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Amazon discounts 3DS, Mac and PC games

30 Jun

Amazon is throwing a couple of tasty sales at the moment, including a huge summer sale for Mac and PC games.

As spotted by the denizens of NeoGAF, many 3DS titles are on the cheap at the moment on the mega-retailer.

Unfortunately, stock of some of these titles is running low. Some reports suggested Animal Crossing: New Leaf had completely sold out, it seems to be back now although possibly at a slightly less thrifty price; I’m in Australia so what I see isn’t necessarily what you do from your territory.

I’ll leave you to search these out for yourself to negate any questions about affiliate links:

  • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate – $27.25
  • Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon – $30.85
  • Mario Kart 7 – $30.12
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D – $29.96
  • New Super Mario Bros. 2 – $29.78
  • Super Mario 3D Land – $29.65
  • Paper Mario: Sticker Star – $29.34
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf – $26.59
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D – $28.72
  • Lego City Undercover – $20.91

More concretely, the retailer is throwing a summer sale on downloadable titles for Mac and PC. The sale runs June 30 through July 14 and features hundreds of discounts, some of which are only available for a limited time.

Thankfully, Reddit users have sorted the whole thing out into an exhaustive list showing exactly when the savings begin and how much you’ll pay; kudos, team.

Thanks, Destructoid. Twice.

Guncraft, Cognition among latest Steam Greenlight approvals

30 Jun

Valve has added eight more games and three new software titles to Steam Greenlight, its community-driven approvals system.

The full list of new games is below:

  • Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller
  • Day One : Garry’s Incident
  • Guncraft
  • Homesick
  • In Verbis Virtus
  • Super Motherload
  • Vector
  • Verdun

In addition, the following applications were added:

  • Actual Multiple Monitors
  • FL Studio
  • Leadwerks 3: Steam Edition

Valve seems to be accelerating its schedule of approving Greenlight titles as a new batch was added as recently as last month.

The Greenlight system has met with both praise and criticism, and recently went through some troubles regarding publishing deals which conflict with Greenlight submissions.

Thanks, GameInformer.

Mew-genics to make playable debut at PAX Prime

30 Jun

Team Meat’s crazy cat lady sim will be playable at PAX Prime in Seattle in August.

The first playable build of Mew-genics will be available at the show, a Team Meat blog post promised.

As well as the chance to take a look at my personal most anticipated game of 2013, PAX Prime attendees will also be able to pick up the official Mew-genics comic.

The 28-page, black and white affair is “packed to the brim with funformation”, apparently.

Team Meat is in crunch to get the build ready for PAX but has promised an update on the sim’s progress soon.

Mew-genics has been described as something like Pokémon combined with The Sims. It has players collecting, breeding, and caring for cats, which can then be entered in cat shows, cat fights, cat races and more. It sounds amazing – quite literally, thanks to a soundtrack from Ridiculon – and is headed to PC and iPad at the very least. It has gazillions of cats.

PAX Prime, Penny Arcade’s primary gaming expo, runs August 30 through September 2.

Thanks, Joystiq.

PS4, Xbox One inflation-adjusted prices cheaper or on-par with last-gen

30 Jun

When adjusted for inflation, the PlayStation 4 will cost less than an Xbox 360 did at launch, while the more expensive Xbox One is still significantly cheaper than the PlayStation 3 was.

Ars Technica used the US Bureau of Labor Statistics calculator to compare launch prices of consoles across multiple generations when adjusted for inflation.

After adjustment, the PlayStation 3 launch price tage is worth $696, and the Xbox 360 was $476.

Compare that to the PlayStation 4′s $399 and Xbox One’s $499 and the next-gen boxes suddenly seem pretty reasonable if you felt okay about coughing up on launch day last generation.

The table Ars compiled is full of interesting information, like the fact that the 3DO is one of the most expensive consoles of all time, closely followed by the NeoGeo. Further back but still eye-openingly expensive are the Intellivision and the Atari 2600.

The PlayStation 3 is actually one of the more expensive offerings, coming in seventh place.

