Fallout 4 – someone is trying to find and document all secret locations

10 Feb

Fallout 4’s big open-world is home to a lot of secrets and hidden areas, and one guy is on a quest to note all of them.

fallout_4_1104 (3)

YouTube user The LAWD is trying to visit and document all hidden and secret areas in Fallout 4.

He’s been on this adventure since December and has made over 90 videos so far. Each video is short, shows you the location and how to get to it.

One of the early ones he did was find a secret stash very close to the start of the game, in a place most people wouldn’t look.

There’s also this one, which a bit more recent, about ArcJet Engine transport.

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Fallout 4 – someone is trying to find and document all secret locations

10 Feb

Fallout 4’s big open-world is home to a lot of secrets and hidden areas, and one guy is on a quest to note all of them.

fallout_4_1104 (3)

YouTube user The LAWD is trying to visit and document all hidden and secret areas in Fallout 4.

He’s been on this adventure since December and has made over 90 videos so far. Each video is short, shows you the location and how to get to it.

One of the early ones he did was find a secret stash very close to the start of the game, in a place most people wouldn’t look.

There’s also this one, which a bit more recent, about ArcJet Engine transport.

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The Pokemon GO Beta Signups You’re Getting Are Probably Fake

10 Feb

A couple of days ago it was announced that Pokemon GO will finally be shown off at GDC 2016 this year, which suggests that the augmented reality game is shaping up nicely. However, this doesn’t mean that the developers are ready to start pushing out beta invites to the interested players. There are a number […]

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Star Wars Battlefront players get double XP this weekend

10 Feb

The Star Wars Battlefront community completed over 4 million daily challenges, so everyone gets double XP this weekend.


DICE has announced that this weekend, you’ll be getting double the amount of XP for everything you do in Star Wars Battlefront.

Players completed over 4 million daily challenges, 4,356,026 to be exact. The double XP event starts Friday, February 12 and remains active through Valentine’s Day, Sunday, February 14.

Double XP weekends hold more value in Star Wars Battlefront than most games, because your earned XP turn into credits you can use to purchase all sorts of in-game unlocks.

The next community mission will kick off February 16, and will involve Princess Leia.

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The Hitman PC Minimum and Recommended System Requirements

10 Feb

Video Game Walkthroughs, News and Guides

The Hitman system requirements have been revealed and with the beta coming next week we can see the full system requirements below: MINIMUM: OS: OS 64-bit Windows 7 Processor: Intel CPU Core i5-2500K 3.3GHz / AMD CPU Phenom II X4 […]

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Total War: Attila DLC Will Be Free if It Wins “Make War Not Love” Contest

10 Feb

Total War: Attila developers are offering The Slavich Nations DLC for free. However, there is a catch. Creative Assembly is only offering this DLC for free if the game wins “Make War Not Love.” It is a three-way strategy game throwdown between Total War: Attila, Company of Heroes 2 and Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War […]

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XCOM 2 Advanced Combat Strategy Guide – Missions Tips, Turn Limit, Civilian Rescue, Squads

10 Feb

What you do in XCOM 2 between missions is highly important to your success, but your field operations make the heart of the game.

XCOM 2 as a turn-based strategy game is brutally unforgiving, but there’s absolutely no such thing as an impossible mission in the game. All you need to do is think a little, become tactically astute, and apply what you’ve learned on the ground.

Of course, saying all that is easier said than done. The game’s tutorial behaves more like a story prologue than an actual tutorial. For experienced XCOM players it’s a healthy reminder of the ultra-basics of the game.

For more help on XCOM 2, read our PC Console Commands, Class Builds Guide, Avenger Base Building and Commander Difficulty Walkthrough.

XCOM 2 Advanced Combat Strategy

For newcomers, no way in hell does it ever prepare you for what’s up ahead. That’s why this guide is here!

The Last Guardian
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Combat in the game isn’t simple, and it tends to become tougher as your progress, even if you’ve been researching weapons and upgrades to make life easier for you.

