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Konami’s profits are way up after shifting focus

14 Feb

Konami may not be everyone’s favourite company right now, but they’re definitely doing well for themselves.


While revenue was actually slightly down, much lower operating costs led to a huge increase in revenue. As detailed in their quarterly financial results, profits were up 229.8% compared to the previous year.

Part of this was down to their health and fitness and ‘amusement’ divisions, although they note that their games did quite well too, especially on mobile:

  • Launched mobile games “Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links” and “JIKKYOU POWERFUL SOCCER”, both recording the fastest pace of downloads among KONAMI games, while “JIKKYOU PAWAFURU PUROYAKYU”
    and “Professional Baseball Spirits A” continues to perform well (Number of downloads as of Jan ’17 -Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links: 25 million, JIKKYOU POWERFUL SOCCER: 5 million, JIKKYOU PAWAFURU
    PUROYAKYU: 29 million, Professional Baseball Spirits A: 7 million)
  • Continued global sales of Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card games
  • Released “JIKKYOU PAWAFURU PUROYAKYU Heroes” for Nintendo 3DS, while “Winning Eleven 2017 (PES 2017 – Pro Evolution Soccer -)” continues to deliver solid performance

Konami’s infamous split with Kojima doesn’t seem to have harmed the company’s profits, even with several former members of Konami staff moving on to Kojima Productions.

Konami is currently working on the Pro Evolution series, as well as Metal Gear Survive.


14 Feb
This mod give you ezio outfit from e3 demo gameplay and realistic blade,you can feel free to sent messages enjoy the mod :)

Mlg Simulator 2017 Setup (full version)

14 Feb
Mlg Simulator 2017 Setup (full version)
This is the setup of a clean easy install of the game

League of Legends’ practice tool is now live

14 Feb

The much-requested feature has finally come to League of Legends.

league of legends club

The practice tool is now live, meaning that it’s now possible for League of Legends players to jump into a map and practice without playing against any opponents. It’s now available in the client under ‘training’.

Further details about the training tool are available on the game’s website. You can run through practice scenarios, test out your abilities, or simply learn the details of a map.

As Eurogamer has pointed out, there was a time where Riot was outright stating that a practice tool would not be coming to League of Legends, but they’ve clearly since changed their minds.

The game already has a massive player base, but this addition may help new players who are intimidated by the whole scene surrounding League of Legends.

Xbox Live Is Down For A Large Number of Xbox 360 And Xbox One Owners

14 Feb

Owners of Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles might encounter that bane of every console owner’s existence: Xbox Live is down. Various complaints from gamers on social media alerted Microsoft to the problem, making them have difficulty signing into their profiles or, if they do connect, disconnecting a short time later. See Also: Microsoft Report […]

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Action-RPG Vikings: Wolves of Midgard launches on March 28

14 Feb

Vikings: Wolves of Midgard, first announced in June 2015, will release next month for PS4 and PC.

The game has been detailed on the PlayStation Blog. “Your fully customizable Viking warrior or shieldmaiden will have to master several weapon styles and magical abilities as you battle increasingly challenging enemies and boss encounters”, the post promises.

“Combat styles include sword and shield, two-handed hammer, staff, bow, and dual axes. You’ll also collect resources and special runes on your adventures. Use the game’s in-depth crafting system to upgrade your equipment.”

Essentially, it’s going to play a lot like Diablo. In fitting with the viking theme, though, you’ll be able to enter ‘rage mode’, which enhances your skills and grants you several bonuses.

The game will also allow two players to play together online.

Konami Profits Soar Thanks To Pachinko And Restructuring

14 Feb

Konami profits are apparently soaring, according to a recent financial report by the company. The company owes this success to the popularity of its arcade games back in Japan, where pachinko and a variety of other games have boosted the company’s income to nearly 170 million euros over the course of 2016. Back in 2015, […]

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The Apocalypse Now game moves from Kickstarter to its own dedicated fundraising site

14 Feb

Apocalypse Now’s videogame adaptation isn’t going to make it on Kickstarter, so the team behind it are seeking funding privately.

apocalypse now

The Kickstarter for the project, which promises a game “like Fallout: New Vegas on acid in Vietnam”, has brought in $172,599 as of writing. It’s aiming for $900,000, with nine days left to go. In other words, it’s not going to make it.