Of course, this is only launch price; the full article, available through the link above, contains a number of further points of analysis including a graph of price adjustment over time which is well worth a look.

Both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are expected by the end of the year.

Thanks, Joystiq.

Mario Kart 8 Wii U release set for April 2014 – rumour

30 Jun

Nintendo may have accidentlaly narrowed down its vague “spring 2014″ release window for Mario Kart 8 on Wii U.

According to an unverified announced the new karting game last month, during a Nintendo direct session.

It feels like we only just had a new Mario Kart, but 3DS-exclusive Mario Kart 7 dropped in late 2011, – and it certainly didn’t have this anti-gravity gameplay business.

Other new features include the ability to easily create and share videos of your triumphs.

Thanks, Destructoid.

Montague’s Mount will Psychologically Torture You – Preview

30 Jun

Atmosphere. It’s the defining feature of Montague’s Mount, a first-person psychological thriller from indie development team Polypusher Studios. 

Montague’s Mount is a hard game to preview. Namely that's because the demo didn’t actually have me doing all that much. I was thrust onto a remote Irish island and given little direction as to what I should be doing. Some might consider this a poor design choice, or a sign that the game lacks any purpose. In reality, it’s a stroke of genius that allows the player to immediately connect with their character: a man shipwrecked on said island, and who also has no idea why he’s there, or how to escape. 


Once you’ve gathered your bearings, you can begin to explore the eerie island Polypusher have created. Throughout your journey you’ll find that interaction with your surroundings is encouraged, and only through this interaction, and the puzzle-solving that follows, will you be able to unravel the mystery laid out before you. The lack of many traditional game mechanics makes Montague’s Mount feel less like a video game, and more like an interactive tale. However, it’s a formula that has worked in games such as Dear Esther before, often allowing players to experience an unparalleled sense of immersion. 

This is an excerpt from the full story which was originally featured on gamrReview, read the full version here - Montague's Mount will Psychologically Torture You - Preview

Montague’s Mount Will Psychologically Torture You – Preview

30 Jun

Atmosphere. It’s the defining feature of Montague’s Mount, a first-person psychological thriller from indie development team Polypusher Studios. 

Montague’s Mount is a hard game to preview. Namely that's because the demo didn’t actually have me doing all that much. I was thrust onto a remote Irish island and given little direction as to what I should be doing. Some might consider this a poor design choice, or a sign that the game lacks any purpose. In reality, it’s a stroke of genius that allows the player to immediately connect with their character: a man shipwrecked on said island, and who also has no idea why he’s there, or how to escape. 


Once you’ve gathered your bearings, you can begin to explore the eerie island Polypusher have created. Throughout your journey you’ll find that interaction with your surroundings is encouraged, and only through this interaction, and the puzzle-solving that follows, will you be able to unravel the mystery laid out before you. The lack of many traditional game mechanics makes Montague’s Mount feel less like a video game, and more like an interactive tale. However, it’s a formula that has worked in games such as Dear Esther before, often allowing players to experience an unparalleled sense of immersion. 

This is an excerpt from the full story which was originally featured on gamrReview, read the full version here - Montague's Mount Will Psychologically Torture You - Preview

Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS) – Review

29 Jun

Before we get to my no-nonsense review of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, let me tell you the story of how I became mayor of a small town called Polaris.

It was rather unexpected. I got off the train, ready to start my new life as a villager and saw the other villagers there to cheer for me. It was odd to see such a celebration for me and then I found out why; their mayor was supposed to be on that train. But I was the only one who disembarked, so they decided to make me mayor! It was all very confusing and shocking, but they wouldn't accept my confused denials. So I took the job and became mayor of Polaris.

My humble beginnings.
First thing to do was visit my home... which wasn't built yet! Luckily Tom Nook, now a full time realtor, got to work and began it immediately, but my first night would be spent in a tent. They sure don't know how to treat a mayor right! So I visited the Nooking Junction (now run by Timmy and Tommy Nook) to buy a fishing rod and shovel and begin an adventure that will surely last for years to come.