Towards the later stages of the game, it becomes very difficult to carry out a mission without getting someone at least injured. Then there are timed missions, and there’s enough being said about those.

Both beginners and veterans can take use of this combat guide. If you have anything to add, feel free to do so in the comments section below!

Squad Formations

Increase Your Squad Size
This is something not many talk about. At the start of the game, your squad will have a limit of four, which can later be increased through the Guerilla Tactics School (GTS).

Build the GTS as soon as possible, and use your supplies to increase the squad size – first to five, then ultimately to 6.

Balanced Formation
Assuming you’ve managed to get 6 squad members, it’s important to field a balanced squad for majority of the mission. This means having a squad that has enough versatility to face every situation possible.

Notice there are 2 distinct paths to level one specific type of class (except Psionic Operative, which we won’t discuss in too much detail because of the randomized leveling and the fact that it’s optional).

For example, a Specialist can be a dedicated Medic if you choose to build them that way, or they can be a dedicated hacker, giving you a massive advantage against robotic enemies.

It’s important to have a set of soldiers with mirroring builds, and you should always have one or two backup soldiers in case your primary ones are sidelined for an extensive period with injury (which happens a lot in XCOM 2).

When you have unlocked the fifth and sixth squad slots and increased the overall squad size. I recommend the following:

  • Sharpshooter – A pure marksman who will stay back and pick off enemies with great precision.
  • Grenadier – A demolition’s expert who can also shred armors of tough enemies.
  • Specialist – A Medic Specialist whose job will be to heal allies and provide aid with the Gremlin.
  • Specialist – A Hacker Specialist who will scan the battlefield and attempt to hack robotic enemies.
  • Ranger – A stealthy Ranger who stays concealed for long periods and can flank enemies.
  • Ranger – An aggressive Ranger who gets up close and personal to finish off weakened foes.

This type of squad formation will give you the tools and firepower to combat any and every type of enemy, and is especially useful for Blacksite Facility missions and Alien Retaliation missions where one must rescue at least 6 civilians.

Keeping this formation will grant you a lot of balance overall. Try it yourself and you’ll see just how well it works.

There are some exceptions to this balanced formation rule though. Certain types of missions will force you to prioritize a specific class because of the way it’s set up.

For example, you may want to ditch the Sharpshooter altogether in certain timed missions where your squad will have to extract a VIP within a limited amount of turns.

Sharpshooters are given the least amount of grids to move in the battlefield, and because of their function to stay back and do damage from a distance, there’s a chance they will make you lag behind.

On the other hand, Rangers can move the farthest, which makes them excellent for turn-limited missions and also the challenging UFO Dark Event mission.

Rangers combine especially well with Sharpshooters as they can stay concealed and provide the Sharpshooter ultra-long vision without having to compromise their cover.

Try experimenting with 2 Snipers, 3 Rangers, and 1 Specialist for certain turn-limited missions. You won’t regret it!

On-Field Strategy

Okay, so you’ve now understood how you want to build your squad. You’ve selected them, and you’ve landed on the battlefield. Cool. Now, it’s time to get into the real tactical stuff.

During majority of the missions, your squad will be concealed at the start of the mission. This means the enemy is not aware of your position. Use this to your advantage.

As you move forward, red grids with eye icons on them will start to show. These are grids which would break your concealment if one of your squad members steps on them.

It’s important to spread your squad out during Concealment, and discover the first set of enemy. Enemies in XCOM 2 almost always move in packs or mini-squads, usually comprised of 3 to 4 different enemies.

For the sake of simplicity, we’ll call each mini-squad an enemy unit. At the time of concealment, it is extremely important that you do not discover more than one enemy unit.

If you do, there are huge chances of you to be overwhelmed by sheer numbers, because the moment your concealment breaks, on the next turn both enemy units will get a chance to move in.

The objective should always be to outnumber your enemies, and doing so against two enemy units is impossible.