“We’re making a first-person perspective survival and horror roleplaying game”, the Kickstarter promises. The problem could be, of course, that the intense, harrowing film doesn’t necessarily seem like one that will translate well to a videogame, no matter how many references to it Spec Ops: The Line managed to cram in.

In an update, the team at Erebus LLC has announced that their crowdfunding is moving to a dedicated site, and that current backers will be eligible for a tier upgrade with their pledges. The new dedicated site features more screens and details, and pledge levels that go all the way up to $1 million (“estimated retail value: $3 million”).

The game is now seeking far more money as well: $5.9 million. They’re accepting funding for 460 days.

The game is set to follow the same plot as the film: as Willard, you need to hunt down and kill Kurtz. Whether or not it’ll include that unnecessarily long bit from the Redux version on the French plantation remains to be seen.

Apocalypse Now is aiming for a October 2020 release date.

Soviet add-on for Fatherland 1964 mod Version 3

14 Feb
Soviet add-on for Fatherland 1964 mod Version 3
*¡¡¡ Added spanish localisation files for those who have the HOI4 spanish version (like me): !!! *¡¡¡ Now original mod by Kaiser1871 and my add-on are shown properly in the spanish version of the game !!! Too many changes for a little description. For more details, please read the description below and the readme.txt archive included in the sub-mod.

Homefront: The Revolution PS4 Pro Update and Demo In The Works

14 Feb

Apparently Dambusters Studio isn’t going to watch its work on Homefront just sink into the muck, as the company has said that a Homefront: The Revolution PS4 Pro update is now in the works to bring the game over to Sony’s upgraded console. A demo for the shooter will be released soon. See Also: Homefront […]

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The latest Watch Dogs 2 patch extends the ending, and may be hinting at a sequel

14 Feb

The ending of Watch Dogs 2 is now a few seconds longer than before, and may be hinting at the series’ future.


The latest patch notes for the game outline the many changes that have been introduced with title update 1.11. New areas have been opened up in preparation for the upcoming DLC, and there are new emotes and clothing to enjoy. Wearing different clothing may now produce different dance moves when you use the ‘dance’ emote too, which sounds like a good excuse for a ‘trying on lots of different outfits’ montage.

There are quite a few different changes listed, but the most interesting is the slight addition made to the game’s ending. “Without spoiling all of the fun in the patch notes, we’ll just say that if you’ve finished the story you should replay the last mission to watch a little extra something at the end”, the update post promises.

If you want to have your fun spoiled, of course, someone has already gone ahead and uploaded the addition to the end. You can watch it here; the new stuff starts at around 2:17.

Without spoiling it here, the addition seems to hint at a new location. As Kotaku has pointed out, there are coordinates on screen that seem to point towards Brixton, London. The DLC has been confirmed as taking place in San Francisco, so this is curious.

Of course, it might turn out that this isn’t hinting at anything. The game’s initial sales were weak, which has led many to think that the series might not get a third game; however, Ubisoft has also stated that sales have improved quite a bit since then.

Whether or not the game is getting a sequel is unclear, then, but for now you can enjoy a few extra seconds of ending. The patch is 10GB on Xbox One and PS4, and 14GB on PC.

Pokemon Sun and Moon’s fourth Global Mission will take place at the Battle Tree

14 Feb

The fourth Global Mission for Pokemon Sun and Moon will kick off in a couple of weeks, and some preliminary information on it has popped up online.


According to Serebii (thanks, Siliconera), Pokemon Sun and Moon players will be tasked with earning as many Battle Points as possible at the Battle Tree.

The next Global Mission will start on February 28 and end March 17. Currently, the target score is unknown as Nintendo hasn’t updated the Global Link page as of press time.

Sun and Moon players failed the first and second missions but the third time was a charm

Players were tasked with trading as many Pokemon at the GTS as possible with the goal set at 1 million. Players traded a total of 4,107,702 within the time allotted.

