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ItemBound Resource Pack 1.11

2 Feb

The new ItemBound resource pack is an additional resource pack which enables players to make changes only to the in-game items in Minecraft. This resource pack is great for someone whose only goal is to change the available in-game items by making them look more satisfying. Unfortunately, this pack might not be suitable for someone who is looking to make significant changes over Minecraft’s visuals as a whole. Currently, resource packs which only target item customization in Minecraft are very rare and this new resource pack has definitely established itself as one of the top in-game item texture modifiers available today and because of this, it is a highly recommended pack that will be completely suitable for players who want to make more appealing changes to the in-game items but play with default block textures.

This resource pack has been specifically designed in a manner which enables players to completely customize the game’s in-game items as desired. Currently, it comes with a decent variety of skins for all the items and each of the textures have been well modified to ensure that they provide maximum satisfaction to any item changes being made. Currently, there are approximately 491 types of item skins available but the pack’s creator insists that this is only the beginning and that the available number of skins in this resource pack is going to gradually increase when more updates are available in the future. When looking at the design specifics of each individual item, they have all been designed quite sharply and also feature lively textures which are completely smooth ensuring that each item that comes with the pack presents itself well when in use. However, a closer look at some of the designs reveals that a few of them seem to have some small errors in them which can only be noticed in a few of the textures in select items, hence it is most likely something that should not be of concern.

Players are allowed to utilize this resource pack in whatever manner they want with no restrictions meaning that the design items have no limitations on how they can be used. The in-game vanilla items also have the option of being replaced with a few of the pack’s items or the pack items can be added as additional drops. The pack runs on a resolution of x16 thus making it capable of running flawlessly even on PCs that are completely outdated.


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Mosquito Popper

2 Feb
Mosquito Popper
The main objective of our game is to prove the feasibility of using the concept of GWAP for the segmentation and labeling of massive amounts of 3D human body scan data. Accurate segmentation and labeling of 3D human body scan data is of paramount importance in many areas of research. The purpose of this game is to re-channel the efforts and the hours spent by game players to the collection of segmentation and labeling through gameplay, making the process more fun and utilizing these hours spent for entertainment in a purposeful manner.

A Horde Too Many 0.5.1

2 Feb
A Horde Too Many 0.5.1
New build, new content! -New Zombie type, the Crawler -New Survivor, the Bomber -New Survivor, the Shotguner -New Team Selector -New Scoreboard -New skills and abilities -A ton of bug fixes

ENB and SweetFX for Arma 2

2 Feb
ENB and SweetFX for Arma 2
ENB and SweetFX for Arma 2. This is a Place and Play, no adjustments required.

Uber boss Travis Kalanick quits Trump’s economic advisory council

2 Feb
Kalanick took the decision following a customer backlash over Trump's travel ban.

8 New Mobile Games You Need to Play This Week

2 Feb

This is it, folks. And by it, I mean the week of the biggest football game around, one so big that we can legally only call it the Big Game for reasons that escape me.

What has that got to do with finding out about the most promising new releases on mobile, you might ask? Admittedly nothing, since none of the games that have caught our eye have anything to do with football.

Yet you may need something new to play on Sunday while waiting for the next batch of commercials or during Lady Gaga’s halftime performance (unless you are a big Gaga fan yourself, in which case you’ll be mesmerized). That’s the kind of service we can provide. Call it curation, or simply a way to write myself out of being caught in a complete non-sequitur during this introduction.

Let’s go deep down the sideline and see what we can find.

Fire Emblem Heroes

fire emblem heroes

You may have heard of this one already. Just a little tactical RPG franchise. And Nintendo’s first hinest to goodness venture into F2P mobile gaming. No big deal, no pressure. Just kidding. Nintendo actually spent quite a bit of time on this particular game during its recent Fire Emblem Direct live stream devoted to the future of the franchise. Heroes is set to feature characters from throughout the numerous previous games doing battle on an 8×6 grid. Terrain and a rock-paper-scissors relationship between classes will both play parts, but the hook for Fire Emblem fanatics is likely just to be collecting as many characters as possible. And there’s nothing wrong with that.



It might sound like something you’d get by mashing up Alto’s Adventure and Pac-Man 256 (hmm …), but Glitchskier is really a sci-fi shoot-em-up that looks like what the people who designed Atari 2600 games would come up with if given today’s technology. Which is to say your ship is just a little triangle. But there’s no denying this game looks cool as hell, albeit like one where I’ll die hundreds of time while playing it. Just in the first day. Ah well.

Book of Unwritten Tales 2

book of unwritten tales 2

The thing about unwritten tales is that there’s no end to them, right? After all, if the stories have yet to be told, there’s no real limit on what’s to come. While you ponder that brain-bender, we can tell you that this point and click adventure game came out on console and PC a few years back, and it’s now made its way to both iOS and Android. With multiple characters and a number of side quests, its the kind of game that can easily eat up a bunch of free time. Or, as mentioned above, distract you from another Patriots championship.

