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Nioh dev one-ups Dark Souls by saying unlimited co-op is “too easy”

8 Feb

Nioh doesn’t have an easy mode – unlike its soft Dark Souls rival.


Nioh developer Team Ninja has spoken out on changes to the action RPG’s co-op system, which mean players need to have completed an area before they can play through it with a buddy.

Unfortunately for those hoping to hold hands and skip gently through the fearsome enemies of Nioh, it sounds like Team Ninja never intended for players to be able to cut the difficulty by enrolling a pal.

“You cannot co-op through the entire game because that would make it too easy for players to beat the game,” Nioh creative director Tom Lee told Kotaku.

“We want players to experience Nioh in how it was intended to be. We allowed players to co-op anytime in the last trial demo only because of the limited stages and time to try out the demo.”

So basically, while co-op provides Dark Souls with an easy mode, Nioh sticks to its guns – it’s meant to be super hard and you’re not going to wriggle out of it by getting a high level buddy in to assist you.

Although it’s a perfectly reasonable stance for the developers to take, the fact that Nioh’s co-op system changed between the demo and release day, with no communication from Team Ninja on the subject, is probably going to make people unhappy: if you bought Nioh hoping to play through it in co-op easy mode, you’d be pretty livid.

Speaking as a big fan of co-op easy mode and cheesing in the Souls games, I’m consigning Nioh to the “ha ha, no” pile with no shame, unless Team Ninja has a sudden change of heart.

We’re streaming Nioh – come watch us battle Yokai, probably get our butt kicked at least once

8 Feb

Nioh isn’t easy, but we are unafraid. Mostly.

Watch live video from vg247 on www.twitch.tv

Nioh is pretty hard, combining the unforgiving systems of Dark Souls with the ultra precise action of Ninja Gaiden. It’s a marriage made in heaven, but depending on your reaction time, maybe one of those weddings where the bridesmaids cause a scene, someone’s uncle throws up in the punch, the bride’s dress catches on fire and you have a regrettable sexual encounter with someone who may or may not be your second cousin.

That’s my personal fear, but Shabana’s undaunted after a week of horror games, and has kicked a few Yokai butts in pre-release streams. Will Nioh get the better of her? Or will she succumb to the demons haunting feudal Japan?

Nah, she’ll be right. How hard can Nioh be? You get a gun, right? Admittedly you also get guns in Bloodborne, which has been known to chew people up and spit them out in six or seven pieces… Plus there’s a helpful Nioh boss guide right there on the front page so if worse comes to worst we can draw on our own resources like some sort of confused cannibal snake.

Anyway: Nioh, yeah? We’re playing it, you’re watching it, the conditions of the pact have been fulfilled.

Developing Horizon Zero Dawn Was Risky, Guerrilla Games Says

8 Feb

Guerrilla Games has often been known as the developers of Killzone ever since its existence began, and so now that they’re developing Horizon Zero Dawn, the studio is actually going into unfamiliar territory, even though the game has been in development for around five years. This is mainly due to the genre change. See Also: […]

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PS4 Pro Boost Mode Tested, Increases Performance of Un-patched Games

8 Feb

A new video that has been released on YouTube from the DigitalFoundry YouTube channel discusses the new PS4 Pro Boost Mode, which is reputed to be increasing the framerate for games on the Playstation 4 Pro that haven’t had a patch made for them that will be increasing the visuals too. See Also: Xbox Exec: […]

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Creative Struggle

8 Feb
Creative Struggle
A very small meta-message map created in the span of 10 minutes as a challenge of my friend to create and upload a single work within the given time span. Do not expect any special or worthwhile amazing revelations.

