Amazon beats Google to purchase .buy domain for $4.6 million

18 Sep

Amazon might not be able to create its own .amazon domain, but that’s not stopping the online retail giant from securing the .buy domain instead. Amazon is paying nearly $4.6 million for the top-level .Buy domain, beating a bid by Google. A similar auction for the .tech generic top-level domain (gTLD) saw it fetch $6.7 million from Dot Tech LLC, a group set up to create an online environment for the technology industry as a whole. Google also reportedly lost out on the .tech domain, but it will have plenty of opportunities to secure others thanks to its interest in more than 100 top-level domains.

The .vip domain was also sold as part of the recent auction, and Irish domain resellers Minds + Machines secured it for just over $3 million....

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Final Fantasy XV Enemies Goblins and Garulas Return

18 Sep

FFXV Goblins
We might have to wait for a really, really long time before eventually FFXV releases, we only just got to know about the beta version.

However, details regarding the title keep popping up every now and then and keep us clinging on for more.

The latest that we have for you involves the Final Fantasy XV enemies. The trailer that was shown off at Tokyo game Show recently shed light on the game’s world in great detail, however, the most interesting bit was about at least two returning enemies.

At least two odd looking creatures were shown off that the new comers might not know about. However, take a trip down the memory lane and you will remember that they are not actually new. In fact, they have belonged to the series for a very long time – the time of Final Fantasy V.

The two enemies we are talking about are the Goblins and the Garulas. Both of them will be returning to the series with Final Fantasy XV and they surely look a lot different from what they used to be in the past.

You may check out how the Goblins look in the image above, and this is how the Garulas look now:

FFXV Garulas

So far, the developer Square Enix 1st Production Department has made sure not to let slip anything solid about the planned release date of the game. A demo has been announced for release alongside Final Fantasy Type-0 which is slated for release in March next year.

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The Metal Gear Collection 2014 is… a clothing line

18 Sep

Fans waiting in expectation for more info on the Metal Gear Collection 2014 may be in for a surprise.

After hints from designer Hideo Kojimia lead some to speculate a HD remaster of previous games, it turns out the Metal Gear Collection 2014 is a new clothing line.

It includes shirts, t-shirts and jackets, all of which have the Metal Gear Solid V brand slapped on them.

metal gear collection 2014 metal gear collection 2014

Thanks, HardcoreGamer.

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Swery’s D4 is out tomorrow, watch the launch trailer

18 Sep

Yeh, that came out of left field, didn’t it?


Hidetaka ‘Swery’ Suehiro’s Xbox One exclusive, D4, comes out tomorrow, September 19, on Xbox Live. We’re as surprised as you are by this, considering the game’s been missing from Microsoft’s E3 and gamescom briefings.

It’s a digital-only affair, priced $14.99, (via Eurogamer), and it includes the prologue, first and second episodes, with more releasing at a later date. Swery also confirmed that you don’t need Kinect to play it, as all the gestures will be doable with the controller’s analog sticks.

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Deep Down Gets a New Trailer at TGS, Shows Gameplay and Gigantic Monsters

18 Sep

At Tokyo Game Show, publisher Capcom has released a new trailer for the upcoming free-to-play title for PS4, Deep Down.

While the game is still without a release date, producer Kazunori Sugiura has confirmed in an article published in the weekly Famitsu Magazine that Deep Down is now 60% complete.

The new trailer shows some impressive graphics and gives a peek at the 2094 version of New York City. From the looks of it, screenshots leaked earlier this week were taken from this trailer.

As you know, Deep Down is about looking into memories of valuable artifacts and through them, visiting the past (Does it ring any bells? Animus?).

As the video shows the gameplay style is dungeon crawler and players will encounter some nasty creatures. And of course, what will dungeons be without our beloved Dragons, right?
The flame throwing creatures will try to squash you every chance they get and judging by the footage, gameplay of Deep Down will feature some thrilling moments.

