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Yakuza 1-4 have been reprinted, and we can probably thank a chicken

13 Feb

The Yakuza series is enjoying a surge of long overdue popularity. We blame the chicken.


Yakuza 0 seems to have reignited interest in Sega’s cult-favourite open world series.

Yakuza games have always been beloved of their fervent fanbase, but have never really found mainstream appeal – and so Sega generally takes its time localising them, and releases them in limited quantities. A few years on, it can be really difficult to find a copy.

Now GameIdealist reports Sega has issued a limited reprint of Yakuza 1 through 4, so that fresh copies are available through major online retailers. (Yakuza 5 was not released on disc in the west, so don’t go looking for it.)

One can only assume that interest in Yakuza 0 is responsible for this pleasant turn of events. But why has Yakuza 0 lit a small fire under the Internet when its precursors haven’t? Look, it’s probably the chicken. Behold:

The chicken scene, which has been shared widely by a number of different players (this one was the first example I found with a quick Google), has gone a bit viral, drawing new attention to Yakuza 0. Even Sega acknowledged its pull in a marketing survey. Check out the bottom options in both images:

The chicken scene is actually pretty typical of the Yakuza series, which goes from ultra-dramatic scenes of syndicates clashing, street violence and betrayal, to, uh, possibly even more ultra-dramatic scenes of Kiryu photographing an old lady doing a flip on a granny bike without dropping her dog out the shopping basket, rapid-fire writing a blog post, and thereby learning a new wrestling move for use in combat. It’s a game series where you can ignore the plot and go play lovingly recreated arcade games, throw all your money at hostesses, and just immerse yourself in the weird and wonderful.

Here’s a nice summary of Yakuza 0:

If Yakuza 0 isn’t enough to satisfy you but you can’t be bothered dragging the PS3 out the closet for the older games, take heart: Yakuza Kiwami, a remake of the first game, is coming west in northern summer, while Yakuza 6 will arrive sometime next year, both for PS4.

Incoming search terms:

Don’t mind the $30 price tag – this is the best Humble Bundle in years

13 Feb

This Humble Bundle has so much good stuff in it it simply won’t fit in a headline.


Humble Bundle and a broad swathe of developers and creators have come out swinging with an amazing collection of excellent games, ebooks and audiobooks.

Called the Humble Freedom Bundle, all proceeds from the scheme will go to the American Civil Liberties Union, the International Rescue Committee and Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières – rather than funnelling back to developers and organisers at the buyer’s discretion, as is usual. You can still choose which charity gets your dollars if you like, and you can read more about each over on Humble Bundle to help you make up your mind.

Additionally, Humble Bundle will match donations up to $300,000, so it’s not just acting as a vehicle for creator generosity here.

“We humbly remember that the United States is a nation of immigrants, and we proudly stand with developers, authors, and charities that champion liberty and justice for all,” organisers wrote.

But hell, forget politics for a moment and just look at how great this Humble Bundle is in terms of games. For just $30, you get:

  • The Witness
  • Stardew Valley
  • Subnautica
  • Day of the Tentacle Remastered
  • Overgrowth (Early Sccess)
  • Nuclear Throne
  • Octodad: Dadliest Catch
  • Invisible, Inc
  • Super Meat Boy
  • World of Goo
  • Mushroom 11
  • No Time to Explain Remastered
  • The Stanley parable
  • Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
  • Super Hexagon
  • Guacamelee!
  • Super Turbo Championship Edition
  • The Swapper
  • Thirty Flights of Loving
  • Spirits
  • Human Resource Machine
  • 2064: Read Only Memories
  • A Virus Named TOM
  • 7 Grand Steps: What Ancients Begat
  • Mini Metro
  • Retro Game Crunch
  • Tower of Guns
  • Waking Mars
  • Song of the Deep
  • Monster Loves You
  • AI War: Fleet Command
  • Sproggiwood
  • Hot Tin Roof: The Cat That Wore A Fedora Deluxe
  • Secrets of Rætikon
  • Girls Like Robots
  • Ellipsis
  • Streamline (Early Access)
  • Ninja Pizza Girl
  • Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball

There are very few games on that list that aren’t worth $30 on their own, and together they represent a beautiful slice of the best of the indie scene over the past few years. As you’ll see when you click through, the Humble Freedom Bundle also includes a selection of comics, prose and audio books.

All games are redeemed on Steam for PC, with several DRM-free, Linux and Mac options available. All eBooks and audiobooks are offered in DRM-free formats.

Well? Go take advantage! It may be a little more than you usually budget for Humble Bundles, but it’s got a lot more content to make up for that. Don’t miss out.