Hopefully, the fourth mission will end in success as well.

Nintendo Might Be Putting GameCube Games on Virtual Console for Switch

14 Feb

Nintendo might have just dropped a huge hint about GameCube games on Virtual Console for the Nintendo Switch. The Virtual Console had long mainly been the property of games from Nintendo’s various handheld consoles, along with the NES and SNES, but a manager’s comments have now said otherwise. See Also: Nintendo NX Backwards Compatibility for […]

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Destiny update containing changes to shotguns and rifles is live – here’s the patch notes

14 Feb

Bungie has released a patch for Destiny, which as previously reported, makes some changes to shotguns and rifles.


The update to Destiny also adjusts various attacks and counter attacks in the Crucible. You’ll notice some changes to Elimination Gametypes along with Special Ammo in that section.

We’ve posted the notes for hotfix below to save you a bit of clicking.

Destiny Hotfix


Special Ammo

  • Adjusted Special ammo economy in all gametypes
  • Players start Crucible matches with Special ammo
  • Special ammo is now lost upon death – Sidearms are not affected by this change
  • Special ammo crates now appear every 60 seconds (initial spawn and respawn)
  • Special ammo crates are shared with allies within 75m (down from 100m)
  • Special ammo timing in Mayhem is unchanged

Elimination Gametypes

  • Round time limit has been reduced to 90 seconds (down from 2 minutes)
  • Players only start with Special ammo for Round 1 in Elimination gametypes
  • Special ammo timing is 30s initial, then 45s respawns
  • Special ammo is wiped at the beginning of subsequent rounds


Hand Cannons

  • Significantly increased initial accuracy (returns to Launch / Year 1)
  • Reduced base range to 35m from 40m
  • Reduced Aim Assist and Magnetism at longer ranges
  • Reduced minimum damage after falloff from 50% to 33%

Auto Rifles

  • Increased Precision Damage modifier to 1.3x (up from 1.25x)
  • Increased base damage of low rate of fire Auto Rifles by 2.5%
  • Increased in air accuracy

Pulse Rifles

  • Reduced rate of fire for very high rate of fire Pulse Rifles by 7.7%
  • Increased rate of fire for low rate of fire Pulse Rifles by 5.3%
  • Reduced Magazine Size of Clever Dragon and Grasp of Malok by 6
  • Reduced the effect of High Caliber Rounds for Pulse Rifles
  • Increased in air accuracy

Scout Rifles: Increased in air accuracy


  • Shotguns no longer deal precision damage
  • The Chaperone and Universal Remote are unaffected by this change
  • Note: Universal Remote only deals precision damage when ADS
  • Shotguns now have significantly less magnetism when fired from the hip
  • Shotguns now have significantly less in air accuracy
  • Shotguns no longer have a movement penalty
  • Shotguns now deal 20% more damage to combatants
  • Rangefinder on Shotguns now increases ADS time by 25%
  • Reduced Universal Remote’s Magazine Size to 3 from 5
  • Universal Remote now takes longer to reload


  • Young Wolf’s Howl – Reduced “Howling Flames” ammo cost from 10 to 5
  • Truth – Reduced Magazine size from 3 to 1



  • Reduced Health of Guardians with Armor values above 10
  • Increased damage of Flux Grenade, Magnetic Grenade and Shoulder Charge to ensure effectiveness across all Armor values
  • Blink now disables your Radar and HUD for a short time after activation


  • Throwing Knife now deals Solar Damage on impact Bladedancer’s Quick Draw Perk no longer readies your weapons instantly, but now grants a large increase to weapon handling speed

Hungering Blade

  • Immediately starts Health regen
  • Restores more Health per kill
  • Gives a flat amount of Health/Shield per activation
  • Does not immediately start regenerating Shields


  • Viper Totemic on Ophidian Aspect no longer readies your weapon instantly, but now grants a large increase to weapon handling speed
  • Stormcaller’s Thunderstrike melee range reduced to be consistent with other Warlock Subclasses
  • Amplitude will continue to grant small range boost to new base range
  • Landfall now reduces the total time in Stormtrance

