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PS4 will Have Black Ops 3 Exclusive instead of Xbox One, here’s why

31 May

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PS4 will Have Black Ops 3 Exclusive instead of Xbox One, here’s why All this time around we have been use to seeing Call of Duty game for Xbox One, but now all the new information that has pop out point to that it will be PS4 having the Exclusive for Call of Duty Black Ops 3. At this time we don’t know what type of exclusive would be, will it be early access to the DLC or additional items that you get free such as weapons, perks or a new map, who know we will just have to wait for E3 2015 where we will bring you all the up to date on Black Ops 3. See here is the additional information that we have that points that PS4 is having their exclusive. There was an image of a mountain Dew bottle that was leaked out in which it was promoting a new flavor along with the Black Ops 3 theme logo with the soldier. Now you can see the image below, but in the bottle it say the same thing if you head to the mountain dew website, and both website and bottle say: “All year long, DEW® and DORITOS® are teaming up with PlayStation® to bring you closer to greatness with rewards for your favorite games.”         Now all this time around we are so use to seeing Xbox first for all the DLC, weapons, different packs but this time around evidences are pointing to PS4 having the exclusive which is probably due to their sales that have double the Xbox One and overall has been a more successful launched console. The last piece of evidence is the purchasing of Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is when you head to the Black Ops 3 website and you try to purchase the game first thing I noticed was to the right which you can see in the image below, the PS4 branding with Black Ops 3 show to in which says PS4 and the Logo for BO3. In the past is always been Xbox One, but times change and we shall see in the upcoming days what type of exclusive it will be. Let me know what you think about the exclusive? Should there be an exclusive for such big game, love to see your opinion in the comment section below.

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Nvidia’s new flagship GTX 980 Ti card is all about 4K and VR gaming

31 May

Taiwan’s annual Computex convention kicks off this week, and that means that Nvidia has some new goodies to show off. Nvidia’s latest flagship GPU is here, and it’s called the GeForce GTX 980 Ti. As you can tell from the name, it’s supposed to be a beefier version of the prior flagship, the GTX 980. But the specs suggest it might be a nice way to enjoy some of the Titan X’s massive power without paying up for that flagship.

This time around, it looks like Nvidia is pumping up the 4K performance of its latest and greatest. According to the company’s own benchmarks, the Maxwell-based GPU can run games like Battlefield 4 and Shadow of Mordor in 4K at max settings while keeping framerates well over 30FPS. GTA V at “very high” settings came…

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Enrique Iglesias cuts hand on drone during concert, uses blood to make art

31 May

Enrique Iglesias, singer of the delicate love ballad "Hero" and distressed denim wearer, was recently the victim of a self-inflicted drone injury. During a concert in Tijuana, Mexico last night, Iglesias saw a drone flying overhead, reached for it, as one might reach for a juicy peach on a warm August day, and was almost instantly maimed as the drone's blades sliced open his unsuspecting palm.

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US police have killed hundreds this year, but the FBI still doesn’t keep count

31 May

In the first five months of 2015, US police forces fatally shot at least 385 people, The Washington Post reports. That’s more than two people per day, and more than double the amount of police killings on record for the last decade. But this doesn’t necessarily mean police are killing more people than they ever have, rather it’s indicative of the FBI’s known failure to keep a reliable, comprehensive database of police killings nationwide.

Jim Bueermann, a former police chief and president of the Police Foundation told the Post that police killings in the US are “grossly underreported.” “We are never going to reduce the number of police shootings if we don’t begin to accurately track this information,” he said.

Police killings are…

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Project Treasure Gets Debut Gameplay Trailer

31 May

Wii U exclusive Project Treasure has received its debut Japanese gameplay trailer. You can view it below:

Project Treasure was announced by Bandai Namco earlier this year, and is a cooperative free-to-play title that involves clearing traps, routing enemies, and seizing treasure.

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PS4 vs Xbox One vs Wii U USA Lifetime Sales � April 2015 Update – PS4 7.9M, Xbox One 7.1M, Wii U 4.1M

31 May

Welcome to the latest edition of the ‘PS4 vs Xbox One vs Wii U USA’ article. This series compares monthly and lifetime sales of the 8th generation of home consoles - the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U in the US.

Looking at the total sales of the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U in the US in April shows how close the race is between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The Xbox One passed the seven million mark this month. The PS4 has sold 7.85 million units lifetime in the US, the Xbox One 7.10 million units, and the Wii U 4.09 million units.

PlayStation 4 Total Sales: 7,846,233

Xbox One Total Sales: 7,095,580

Wii U Total Sales: 4,090,003

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have both outsold the Wii U every month in the US since they released in November 2013. The Xbox One outsold the PlayStation in April by 3,096 units and the Wii U by 133,556. The PlayStation 4 outsold the Wii U by 130,460 units.

When you compare monthly sales to a year ago the Xbox One and Wii U are both up, while the PlayStation 4 is down. The PlayStation 4 is down 41,878 units, the Xbox One is up 61,369 units, and the Wii U is up 3,483 units.