Since TGS last year, the game’s single and multiplayer portions are now 60% and 40% complete respectively. So, I think we can expect the game sometime in summer 2015. In addition, some new screens are also available and you can check them out below. Deep Down will be available exclusively on Playstation 4.

So what do you think? Are you looking forward to Deep Down? Share with us in the comments section.

Deep-Down_2014_09-17-14_001 Deep-Down_2014_09-17-14_002 Deep-Down_2014_09-17-14_003

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Something Called ‘Green Cloud’ from Bioware and EA Rated by Australian Classification Board

18 Sep

We have picked up word that something called ‘Green Cloud’ was rated by the Australian Classification Board recently. Alright, all this is pretty mysterious so far and I haven’t been able to get more out of the rumor mill either. However, it looks like a new game is incoming from BioWare and EA.

What is the second game that comes into your mind when these two names come together? Yeah, Dragon Age Inquisition! So with all the good work they have done on DAI, the one thing I hope is that this title matches the hopes too.

That is of course after we find out what kind of a game Green Cloud is – the same also happens to be a term used to refer to environmental benefits that IT can bring to the society over the internet. How on earth will that fit into a game, is still a question.

Coming back to the Australian rating of the game, it has been rated MA 15+ for ‘strong fantasy violence and sexual references, online interactivity.’

In the detailed rating, it has a strong impact of themes, violence and sex; while a moderate impact of language and nudity.

What tricks me right now is that there is no other information available on the title and whenever something like that happens, it usually means one thing; the term Green Cloud is only being used as a codename.

Since EA is the publisher and BioWare is the developer of this presumed title, we will be contacting both of them for more information and let you know when they let out some more information about Green Cloud, or whatever it might get called officially.

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Watch just how much differently Kill Confirmed plays in CoD: Advanced Warfare

18 Sep

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is bringing a multitude of new additions to the series’ multiplayer, it’s also brining back fan-favourite modes like Kill Confirmed, and we’ve got a video to show you just how much differently it plays.


The video, courtesy of IGN, features commentary from Greg Residorf, the game’s lead multiplayer designer. Residorf goes on to talk about how the tags can now be all over the place because of the places players can get to, thanks to the EXO suit.

Kill Confirmed is one of the newer modes to grace the stale multiplayer of Call of Duty, and has actually ended up becoming a fan-favourite. It was introduced back in Modern Warfare 3, and is very similar to TDM, except you need to pick up your opponent’s tags after killing them, for the kill to count.

Thanks, MP1st.

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Scotland Independence Referendum: President Obama Tweets Support for ‘No’ Vote

18 Sep
US President says he hopes UK remains 'strong, robust and united'.

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Silent Hills TGS 14 Trailer is Another Horrifying Experience

18 Sep

Recently announced Silent Hills has received a new trailer at Tokyo Game Show and it is horrifying to say the least.

This new trailer just like the game’s teaser is quite dark and creepy, as you move around different hallways and come across all sorts of supernatural freaks.

It seems like the feel of the teaser will be carried over to the full game as there are multiple doors and opening them will reveal some things that you really don’t want to see.

The video just leaves us wanting more from the game and with people like Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro working on Silent Hills, you can expect this upcoming PS4 exclusive to bring life back to the horror genre.

P.T. teaser which was free to try out, got downloaded over 1 million times and I am sure a lot of people who tried it are awaiting the arrival of the full version.

Silent Hills is going to feature one of the most popular TV star Norman Reedus, who appears as Daryl Dixon in the famous TV show, The Walking Dead.

If you are a fan of horror video games genre, then do keep an eye out for Silent Hills and just to get the taste of what’s coming, check out the trailer attached above.

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Bloodborne Gets a Release Date Along With a Collector’s Edition

18 Sep

Fans looking forward to play Bloodborne will be happy to know that the Playstation 4 exclusive has been given a release date. While the Japanese release was confirmed weeks ago as February 5th of next year, players in the west can grab the game starting February 6, 2015.