When to Break Concealment
The moment one of your squad members discovers an enemy unit, you should spread your squad to attack from different directions. Be careful when you do this though – you do not want to discover additional enemy units.

Do not break concealment on the same turn you discover an enemy unit!

This is extremely important! If you discover an enemy unit on one turn, do not break concealment on that turn. Instead, make sure your entire squad has line of sight on the unit, and can attack on the next turn.

Keep all your squad members on Overwatch, wait for the enemy turn to end, then break concealment with the first move of your next turn by attacking. This is because the moment you break your concealment with an attack, the enemy will disperse.

If you had your team on Overwatch the turn before, they’ll take a shot as the unit runs around. Many times you’ll be able to completely annihilate an enemy unit in a single move by doing this.

Even if you don’t, chances are you’ll lay in one or two hits, which can make life a lot easier for you. Once you’ve broken concealment this way, you’ll have the all but one of your entire squad members to control and attack the enemy unit as necessary.

Spreading Out
In order to cover maximum ground and give you good angles, spread your team out well.

Don’t jumble them up closely together. A narrow team is easy pickings for enemies who wield explosives, and the intelligent AI of the game will take advantage of this poor tactic.

While spreading out, stay true to a specific formation. If you’re using a balanced squad like the one recommended above, use your Rangers as the two forward-most players, the Grenadier just behind the Rangers, two Specialists wide of the Grenadier, and the Sharpshooter at the back.

Make sure all of these players are facing towards the enemy unit in general, and that all of them have line of sight to at least one enemy in the unit.

Choosing the Correct Cover
Without any cover, your soldiers are as good as dead. Cover is shown by a shield icon, and it determines how well guarded your soldiers are in a specific direction.

A half-filled shield shows half cover, a fully filled shield shows full cover, and a red shield shows cover which will leave you exposed against enemies.

You should almost always try to position your soldiers behind full cover. Make sure the cover is directly between you and the enemy to give yourself a defense bonus.

A full cover greatly reduces the hit chance for an enemy. This is true also for enemy units, who are significantly harder to hit when in full cover.

Often though you’ll be forced to take cover behind objects that provide only half cover. In such cases, you’ll have to brave it out and hope the enemy misses.

Half cover becomes a much better option than full cover when you’re taking cover behind a car. It’s perfectly fine to do so for one turn, but know that cars blow up if they catch fire.

You should also be extremely careful about inflammable objects. Organic objects such as trees, wooden houses, crates, barrels etc. can catch fire. Heck, even grass can.

Immediately move away from a location if it catches fire, even if it’s providing full cover! Fire tends to grow, and will eventually begin to burn any soldier near it. The burn mechanic in XCOM 2 is relatively new and adds unnecessary DoT damage if you’re not careful.

Certain times you’ll come across large walls or buildings that over full cover for multiple soldiers. It’s highly tempting to get multiple soldiers behind it, but you have to remember to spread out!

Enemies like Mutons, Elite Troopers, Andromedons, Mechs, and several others will take advantage of your poor positioning by throwing explosives, which can damage multiple enemies at once.

For this reason, never have two players take cover behind the same object, especially when you’re facing enemies known to have explosive arsenal.

Once you’ve established your cover and an enemy is in line of sight, it’s time to attack. The game uses a calculation based on certain variables to determine the success chance of your attack, which is displayed as a percent. We’ll term this as accuracy.

Accuracy is largely based on three things: your soldier’s rank, your soldier’s position relative to the enemy, and the enemy’s cover. A soldier’s rank generally tends to improve their accuracy, but the most important two factors are positioning and enemy’s cover.

The non-melee enemies in XCOM 2 are very smart, and will almost always look for the best covers. There isn’t much you can do to influence an enemy’s movement decision, but once an enemy is behind a wall or object that provides full cover, you can try to expose them.