PlayStation 4 Monthly Sales: 180,822

Xbox One Monthly Sales: 183,918

Wii U Monthly Sales: 50,362


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Apple wants Drake and Pharrell to DJ its new music service, says the New York Post

31 May

Apple is trying to land Drake, David Guetta, and Pharrell as guest DJs for its revamped iTunes Radio, according to a report in the New York Post. While the rumors haven't been confirmed, the addition of these musicians to the iTunes Radio team would ramp up the streaming service's building starpower, which currently includes popular BBC Radio 1 host Zane Lowe.

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Apple wants Drake and Pharrell to DJ its new music service, says the New York Post

31 May

Apple is trying to land Drake, David Guetta, and Pharrell as guest DJs for its revamped iTunes Radio, according to a report in the New York Post. While the rumors haven't been confirmed, the addition of these musicians to the iTunes Radio team would ramp up the streaming service's building starpower, which currently includes popular BBC Radio 1 host Zane Lowe.

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Tesla loses fight with dealers to sell its cars in Texas

31 May

Tesla doesn't just make unique cars — it has a pretty unique way of selling them, too. The company handles sales directly, meaning there are no dealerships. And as you might expect, powerful auto dealers across the United States are not a fan of that business model. Unfortunately for CEO Elon Musk, it appears he's just lost a political battle in Texas over the right to sell Teslas there.

The Texas State Legislature has failed to vote on two separate bills that would have allowed the electric car company to sell its cars directly to customers. The bills were designed to bypass an older, dealer-backed law on the books that prohibits manufacturers from direct sales. Such laws exist in a number of states, such as West Virginia, Arizona,...

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Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Airou Village DX Announced for 3DS

31 May

Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Airou Village DX is one of two new Monster Hunter titles announced for the Nintendo 3DS today.

This is a remastered version of the game of the same name that released on the PlayStation Portable in 2010, and will include Mario and Animal Crossing-themed cross-over content.

This newest version of the game will release exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS on 10th September. No word yet on a Western release.

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Star Wars: Battlefront is a Fresh Take on the Franchise, Explains DICE’s Patrick Bach

31 May

Patrick Bach, General Manager of DICE, recently sat down with the Official PlayStation Magazine to talk about Star Wars: Battlefront. The sitting saw Bach discuss his vision for the game, as well as why space battles are being left out.

On the latter, Bach stated that DICE wants players to stick to the same environment. Opening up space battles would mean dividing the battlefield, and DICE believes that would go against the “Battlefront experience.”

Bach hopes that fans of the franchise understand from where DICE is coming from. For a reboot, it would have been tremendously messy had DICE opted to simply throw everything in the mix.

For that reason, the team decided to analyze the first two Battlefront games and list their respective pros and cons. Instead of “creating a version of somebody else’s game,” DICE went back to the core idea and started building their game from scratch from that point forward.

We wanted to take a fresh stance on the concept of Battlefront, rather than saying ‘let’s take that feature and call it the same thing’, or ‘let’s remove that feature’. It will just get messy. So you have to see it as a reboot.

Star Wars: Battlefront will majorly stay within the first three movies, until walking the bridge into Episode VII with the Battle of Jakku. Bach said that the game will feature the actual battle, which you won’t have the pleasure of watching in the movies.

Star Wars: Battlefront is scheduled for an official release on November 17 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. That is if everything runs its due course and there are no technical delays.

via GamesRadar

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The International 2015 Raises $10 Million in Just a Month

31 May

The prize pool for this year’s The International Dota 2 event has now reached $10 million.

It was only four weeks ago when Valve released the Compendium for the annual tournament. Within just hours of its availability, sales from the Compendium managed to raise more than $4 million for the total prize pot. Since then, the community has raised a further $6 million.

With this figure, Dota 2 is less than $800,000 away from beating last year’s amount, and hence setting a new record. Last year’s The International took place with $10.9 million, the largest eSports prize pool every recorded for a game in history.

With the rate this year’s Compendium is going, and with over two months to go before the event kicks off, players can rest assure that they’ll have plenty to brag about when the new staggering numbers for the milestone is reached.

The Compendium was introduced in 2013 and costs $10. Each sale means a significant portion being reserved for the prize pool of The International. As the prize pool grows, new milestones are added by Valve. Hitting each one means more rewards for Compendium owners, and sometimes surprises for all players.

The International 2015 is going to take place between August 3-8 at KeyArena in Seattle, WA.

Source Dota 2

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Monster Hunter X Releases in Japan This Christmas

31 May

The Monster Hunter series is getting a brand new installment in Japan in the form of Monster Hunter X for the Nintendo 3DS.

According to an announcement made today during the latest Nintendo Direct Broadcast, the game will arrive in the region this Christmas. In case you were wondering, the X in the title means “Cross” and not the roman denotation for ten.

Monster Hunter X will feature various new monsters, new weapons with new special attacks, and various new movies to cut down your foes with.

Nintendo is focusing on style points this time around, and the gameplay will allow players to find their own unique style. Everyone will have their own special way of taking on monsters. On that note, the combat may end up being much more technical compared to previous installments.