Welcome to Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the newest entry in Nintendo's simulation series. It is once again time to join a town with anthropomorphic animals and build a community the way you desire. Everything you may remember from prior titles - fishing, bug catching, decking out your home - is back, with new additions to keep it fresh. But the major change that separates New Leaf from the prior Animal Crossing entries is your role. You are not just a villager, you are the mayor, and that gives you more power and freedom than the series has ever given you before.

Once you've settled into town, the changes in New Leaf become apparent. First you choose you the location of your house and then get to know your neighbors. Talking with your neighbors still works much like past entries, where you make small talk with them on various subjects (their day, their fashion, the town, gossip, etc). They also can ask you for items or ask you to deliver items to other villagers. There are some new tasks added to New Leaf - villagers can ask you to replace furniture in their homes with another one of the same size and challenge you to a game of hide-and-seek, among others. Villagers also plant flowers, shake trees and buy items from the shops. The total number of possible villagers has increased to 313, so if you're a veteran, you'll see a good mix of old favorites and neophytes.

I see you staring at my coelacanth.
As always, you can decorate your home's interior with all kinds of wallpapers, carpets, and furniture. You could go all out and try to make a specific theme, hoping to impress the Happy House Academy, or go crazy and throw anything anywhere. Your house becomes a reflection of you and you want it to look exactly the way you want. And yes, you will be spending a lot of time on this, even if you insist now that you won't care. You must have the house in good condition for the villagers and other human players! (Jealous of my coelacanth? You should be.)

The shops, museum and post office are located on the north side of town and most of them return from past titles. Tom Nook's shop is now run by his nephews, Tommy and Timmy Nook, while the elder Nook has opened up a home shop and gone into the realtor business full time. Mabel and Sable return to design clothes, umbrellas and other fabrics, while Labelle has returned to the shop (after working for Gracie in City Folk) to sell accessories. Spending money at the shops will lead to upgrades to existing shops and the creation of new shops, such as a garden shop and a shop that sells shoes and socks. There's also a flea market store, Re-Tail, located within town which lets villagers (including you) put up items for an asking price, and other villagers will purchase them. They also tend to offer higher prices when selling items than the Nooks do. New shops can also be built as public works projects. 

Every good City Hall has a fountain in front.
Public Works Projects are the biggest new addition to New Leaf. As mayor, it's your job to decide what will be built in your town. There are benches, stone tablets, campsites, clocks and more that can be built almost anywhere you choose. Each will require "donations" before they can be constructed. However, you'll be the one footing the bill, because the villagers donate very little to these projects and there's no taxation in New Leaf (but you could have other human players donate money to the projects when they visit).

Ordinances give you more control over how you want to play. If you play often in the morning, you can enact Early Bird, and shops and villagers will be awake earlier. Conversely, enacting Night Owl means the shops and villagers stay up later. If you just want to make more money, enact Bell Bloom to increase selling and buying prices by 20%. Beautiful Town significantly reduces the amount of weeds that crop up while you aren't playing and encourages villagers to plant more flowers. These ordinances do a great job of making the game malleable to each player's needs and are a strong addition to the series.

This is an excerpt from the full story which was originally featured on gamrReview, read the full version here - Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS) - Review

The Last of Us patch 1.02 removes sexy fun time phone number, multiplayer fixes deployed

29 Jun

The Last of Us patch 1.02 is now available, and along with some multiplayer fixes, it changes the Pest Control phone numbers on the bulletin board. Now, if you decide to dial the numbers in real life, you will no longer reach a phone sex line. Full patch notes are below.

Changelist for Patch 1.02

Single player: Texture of a phone number on a bulletin board changed


  • Host migration has been improved. Losing connection to the host during a migration should occur less often
  • General crash when leaving multiplayer fixed
  • Intro camera fix for some introductory cut-scenes
  • Connectivity issues while playing have been tuned
  • If you disconnect or lose connection to the host, you will no longer advance a clan day. You will only advance a day if you are kicked from the match, or exit through the menu.


  • Explosion Expert level 2 should be selectable now
  • The voting time for match selection has been reduced to 15 seconds
  • “No party” playlist options have been added to both Supply Raid and Survivors, players can only join this playlist solo.
  • Melee against a downed character now uses the same range as normal melee

Naughty Dog said it will be updating and adding additional fixes over the coming months.