Titan – Juggernaut is now disabled after being in the air for a short time and cannot be activated while in mid air


  • Outbreak Prime no longer triggers The Corruption Spreads by shooting at Ward of Dawn
  • Shinobu’s Vow no longer adds an additional seeker to Skip Grenades
  • Removed intrinsic Perks Kneepads and Icarus on some Talent grids
  • Fixed an issue where High Caliber Rounds were not functioning properly on Hand Cannons, Scout Rifles, Machine Guns and Sniper Rifles

Hungering Blade changes were also “inadvertently applied to the following Perks –  for more information check this post:

  • Transfusion (Striker Titan)
  • Cauterize (Sunbreaker Titan)
  • Lifesteal (Voidwalker Warlock)
  • Red Death Perk
  • Suros Legacy Perk (Suros Regime)
  • No Backup Plans
  • Ward of Dawn cast
  • The Ram
  • Apotheosis Veil
  • Embrace the Void (Voidwalker Warlock)

2016 Games Media Coverage Dominated By Overwatch and Playstation 4

14 Feb

2016 was a good year for games, even if it wasn’t a good one for celebrities; it was even better for Overwatch and Playstation 4 consoles, as according to a study by ICO Partners, a data collection firm, both Blizzard’s newest game and Playstation’s flagship console dominated games media coverage. See Also: PlayStation 4 External […]

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Rocket League update to support 4K on PS4 Pro, 1080p and 60fps on PS4 coming this month

14 Feb

PlayStation 4 Pro users will be pleased to know Rocket League will soon support the console.


Developed in partnership with Panic Button, Psyonix announced the Rocket League news today on the PS Blog.

Not only will the game support 4K at 60fps on PS4 Pro, but the patch will also upgrade the standard PS4 version, allowing it to run in 1080p at 60fps. This includes both single-player and split-screen modes.

Three and four-player split-screen modes will offer 60fps in “most arenas at the same resolutions.”

In addition, the next update will also include the previously announced Hot Wheels content along with the following:

  • A new fan-voted “Player’s Choice” Crate filled with some of the community’s favorite items.
  • PS4-specific technical improvements.
  • Multiple performance optimizations and bug fixes.

The update will be released on February 21 alongside the Hot Wheels DLC.

Psyonix said more content updates for Rocket League are in the works for 2017, so that’s good news as well.

Rocket League is also available on PC and Xbox One.

Psyonix Announces Rocket League PS4 Pro Support In New Update

14 Feb

Psyonix, the makers of Rocket League, have announced that in next Tuesday’s update, Rocket League PS4 Pro support will be coming to the game, allowing you to play it in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, if you own a Playstation 4 Pro. Most arenas will retain this in three and four-player split screen. […]

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Let it Die has been download over 2 million times since December

14 Feb

Let it Die has hit another player milestone.


The free-to-play, survival themed PS4-exclusive has now been downloaded two million times, according to Grasshopper Manufacture and publisher GungHO (thanks, Gematsu).

Let it Die was released on December 3 in North America and Europe during Sony’s PlayStation Experience, and by January 4 it had been downloaded one million times.

It was released in Japan earlier this month on February 2.

Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet Review – Hilarity To Go

14 Feb
Nelly Cootalot Title Screen

After what seemed like an eternity (it’s been a decade!), Nelly Cootalot is finally on mobile.We may never see Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy! in the palm of our hands, but its sequel — Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet — is available now as a premium app for both iOS and Android. It’s an absolute bargain as well. The mobile experience is essentially the same as the earlier PC/Mac/Linux version, and seems aimed at helping Nelly Cootalot reach both a larger general audience and a new generation of gamers for whom mobile is their home.

