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You can now become a homeowner in The Elder Scrolls Online

7 Feb

The Elder Scrolls Online has just updated to version 2.7.5, which includes the new free ‘Homestead’ update.

The new changes are outlined in full in the game’s tremendously long patch notes. It might not be as extensive as the upcoming Morrowind expansion, but this update is pretty substantial. There will be 39 new homes added to the game, with the first one being made available to players for free after a short initial quest.

All other homes in the game will need to be purchased with gold or crowns, and all homes will be shared across all characters on your account.

There are six different tiers of housing available:

  • Inn Rooms: 3 total, 1 for each alliance
  • Apartments: 3 total, 1 for each alliance
  • Small Homes: 10 total, 1 for each of the 10 playable races
  • Medium Homes: 10 total, 1 for each of the 10 playable races
  • Large Homes: 10 total, 1 for each of the 10 playable races
  • Manors: 3 total, 1 for each alliance

There are several other changes and additions promised in the patch notes as well, but being able to buy and furnish homes is definitely the most exciting part of the update. The patch comes in at 3.36GB.

The Elder Scrolls Online is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Come watch us defy death as we stream Nioh for the first time

7 Feb

We’re going to face off against Nioh’s opening hours, so come cheer on Shabana as she valiantly tries not to get killed.

Watch live video from vg247 on www.twitch.tv

Nioh has been praised for its punishing difficulty, but Shabana spent some time training for this in the game’s pre-release betas. Whether or not that experience has prepared her for Team Ninja’s punishing enemies remains to be seen, though.

If this stream inspires you to jump into the game yourself, remember to check out our guide for some hot tips.

Subscribe to our Twitch channel for more streams. We stream on Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday from 9pm GMT.

Fulcrum .Big files

7 Feb
Fulcrum .Big files
Homeworld Fulcrum update including new single player mission and vaygr heavy fighter. .big file version, see included installation instructions.

Fulcrum Archived Files

7 Feb
Fulcrum Archived Files
Homeworld Fulcrum update including new single player mission and vaygr heavy fighter. Archived files version, see included installation instructions.

Fulcrum source files

7 Feb
Fulcrum source files
Homeworld Fulcrum HODOR source files. For use by modders, see included documents for terms of use and other information.

The unstoppable GTA 5 sold more copies in 2016 than in 2015

7 Feb

Grand Theft Auto 5 is the game that keeps on giving, both to its players and to Take-Two Interactive.


According to Take-Two’s quarterly report, GTA 5 continues to perform exceptionally well. DualShockers is reporting that the game has, since its 2013 release, shipped 75 million copies. This makes it the fourth best-selling game of all time, just behind Wii Sports (82.78 million copies), which it has a real chance of overtaking this year.

This is a phenomenal figure, but perhaps even more impressive is the fact that GTA 5’s annual sales actually increased in 2016. The Xbox One and PS4 versions released in 2014, then the PC version in 2015, yet 2016 was the game’s second best year for sales. Niko partners analyst Daniel Ahmad provided this graph:

Even this year, GTA 5 has been topping the sales charts.

GTA 5’s high sales are likely down to the frequent updates released for Grand Theft Auto Online, as well as the game’s popularity on YouTube and impressive critical reception. It’ll be interesting to see whether the game continues to grow in 2017.

Get ready for the challenges ahead with the Nioh launch trailer

7 Feb

Nioh is officially out now, and the official launch trailer shows off the game’s intense action.

Nioh launched today to largely emphatic reviews. The game, from Ninja Gaiden developers Team Ninja, bears a strong resemblance to Dark Souls/Bloodborne, offering an extreme challenge and encouraging focused practice to achieve mastery.

To that end, if you’re planning on playing it, you’ll want to keep our guide bookmarked.

Nioh is exclusive to the PlayStation 4, and has been in development for a very long time – in fact work first started in 2004, on what would have been a very different game called Oni (based on an unproduced Akira Kurosawa script).

A New Version Of Denuvo Is Ready To Be Released, Will It Work?

7 Feb

The company has announced that a new version of Denuvo is ready to be released. Latest version of this anti-Tamper technology wasn’t this good as a lot of games have been cracked. So the team has tried to fix this. Funcom’s famous open-world survival game called Conan Exiles has been easily cracked in one day […]

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 sees the return of the M16 assault rifle as new items drop for the Black Market

7 Feb

Treyarch makes good on their promise of new 2017 content for Black Ops 3.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 developer Treyarch teased new 2017 content for the game during a Facebook livestream at the end of last year, and it looks like it’s starting to trickle in.

New weapons and Specialist themes were announced over on the Activision blog today, and you’ll be able to pick them up on the Black Market starting tomorrow.

blops 3 m16 blops 3 specialist

Here’s what to expect:

  • New Weapons
    • PPSH – The PPSH is like holding a little piece of history – you know, a piece of history that features a high rate of fire and happens to be perfect for close encounters
    • M16 – This highly-anticipated fan-favorite is back. The classic American three-round burst assault rifle that introduced burst fire to the Black Ops series, returns for a familiar feel that is sure to please fans of this satisfying yet challenging style of gun combat
  • Specialist Themes
    • Treyarch is also adding a slew of new Specialist themes to the mix, with one new Theme for each and every Specialist

Are you psyched for the M16? Got your eye on a Specialist theme? Let us know in the comments.

