if it’s true to slasher flicks, then the victims probably don’t respond intelligently all the time. Just saying.

Gunman Taco Truck

Sometimes you’ve just got to tip your cap to anyone who can come up with an idea that seems bat guano crazy on the surface and yet is a sly reflection of real world events. Gunman Taco Truck is that type of game. Really. With nuclear missiles launched and both people and animals mutating as a result, your character decides to pack the family in the taco truck and head north of the border to Canada. Alas, you’ve got to shoot your way to the North, because it wouldn’t be as much crazy fun if you didn’t. It’s free to download and well worth checking out if you can laugh at the ridiculousness of how this isn’t quite as far away from pure fiction as one might like.

Mildly Interesting RTS

Working in this industry means dealing with a lot of hyperbole. Plenty of games come out with grandiose titles, extraneous exclamation points and the like. There’s something to be said about trying the opposite tactic and going for understatement, though, or possibly even slightly self-deprecating titling. With that in mind, I give you Mildly Interesting RTS, from the makers of A Dark Room. The minimalist aesthetic belies the fact that it actually looks pretty engrossing, and it’s set itself a low bar to clear.


In contrast, Evergrow sounds like a lawn care product of some type. I had the Gamezebo research intern check though, and he assures me that it was not developed by Scotts but by Imagility, and it’s not something you sprinkle over your grass but instead a “visually enticing journey of survival and growth” with “fresh physics-based gameplay and fluid multi-touch mechanics.” You help a block grow as it travels through various cosmic environments, hopefully keeping that smile on its face.

Vampire: Prelude

This also takes me back to an era when I had time to play pen-and-paper role-playing games. I never got into Vampire: The Masquerade, but I certainly had friends who did, and they’ll probably be among the people checking out this dose of “interactive fiction” set in that world and concocted by Zak Sabbath and Sarah Horrocks. It appears you’ll get to experience the very beginnings of life as a vampire and have some heavy decisions to make, all rendered in a very unique and eye-catching art style. Have at it, but uh, stay away from my neck please.

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Cities: Skylines Releasing For Xbox One This Spring

16 Feb

Paradox Interactive has announced that city-building game Cities: Skylines is coming to Xbox One this spring. The Xbox One version will include both the standard edition and the After Dark DLC, based on tourism and night life. These are the main features of Cities: Skylines Xbox One: Build the city of your dreams: Plan road networks, bus […]

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Someone got a Switch two weeks early so let’s watch its startup sequence and critique the OS UI

16 Feb

Switch isn’t supposed to be in consumer hands yet, but there: what’s a hardware launch without a few egregious leaks?

Switch launches March 3 but for whatever reason NeoGAF user hiphoptherobot got their Switch retail pre-order a few weeks early.

Elsewhere in the thread the lucky new Switch owner says multiple times he won’t be selling the early Switch unit, tempting as the offers have been, because he doesn’t want to risk legal trouble from Nintendo.

Unfortunately the retailer in question apparently managed to stick to game release dates despite failing to lock down the Switch hardware, so all the lucky owner can do is look through menus. This gives us a good look at the user interface of the operating system though, which is nice.

Switch has 32GB of internal memory, but looking at the video above it seems it has about 25.9 GB left after the initial firmware. You’ll be able to expand Switch’s capacity up to 2TB of storage via memory cards – not that 2TB cards exist yet, unfortunately. Let’s all hope you’ll be able to hot swap cards without resetting the console, as the Vita requires.

So what do you think of the Switch UI? PS4 and especially Xbox One have refined their UIs since launch, and we can expect Nintendo to iterate on this design as the console ages, too. Start giving your feedback now and kickstart the firmware cycle.

Nintendo Switch UI Has Been Leaked With A Video!

16 Feb

Finally we have something relevant to talk about for what concerns Nintendo’s newest console. User Hiphoptherobot, in fact, has posted on Vid.me a video showing Nintendo Switch UI! In the video we can see the user doing basic things such as choosing the nickname or playing with the settings, but the most important element here is that […]

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Sands of Faith LOW END EDITION

16 Feb
Sands of Faith LOW END EDITION
This edition is meant for lower end computers that can't handle the normal version of the mod. This is an update to the same features as 2.1 version of the mod (overhaul to castle sieges included).