Cave producer and development head Makoto Asada announces departure

29 Jun

Cave producer and development head Makoto Asada has announced he is leaving the company.

Asada announced on the firm’s blog he was leaving, after five years with the firm. He was brought on to help with the firm’s Xbox 360 development branch.

“As some of you may already know, I will be leaving the company of Cave,” he wrote. “This is something that has been decided since August of last year, and it may be a surprising last-minute announcement, but I’d like to thank you all for your support up until now.

“As for what I’ll be doing next, I will be working on next-generation console projects, and it shouldn’t be long until I can announce my next work to you all.”

Asada was in charge of titles such as DoDonPachi Maximum, Deathsmiles, Guwange, and Espgaluda 2 Black Label among others.

Thanks, Siliconera.

SWTOR update 2.3 will include an optional Ewok combat companion

29 Jun

SWTOR update 2.3 is live on the public test servers, and according to Bioware, one of the perks of the update will be an Ewok combat companion. Dulfy.net has the low-down on the furry fella, and in order to make use of his services, you’ll need to have a level 40 legacy and a million credits. The teddy bear critter also sports heavy armor and can make use of heal and tank stances. Stats and a cutscene featuring the Endorian through the link. More information on the 2.3 update and what is on the PTS is through here. Thanks, Massively.

Soul Sacrifice is getting more DLC on July 18

29 Jun

Soul Sacrifice is getting more DLC on July 18 which includes a couple gods: Cert who loves chaos and Romulus who prefers order. Those in Japan with the game will be able to go up against the Iron Maiden on July 4. Check out shots below and a couple videos courtesy of Siliconera.

SoulSacDLC (1) SoulSacDLC (2) SoulSacDLC (3) SoulSacDLC (4)

NHL 14 cover will feature New Jersey Devils goaltender Martin Brodeur

29 Jun

EA Sports and the National Hockey League Players’ Association have announced New Jersey Devils goaltender Martin Brodeur as the NHL 14 cover athlete. Brodeur defeated Columbus Blue Jackets goalie and Vezina Trophy winner, Sergei Bobrovsky to claim the cover. The NHL 14 cover will be the first to feature a goalie since John Vanbiesbrouck appeared on the cover of NHL 97. NHL 14 will be available on September 10 in North America and by September 13 worldwide on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. A trailer for the cover reveal is below.

2013 Pokémon US National Championships take place next weekend

29 Jun

Pokémon Trading Card Game and video game players will vie for the 2013 Pokémon US National Championship title next week in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Taking place July 5–7, the 2013 Pokémon US National Championships will see participants from around the country with a Pokémon TCG deck or a Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2 team will be competing for top placement.

One video game competitor and one TCG competitor from each of three age divisions will be crowned US. National Champion, and will travel with other top players to represent the United States at the Pokémon World Championships this August in Vancouver, Canada.

“The Pokémon US National Championships is one of the largest and most prestigious Pokémon TCG and video game events in the world, and it provides a great opportunity for fans and players throughout the United States to come together and have fun playing the games they love,” said J.C. Smith, director of consumer marketing for The Pokémon Company International.

“The event has continued to grow over the last few years and is a great opportunity for attendees to form new friendships and reunite with old friends, and perhaps win a trip to Vancouver for Worlds.”

The top four TCG and video game finalists from each age group will earn an invitation and Travel Award to the 2013 Pokémon World Championships in addition to Championship Points, thousands of dollars in scholarship awards, a Pokémon National Championship trophy, and other Pokémon-themed merchandise.

The US National Championships is held using a Swiss tournament format, which guarantees players the opportunity to play in multiple rounds regardless of their win-loss record.

Those who wish to attend the open, fee-free event and bring along their DS or 3DS with a copy of Pokémon Black, Pokémon White, Pokémon Black 2, or Pokémon White 2 can participate in a special character distribution. They will receive Metagross – shown below – based on the one used by World Champion Ray Rizzo in the 2012 Pokémon World Championships.