Battlefield 1 Winter Update: gas grenade nerf, ribbons, map voting and more rental server features coming tomorrow

13 Feb

Battlefield 1’s Winter Update drops tomorrow. Here’s what’s coming.

Battlefield 1 fans don’t have long to wait for the promised Winter Update: it releases tomorrow, February 14. We don’t have exact times yet but for those of us living in the future and therefore already enjoying the delights of Valentine’s Day, look for the international date line to hit the US before getting too excited.

If you missed the livestream earlier, Westie has all the details on Battlefield 1’s winter update. A quick disclaimer: this video was sponsored by EA, which is why he was able to get it together so quickly – and even show off some of the things we’ll talk about below.

New progression systems for Battlefield 1

Kicking things off with new progression systems, ribbons are coming to Battlefield 1. These ribbons will work just as in past Battlefield games, meaning you earn them automatically as you hit requirements, and can do so as many times as you like. Each is worth 300 XP.

DICE is also adding elite codices. Each is worth 25,000 XP and is unlocked for 500 kills with the matching weapon, starting from after the patch drops. Eight will be added to Battlefield 1 with the Winter Update, but more are expected with every major patch from now on.

Class ranks will increase from ten to 50, and to make the grind more fun, DICE players can now earn class-specific dog tags and class rank icons for their kill cards. Bronze is unlocked at level 20, silver at 30, gold at 40 and platinum at 50, so you should be able to see immediately how experienced a Battlefield 1 player is in the class that just killed you.

DICE said it plans to add more stuff to Battlefield 1’s progression, and is also taking a look at the existing medal system, which isn’t super popular.

Battlefield 1 Winter Update balance changes

The biggest change to Battlefield 1’s balance in the Winter Update is a nerf to gas grenades. Although inventory and buffs have not been changed, the gas durations has been dropped from 22 seconds to 15 seconds. Hopefully this will mean less time in masks.

DICE is also changing Battlefield 1’s suppression mechanic: it won’t come into play at the exact moment someone starts firing on you. Essentially that means you’ll have a very small window to return fire without accuracy penalties if you’re quick enough to take advantage of it.

Cavalry sabre attacks are being nerfed slightly so that Battlefield 1 players should no longer find themselves being killed from outrageous distances. Finally, Elite classes are getting a tidy up: you’ll no longer be able to spawn in with extra grenades, and your health will regenerate at the correct pace.

Battlefield 1 server updates

The patch contains a small number of fixes and improvements to Battlefield 1’s netcode, which have not been detailed as they’re relatively minor.

A map voting system will be added with the patch. It will be available on select official Battlefield 1 servers, and as an option on all rental servers.

Speaking of which, DICE is adding a few features to address some pretty glaring omissions in Battlefield 1’s rental servers program. An in-game kick and ban UI is being added, and server admins will have priority access to their own servers.

Battlefield 1 server admins will also be able to toggle behemoths on and off, and to enable squad leader only spawning for that nostalgic touch.

Watch Dogs 2 Update 1.11 Adds New Content And Prepares For DLC

13 Feb

Watch Dogs 2 update 1.11 is going to be coming soon, and will not only be adding new content but will also be preparing for DLC when the time comes for Ubisoft to announce it. The update will be ten gigs, a fairly noticeable size for its content, but not really surprising. See Also: Watch […]

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For Honor Pre-Launch Info Reveals Server Unlock Times, Download Size

13 Feb

With Ubisoft’s upcoming game For Honor coming out tomorrow, Ubisoft has released a large amount of For Honor pre-launch info that shows players what times the game’s servers will officially unlock, and what the download size will be for the game when it releases. The game is supposed to arrive on Xbox One, Playstation 4, […]

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Titan XCIX 1.1 (.zip) For Source SDK Base 2013 SP

13 Feb
Titan XCIX 1.1 (.zip) For Source SDK Base 2013 SP
This is the .zip version of Titan: XCIX 1.1 finally fixed for Steampipe and Source SDK Base 2013 Single Player.

Hardcore NHC mod for Company of Heroes (regenerati

13 Feb
Hardcore NHC mod for Company of Heroes (regenerati
regeneration enabled depending on the unit,,,most elite units have more but base regeneration value is set to 0.1 (it takes time to self-heal a sherman, but not rangers for instance),,some artillery weapons have been revised also (churchill avre has a nice surprise...) hero units and damage....now it is over the top destructive but whoever stays alive from your troops can self heal for the next turn of events........hope you enjoy...i wont change anything else cause NHC mod is perfect in all other aspects in my opinion... all fractions are fairly balanced,,,,if anyone notices something specific,,,please let me know...