The force is strong in this Star Wars Humble Bundle

7 Feb

If you’re a Star Wars fan – and statistically, there’s a pretty good chance that you are – the latest Humble Bundle might be for you.


The Star Wars Humble Bundle 3 contains many of the series’ greatest hits, and while none of the games are particularly recent (the newest game included is The Force Unleashed 2, which is awful), there are some definite classics up for grabs.

Pay at least $1 and you’ll get:

  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
  • Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance
  • Star Wars:X-Wing vs TIE Fighter – Balance of Power campaigns
  • Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds Saga

Pay more than the average (currently $9.49) to unlock:

  • Star Wars: Battlefront 2
  • Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast
  • Star Wars: Starfighter
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords
  • Star Wars: Rebel Assault 1 + 2

And then spend over $14 to also nab:

  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2
  • Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D
  • Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire
  • Star Wars: Empire At War: Gold Pack

In other words, $14 will nab you 15 Star Wars games, including the fantastic Knights of the Old Republic RPGs by BioWare. It’s worth paying for the final tier just to grab the original Force Awakens (which is underrated) and Rogue Squadron, while Shadows of the Empire may also hold a certain nostalgic value for some.

This bundle will be available for two weeks.

Bethesda’s Pete Hines says Fallout 4 is the most successful game in the company’s history

7 Feb

Hines says Fallout 4 is more successful than Skyrim.


Bethesda’s VP of Marketing and PR, Pete Hines, sat down with Kinda Funny Games to talk about the company’s games and the business as a whole.

At around the 14 minute mark Greg asks Hines if Fallout 4 was a success, and the answer is a resounding yes.

“Fallout 4 has gotta be the most successful game we’ve ever launched in our company’s history. More than Skyrim in terms of what we did,” he said.

The question came after Greg’s point that the studio hadn’t discussed the game much, and whether the lack of conversation was due to the game’s reception, with Fallout 4 just being more of the same stuff we’d already seen in Fallout 3.

“Part of it is just that phenomenon that you have some level of experience and interaction with the game already,” he answered, going on to draw a comparison with the Uncharted series.

“If you played Uncharted 4, and that was your first game, I think you have a very different reaction to what that game is than if, like me, you played 1, 2, and 3 because Uncharted 4 is more of 1, 2, and 3.”

Hines was also asked about the next Fallout title and how the studio would innovate for the next game in the series.

“Whether it’s Fallout or Elder Scrolls, or whatever it is they’re gonna do next, I think their mantra is always ‘we really gotta step up our game’.”

It’s an interesting interview and worth a watch if you have a half hour to spare.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Update 1.08 Is Live On All Platforms

7 Feb

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered update 1.08 is now finally available on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. In addition to a variety of fixes in the game, the update will also add new content to the depot, along with new bounties that have camo sets, melee weapons, and more. See Also: […]

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The Division PTS 4 Is Releasing Tonight, Patch Notes Inside

7 Feb

The Division PTS 4 is releasing tonight for Last Stand (latest DLC) and update 1.6, with bug fixing and some weapons to receive a buff. You can find the full changelog here. Also see: The Division Update 1.6 Adds Microtransactions To The Game, Pissing Off Players However, Ubisoft is currently working on the movie adaption of […]

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered update 1.08 brings new weapon kits and customisation items

7 Feb

The patch notes for Modern Warfare Remastered’s latest update have been released and there are a few new bits and bobs to look foward to.

call of duty modern warfare remastered

Patch 1.08 for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered went live today and along with the usual bug fixes and tweaks, the update has added over 170 new items according to PlayStation Lifestyle.

“Today, we’re excited to support Modern Warfare Remastered with more content, and introduce even more customization items into Modern Warfare Remastered,” reads an Activision blog post.

“Personalization continues to be enjoyed by the community, and we’ve all seen how much players enjoy building the gameplay experience that they want, which is something that wasn’t really possible during the original release. So we are stoked to deliver to fans plenty of options to customize, personalize and continue the fun with these new items.”

Editorial Manager, Kevin Kelly, went on to address gameplay balance and weapons, and announced the addition of “three modern era guns the Kamchatka-12 (automatic shotgun), XM-LAR (assault rifle) and .44 Magnum (pistol).

“Like every other weapon, they each have strengths and weaknesses to ensure proper game balance, and through extensive testing we know players will have a blast.

“As a studio, the balance remains our #1 priority. And just like many of the new items we’ve brought in, you can obtain them by completing a collection of items you acquire with your Parts, or through Supply Drops.”