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Black Ops 3 Black Market adds New Weapons, Gear, Camos and more

10 Feb

Video Game Walkthroughs, News and Guides

Black Ops 3 Black Market adds New Weapons, Gear, Camos and more It has been confirmed with Treyarch and Activision and we are getting new items to Black Ops 3 Black Market. If you are tire of getting the same […]

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Everything in The Division open beta – new mission, faction, and Dark Zone changes

10 Feb

The upcoming open beta for The Division will definitely be different than the one we played last month.


Ubisoft has released an update to The Division closed beta client in preparation for the open beta next week. The update is around 1.6 GB and it adds new content that wasn’t available in the first beta, not to mention a number of key changes to the Dark Zone.

If you still have the closed beta client installed, you won’t need to download it all over again, just update it.

For starters, a new mission will be available, as well as the ability to unlock the Tech wing in the base of operations. This means you’ll be seeing more of The Cleaner faction. You’ll also be able to try out the first Tech skill with the deployable turret.

The Dark Zone got a fair share of changes, however, and it’s by far the most interesting item on the list. Dark Zone chests now have a much lower refresh rate. You’ll also run into more AI enemies in there, and they’re going to be tougher.

Another welcome change is that you won’t instantly go rogue the second you shoot another player, only after doing some damage.

The Manhunt Timer for level 5 Rogue Agents will now pause instead of refreshing. Players who felt going rogue wasn’t worth the risk, will be happy to know that the reward for surviving as rogue has been increased to 1.5x the kill bounty.

Another welcome change is that you won’t instantly go rogue the second you shoot another player, only after doing some damage. You will have an warning icon over your head to indicate you fired at another player but are not rogue.

Find the rest of the notes below:

Dark Zone

  • New High End weapons available in the Dark Zone
  • Refresh rate on Dark Zone chests has been greatly reduced
  • Non-player enemies in the Dark Zone have been significantly increased in number
  • Non-player enemies in the Dark Zone have been buffed slightly
  • The Manhunt Timer now pauses instead of refreshing while in combat as a level 5 Rogue
  • The Reward for surviving as a Rogue Agent has been increased to 1.5x the kill bounty
  • The Health Bar for Agents in the Dark Zone now only turns red when they actually become Rogue
  • A new warning icon has been added to indicate an Agent who has shot another player but has not done enough damage to go Rogue
  • Dark Zone experience leveling curve has been adjusted slightly
  • Disabled the option to transfer Dark Zone brackets as a Rogue (This prevents players using Bracket Transfer as a means to escape after becoming Rogue)
  • Removed some ropes that allowed players to reach areas that gave them an unfair advantage

Other changes

  • New Ubisoft Club Action available for participating in the Open Beta unlocking an exclusive reward in-game
  • New and improved Tutorial Video
  • Tutorial video is now available to view from the Character Select Screen
  • Fixed two bugs that allowed players to become invisible to other players
  • Fixed an exploit with Ballistic Shield Skill that allowed players to become invincible
  • Cheat Detection and Prevention additions and updates
  • Fixed mismatch of stats that occurred occasionally between Vendor Inventory and Player Inventory when item purchased
  • Adjusted player movement speed while running with a grenade in hand
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused other player’s name and health bar to not be visible in the Dark Zone
  • Fixed some Weapon Mods that resulted in incorrect stat values when equipped
  • Fixed some weapons that didn’t appear as Contaminated when obtained in the Dark Zone
  • Fixed a bug with the Reward Claims Vendor that caused stacks of consumables to be decreased under specific circumstances
  • Fixed a bug with stats display not updating when browsing Vendor Inventories
  • Fixed a bug that caused continuous vibration under very specific conditions
  • Fixed a very rare bug that prevented players from being able to fire or switch their weapons
  • Added mission Dialogue lines in Missing Persons: Heather Lau Side Mission
  • Several environment fixes to prevent falling through world issues in specific places
  • Multiple stability fixes (23 unique crashes fixed)
  • Server optimizations and improvements (players will receive less connection errors now)
  • Multiple localization fixes and improvements
  • Additional polish & bug fixes too numerous to mention!