The Nintendo Switch may not have any pack-in games, but at least you’ll get to play a free Splatoon 2 demo

13 Feb

The Nintendo Switch early adopters will have one more thing to look forward to that’s completely free.

splatoon_2 (2)

Unlike both of Nintendo’s previous consoles, there’s no SKU of the Switch that comes with a free game, otherwise known as a pack-in.

Which means, you’ll have to either buy one of the few launch games, or enjoy this free treat from Nintendo instead.

Nintendo announced today that come March, Splatoon 2 will host a global testfire event spanning three days. Six sessions have been announced for the three-day period, available worldwide.

Four different weapons will be accessible to those in the test, including the new Splat Dualies and remixed versions of the Splat Roller and Splat Charger. The first event kicks off Friday, March 24. Find the full schedule below:

Friday, March 24

  • 8pm – 9pm CET

Saturday, March 25

  • 4am – 5am CET
  • 12pm – 1pm CET
  • 8pm – 9pm CET

Sunday, March 26

  • 5am – 6am CEST
  • 1pm – 2pm CEST

Recently, new Splatoon 2 features such as a private spectator mode, LAN support, and more were revealed.

Nintendo Switch is out starting March 3, but Splatoon 2 doesn’t not currently have a release date beyond “summer.”

Horizon: Zero Dawn Dungeons Leaked With New Images

13 Feb

Horizon: Zero Dawn dungeons have been highlighted in the new set of images. These screenshots take place in four different areas and we can do nothing but look at how good they are. Also see: New Horizon: Zero Dawn Video Talks About Aloy and the World Around Her Horizon: Zero Dawn is really interesting and has already managed to […]

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For Honor Conqueror Guide – Best Combos, Moves, Hero Counters, Abilities, Best Feats, Combo Chains

13 Feb

For Honor Conqueror Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about playing as Conqueror, playing against Conqueror, and tips to win.

Conquerors are basically heavily armored warriors who basically rely on defensive style and continue to whittle away their opponent’s stamina. Thanks to their defensive abilities and powerful attacks, Conquerors in For Honor are a force to be reckoned with.

When it comes to learning to play with Conquerors, they fall in the mid. Not too hard, but not too easy as well.

Conquerors in For Honor have unblockable shield-based attacks and auto-blocking defense mode. Furthermore, they can also interrupt attacks with their standard block.

For more help on For Honor, read out our Berserker Hero Guide, Best Heroes Guide, and Peacekeeper Hero Guide.

For Honor Conqueror Guide

In our For Honor Conqueror Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about playing as Conqueror and playing against Conqueror.

For Honor Conqueror Feats

Tier 1

  • Speed Revive – Passive; rapidly revive fallen teammates
  • Conqueror – Passive; capture and upgrade control zones faster
  • Body Count – Passive; killing soldier grants you health and stamina

Tier 2

  • Juggernaut – Trade movement speed for better defense
  • Shield Basher – Shield based attacks now deal damage
  • Fiat Lux – Throw a flash grenade that blinds enemies for a few seconds

Tier 3

  • Heal on Block – Passive; blocking regenerates your health
  • Punch Through – Passive; deal damage on blocked attacks
  • Pugno Mortis – Throw an explosive projectile dealing damage over an area

Tier 4
Catapult – Call a catapult strike over an area
Dauntless – Your actions can’t be interrupted for a short duration
Regenerate – Passive; Regenerates your health when out of combat

For Honor Conqueror Conscript’s Attrition

This is basically performed by chaining light attacks indefinitely as long as you don’t use two light attacks from the same direction. Doing so ends the combo chain.

Since the Conquerors don’t have an incredible amount of damage for individual attacks, these fast attacks make up for it. I don’t recommend extending the chain beyond 3-4 attacks to be on the safe side.

For Honor Conqueror Final Argument

This is performed by starting Conscript’s Attrition and mixing in a heavy attack after a light attack. Doing so deals, even more, amount of damage and works well when trying to throw off an opponent.

For Honor Conqueror Shield Bash

This is easily one of the most important tools at the Conqueror’s disposal. It’s performed by pressing the Guard Break button after a dash or heavy attack.

Shield Bash basically leaves your opponent vulnerable for a short duration of time, allowing you to land a guaranteed light attack or a tough-to-dodge heavy attack. Using the guaranteed light attack, you can easily transition into Final Argument and into another Shield Bash.

