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Pokemon Sun & Moon’s third global mission has kicked off so let’s all try not to fail this time

31 Jan

Pokemon Sun & Moon offers a third global challenge even though you have let it down twice already. It’s not mad, it’s just disappointed.


Pokemon Sun & Moon players are invited to participate in another global mission.

Since the first and second Pokemon Sun & Moon global missions both ended in failure, the pressure’s on to perform this time.

The current challenge for Pokemon Sun & Moon players is to make 1 million trades at the Global Trade Station by 4:00pm PT February 13. You’ll need to use Game Sync to register your tally of trades for the event.

If the challenge is met, all Pokemon Sun & Moon players will receive 2,000 Festival coins, but Pokemon Global Link players will receive 4,000 Festival Coins. If the total trade tally reaches 2 million, PGL members will get a Friend Ball, too.

Since Pokemon Sun & Moon loves you, it will give everyone who participates a prize even if the challenge is failed again – 200 coins, or 400 for PGL members. PGL members who register five or more trades will also receive five Rare Candies, win or lose.

Here’s the Pokemon Company’s description of how to participate:

  1. Talk with the global mission receptionist in the Festival Plaza castle and enter the global mission.
  2. Back at the Festival Plaza, select Trade and then GTS.
  3. Trade as many Pokémon as possible at the GTS before February 14, 2017, at 00:00 UTC.
  4. Check in with the global mission receptionist in Festival Plaza before February 14, 2017, at 00:00 UTC to record your progress.

The original Mass Effect team’s new multiplayer action adventure will release before March 2018, so expect it to turn up at E3 2017

31 Jan

BioWare’s new IP is only about a year away from release. Here’s what we know about it so far.


BioWare Edmonton’s new IP will release by the end of March 2018, EA said during its quarterly financials today.

During EA’s financials, CEO Andrew Wilson said the new “genre-melding” game will “disrupt” the action genre by changing the way we “play an action title”, although that’s the sort of thing executives always say when investors are listening.

That said, he did emphasise that the new BioWare IP is “an action-adventure title, not an RPG” and will feature similar narrative and character customisation to existing BioWare games, but with “a new universe full of new characters, stories, and gameplay”.

In a note on the BioWare Blog, Bioware general manager Aaryn Flynn said the new project is “a unique IP that will bring players together in exciting new ways”.

He also noted that the intent of the new BioWare IP is to “create something fun and new for you to enjoy with your friends”.

That sounds a heck of a lot like BioWare is taking the shared-worlds route, like Destiny and to a lesser extent The Division.

The unannounced project was first mentioned at E3 2014 – the source of the grainy conceptual prototype screengrab above – but its existence has been implied ever since Mass Effect 3 wrapped and the series moved over to the team at BioWare Montreal; Dragon Age alone isn’t enough to occupy the whole Edmonton studio. Flynn confirmed the new BioWare IP has been in the works since 2012, too.

Given the current release window, we can almost certainly expect to see the new BioWare IP at E3 2017. Don’t expect to see too much, though; as its demonstrated most recently with Mass Effect: Andromeda, EA is getting pretty keen on short PR cycles, and will most likely accelerate the hype train closer to release – especially as the publisher has repeatedly proved willing to delay BioWare games for as long as it takes.

I wouldn’t be too worried about the fact that Ea is emphasising the action side of things with this one, since BioWare is all about story-telling. A game like Mass Effect could easily be described as an action adventure rather than an RPG, especially if you’re a publisher talking to people you hope will continue giving you money and you already have a big traditional fantasy RPG franchise going.


31 Jan
A muffalo texture change - customised inspired by a old retexture by Kirid and shadowtajun, retextextured by me,for a16 more leather, more wood, more milk, and a harness ;) .

Horizon Zero Dawn’s Resolution Will Run At 2160p Checkerboard Resolution on PS4 Pro

31 Jan

With Horizon Zero Dawn having recently gone gold, and with it getting closer and closer to release (February 28 in North America and March 1 in Europe), people are now wondering about the specs of the game. According to Guerrilla Games and Sony, Horizon Zero Dawn’s resolution will run at 2160p checkerboard on the Playstation […]

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31 Jan
This mod adds HORSES - with sounds. This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License. [creativecommons.org]

Stargate drop pods and more

31 Jan
Stargate drop pods and more
This mod adds Stargate, imperial drop pod, and refueler, halo unsc refueler, and drop pod, a telleporter, and a synth relay.

Court Rules That 2K Face-Scanning Doesn’t Violate Gamer Privacy

31 Jan

If you’re a 2K fan but have been worried about the possibility of the studio using the 2K face-scanning technology that are a part of their last two NBA 2K games (2K15 and 2K16) in order to violate your privacy in some way, you’re unfortunately out of luck, according to a court ruling. See Also: […]

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31 Jan
this mod adds a enclave variant of laser fence, made by rikki, full concent was given to make this mod and upload it. - under no condition re-uplaod this mod to steam workshop for rimworld.

Arena of Anndara – Very first playable version

31 Jan
Arena of Anndara - Very first playable version
I decided to share this very early playable version with you! Give it a try and have fun.


31 Jan

Rimworld tanks.

31 Jan
Rimworld tanks.
adds tanks to rimworld - equiptable wearable tanks ---------------------

Our Resident Evil 7 livestream continues, assuming we don’t just get hacked to pieces again – come watch

31 Jan

Resident Evil 7 offers plenty of opportunities to succumb to death and the game over screen. This time, we’re prepared.

Watch live video from vg247 on www.twitch.tv

Our Resident Evil 7 adventures continue today as Shabana picks up where we left off last time.