Here are some of the new doodads that have been added with today’s patch:

  • New Weapon Kit Collection Bounties
    • Huntsman – This Sniper Class Weapon Kit gives your sniper rifles the field-ready look of a working class weapon. For example, your sniper rifle can look camouflaged like a ghillie suit or covered in duct tape
    • Lawman – Bring a bit of the Old West to Modern Warfare with this Shotgun Class Weapon Kit. You’ll feel like a gunslinger when your shotguns have the look and feel of high-class weapons from Western Americana, complete with filigreed details and wood stocks
    • Battle-Scarred – If you like to get up close and personal, then the SMG is probably one of your workhorse weapons. The Battle-Scarred Weapon Kit will make your weapons look like they have been through many a firefight, scars and all
    • Czar – The Czar Weapon Kit provides the look of pure gold to your LMGs, putting the bling in your loadout and onto the field of battle. These golden guns are over the top, flashy, and deadly as ever
  • New Melee Weapon Sets
    • Gladiator – Stride into battle with the might of a gladiator when you equip this contemporary recreation of the historical Gladius sword, used as the weapon of choice by Roman foot soldiers
    • Hatchetman – Strap on some deadly curves when you add the Military Axe to your loadout. This updated take on the classic hatchet looks fearsome in the field and is ready to do your dirty work
  • Customization
    • Weapon Camo Sets – Four new weapon camo sets each bring new camos to the field, with 39 new weapon camos total
    • Calling Card Sets – Customize your calling card with 31 new options for you to wear with pride
    • Emblem Sets – With 39 new emblems to pair with your calling card, variety is now your middle name
    • Reticle Sets – Set your sights with new looks with 39 different new reticles to choose from
  • New Ranged Weapon Collection Bounties
    • Kamchatka-12 – This is a fully-automatic, 12-gauge shotgun of Russian origin, and features an 8-round detachable box magazine
    • XM-LAR – This fully automatic assault rifle comes from the European theater, and utilizes 7.62x51mm NATO cartridges in a 30-round detachable box
    • .44 Magnum – This is the classic .44 Magnum six-round revolver, featuring a stylized military grip and signature long barrel

The patch is 1.85GB on PS4 and 8.8GB on XBox One. You can download it now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The full list of patch notes is below for your perusal.

  • Depot Updates
    • Expanded Artic Wolf Content
  • Miscellaneous
    • Spawn improvements
    • Collateral Damage fix
    • C4 will now stick to Helicopters
    • Environmental and Melee Kill Stats will no longer reset on Prestige
    • Melee Weapon crosshairs will change color when over an enemy that is in range of a melee attack
    • Still give match bonus if the other player quits Cage Match
    • Show Rank on Gun Game Scoreboard
    • Virtual Lobby optimization
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed collision in Ambush tunnel
    • Fixed issues with Kill Cam/Streaming
    • Fixed Streaming issues relating to invisible weapons
    • Fixed issues with Melee Weapons on ladders causing weapons to disappear
    • Fixed issues with Exclusion Zone Weapon Camo appearing incorrectly
    • Fixed issues with Clan Tag resetting unexpectedly
    • Fixed issues where killstreak activation could stop functioning
    • Fixed missing visuals of one Hardpoint neutral zone in Strike
    • Fixed sometimes seeing the blur too early when going to ADS with a Sniper Rifle
    • Fixed ADS sometimes not stopping weapon inspection
    • Fixed issues with ADS Toggle control schemes not being able to throw C4
    • Fixed various issues with Character visuals in the Virtual Lobby
    • Fixed the “Extreme Speed” Challenge to track through death and rounds

Gears Of War 4 Valentine’s Day Update Adds New Interesting Stuff

7 Feb

Microsoft and The Coalition have released today Gears Of War 4 Valentine’s Day Update, that adds new interesting stuff to the game. This update introduces two new maps called Impact Dark and War Machine. Impact Dark is a remixed night version of the Impact map with less visibility. Furthermore, Gears Of War 4 Valentine’s Day Update adds the Torque […]

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7 Feb
**ver 6.0.9 -- 7feb17** * Improved reflective water motion, magma pool motion, color; added window frames. * Added magma-glow effects. This required new utilities, new objects with defined normals, and new shaders. * Fixed bad multi colored fish texture. * Improved the coding and readability of several object packages. * Added lava turtle to help prepare for my next project (guesses?).

There Will Be A Lot of Splatoon 2 Post-Launch Content After Game’s Launch

7 Feb

Nintendo has said that there will be a great deal of Splatoon 2 post-launch content once the game releases on the Nintendo Switch. Splatoon 2 will be the sequel to the team-based “shooter” game Splatoon, which was originally released on the Nintendo Wii U back in May of 2015 and exploded in popularity. See Also: […]

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BioWare Releases Five Mass Effect: Andromeda Character Kits

7 Feb

BioWare has released a trio of Mass Effect: Andromeda character kits for fans to download and play around with as the release of the newest entry in the Mass Effect franchise comes closer and closer. The three kits include PeeBee, Liam, and Cora, three of the party members the game has announced. See Also: Mass […]

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Rift 1.1

7 Feb
Rift 1.1
The first patched version of Rift. Fixes issues and adds a bit more flesh. Read on for patch notes!

patch 1 61 to 1 63

7 Feb
patch 1 61 to 1 63
vehicles can't jump anymore added Daryl and Maggie as companions hanging people are gone from Nu Bastion siege scene redid AI mesh for the kidnappers lair