But wait, there is more good news. Bloodborne will also be getting a Collector’s Edition. While the base game will cost you $59.99, the newly announced Collector’s Edition is priced at $79.99 and features steelbook game case, an art book, and a digital soundtrack.

Compared to some of the other Collector’s Edition of Sony Exclusive titles, this one is certainly a bit humble.

Bloodborne is under development at From Software and is considered a spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls. Announced back at E3, the action role playing game is set in a gothic victorian era. The enemy design and environment in Bloodborne is visually impressive and creative.

So what do you think? Pre-ordering the collector’s edition now or are you going to wait? And don’t forget to mark the date on your calenders as being a Form Software Fan (even if you aren’t), you may not want to miss this one.

Source: Playstation Blog

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You’ll be unlocking Halo 5 beta rewards when you watch Halo: Nightfall

18 Sep

Those interested in playing the Halo 5 beta and watching Halo: Nightfall will be pleased to know that they will be unlocking “meaningful” rewards for use in the Halo 5 beta.

halo 5

Executive producer Kiki Wolfkill said as much when she spoke to Kotaku about how both the show and the upcoming game interact.

“We will go into more specifics a little later down the road, but we definitely want [Halo 5 beta] rewards to feel meaningful for the player. So it’s not just art [things],” she said.

Halo: Nightfall and a code for Halo 5′s beta will be available on the Halo: The Master Chief Collection disc when it launches November 11. The Halo 5 beta itself will run from December 29 through January 18.

Thanks, Gamespot.

Torment: Tides of Numenera gets first alpha gameplay footage

18 Sep

Here’s your first look at RPG Torment: Tides of Numenera, the thematic sequel to Planescape: Torment

This three minute video shows alpha footage of some of the narrative and choices players face in the game from inXile, makers of Wasteland 2.

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Google Nexus 8 Likely to Run Android L Straight Out of the Box

18 Sep
HTC is expected to launch the Nexus 8 at a mystery event scheduled for 8 October.

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The breast and worst of Tokyo Game Show

18 Sep

There are times when I feel really embarrassed to attend trade shows. Seeing this Tokyo Game Show booth for the latest Oneechanbara title, at which players insert their heads into a gigantic pair of breasts to play a video game about sword-wielding girls in bikinis, is one of those times.

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iOS 8 Jailbreak Status Update: PanguTeam Confirms Work in Progress for Next Jailbreak

18 Sep
PanguTeam reveals the status update for impending iOS 8 jailbreak.

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BlackBerry has yet another Porsche Design smartphone coming next month

18 Sep

BlackBerry is launching its next Porsche Design-branded smartphone, the P'9983, in October. Unlike the P'9982, its Porsche-emblazoned predecessor, the new P'9983 has a QWERTY keyboard — but just like a real Porsche, the P'9983 will likely be sold at a monumental markup.

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Silent Hills TGS trailer is terrifying

18 Sep

Here’s the latest terrifying trailer for Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro’s take on Silent Hill.

Initially revealed at Gamescom, Silent Hills is a reimagining of the celebrated horror franchise.

The game has a playable concept demo available on PS4, PT, which has been downloaded over 1 million times.

Thanks GamesHQmedia.

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Amazon: New Kindle Voyage Outline and Artwork Leaked

18 Sep
Amazon's new Kindle will feature a new way of turning pages.

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TGS 2014: New Final Fantasy 15 trailer is all action, all in-game

18 Sep

Square Enix has finally released a TGS trailer for Final Fantasy 15, following confirmation of demo details this morning.

The trailer has a similar vibe to the one shown two years ago (it’s all-action) but shows little of the fabled RPG’s mechanics.

This morning we learned that the demo will be coming in March next year, and that director Tetsuya Nomura is no longer working on the game.

Hajime Tabata, Type-0 director, is now at the helm.

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Kanye West ‘Scores 106 Points Against Wheelchair Basketball Team’ Satirical Story Creates Stir on Social Media

18 Sep
Twitter users were tricked by the fake news report and shared it on the social media.

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