Evil Factory

evil factory

For a different kind of retro from a different era, allow us to present Evil Factory. This top-down action game doubles as a love letter to the 8-bit era of gaming, with a look and sound that will immediately take you back. Unless you’re a younger gamer, in which case it will at least help you make your parents feel old. We haven’t figured out yet if it’s the factory itself that is evil or something that the factory produces that earns it the name, but we look forward to playing this quite a bit and finding out.



Thought we were done going retro? Perish the thought! From the maker of Galcon comes TANKOUT (all caps, because of course), a multiplayer affair that will try to be the sliter.io of the tank world. By that I mean that you are competing against a number of other players, all with their own tanks and funny screen names. What makes this look particularly cool is that there’s a base-building element as well, the better to stop those other tanks from rolling in and blasting you with a cannonball.

Charming Keep

charming keep

If tap to build sounds like your wheelhouse, Charming Keep should fall right into it. The same studio that helped bring Shooty Skies and Disney Crossy Road brings us this tower-building exercise which keeps thing simple but still gives you tons of options to make your keep … well, charming, one would think. Like all idle clickers, things keep happening even when you’re logged out, so you can push on to make the tower of your dreams, provided you’re a fantasy architect or something.

Tomb of the Mask

tomb of the mask

We don’t have all that many rules or guidelines here at Gamezebo, but one of them is that if we loved a game on one mobile platform, there’s a pretty good chance we’ll dig it on the other one. Such is the case with Tomb of the Mask, which we definitely dug when it was iOS only. Now Android gamers will get their own chance to experience its procedurally generated mazes, cool masks (hence the title) with unique powers and everything else. We’d mention the retro graphics too, but we’ve already been doing plenty of that.

Snailboy: Rise of Hermitron


I’m nearly out of words by this point in the list, but I’m going to bear down and finish before rushing off to play more Fire Emblem. As Snailboy, you need to stop the evil hermit crab Hermitron and his sidekick Harold the Barnacle, because no one else can. To do so means mastering a number of moves and special abilities to navigate a gorgeously detailed underwater world. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll be ready for that final showdown with Hermitron when the time comes. Here’s hoping!

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Post-Launch For Honor Content Includes New Characters, Armor, Weapons

2 Feb

With For Honor slated to come out in around two weeks, Ubisoft has started pulling out all the stops to promote the first of its 2017 lineup (the other being Ghost Recon: Wildlands). The post-launch For Honor content, detailed in a new video, promises a wide variety of things that will help keep people playing. […]

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TBSSENations 1.0

2 Feb
TBSSENations 1.0
Thieving Bastard's Small Sturdy and Efficient Nations Mod Version 1.0 created for EU4 1.19.2 (Denmark), but should work in any version.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake May Be Delayed To Next-Gen, Production Yet To Start

2 Feb

If what a Famitsu interview is saying is correct, the Final Fantasy 7 remake that drummed up so much excitement back in E3 2015 has yet to actually start production. Square Enix, from what some are interpreting about the interview, is still just putting together target footage, meaning the benchmark they want the game at. […]

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Ruggnar V0 0 5

2 Feb
Ruggnar V0 0 5
New version, with, lever, switch, lava and many more addition

(Submod) AUM 3.5 by Swiss Halberdier for OTO

2 Feb
(Submod) AUM 3.5 by Swiss Halberdier for OTO
Adds a total of 90 cavalry and infantry units, 4 field marshalls, 8 artillery units, and 30 ships to all factions. It goes quite well with Ottoman Total Overhaul Mod since Ottoman Total Overhaul mostly focuses on eastern factions, and AUM more on western factions, making all faction's roaster not merely complete but mind-blowingly massive !

Both Banner Saga 3 and Sunless Skies have been funded by Kickstarter backers

2 Feb

Two anticipated indie titles can be added to the list of projects recently funded through Kickstarter.


First up is Banner Saga 3 from Stoic Games which launched on the crowdfunding service January 25.

Funded earlier this week, the studio was asking $200,000 to bring the game to life and backers threw $226,737 at it, pushing past the first stretch goal thanks to pledges also made through PayPal.

Banner Saga 3 is the conclusion the Viking culture, story-driven, turn-based strategy games Banner Saga and Banner Saga 2. A release window has not been announced, and the Kickstarter is for only for PC and Mac; however, the team plans to bring the game to console and mobile in the future.

The Second game to be funded this week is Sunless Skies, Failbetter’s sequel to Sunless Sea. It was funded within four hours. As of press time, 4,569 backers pledged $212,790 toward the original $126,635 goal – ultimately unlocking all three stretch goals.

Sunless Skies is a 2D, top-down, story-driven RPG exploration game focusing on, corruption and jeopardy set in the Fallen London universe. As the captain of a “spacefaring locomotive,” the player will battle “cosmic abominations, fight to survive, speak to storms,s murder a sun, and face judgement.” Sounds intense.

The game is slated for release on GOG and Steam for PC, Mac and Linux in May 2018.