Attendees can also take part in Pokémon League events, where they can earn special prizes.

The 2013 Pokémon TCG US National Championships will begin Friday, July 5, at 9.00 am., while the Pokémon Video Game US. National Championships will begin on Saturday, July 6, at 9.00 am.

Both events will take place at the Indiana Convention Center and will conclude Sunday, July 7.

You can find out more information through the official website.

Nintendo has unannounced Wii U titles set for release before 2014, says Iwata

29 Jun

During an investor’s meeting yesterday, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said the firm has unannounced Wii U titles set to release by 2014.

According to Iwata, translated by Cheesemeister, there’s more information on development “than could be released at E3.”

Iwata said that what has been shown through Nintendo Direct sessions and on the floor at E3 was enough to “ease owners’ fears.”

The firm has a plan in place so that there isn’t as much of a gap between the announcement and the game’s release so as not to “lessen the impact or allow competitors to copy.”

You can read the original version through here, or just wait for the translation to be posted in a couple of days.

Thanks, Rumrod.

Dust 514 getting “near-monthly” updates due to evolving “submission process”

29 Jun

Dust 514 updates over the next six months with come “near monthly” starting with Uprising 1.2.

This is according to a CCP blog post on the matter, citing Sony’s help in speeding up the submissions process.

The firm will be pushing out point releases along with fixing and perfecting core game systems. Over the next few releases, the core gameplay systems such as aiming and aim assist, controls, vehicle handling, movement on the battlefield will be polished. The plan is to also improve on context and immersion with the addition of a welcome screen, and more.

Planetary Conquest will also be “getting a lot of love,” according to the post.

Uprising 1.2, which contains the addition of a brand new dropsuit role, the Commando, is expected on July 2.

Firefall boss feels MMO developers have “killed a genre” by catering to accessibility over achievement

29 Jun

Red 5 Studios CEO, CCO and former World of Warcraft developer, Mark Kern believes that by making MMOs accessible to causal players, developers have “killed a genre.”

Speaking in a guest blog on MMORPG, the Firefall boss pondered the “cost” of omitting traditional MMORPG systems.

“It all started with the drive to make MMOs, which in the EQ and Ultima days were a niche and hard core game, more accessible,” Kern wrote. “Accessibility was the mantra when I was leading the World of Warcraft team. We labored over the user interface for the game, going through many iterations, to find one that would be easy and intuitive for players new to the genre. We created a massive number of quests to lead the player through the world, making sure that they never had to think about what to do next.

“But even that wasn’t enough. As WoW grew in population, reaching ever more casual gamers, new expansions introduced even more refinements. Quest trackers were added, and xp was increased so that it was easier to level through all the old content to get to the “new stuff” of the expansion. Gear from the a new expansions first quests made raid gear from previous expansions a joke. And the level curve became faster and faster until we reached a point where everyone is just in a race to get to max level, and damn everything else in between. Why care about level 20 gear when you would blow by levels so fast it was obsolete before you even logged off for the night?

“And it worked. Players came in droves, millions of them. But at what cost? Sometimes I look at WoW and think “what have we done?” I think I know. I think we killed a genre.”

Kern said one of the many ways the genre has been “killed” is the sense of achievement players felt when overcoming a difficult quest or mission. When the difficulty curve is lessened, so is the sense of fulfillment.

“When the bar is lowered so that everyone can reach max level quickly, it makes getting to max level the only sense of accomplishment in the game,” he said. “We lose the whole journey in between, a journey that is supposed to feel fun and rewarding on its own. Nobody stops to admire a beautiful zone or listen to story or lore, because there is no time to do so.

“You are fed from a fire-hose of quests that you feel compelled to blaze through, whose content is so easy and quick to accomplish, that you are never in one place long enough to appreciate the incredible world around you. We feel bored by these quests, simply watching numbers on our quest trackers count down to completion before we are fed the next line of quests. And you don’t feel satisfied from playing the game because it never challenged you.