For those unfamiliar with the Nelly Cootalot universe, Nelly is a young pirate committed to using her charm, wits and skill to protect birdlife from the dastardly and aptly named Baron Widebeard. Having previously rescued a fleet of endangered spoonbeaks, she’s now charged with rescuing even more birds who have been captured and hypnotised by the evil Baron Widebeard. Along the way she interacts with a host of colorful characters including literal wingman Sebastian, a small blue coot, ghostly mentor William Bloodbeard, and a group of disgraced toffs forced to run for the common man’s entertainment.

Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet is a game that embodies all of the qualities of a fantastic family film but with the opportunity to be an active and vital participant in the experience. Its storyline is simple and engaging enough to keep young ones entertained, and there are plenty of jokes in the dialogue just for the adults. In this regard, the talents of developer Alasdair Beckett-King, a well-respected comedian and actor outside the games world, really shine through. In pulling off his vision, he’s assisted by a great group of actors, including Tom Baker (Doctor Who!) as Sebastian and Andrew Secombe (Star Wars Episodes I & II) as Dr Periwig.

The gameplay itself is nothing remarkably unique. The Fowl Fleet is a straightforward three-part adventure that has you solving puzzles and navigating people and obstacles. Still, it isn’t the complexity of the gameplay, but the endearing and cheeky humor that make the Nelly Cootalot games so very much worth playing.

Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet Puzzle

Visually, the game is gorgeous. The high-definition animation lends the game both a warmth and presence that make it easy to fall in love with the universe the game creates. While porting the game from Adventure Game Studio to Unity was likely a major challenge, kicking up the graphics a notch in clarity and complexity is an investment that pays off handsomely.

One word of warning is that if you’re new to the Nelly Cootalot universe, it can take a little bit of time and a bigger helping of patience to get used to the trial and error nature of exploring her world. Figuring out how to get to Port Rubicon is enough of a challenge right out of the gate. For frequent adventure game players, thinking in the way the game demands will likely come easy and is part of the fun. For those who find themselves on less familiar terrain, there’s absolutely no shame in taking the time to watch or read a walkthrough after a few failed attempts to go it alone. Eventually, the frustration will move from the bad kind to the good kind. Besides, where else are you going to encounter toff races? Nowhere. They don’t exist in real life (very unfortunately).

Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet Gameplay

On top of all of the positives of this game, it’s also worth celebrating Nelly Cootlot: The Fowl Fleet for putting a smart, witty, tough, skillful young woman in the role of a protagonist of an adventure game designed to appeal to everyone, not just girls and women. It may be 2017, but that’s still a rare feat. When filmmakers who have chosen to make women heroes have faced tremendous backlash, as have their actors, it’s a courageous one too.

Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet is a game where all of the parts, solid on their own, come together in a magical way. Whether you’re young or old, a fan of adventure games or not, despise pirates or love them, it is worth giving the high seas a try at least. There is a chance Nelly Cootalot might not be for you, but even if you enjoy the simple pleasure of laughing it’s a small chance indeed.

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For Honor betas drew over 6M players, PC version largest in Ubisoft’s history with 1.8M participants

14 Feb

Ubisoft has provided updated stats on the number of folks who participated in the For Honor betas.


According to the firm, the For Honor beta periods accumulated more than six million unique players. Participants logged over two billion minutes across both consoles and PC.

Over the weekend, Ubisoft said there were over 3 million playing during the open beta weekend.

It was also the one of the “largest PC beta phases” in Ubisoft’s history, with 1.8 million participating.

for_honor_launch_screens (5)
for_honor_launch_screens (4)
for_honor_launch_screens (3)
for_honor_launch_screens (2)
for_honor_launch_screens (1)

The Knights Faction came out victorious in Faction War by the end of the open beta, which means those who chose the faction will be given Emblems of Power with golden frames.

These in-game rewards, as well as additional beta rewards for all factions, will be available in the full game at launch.

Faction War is a cross-platform meta-game, and every multiplayer battle in For Honor impacts the world as all players contribute during each 10-week competitive multiplayer season.

Once the season ends, all layers will be handed in-game rewards based on the rank of their faction before reset.

If you played the beta and plan to dive into the full release, have a look at some of the changes made based on feedback. Also, if you need some starter tips, we’ve got you covered.

For Honor is out today on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.