Horizon Zero Dawn’s Map Has Been Revealed By A Leak, And It’s Massive

2 Feb

A leak from a YouTube video has revealed Horizon Zero Dawn’s map in full for the first time, and it’s a pretty big one. The game, which will be coming out around the end of February and beginning of March for North America and Europe, will be taking place in a post-apocalyptic Colorado. See Also: […]

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Digital Foundry’s For Honor Graphics Comparison Pits PS4 Against PS4 Pro

2 Feb

Digital Foundry is at it again with their videos, this time launching a For Honor graphics comparison video that pits the Playstation 4 version of the game against the Playstation 4 Pro version, as of the closed beta which ended last week. The game’s open beta will begin on February 9, next Thursday. See Also: […]

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FlatOut 4: Total Insanity Announced For March Release On Xbox One, PS4

2 Feb

Apparently, FlatOut 4: Total Insanity, the latest entry in the extreme driving FlatOut video game series, will be releasing in March for the Xbox One and the Playstation 4. The game was announced today by the developer Kylotonn (or rather, re-announced, since it was first announced in 2015) and will be published by Strategy First. […]

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Xbox One Scorpio Graphical Improvements Depend on Developers

2 Feb

The developers of Bebylon Battle Royale, an upcoming VR title, have said that the Xbox One Scorpio graphical improvements that players will be seeing once the console actually launches are going to be the responsibility of the developers. Previously, Spencer said that it would be up to the developers on how high the game’s graphics […]

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Strange Telephone Review: What Even is This?

2 Feb

I’m not entirely sure how best to describe Strange Telephone. It’s one of those games. I guess it’s sort of like a point-and-click adventure game, but a little simpler than that, there are semi-random “worlds” for you to visit by dialing random phone numbers — and it’s incredibly surreal with both its imagery and its puzzles. It’s bizarre, certainly, but I kind of like it. At least, I did until all the random world visiting started to get overly repetitive and dull.

Things begin with you waking up a young woman named Jill who then finds herself in some sort of dream world with a massive locked door. (Yeah, I know, she wakes up into a dream.) From there you’ll have to guide Jill around in order to track down the key for the big door. Since there isn’t much else in the room, you’re going to need to dial out.


The central mechanic in Strange Telephone is, of course, a strange telephone named Graham (GET IT??) By using Graham and dialing a 6 digit phone number, the game will generate a small world for you to explore. Hopefully.

Due to the randomness you’ll sometimes end up in a place that’s pointless, but you can easily hang up and try a different number. Of course, these dream-like worlds also look really weird. Surreal is kind of the whole point, and from a visual and general atmospheric sense that’s definitely what’s been accomplished here.

It doesn’t take long for the weirdness to become mundane, however. While there’s certainly a decent number of worlds you can visit, they aren’t actually as random as you might expect given the game’s description. It took me all of maybe twenty minutes to see each of them, and while there was a small bit of variation to what was in them based on the number dialed, the differences were superficial. When things center around revisiting these different worlds over and over so that you can use items you acquire along the way, it gets pretty repetitive.


I am thankful that the worlds are fairly small, though. Since each one is really no bigger than a single screen, you won’t have to waste a bunch of time wandering all over the place to search for stuff. Then there are the puzzles themselves, which make some sense at first, but then devolve into randomly trying everything with everything else to see if something happens, then trying to see what that something might have affected elsewhere.

One final gripe is the way the phone numbers are used. I don’t have a problem with the mechanic, but it’s amazing how often I ended up in the same world (the one with the bamboo) over and over again – one trip after another – despite typing in close to a dozen different combinations. I also wish the directory that keeps track of the numbers you’ve dialed were handled differently. As it is, it just shows you a list of what you’ve dialed in chronological order. Being able to flag numbers that are important would be much more useful, because good luck remembering which of the numbers on that list is the one that takes you to the specific world you want to visit.


I’m a bit disappointed with Strange Telephone, to be honest. It had a promising start, and I was interested in seeing where it all went, but after so many repeated trips to the same not-really-random worlds while floundering around trying to figure out how to progress, I just got tired of it. Maybe some day I’ll try to discover the couple of endings that I’m still missing, but at this point I just don’t have the patience to try anymore.

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PlayStation 4 Performance Is Getting Worse Apparently

2 Feb

As reported by players and Kotaku, PlayStation 4 performance is getting worse with the time passing by. A lot of users complain about the lag affecting the console’s UI when using Netflix or navigating the media sections, but the worst part of it all is that these problems affect PlayStation 4 Pro too. We don’t know why […]

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Black Desert Online New Dark Knight Class Teased With A Video

2 Feb

Kakao Games has announced that their famous MMO called Black Desert Online will get an update that will add the new Dark Knight class, a powerful one that can use long-range magic and melee attacks to kill the enemies around. The video below is basically everything you need to know about this class. Also see: Black Desert Online […]

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New Injustice 2 Character Profiles are Live; Bane, Poison Ivy, Robin, and Brainiac

2 Feb

New Injustice 2 Character Profiles have appeared on the game’s website, including Bane, Poison Ivy, Robin, and Brainiac. Their new look is very good and their description might get you hyped for the game’s release. Check them below. Also see: Injustice 2 Supergirl Video Shows Off Her Abilities And Gameplay Style However, director Ed Boon has recently talked […]

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