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Android 6.0 Marshmallow update being rolled out to Moto G (2nd Gen) in India

10 Feb
Both LTE and 3G versions of the device will get the update.

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Google cars earn a breakthrough from US regulator

10 Feb
Federal authority agreed to consider the software-driven system itself as the car's driver.

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Dying Light The Following Ranger Pistol Location Guide

10 Feb

Video Game Walkthroughs, News and Guides

Dying Light The Following Ranger Pistol Location Guide In this guide will help you find in Dying Light The Following Ranger Pistol Location. This weapon is one of many that have been promised by Techland to add to the game. […]

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Rocket League gets Xbox One release date

10 Feb
Xbox One version is priced at $19.99 and includes three DLC packs and two exclusive vehicles.

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Barack Obama seeks $19bn to fund new cybersecurity system

10 Feb
White House proposes $19bn budget and unveils new cybersecurity action plan to defend against attacks.

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Street Fighter 5 Trophies Revealed; Alex Confirmed as First DLC Character

10 Feb

Yesterday we reported on a rumor that suggested Alex from Street Fighter 3 will be a DLC character in Street Fighter 5, now we have confirmation that he indeed is. Not only that, Alex is also going to be the first DLC character to be released in the game. The news came out through the […]

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Hitman System Requirements Are Manageable; Needs GTX 660, i5 2500K

10 Feb

Square Enix has shared the system requirements for the upcoming Hitman game. The game will soon enter beta, so it is best to know what it would take to run Agent 47’s next adventure. To run Hitman, you will at least need an i5 2500K or AMD equivalent combined with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 / […]

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Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls: tips for getting to level 70

10 Feb

Yes, you probably did it 300 hours ago. The world doesn’t revolve around you, you know.


Diablo 3’s end-game starts at level 70, the current cap. It’s here that Adventure Mode opens, bringing with it the ability to use green set gear and the best legendary items, and enter the realm of the infinite Paragon levels. If you’re looking to bury the rest of your days in the prettiest spreadsheet in gaming, your initial goal is to hit 70.

I took a Crusader from 1-70 last week in about 19 hours which, I now discover, is about 600% longer than possible (provided you’ve already completed certain tasks). Based on my trip through the story, and coupled with advice from other players, here’s how to get to 70 with the minimum of fuss.

1 – Boosting


Boosting is by far the most effective way to level in Diablo 3. The concept is simple: you team with a benevolent high-level player (or players) who’s vastly over-powered for your game. They do the work, you clock off the levels. My Battle.net buddy Darkfield, a long-time VG247 reader, joined me for Act IV and Act V of my Crusader run and turned my struggle into a walk. Being level 70 with a 500+ Paragon level, Mr Darkfield is able to one-hit almost everything on Torment I difficulty, meaning all I had to do was follow his wake of destruction, pick up the loot and watch the XP rise. Your experience will move every time anyone else in the party kills something, provided you’re on the same map. If you’re looking to get to the cap in the shortest way possible then speak to anyone you know who’s already achieved a high level. Be warned: you won’t be “playing” much. If you don’t care and just want to get to the good stuff, this is the fastest way to do it.

2 – Rubies in helms (and the importance of saving gems)


If you’re in the market for XP, you should know to keep your eyes out for socketed helms. Inserting a ruby gives you an XP boost, the level of which can be large depending on the gem involved. A Marquise ruby, for example, will boost your XP gain by 33%, meaning for every two levels you’re getting one for free. Inserting any ruby into a helmet will give you an XP boost.

On the subject of gems, don’t sell them just because you don’t think they apply to this specific run. Keep everything. All those daft little jewels you keep picking up can be combined (for an increasingly significant charge) to create more powerful stones. You’ll probably be dropping most of your gold on combining gems, as they can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of gear. You won’t if you don’t have any to combine, obviously.