“And since these quests are so easily and quickly accomplished, the developer is not motivated to spend any time creating rich quests or events for players, since they will only be done once and discarded in the blink of an eye. Developers have no choice but to rely on kill 10 rats, fedex or escort for nearly every quest, and to do so with the least amount of work possible, lacking in depth or story. Its simply not worth it to do anything more.”

Kern feels this makes things even worse, as these quests chains become simpler and more cookie-cutter which ultimately causes the “moment to moment gameplay” to suffer.

“As content gets easier in order to appeal to a wider market, it at some point also pushes that market away. We feel bored by the same formula over and over. We never explore the world, having been indoctrinated to just follow a laundry list of tasks,” he said. “It may be great for relaxing and having a fun couple hours of gameplay, but it doesn’t last.

“No wonder we have such a huge crowd of jaded and bored MMO players. Every MMO that follows the WoW formula is a trivial exercise, dominated by rote and convention, trading off the joy of the journey for a series of meaningless tasks. And when we race to the end, we expect some kind of miracle end-game that will keep us playing. It never does.”

It’s an interesting perspective from someone with plenty of MMO development experience, and Kern said with Firefall, the team is concerned about such trappings; therefore, it is focusing on the “journey” instead of end game.

Firefall goes into open beta on July 9, and Founder’s Packs will be available through July 8.

Nintendo pulls plug on select Wii online channels, services as planned

29 Jun

As planned for June 28, Nintendo has shut down various Wii online services such as: the Nintendo Channel, News Channel, Forecast Channel, Everybody Votes Channel, Mii Contest Channel, and Data exchange with Wii Friends. Hopefully, those who used these services have found replacements or moved on to something else.

Deadpool (X360) – Review

29 Jun

As a comic book character, Deadpool embodies everything that an over-the-top game character should - a maniacal, murderous, and very schizophrenic antihero, the extreme counterbalance to the stereotypical "good guy." When Wade Wilson first came onto the comic-scene, he was very "edgy" compared to the early '90s standards of the atypical heroes that graced the glossy pages of Marvel and DC publications, and the same could be said for the gaming industry. Flash forward 20 years, and now both industries thrive on the much more morally grey hero, one who falls in line with the Machiavellian principal of "the ends justify the means." With High Moon Studios bringing the "merc with a mouth" to consoles, is Deadpool 20 years late to his own party? Can the original Marvel miscreant badass make the jump to the virtual world? 

What's very apparent right from the first line spoken is the influence that long time Deadpool writer Daniel Way had on the game as whole, and not just solely on the writing of the game. High Moon Studios has unprecedentedly recreated, with the help of Daniel Way, the complete essence of Deadpool. His delusional interactions with Cable and seeing him as a big-breasted fangirl, his unhealthy obsession with Wolverine and creating his own Logan plushies, his schizophrenic conversations with the other two voices in his head, his sex-crazed infatuation with any animated female (living is optional), the constant breaking of the fourth wall to explain game mechanics, why his teleport has been nerfed, or to call to argue with High Moon Studios' president Peter Della Penna about why 8-bit graphics were used even though Deadpool donated his own bank account to his game - it all comes together to form something truly great and unique. 

Even the story has a unique spin. Deadpool's original "big game idea" was rejected by High Moon, but with some minor persuasion, which may or may not have been a mail-order-bomb, Wade's next project was given the green light and slaved over by the "nerds" at High Moon Studios. Given a contract by accidentally one-time-lover Domino, Deadpool adventures from his playroom to take out a corrupt media mogul, but is thwarted by Mr. Sinister and a couple of the Marauders (or D-List villains, as Wade likes to call them). Clearly, Deadpool will have none of this, and continues his murderous rampage in order to get revenge on Mr. Sinister for complicating his payday. With Daniel Way providing the writing, Deadpool shines with its story. It's a hilarious and widely entertaining undertaking where you'll find yourself just sitting back and listening to the great interactions that king-of-the-voice-actors Nolan North has with himself in the guise of Deadpool and his two bat-shit crazy personas. Other times you'll go the extra mile and slap an unconscious Wolverine a couple dozen times just to listen to what Wilson has to say, schmooze with the ladies in a hallucinated sexy-time hot tub party, run around eating chimichangas, or just listening to his vulgar, depraved mind. Every piece of Deadpool holds the same style that the character has become beloved for, and it's an impressive effort put forth by High Moon and Daniel Way.