There’s no word on whether Monster Hunter X will make its way to the west. However, taking into consideration how well Monster Hunter 4 was received here, it’s most likely that Nintendo will make sure the game shifts hemispheres after the initial trending period.

Nintendo has scheduled its next Direct event to take place after E3 2015 next month. The company will without a doubt be showcasing more of what Monster Hunter X is capable of.

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Star Wars: Battlefront Allows Character Customization

31 May

Star Wars: Battlefront does not include the option of selecting your own class. Instead, the game will allow you to customize your default character in many ways.

Following into the prior announcement of the game having no classes — just one of many other aspects not included — DICE has now begun speaking about the level of customization Star Wars: Battlefront will provide.

“We will allow customization, such as selecting various character heads, loadouts, emotes etc,” tweeted the developer over the weekend.

I suspect that we’ll be seeing the customization levels at E3 2015 where the game is expected to make a huge presence. It’s about time that DICE showed us just to what extent we’ll be able to tweak our character models. Switching heads is fine, as long as they don’t look too generic and actually offer a more diverse appeal. On that note, it would be interesting if EA allowed us to greatly change the appearance of the default Stormtroopers look.

Recently, DICE also revealed that Star Wars: Battlefront will feature female playable characters. Perhaps it has something to do with a new policy being dictated by EA. Coincidentally, the new FIFA 2016 is also going to feature the women teams for the first time.

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Recycling centre searches for mystery Apple I owner to split proceeds of $200k

31 May
A recycling centre in Silicon Valley is searching for a lady who dropped off an old Apple computer that turned out to be a collectable item worth $200,000.

Mad Max before and after shots show what’s real and what’s fake

31 May

Much has been made of the incredible practical stunts used in Mad Max: Fury Road, but the final product that hit movie screens is the result of combing those stunning special effects with some deft visual effects. Now, thanks to Fxguide, we can see just where the reality ends and the CGI begins. The site has obtained original before and after shots from Warner Bros. that show how the visual effects worked in conjunction with all of the real-life stunts shot for the movie.

As you can see, the CGI work primarily served to enhance what was shot on camera — extra vehicles and people are composited in to the sides of some shots, while other CGI work adds depth to the frame in other scenes. And since much of the film was shot in the flat...

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Bill Nye’s LightSail spacecraft is back in touch with Earth after rebooting itself

31 May

After a tense few days, Bill Nye's sunbeam-powered spacecraft LightSail is back in touch with Earth. About a week after its launch on May 20th, LightSail lost the ability to send data to the crew because of a software glitch. Efforts to reboot the spacecraft remotely failed, so the engineers hoped LightSail would perform a "natural reboot," which would occur if the spacecraft collided with stray charged particles.

In a statement released yesterday through his company Planetary Group, Nye said that's exactly what happened:

Our LightSail called home! It’s alive! Our LightSail spacecraft has rebooted itself, just as our engineers predicted. Everyone is delighted. We were ready for three more weeks of anxiety. In this meantime, the team...

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VGChartz’s Top 5 Games of June

31 May

Below you'll find the VGChartz community's top 5 games of June. June was given something of a thumbs down by the community - only a couple of key titles rose above the fray and gained a large number of votes. It looks like we were spoiled in May by the release of two hugely anticipated titles and we're now entering the typical software drought as we head into the summer.

This month we've added a popularity metre for the games, which is based on the number of votes each game received.


Yoshi's Woolly World

Popularity - 68.75%
Developer - Good-Feel
Publisher - Nintendo
Platform - Wii U
Release Dates - 26th June (Europe), Fall (NA)



Batman: Arkham Knight

Popularity - 56.25%
Developer - Rocksteady Studios
Publisher - Warner Bros.
Platforms - PS4, XO, PC
Release Dates - 23rd June



Lego Jurassic World

Popularity - 31.25%
Developer - Traveller's Tales
Publisher - Warner Bros.
Platforms - PC, PS3, PS4, PSV, XO, X360, Wii U, 3DS
Release Date - 12th June



Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3: V Generation

Popularity - 25%
Developer - Compile Heart
Publisher - Idea Factory
Platform - PSV
Release Date - 30th June (NA), 3rd July (Europe)



Heroes of the Storm

Popularity - 18.75%
Developer - Blizzard
Publisher - Blizzard
Platform - PC
Release Date - 2nd June

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China will begin phasing out its ivory industry in an effort to fight poaching

31 May

For the first time ever, China has committed to phasing out its legal ivory industry, The Guardian reports. At an event this past week, workers destroyed 662kg of confiscated ivory in a symbolic gesture of the country's commitment to fighting African elephant poaching. China hopes to eventually end the domestic manufacturing and sale of ivory in the country.

"We will strictly control ivory processing and trade until the commercial processing and sale of ivory and its products are eventually halted," Zhao Shucong, head of China’s State Forestry Administration, reportedly said at the event.

China hasn't laid out a timeline yet

This move follows China's decision earlier this year to impose a one-year ban on ivory imports in an effort to...

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Robot cheetah trained to jump hurdles as it runs at 5mph [Video]

31 May
MIT scientists create world's first four-legged robot that can run and jump over obstacles.