3 – Build guides, Elective mode and understanding your class


Diablo 3 is a big game. Not only are you able to pick from five classes, but near-infinite variations can be applied to your skill set-up. Each skill is customisable with runes which unlock as you level, giving access to different effects and behaviours. If you don’t have at least a basic understand of your class and its concept, you’re going to find enemies harder to kill. That means less XP per hour and slower leveling.

You should take the time to read a little about your class and look at some sample skill set-ups. Articles like this one on Icy-Veins may look like gobbledygook to the novice player, but you’ll find truly invaluable information here on how your class’s skills and gear can work together for maximum effectiveness. You won’t have access to a lot of the stuff recommended if you’re just starting out, but you will get a good idea of where to head with your selections.

The Crusader’s a good example of the power of knowledge in Diablo 3. By just doing a cursory bit of reading I realised that aiming for a straight DPS build was a mistake. The Crusader’s an archetypal tank, meaning you need to focus just as much on armour and health as pure damage. Your high level friends won’t be around all the time, so make sure you understand your class and how to manipulate it to your play-style. The more effective your character, the more successful your play, the faster you’ll level.

While we’re here, you should know about Elective mode. In its default-set-up, Diablo 3 restricts each key on the hot-bar to a single set of skills. If you want to have full customisation of which skill goes where (and you will), hit Esc > Options > Gameplay and tick Elective mode. You can now map any skill to any key.

4 – Halls of Agony Level 3, Act I bounties and setting your difficulty


What you’re essentially doing here is XP farming, so you need stuff to kill. Halls of Agony Level 3 has the highest density of monsters of any level in the game, so if you want to level as quickly as possible this is where you do it. Once you’ve opened this level on the map, just start a new game, run it to the boss (the advice in this video is to not even kill him as you don’t get enough XP for your efforts) and as soon as you’re finding you’re running about too much and there’s little left to kill, you start doing Act I bounties (because the enemies are the easiest to beat). You’ll only be able to access the bounties if you’ve already cleared all five acts on another character and opened Adventure mode. If you haven’t, just quit the game, make a new one and hit Halls of Agony Level 3 again.

You’ll need to set your difficulty correctly to maximise the amount of XP you’re getting per hour. The recommendation there is to go for Hard. You want to be able to one-hit most enemies and spend only a few seconds on elites. Watch the video for a better explanation. The narrator reckons you should get to 70 in somewhere between 3-7 hours.

This may be a quick way of leveling, but it’s more for those trying to get Seasons characters to 70 as quickly as possible as they’ll already have access to the Adventure mode bounties. Running a single level over and over again may be effective, but it’s always dull.

5 – Skip the story


If there’s a single way of speeding up a Diablo 3 run it’s by skipping the story. Sure, watch it all once and listen to the voice acting, but when you’re hitting the campaign for straight leveling just press escape on the cut-scenes and close down the VO conversations as quickly as you can. I don’t want to spoil anything for you, but Diablo gets it in the end. If you’ve heard one evil laugh you’ve heard them all, if you catch what I’m saying.

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The Walking Dead Michonne is Haunting, In At Least the First Five Minutes

10 Feb

Telltale Games might not have impressed people who made Deus Ex, but The Walking Dead Michonne, just like the previous iterations of the episodic game, is bound to keep hundreds of thousands of you on their toes. The miniseries was announced at E3 in Los Angeles last year and we have been able to get […]

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Battleborn Team Will Work on Borderlands 3: 2K

10 Feb

Gearbox has been busy for the past few years with Battleborn. Working hard to make sure the game is perfect and ready before final release. While we are excited for Battleborn, which releases in May by the way, we can’t help but question about the next Borderlands. When asked about Borderlands 3, 2K’s Chris Thomas […]

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Google experiments with wireless recharging for driverless cars – paving way for ‘electric roads’

10 Feb
One day the cars will recharge while on the road simply by picking up power installed in the pavement.

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