This is an excerpt from the full story which was originally featured on gamrReview, read the full version here - Deadpool (X360) - Review

Dynasty Warriors 8 shots show off loads of characters and events

29 Jun

Dynasty Warriors 8 is out next month on PS3 and Xbox 360, so Koei Tecmo thought it would release 123 screenshots and character renders for you. Below the break, you will find shots of Group E and Group D battling, looking intense, and generally Dynasty Warriors-ish. Game’s out July 12 in the UK and on July 16 in North America and July 25 in Australia.

Ambition-001 Ambition-002 Ambition-002_psd_jpgcopy Ambition-003 Ambition-004 Ambition-004_psd_jpgcopy Event_Cao_Ren Event_GuanSuo Event_GuanXing Event_GuoHuai Event_GuoJia Event_JiangWei Event_JiaXu Event_Ma_Dai Event_Pang_De Event_SunCe Event_SunQuan Event_Wang_Yi Event_XiahouBa Event_Zhang_He Event_ZhugeDan FreeMode-001 FreeMode-002 If-001 If-002 If-002_psd_jpgcopy If-003 If-003_psd_jpgcopy If-004 Jin_GuoHuai1 Jin_GuoHuai2 Jin_XiahouBa1 Jin_XiahouBa2 Jin_ZhugeDan_battle1 Jin_ZhugeDan_battle3 Ma_Dai1 Ma_Dai3 Shu_BaoSanniang_1 Shu_BaoSanniang_2 Shu_BaoSanniang1 Shu_BaoSanniang2 Shu_GuanSuo1 Shu_GuanSuo2 Shu_GuanYinping_1 Shu_GuanYinping2 Shu_JiangWei1 Shu_JiangWei3 Shu_Yueying_battle1 Shu_Yueying_battle3 Shu_ZhangBao_1 Shu_ZhangBao_battle2 StoryMode-001 StoryMode-002 StoryMode-002_psd_jpgcopy StoryMode-003 StoryMode-004 StoryMode-005 StoryMode-006 StoryMode-006_psd_jpgcopy StoryMode-007 StoryMode-008 StoryMode-009_Eng StoryMode-009_Eng_psd_jpgcopy StoryMode-010 Wei_Cao_Ren1 Wei_Cao_Ren2 Wei_CaoPi1 Wei_CaoPi2 Wei_GuoJia_battle2 Wei_GuoJia_battle3 Wei_JiaXu_battle1 Wei_JiaXu_battle3 Wei_Pang_De_battle2 Wei_Pang_De_battle3 Wei_Wang_Yi1 Wei_Wang_Yi3 Wei_Zhang_He_Battle1 Wei_Zhang_He_Battle3 Wei_ZhangLiao_battle1 Wei_ZhangLiao_battle2 Wu_Daqiao_battle2 Wu_Daqiao_battle3 Wu_GanNing1 Wu_GanNing2 Wu_HuangGai2 Wu_HuangGai3 Wu_LingTong1 Wu_LingTong3 Wu_SunCe_1 Wu_SunCe_2 Wu_SunQuan_1 Wu_SunQuan_2 Wu_Xiaoqiao2 Wu_Xiaoqiao3 Wu_ZhouTai1 Wu_ZhouTai3 Jin_GuoHuai Jin_XiahouBa Jin_ZhugeDan Shu_BaoSanniang Shu_GuanSuo Shu_GuanXing_(New_Character) Shu_GuanYinping_(New_Character) Shu_JiangWei Shu_MaDai Shu_Yueying Shu_ZhangBao_(New_Character) Wei_CaoPi Wei_CaoRen Wei_GuoJia Wei_JiaXu Wei_PangDe Wei_WangYi Wei_ZhangHe Wei_ZhangLiao Wu_Daqiao Wu_GanNing Wu_HuangGai Wu_LingTong Wu_SunCe Wu_SunQuan Wu_Xiaoqiao Wu_ZhouTai