While in Revenge Mode, the Shield Bash knocks an opponent into the ground, allowing you to land a guaranteed heavy attack. However, do note that the attack is telegraphed and can easily be sidestepped by agile heroes.

For Honor Conqueror Reaper’s Crush

This is a simple chain which is performed by linking two heavy attacks together. Despite its damage output, the second attack is telegraphed and can be parried by skilled opponents.

Keeping this in mind, you should try to mix things up by adding Shield Bash in your chains. Alternatively, you can land the first attack from far away and close the gap using the second heavy attack.

For Honor Conqueror Charged Heavy Attack

You can simply hold the heavy attack button to charge the attack, making it stronger and faster. There are two levels of charging; the first one is automatically achieved after holding the button and the second one is achieved after the flail glows red.

Since the attack has a distinct animation, don’t hesitate to cancel it anytime you want. On top of it, the Charged Heavy Attack can also be used to transition into a Shield Bash.

For Honor Conqueror Charging Shield Crush

This attack basically knocks your opponents to the ground, allowing a guaranteed heavy attack which can be transitioned into a Shield Bash. It’s performed by pressing the Guard Break button while sprinting.

However, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind i.e. the attack has a fairly short range and can easily be dodged by skilled opponents. I only recommend using it against opponents who are engaged by your teammates.

For Honor Conqueror Full Block Stance

When activated, Conqueror’s Full Block Stance allows you to block incoming attacks – except unblockable attacks – from all directions until you run out of stamina or cancel the stance. While activated, the Full Block Stance continuously consumes stamina which is something you need to keep in mind while trying to use it.

It’s ideal for agile heroes who keep on changing the direction of their attacks or against multiple enemies. However, once again, you need to keep a close eye out on your stamina bar. Despite its advantages, I’d still recommend relying on normal guard most of the times.

For Honor Conqueror Block

Whenever you manage to successfully block your opponent’s attack, it’ll bounce off your shield and break the combo chain. It’s a valuable ability which can make anyone planning to launch a flurry of attacks against you think twice.

For Honor Conqueror Counters and Match-Ups

Coming straight to match-ups, Conqueror tends to struggle against Peacekeeper, Orochi, and Nobushi while shines against Raider and Warden.

The reason behind these match-ups is that Conqueror’s attacks tend to be relatively slower as compared to other heroes and can be dodged with ease. Moreover, the hero has limited mobility which is why heroes like Peacekeeper can run around him in circles and not get caught.

Moreover, controlling stamina management is something which is incredibly hard while playing as Conqueror. Both the Full Block Stance and combo chains drain stamina fairly fast which is something you need to keep in mind while choosing your battles.

Finally, the Conqueror can’t feint attacks in the traditional way, but has excellent defensive capabilities and infinite offensive chains. In addition to this, the Revenge Mode is extremely threatening and allow him to go against multiple enemies with relative ease.

For Honor Conqueror Combo Chains and Moves

Since we played the game on PC, the attacks and combos are presented using the PC default layout.

Charging Heavy Attack
It’s performed by pressing and holding RMB.

Conscript’s Attrition
It’s performed by pressing LMB as long as you continue changing the direction. Check the details provided above for more information!

Final Argument
It’s performed by pressing LMB, LMB, and RMB.

Reaper’s Crush
It’s performed by pressing RBM twice.

Full Block Stance
It’s performed by pressing C.

Charging Shield Crush
It’s performed by sprinting and pressing the MMB.

Shield Bash
It’s performed by pressing A/W/D + Spacebar followed by pressing the MMB.

Shield Bash Mix Up
It’s performed by pressing RMB and then pressing the MMB.

Shield Bash Riposte
It’s performed by pressing C followed by pressing the MMB.

This is all we’ve on our For Honor Conqueror Guide. If there’s anything else you’d like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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We journey further into the world of Nioh, now that ball-and-chain guy is down

13 Feb

We’re still hooked on Nioh. Let’s explore more of the game’s world together.

Watch live video from vg247 on www.twitch.tv

Since Nioh‘s first boss, Onryoki, has been taken of, we’re now free to explore the second mission of the game.

Nioh really starts to open up once you get past Onryoki, and Shabana is playing the next mission live for the enjoyment of you all. Let’s see how many times she’ll get “freed from this mortal coil.”

If you’re new to Nioh, or have been playing for a while, it’s not a bad idea to give our big guide a look. It’s got beginner’s tips, boss tactics, and some hidden mechanics you may not know about. Whatever it is you’re after, you’ll no doubt find it there.