Xbox One Scorpio Exclusives Might Be Difficult To Implement For Devs

8 Feb

The possibility of Xbox One Scorpio exclusives has been shot down by Microsoft from the beginning, saying that the console isn’t going to have any games that are exclusive to it unless they’re VR titles. Even if Microsoft did allow Scorpio exclusives, however, it would have been difficult to implement due to the install base. […]

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Dorothy Dark Knight and Flora Paladin Class

8 Feb
Dorothy Dark Knight and Flora Paladin Class
Hey everyone, today I'm releasing 2 classes from the Japanese version of Counter-strike online. they are Dorothy Dark Knight and Flora Paladin. these are just models only, enjoy ^^

Street Fighter V New Character To Be Revealed Tomorrow

8 Feb

According to the game’s official Twitter profile, a Street Fighter V New Character will be revealed tomorrow. It looks like this character uses ice as main power, and it will be interesting to know more about him/her. Tomorrow we’ll reveal the next #SFV Character and a track from @LupeFiasco‘s new album, #DROGASLight; available 2/10 https://t.co/fvLxQlPyzm […]

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Overwatch custom games update grants XP gain, adds tons of options, makes Capture the Flag permanent

8 Feb

Overwatch is getting a sever browser, and it’s going to need it.

An upcoming Overwatch update will add a server browser allowing players to search for custom games, because custom games are about to become way more interesting.

For starters, Blizzard is turning on XP gain in custom games, making it possible to progress and earn Overwatch loot boxes for playing them.

But the developer is also giving player a lot more options in creating custom Overwatch games. For example, you’ll be able to disable all specific heroes, disable specific hero abilities, adjust cooldown timers on specific abilities, fiddle with health pools for all or specific heroes, change team sizes and even adjust mode gameplay settings like the time it takes to perform actions.

With this update, the only limit on what you can do in Overwatch is your imagination. Game director Jeff Kaplan gave a few examples: a mode where one Roadhog with vastly increased health fights six other heroes with reduced health, and one where everyone plays as Widowmaker with no cooldown on the grappling hook.

Fans of Overwatch’s Year of the Rooster event will be pleased to learn that capture the flag will be a permanent addition to the game when this update rolls out, albeit only in custom games. Blizzard is converting another nine control maps for the mode, so you’ll have 12 in total to play on.

The server browser and custom games update will be tested on the Overwatch PTS before general release, so there’s no set date yet – but keep an eye out over the next few weeks, judging by Blizzard’s usual timeline.

Final Fantasy XV Scorpio Release Could Happen But No Confirmation Yet

8 Feb

During an interview with Dualshockers, the game’s director Hajime Tabata talked about Final Fantasy XV Scorpio. According to his words, the team is considering a Scorpio version of the game as they are thinking on what kind of implementations could be made to make this game as great as possible. So, there’s more than a mere possibility […]

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Hitman’s February content schedule announced, another game update incoming

8 Feb

Elusive Targets, Escalation Contracts and more releasing throughout February.


Hitman: The Complete First Season came out last week, entering the top 10 in the UK charts.

Meanwhile the scheduled content keeps rolling out and this month’s was revealed on Twitter earlier today.

There are elusive targets and new contracts coming over the next four weeks, but bear in mind the dates cited are more of a timeframe as opposed to exact release dates or duration of the content.

An update is scheduled for week 2 but there are no further details on it at the moment. January’s update introduced Professional difficulty along with unique rewards, so we’ll have to wait and see if February’s is bringing anything new with it, or if it’s just the usual business of bug fixes.

Here’s what you can look forward to this month:

  • Week 1 (Feb 6 – 12)
    • Elusive Target #20 in Bangkok
  • Week 2 (Feb 13 – 19)
    • Escalation Contract in Hokkaido
    • Game update (TBC)
  • Week 3 (Feb 20 – 26)
    • Elusive Target #21 in Hokkaido
  • Week 4 (Feb 27 – Mar 5)
    • 10 New featured contracts

E3 2017 Will Be Opening Its Doors To The Public For The First Time Ever

8 Feb

In a rather surprising move, E3 2017 won’t be an exclusively press event now. The convention has announced that it will be opening its doors to 15,000 people when it begins this summer. The rules had been loosening up for the past few years, with multiple influential Let’s Players, bloggers, and other influential internet personalities. […]

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Dawn of War: Strongholds [v1.5.1 patch]

8 Feb
Dawn of War: Strongholds [v1.5.1 patch]
A vital hotfix for v1.5.0, that fixes the batch file for setting up the optional faction mods. Just extract the contents of the zip file into your Soulstorm folder and overwrite files when prompted.