Postknight: Girls, Gifts and Relationships – What gifts to give the girls for the most hearts

16 Feb
Postknight is an incremental RPG where you can slay bandits and monsters, deliver packages, but one of the side quests that the game offers is to give gifts to the various girls in the game. By giving gifts you build your relationship with them, and they will give you gifts in return. However, if you […]

Latest Conan Exiles patch contains some nice fixes, but it broke waterskins

16 Feb

If you have been on a short break from Conan Exiles, you should know a patch was issued yesterday. It fixed quite a few things, but also broke a rather important item: the waterskin.


The patch notes on Steam main mention of various fixes being applied to the loading screens and server performance, and NPCs in Conan Exiles should also be “less jittery” when rotating.

However, along with those welcome fixes, some known issues have occurred with the update in the process.

One is the aforementioned waterskin which can no longer be filled at a nearby river once the patch is applied.

It can still be filled from a well, so hopefully you aren’t far from one. Funcom said it currently investigating the issue.

Other issues include inventory issues which can be solved upon relogging, and it seems issues are also being reported with explosive jars and jump “boosting”. Also, foundations and placeables no longer have a a visible preview when in single player/local mode. Dedicated multiplayer servers aren’t experiencing this issue, it seems.

Here’s more known issues currently being addressed:

  • Looting several bags with “Loot All” causes items to disappear.
  • Dropping multiple items into a bag causes items to be invisible.
  • Dismantling crafting stations with items in them will sometimes not drop a loot bag. Other times, a small lootbag will drop, which grows in size once players interact with it.

Now that the known issues are out of the way, you can look over the latest patch notes below.

Performance and Tech fixes

  • Fixes to loading screens
  • Server performance fixes
  • NPCs should be less jittery when rotating
  • Fix for connecting to servers via the Steam server browser and when using Steamconnect
  • Buildings should now load in much faster
  • Placeables placed on foundations and ceiling tiles are now saved correctly
  • Several improvements to how rocks behave when they are harvested

General Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Small Placeables no longer claim land
  • NPC camps now have their own land claim zone to prevent people from building so close to them that they stop spawning NPCs
  • You should no longer get phantom duplicates in the wheel of pain
  • T2 Altars should no longer disappear after a server crash
  • Surrender should no longer break early when using fists
  • Removed invisible collision that was blocking a certain chest in the world
  • Arrows no longer shoot in “Random crazy directions”
  • Ranged weapons should now always fire correctly
  • Rhinos should no longer try to walk through players
  • Palisades now correctly deal damage on contact
  • Palisades should now be easier to place
  • Fixed a case where players were able to destroy rocks with their fists. Sorry, but this privilege is reserved only for Conan himself.
  • Fixed an issue where interactable objects would spam “Press E to interact” on the GUI
  • Added a directional arrow to many Placeables to help players orient them correctly
  • The Offering of Mitra recipe now correctly requires 1 human heart and 1 unblemished meat
  • Fixed an issue with stair placement detection
  • Gongs and Horns are now audible over greater distances
  • Added new emotes that can be learned by tracking down Story NPCs and getting them to teach you

Balance and Gameplay Fixes

  • Some skill requirements have been simplified or removed. For example, it is now possible to learn Journeyman Craftsman as soon as you hit level 10. Due to the impact of this change all players have gotten a free skill respec.
  • Ansel now respects collision, preventing people from moving through walls and other structures
  • Non Admins are restricted to 2 meters of movement when using Ansel
  • We have done an overhaul on what monsters can damage which tier of buildings. If you haven’t upgraded from sandstone you might want to think about doing that.
  • Increased crafting XP across the board with greater increases for crafting more complex (higher tier) items
  • Inverted Wooden Roof Wedge and Stonebrick Frame now require Journeyman Craftsman instead of Master Craftsman
  • Black rocks in the starting desert are now harvestable
  • Higher grade tools now yields greater amounts of secondary resources (Bark/branches)
  • Resetting your Knowledge Points no longer causes you to lose your selected religion
  • Removed Corruption sources from starting area caves
  • Removed the Regen component from Purified Meat. This perk is reserved to Mitra’s Ambrosia and Healing Potions. Purified Meat is still an extremely good food source
  • Player corpses can only be harvested for religious purposes once every 30 minutes
  • Balance pass on the amount of materials requires for basic chemistry potions
  • Armor drops removed from chests
  • Emus now give less XP