Pokemon GO New Features Co-operative gameplay and more

13 Feb

Video Game Walkthroughs, News and Guides

Pokemon GO New Features Co-operative gameplay rewards and more There is no denying that Pokemon GO is no longer as popular as it once was; However, that does not mean that Niantic is going to abandon its very profitable project. As proof of this we have recent statements from John Hanke, general manager of the […]

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Another Nintendo Switch Hardware Leak Gives Specs On Upcoming Console

13 Feb

A new Nintendo Switch hardware leak has been released, showing off a different list of hardware specs than what came out in a similar leak back in December. The leak, which was posted onto Reddit, and could be a vital source considering that Nintendo hasn’t released any official hardware information about the console. See Also: […]

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Horizon: Zero Dawn – new direct-feed footage shows human settlements, exploration, plenty of combat

13 Feb

A mostly unedited chunk of gameplay from Horizon: Zero Dawn.

We’re about two weeks away from the release of Horizon: Zero Dawn, and gameplay footage has been coming out left and right. From introducing the game’s various robo-monsters, to detailing what went into the creation of its world and lead character Aloy.

The latest video is not official, but was captured by Game Clips And Tips at a recent press event. It’s relatively long, at around seven minutes, and it’s full of new footage.

In particular, the video shows a glimpse of the human outposts and settlements scattered around the game’s world, and how Aloy will be getting from one to the other. There’s also a decent chunk of combat in there, and the player actually flubs the encounter early on before regaining the upper hand.

Overall, it’s a more raw look at the game than we’re used to from officially sanctioned footage.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is out February 28 on PS4.

Reshade and SweetFX for Fallout 4

13 Feb
Reshade and SweetFX for Fallout 4
Reshade and SweetFX for Fallout 4. This is a place and play, no adjustments required.

Watch the Battlefield 1 Winter Update livestream here

13 Feb

We’re moments away from the start of a Battlefield 1 livestream.

Watch live video from Battlefield on www.twitch.tv

DICE is showcasing the next big Battlefield 1 patch at the top of the hour in a dedicated livestream on Twitch. Typically, patches don’t get their own livestreams, but this one is for the Winter Update.

The Winter – or February – Update is expected to bring a number of balance changes, some of which have already been tested in the game’s Community Test Environment (CTE). New content is unlikely, but we still expect the changes to be big.

DICE previously confirmed that the patch will indeed be dropping this week, so expect more details such as patch notes, and exact rollout times to be shared during the show.

We’ve embedded the livestream above, and as always, if it’s big news, you’ll hear about it here first.

Lifetime Forza Sales Have Passed 1 Billion Dollars Since 2005 Debut

13 Feb

Since its debut back in 2005, the Forza series has done very well for itself, culminating in its most recent achievement. According to a Microsoft update, lifetime Forza sales in retail have passed a billion dollars over the past twelve years, and that’s not even counting all the money that the series got through digital […]

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Meet Swamp Thing, The Injustice 2 New Character

13 Feb

Warner Bros. and NetherRealm Studios have announced Injustice 2 new character, Swamp Thing! This character is detailed in the video below, and we can’t wait for you to share your thoughts about his skills and his moveset. Also see: Injustice 2 Supergirl Video Shows Off Her Abilities And Gameplay Style Also, NetherRealm Studios has recently revealed Black […]

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Nioh debuts at No.2 in UK charts, but it made the most money

13 Feb

Nioh could not quite land at the top spot in this week’s UK charts, but it’s not all bad news.

nioh okatsu (1)

Nioh officially came out last week, and although it made quite the splash at retail and with critics, it didn’t quite manage to reach the top spot in the UK charts of that week.

GfK published the weekly charts and revealed that Nioh landed at No.2, one place below GTA 5, which is having its third week at the top spot this year, and the 12th overall.

That said, Nioh actually topped the revenue charts across all platforms, thanks to its higher price point (£44.45) compared to GTA 5. Resident Evil 7 dropped to No.3, after earning the top spot last week.

Find the rest of the top 10 below:

  • 1- GTA 5
  • 2- Nioh
  • 3- Resident Evil 7
  • 4- FIFA 17
  • 5- Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
  • 6- Battlefield 1
  • 7- Rocket League
  • 8- Hitman: The Complete Season
  • 9- Overwatch
  • 10 – Watch Dogs 2

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Review

13 Feb

Video Game Walkthroughs, News and Guides

Resident Evil is an iconic franchise for the video game industry. Among its achievements is the foundation of the genre survival horror with a delivery that was a great success and turned the franchise into a trendy with millions of followers. However, everything that goes up has to go down and the saga was the […]

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