Fire Emblem Heroes Player Has Spent $1,000 to Max the Barracks

8 Feb

As the title says, a Fire Emblem Heroes player has spent over $1,000 to know more information about the game. He’s Redditor Kooko22, and he’s managed to expand his team size to 500 and fill it completely. His sacrifice was surely helpful for some players as it helped to gather information about summoning percentages, base and leveled character stats. For […]

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Ukrainian empire

8 Feb
Ukrainian empire
I have completed everything apart from the nation leaders, so enjoy! :)

Incoming Chrome Browser Will Have Always-On DRM, Limiting Netflix To 720p Display

8 Feb

The upcoming Google’s Chrome browser known as Chrome 57 will remove the option to disable Widevine DRM, limiting Netflix users at 720p display view. The update will make the plugin always-on. Widevine is a web video DRM system developed to protect the streaming Netflix content through a browser. See Also: PlayStation 4 External Hard Drive Support […]

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Syberia 3 gets an April release date

8 Feb

Syberia 3 has a confirmed release date. Again.

Syberia 3 has been in the making since 2012, after originally being announced in 2009 and shelved shortly afterwards.

After confirming a December 1, 2016 release date the Vice President of Microïds, Elliot Grassiano, broke the news that the title would be delayed until Q1 2017.

Well here we are in Q1 2017 and the release date has finally been announced. Syberia 3 will release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on April 25 in North America and April 20 in Europe.

Microïds gave us a brand new trailer to have a gander at as well, and it all looks very exciting.

Have you been eagerly awaiting the next installment for the last decade, or will Syberia 3 be your first foray into the world of Kate Walker?

Project Cars 2 Release Window Announced, Will Support Upto 12k Resolution

8 Feb

The Project Cars 2 release window has finally been announced in a new announcement trailer posted by the developers, giving fans of the series a tentative date of late 2017 before the game comes out. Project Cars 2 has been in the works for at least two years, being announced on 2015 and crowdfunded. See […]

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Chameleon Run is Temporarily Free (For Real this Time)

8 Feb

Back in November, the superb auto-running platformer Chameleon Run randomly went free on the App Store. While that was a very short-lived giveaway due to an accidental flip of the sale switch, this time it’s for real: Chameleon Run is currently free to download on iOS. Although today’s markdown also snuck in under the radar, one half of the two-man development team that is Hyperbolic Magnetism acknowledged the sale on Twitter, citing it as a nice method of cross-promotion for publisher Noodlecake.

If you haven’t had a chance to try Chameleon Run yet, we absolutely recommend it. It’s a level-based platformer that uses the seemingly simple controls of jumping and changing your character’s color to match the platform’s he’s traversing in order to create high-speed, exhilarating races against your own best time. Each stage is very short, but packed with tight platforming challenges and bonus objectives that make replaying levels both rewarding and interesting. At the time of launch, our only complaint was that we simply wanted more levels because we couldn’t get enough. Since then, the game has been updated with an additional world with four more levels and new achievements, so our appreciation has only grown.

In fact, we almost hesitate to announce this sale since Chameleon Run is already a steal at its usual price of $1.99, but we love a good deal. And this, like the game itself, is a great one. Head over to the App Store to snag one of our Top 10 games of 2016 for nothing—except the time you’ll inevitably lose to its addictive, just-one-more-level grasp.

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Spectre Mod Version 1.0.1 [Beta]

8 Feb
Spectre Mod Version 1.0.1 [Beta]
__HOW TO INSTALL THIS MOD__ 1-Extract SpectreMod.big to your AppData folder for Bfme Example, C:Documents(YourName)ApplicationDataMy Battle For Middle-earth(tm) Files ONCE DONE... 2-Right-Click on your game destkop Icon. 3-Then Properties 4-Where it says Target, add this at the very end -mod SpectreMod.big It should look like this, Target: "C:Program Files (x86)EA GAMESThe Battle for Middle-earth (tm)lotrbfme.exe" -Mod SpectreMod.big THEN... 5-Simply Extrack the EnglishSplash file into your game folder which should be, C:Program Files (x86)EA GAMESThe Battle for Middle-earth (tm) 6-If it already exists, Replace it 7-You're done, run the game :)