Balance pass on Bows

  • Simple Bow range has been increased
  • Hyrkanian Bow range has been dramatically increased
  • Crossbow range has been reduced but they now shoot much faster

Visual Improvements

  • The Dogs of the Desert finally got their uniform shipment and are now donning their new outfits
  • Visual adjustment to the Medium Tasset to reduce clipping issues
  • Visual adjustments to the Setite Choker and Shendyt to reduce clipping issues
  • Updated Cutlass and Falcata icons
  • Visual flair added to several hairstyles
  • Visual improvements to female heads

Conan Exiles is in development for PC,PS4 and Xbox One.

It will also be made available as an Xbox One Game Preview title in the spring , with PlayStation 4 planned for a later date.

Bethesda E3 2017 Conference Will Also Take Place on June 11, 2017

16 Feb

Just yesterday, Microsoft announced that their own E3 conference would be taking place on Sunday, June 11, at 2PM Pacific Time. Now, the Bethesda E3 2017 conference has been announced to also be taking place on June 11, something that has even been remarked on by the company, though the time hasn’t been announced. See […]

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We’re livestreaming For Honor – join us for some brutal, bloody action

16 Feb

Join us as we livestream some glorious For Honor gameplay.

Watch live video from vg247 on www.twitch.tv

Today, Shabana is starting from scratch, so be prepared to get a look at the tutorials before she heads into the campaign.

Because of this, I have no idea which faction she will choose, but I’m crossing my fingers for the Berserker because chaotic and brutal viking are my thing. In games, obviously.

It’s also possible we’ll see some multiplayer later on. Wish her well.

If you’re playing For Honor and need some tips, give our guide a read.

For Honor is one of the first big releases for the year, and arrived on PC, PS4 and Xbox One this week.

Battlefield Play4Free Pack M4 & G3A4

16 Feb
Battlefield Play4Free Pack M4 & G3A4
Small packet of BFP4F weapons. For you use in your favorite mod. Do not forget to be entertaining

Ark: Survival Evolved has sold over 1 million copies on PS4, Tek Tier Phase One hits consoles today

16 Feb

Phase One of Ark: Survival Evolved’s Tek Tier rollout starts today on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Along with news of the rollout, Studio Wildcard also announced Ark: Survival Evolved has also sold over 1 million copies on PlayStation 4 since its release on December 6.

It was also the number one selling game on PlayStation Network in both December 2016 and January 2017.

To celebrate, the ArkK: Survival Evolved “Survivor’s Pack” is now on sale worldwide on PS4 for 20% off ($54.99/€49.99). It includes an up-to-date version of the game, previously released content, plus the Scorched Earth expansion pack.

It also comes with a Bionic Giganotosaurus skin plus an entire Manticore armor set for all male and female characters, exclusive to PS4.

Phase One of the Tek Tier is available for free through v254 from today on Xbox One and PS4, and as previously reported, comes with new weapons, armors, gear, and dinosaur mounted laser cannons.

Players can also tame four new creatures and take part in the Valentine’s Day Event, a limited-time feature which allows users to increase creature mating speed. They will also be able to find a box of chocolates that can be used to unlock new event-themed hairstyles and an emote.

To gain Tek Tier loot, players will need to gather the newly introduced Element resource, which is granted after successfully completing Boss Arenas. Each Boss now has three difficulty levels and after defeating them, the player is awarded unique TEK Knowledge engrams, element and other Boss Rewards.

ark_survival_evolved_tek_tt1 (13)

Here’s what you can expect to find in Tek Tier Phase One:

  • TEK Helmet – Contains a built-in oxygen tank and three different type of vision: Sonar, which identifies tribes, allies, enemies and creatures, Night (see in the dark) and a combined Sonar/Night mode.
  • TEK Boots – These boots let players scale vertical surfaces with ease, along with negating any falling damage.
  • TEK Pants – Enable a super run that lets players speed through solid objects. Combined with the TEK Shirt, the pants allow for faster flight and a cool superheroic stance.
  • TEK Shirt – Jet Pack! Ever wanted to be Iron Man? Don this item then rocket upwards into space or hover above your enemies to better view the devastation you have wrought!
  • TEK Gauntlets – Powerful super punch – dash-smash your foes across the map with this powered up fisticuffs feature.
  • TEK Rifle – Powered by Element, the rifle features a scope that can sync up with the TEK Helmet’s vision modes for double the death-dealing.
  • TEK Rex Saddle – Mount lasers on your T-Rex. Yes…lasers…on…a…T-Rex
  • TEK Replicator – Needed for crafting items from the TEK tier.
  • TEK Transmitter – This portable terminal functions similarly to an Obelisk, allowing players to transfer characters, creatures and items across the ARK.

Ark’s creature list has also expanded with the release of the Ovis Aries, Baryonyx Aquafulgur, Basilosaurus Solatiumfecit, and the Purlovia Maxima. It brings the total up to 96.

Purlovia Maxima – Resembling a giant weasel, the Purlovia is a nasty sneak, burrowing underground so it can ambush unaware passers-by.

Basilosaurus Solatiumfecit – One of the stranger water creatures is Basilosaurus, a powerful swimmer that is so adapted to life in the shallows, it has problems surviving in deep water. This hasn’t kept tribes from taming these gentle creatures, as their warm-blooded nature means riders can be kept comfortable in both hot and cold climes. Its blubber is also valuable, as it can be processed into a highly efficient form of gasoline.

Baryonyx Aquafulgur – Baryonyx has the distinction of being on the small end of the large predator tier, but that doesn’t make it any less dangerous. It’s an extremely fast swimmer, and can threaten most creatures on land and sea, which makes it an efficient killer. Taming a Baryonyx makes it even more dangerous.

Ovis Aries – The Ovis has arrived in-game. This passive, stupid-tempered creature might be weak, but it’s definitely useful, with wool that can be repeatedly sheared and re-grown, and the ability to produce tasty, wonderful, lamb chops. Its also makes for a fun, albeit slow, mount.
ark_survival_evolved_tek_tt1 (1) ark_survival_evolved_tek_tt1 (2) ark_survival_evolved_tek_tt1 (3) ark_survival_evolved_tek_tt1 (4) ark_survival_evolved_tek_tt1 (5) ark_survival_evolved_tek_tt1 (7) ark_survival_evolved_tek_tt1 (8) ark_survival_evolved_tek_tt1 (9) ark_survival_evolved_tek_tt1 (10) ark_survival_evolved_tek_tt1 (11) ark_survival_evolved_tek_tt1 (12)

Other Features in today’s v254 update:

  • New Weapon – Lance: Saddle up and prepare for medieval mounted mayhem with the arrival of this, the Jurassic Jouster’s weapon of choice.
  • New Mechanic: Hairstyles, Facial Hair, Hair Colouring and styling with real-time growing. Customize your avatars with awesome new beards and then watch them grow! Cut, dye and trim your hair as you go all out with your character design.
  • 16 Additional Explorer Notes
  • A ton of improvements for official mod The Center, and general game fixes

All of the aforementioned content has been available through Steam since January 30.

Ark: Survival Evolved is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game also supports PS4 Pro.

Payday 3 is Official Now, No Release Date Yet

16 Feb

Starbreeze Studios, which now owns everyone’s favorite bank robbing simulator Payday, has announced that they are now working on Payday 3, after months of inactivity following the announcement that they had re-acquired the brand after Payday 2. While there’s no release date yet, hopefully it’ll be just as good as Payday 2. See Also: PayDay […]

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Capcom Registers Another Deep Down Trademark, Will This Game Ever Release?

16 Feb

Back in 2013, Capcom announced an upcoming PS4 free to play dungeon-crawler called Deep Down. After the announcement was made, things got pretty quiet but there have been multiple renewals of the first trademark. However, Capcom hasn’t succeeded in meeting the deadlines related to the ownership of that logo, so they had to register a […]

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A Leaked Destiny Video Might Have Just Shown Us The Cancelled Vex DLC

16 Feb

A recent leaked Destiny video might have just shown us the cinematic intro to the Vex DLC that we never got in the game, but whether we’ll eventually get anything out of it remains to be seen, even if Destiny 2 is supposed to come out this year, according to Activision. See Also: Report – […]

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