As you may recall, the last stream came to an ignoble end, but this time – this time! – the Baker mansion holds no terrors for us. We will overcome whatever Resident Evil 7 throws at us – eventually.

If you find yourself stuck in a similar situation, by the way, you could always consult our mega Resident Evil 7 guide and walkthrough. Just sayin’.

Resident Evil 7 seems to be winning hearts all over the place. Given how controversial the shift to first-person was, it’s amazing how many seem to have hailed it as a return to the classic roots of the series. Capcom must be feeling pretty smug right now.

Anyway, join us as we have another go at smashing through whatever Resident Evil 7 has in store. The only sure thing is that we’re not going to like it much.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Companion Documentary Talks About The Real Drug War

31 Jan

A Ghost Recon Wildlands companion documentary has been made that will tell of the real world subtext behind the game, talking about South America’s struggles with the drug cartels that have brought so much violence to those areas of the world, such as the cartel in the game that you will be taking down. See […]

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New game Bioware slated for end of March 2018, Battlefield 1 player base 50% larger than Battlefield 4

31 Jan

Electronic Arts has reported its Q3 2017 fiscal results for the period ended December 31, 2016, attributing the banner quarter to its digital services, FIFA 17 and of course, Battlefield 1. The firm also drops hints on a new Bioware title.


EA said during the call Bioware has a new action title in the works which will “disrupt” the action genre and change the way players “play an action title.” It is slated for release sometime around the end of March 2018. E3 2017 announcement? Place your bets now.

According to CEO Andrew Wilson on the call, the game is a wholly owned new IP. The “it’s an action-adventure title, not an RPG,” but more of a “genre melding” game, per CEO Andrew Wilson. He said to expect the same storyline progression and character customization players are used to with Bioware.

It’s been in the works since 2012 and features “a new universe full of new characters, stories, and gameplay.”

Battlefield 1 was the biggest Battlefield launch ever, with EA saying the player base was 50% larger than that of Battlefield 4 during the same launch quarters.

During the call to investors, the firm reiterated continued support for Titanfall 2 and also reiterated that there’s plenty of content on the way to keep players busy.

CFO Blake Jorgensen also reiterated the title sold less copies than expected, but Battlefield 1 sold better than projected. That said, Battlefield 1 was a “higher margin title” compared to Titanfall 2, which is a third-party title from Respawn Entertainment.

That said, the firm called Titanfall 2 one of the best games of this console generation and of the year.

The firm also said FIFA 17 was the “best-selling console title in the world,” during 2016 with more than 10 million please having played The Journey single-player mode in the football title.

EA reiterated that the next Star Wars Battlefront will be bigger with more heroes, a new single-player campaign, and more locations. DICE Motive and Criterion are all working on the game, which was previously reported.


Digital sales were nothing to sneeze at: $2.86 billion was reported for the trailing-twelve-month period which represents 60% of total net sales, up 18% year-over-year (yoy). As you can see in the chart about, the majority of digital sales came from consoles.

You will also note in the chart below, that DLC was the largest contributor to digital purchases with full game downloads coming in second.


“With the top console games and most-downloaded mobile portfolio in the industry for Q3, Electronic Arts is growing, engaging and exciting a global community of players,” said CEO Andrew Wilson in a prepared statement. “We will continue to push the boundaries of play, with stunning new titles like Mass Effect: Andromeda, global competitive gaming tournaments and more amazing experiences coming in the year ahead.”

For the quarter, net revenue was $1.4 billion (up 7.4%) from $1.07 billion yoy. As mentioned above, 60% can be attributed to digital, or $685 million (up 20.4%) compared to $569 million yoy.

We’ll have more figures and some nice quotes for you, hopefully, when the call to investors starts.

DCX 0.9 Pacific Threat FIXED

31 Jan
DCX 0.9 Pacific Threat FIXED
DCX 0.9's version of Pacific Threat had broken materials and you would fall through the map, but by switching out a broken file for the 0.8 one it finally works properly.

CD Projekt RED forum hack exposes almost 1.9 million usernames, emails, salted SHA1 passwords

31 Jan

Back in March 2016, the CD Projekt RED forums were hacked, and today, the number of accounts compromised has come to light.

Data breach site Have I Been Pwned has added the CD Projekt RED to its list of sites and accounts users can check. According to the service, the breach exposed “almost 1.9 million accounts along with usernames, email addresses and salted SHA1 passwords.”

Per PCgamesN, the data was made available today, and an email from Have I Been Pwned posted by IT Pro notes sometimes “there can be a lengthy lead time of months or even years before the data is disclosed publicly.”

If you have ever signed up on official CD Projekt RED forums, go change your password and any other site you use the same email address for just to be safe.


31 Jan
Full Russian translation of Fidoc's Doom original mod

CD Projekt RED Forum Hacking Steals Over 1.8 Million Users’ Credentials

31 Jan

Some sort of malcontent has hacked the CD Projekt RED forums, and may have just gotten away with the user credentials of nearly 2 million forum-goers. The CD Projekt RED forum hacking actually happened back in March of 2016, but this appears to be the first that the wider gaming world is hearing about it. […]

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Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 PC Requirements Have Been Announced

31 Jan

PC players that are fans of the Marvel vs Capcom series can rejoice, as the Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 PC requirements have been announced. So now, before the PC version of the game releases in March of this year, PC players can try and get their machines up to snuff. See Also: Marvel vs […]

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Another Tony Hawks Game Is Coming But Not From Activision

31 Jan

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5 was poorly received and there was a lot of criticism surrounding the game and after that we thought that it would be the end of the matter. At least we would not be getting another Tony Hawks game in a while. It seems that we amongst other people were wrong in thinking […]

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